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12:22 AM
Where were those three labs??
12:34 AM
@BenI. They are on a members only page at APCentral. you need to log in to see them.
I can send the link offline if you want it, but you need credentials to get there.
9 hours later…
9:59 AM
Q: What tools can be used for online teching

GauravI wish to make a video like codeschool.com . Something similar to this .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-HBipu_1P0 What tools are required to make such videos ? Are wacom tools suitable ?

5 hours later…
2:59 PM
I actually think that question could be a great hook for those not currently on the site, hence...
We are sure there's a lot of expertise out there to address this question on screencasting tools. We'd love to hear your expertise on this topic! https://cseducators.stackexchange.com/questions/4643/what-tools-can-be-used-for-online-teching #edtechchat
I gave us a new friend, it's name is Chirpy. If anyone objects, just let me know and I'll remove it.
Is Chirpy a twit?
Chirpy will let us follow the twitter without actually using the twitter.
I think chirpy will spam us in a little bit, but I'll trash all that and then we'll proceed as normal.
3:21 PM
We are sure there's a lot of expertise out there to address this question on screencasting tools. We'd love to hear your expertise on this topic! https://cseducators.stackexchange.com/questions/4643/what-tools-can-be-used-for-online-teching #edtechchat
Nicely done!
(I took the liberty of cleaning up the older four, but at least leaving the most recent.)
If we get popular on twitter it will be extremely annoying. But we only have 35 followers, I think, so no problem, but no real effect, either.
And the followers are likely also members, so even less effect.
I try not to send a lot of tweets, so I think it'll be okay.
OTOH, what does Chirpy add to what the regulars here see. We aren't likely to miss a notification of a new question.
I would say just awareness of a new tweet. For those on twitter, maybe it would spur a like/retweet.
3:28 PM
Can you filter out new question notifications? There is no need for those here.
I'm not sure. You'd have to ask @thesecretmaster.
4:19 PM
"Online Teaching" is now HNQ.
4:36 PM
@Peter In theory, yes. I think they're nice though. What's wrong with them?
@thesecretmaster, they are superfluous here since we all know about new questions anyway. So it is just noise. I prefer less noise.
I'm on my phone right now, but I'll do it when I get to a computer
I really don't like the tools question. It's a list question and it's not specific to CS or education. But I'm clearly alone in thinking that :(
4:58 PM
I don't think we'd accept "Plz teach me why for loop no work" even though a teacher could give a good answer. It's more appropriate to SO.
@thesecretmaster Start a meta question for it.
@Buffy I don't mind new questions being posted in here. I do prefer the one-boxing that it had over the embedded link of the one-boxed tweet, however.
@GypsySpellweaver Maybe... I have a feeling it's just another unpopular opinion I have.
I have issues with that question as well, though maybe not the same as you.
What issues do you see?
Writing a comment on it now.
5:06 PM
I think I'm going to move all those comments to chat. They're not requests for clarification/suggested edits.
@Buffy Check your metas :D
@GypsySpellweaver I don't mind them being posted either, but once is enough. probably the direct feed is better than the twitter one, but once only.
@BenI. wOOt
@Buffy We don't tweet every question... do we?
We haven't been, but I hope to become more active at it.
5:22 PM
@thesecretmaster That's not the point. If the new question bot (or whatever you call it) that feeds questions here is duplicated by new questions being twitted also feeding here we get two notifications at least sometimes. One is sufficient. I don't see the twitter feed as superior.
The "screeencasting" question was posted here twice above using two different methods. One is sufficient.
@thesecretmaster I don't love the question and think it should be improved. It is HNQ, however, so probably a mistake to kill it. If the OP just wants screen video capture then it isn't an edu question at all. If he wants pedagogy and tools for online courses it is poorly stated (actually NOT stated).
It is possible, also, that it is an assignment in a course, rather than a teacher looking for help.
It can always be "cleaned up" after it falls from HNQ.
The question and the title are not really in sync.
In my 2 answers, one speaks to the title and the other to the content.
5:39 PM
The body question is a subset of the title question. (in an intersection type of way) Videos can be used for online teaching, though not exclusively. Tools to make videos could be considered tools for online teaching. Those tools, of course have even wider potential usage than videos, which may not be online or ever teaching.
The bad part, for the moment, is that I'm unwilling to up vote your answers because I don't know if they answer the question. I'm not sure what the question really is. If I just read the last line, the answer is "a) A computer with screen capture software, and b) Yes."
I think the essence of it is that OP wants screencasting tools designed for/promoted to educators
That's based on watching the video
Over dependence on such tools is a big mistake, however. I find it hard to learn from them, for example. So do many others.
Rather - over dependence on video is a big mistake.
It is optimized only for a certain type of learner and disadvantages others.
I don't disagree. I do not learn well that way at all, nor do I or would I create them myself.
That said, if I have a direct answer to an inquiry, I will give it.
In particular, most make the mistake that "if you say it, they will learn it"
Which is almost universally false.
@Buffy Then you better say it three ways, three times each, for three days. And then hope three times.
5:49 PM
Still won't work if you "say" it only. Or say it in the same way.
Say it. Show it. Exercise it. quiz it. review it. ...
And then, correct the misconceptions.
I'm going to improve the question based on how I think the intent is.
Good luck with that.
As I understand the codeschool.com concept, the videos are made and then "students" access them at any time, in any order, and there's no further "instructor" involvement. Is that correct?
Not sure. It could be an excerpt from something larger that just happens to be on YouTube. Not familiar with the site.
Improved...I think...
Sort of wiped out one of my answers, tho.
Probably the more valuable answer, all things considered.
5:59 PM
I don't see a change in its relevance. I didn't change the actual question, just the preface.
6:09 PM
Ok, I watched part of the video. :( It seems that my answer was incomplete: need to add a microphone and video editing program to the needed tools.
IMO dump the handwriting all together in favor of text, and stop "waving" the cursor around.
PowerPoint presentation would be just as good, probably better.
Explain Everything wouldn't require either. On an iPad or laptop, it picks up audio decently well without a mic, and nothing needs to be edited afterward. That said, I do agree that a higher quality video would require more software.
The video was edited, in the written section the comments appeared, as if by magic. At first I thought they were added by the program, then realized it was cuts in the video.
The mic is still needed. The iPad just happens to have it built-in.
Didn't catch that part
6:19 PM
It's a bit distracting watching him decide where to write as well. I think that voice over on a Presentation would be cleaner. The only reason for a "live" video would be if it was a "live" session between instructor and student(s).
I gather that such videos as presented are made and posted with no further instructor input and never any interaction between instructor and student. Like a textbook author and student. It just happens to be available online as video rather than at Amazon on paper.
Probably. Khan Academy has done quite well with that model.
@Buffy If that last concept is correct then your long answer is more "out of place" than being a "frame challenge."
@Peter I'll bet their videos are of higher quality as well.
Not necessarily. At least when I first perused them a while back, it felt very much like this of watching writing on a screen and following along with the train of thought.
Crash Course, an exceptional video series on YouTube, is much more polished
6:48 PM
@GypsySpellweaver I think it was fine before the title change.
That is why question edits are questionable.
7:01 PM
I won't object to a change back in title, but it does seem given the intent of a video production based on the example that screencasting is what is desired.
1 hour later…
8:27 PM
I think "intent" is seldom clear in situations like this and poorly worded questions in general. Only the OP knows.
8:38 PM
I left OP a comment noting my change and asking him/her to change it if it overstepped the intent. I'm hoping my stab at it was accurate. Regardless, rephrasing early enough is better than leaving things unclear/too broad. There are countless tools for online teaching, some/most of which, as you rightly note, have nothing to do with videos.
Broad question for anyone/everyone: should we clean up the sandbox? There's a lot just sitting there. Do individuals want to take on the task of picking out ones to revise and post? Flag for attention/deletion? There's a lot of noise there otherwise.
8:55 PM
A: The Question Sandbox

PeterTeaching how big a function should be I've recently been working with students to develop abstractions and algorithms for the AP CSP Create Task (task instructions here). For the languages (C and Python) I use, this involves defining functions. One area where students get hung up on is how big t...

9:45 PM
@Buffy Only 35?! The Literature.SE Twitter account has 14 followers.
@Mithrandir And that's one of the official ones, right?
No, it's not.
1 hour later…
11:01 PM
@Peter Couldn't hurt to do some clean up, but wouldn't want to trash one that's still waiting for the right time, or right feel, to be posted.
I flagged on that has been posted to main already, another has been abandoned by its OP - user said so: cseducators.meta.stackexchange.com/a/280/104
Maybe anything over 6 months could be examined. Mods reach out to the OP and determine the status.
The current list isn't that big at the moment, 18 by my count, so it's probably not a pressing concern.

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