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1:16 AM
Q: Online English story about a wish to "banish darkness" gone wrong

MaladyTrying to find an online English story about a wish to "banish darkness" gone wrong. I'm trying to recall a story I read online ages back which involved a world in a slow apocalypse because a hero had gotten hold of a powerful artifact to use against an evil god and, when making a wish with it, ...

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11:46 AM
Q: I'm trying to find an Isekai manga where the main character cooks and dismantles monsters while traveling with a familiar or pet

Silver TerrorI am searching for a specific light novel or manga, but it's not 'Tondemo Skill De Isekai Hourou Meshi'. One scene I remember involves the main character killing and eating Earth crabs with their partner(familiar, pet). After he cooks and consumes them, he mentions this to the locals in a town/ci...

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12:51 PM
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3:41 PM
Q: Book from a Spanish academic researcher on the history of paper (or of books)

EarlGreyI am looking for a book from a Spanish academic researcher on the history of paper (or of books). I remember it had a plant on the cover.

4:21 PM
Q: Spacecraft rescued when they transmitted Morse code

Chris HI read this many years ago (80s or early 90s) almost certainly in an anthology in book form. A spacecraft was in distress of some form, and had lost all communications, but somehow managed to cobble together a radio that could transmit in Morse, by then ancient and almost unknown. In the nick of...

4:43 PM
Q: Why don't they use guns or lasers on Arrakis?

Ryan_LI know about the shields fighters wear on other planets, but it's said repeatedly that use of shields on Arrakis attract the worms. So if nobody wears shields there, what is the downside to guns or lasers on Arrakis?

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5:52 PM
Q: At the start of Dune, who knew about the Spacing Guild's dependence on spice?

MJ713In the Dune series, the Spacing Guild has a monopoly on interstellar/faster-than-light travel, and its Navigators need massive amounts of spice to gain the prescience that allows them to plot their FTL jumps safely. My question is: at the start of the original book, who actually knew about the Gu...

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7:05 PM
@Marvin do we have to flag this as off-topic because that technology is used in real crewed spaceships?
(and on Earth too.)
posted on April 24, 2024 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: You won't experience the ice cream in the powerful, meaningful way that I would, but you'll have a great big smile and it'll be so dear. Today's News:

8:08 PM
Q: Reincarnation manhua/manhwa/manga similar to "my secretly hot husband"

JenDeThe story focuses on the female main character who I can't remember the name of who is a reincarnator from our world and is engaged to the prince at the beginning because she has the darkest blue hair and blackest eyes in the kingdom which means she is the most likely candidate to be the saint si...

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9:39 PM
Q: is Batman's utility belt ever missing something he needs?

Ben BolkerThis is purely idle curiosity, but: has there ever been an instance (in any format) where Batman's utility belt doesn't contain the item he needs to solve a problem? (The answer was not obvious from a quick web search.)


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