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12:26 AM
Q: Satan is asked for the Ultimate Sacrifice in exchange for a human's soul

PatWagnerDenverA short short story that I read in an anthology many years ago. The Devil is sitting in his office? throne room? with one of his minions. They are discussing the state of the humans coming to see him, asking for wishes in exchange for their souls. The Devil is concerned that no one asks him the U...

Q: Who filled up the potion between the time Dumbledore drank it and Voldemort went to see it?

SilvermidnightWarning Contains spoilers. At the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore drinks the potion. Harry even says that the goblet scrapes the bottom of the basin. Dumbledore drank like a child dying of thirst, but when he had finished, he yelled again as though his insides were on f...

1:22 AM
Q: What are the questions with the highest reputaiton?

SilvermidnightMy question is simple. On sci-fi SE, what questions have the highest overall reputation? Basically (several scenarios): Question 1 with 600 upvotes and 5 downvotes = 5990 reputation and 595 score Question 2 with 598 upvotes and 0 downvote = 5980 reputtion and 598 score In this case, Question ...

2:07 AM
Q: Old anime about two brothers fighting in a Gotham-like city; one of them has a sword with a red ribbon on it

LactoseIntolerantI watched this anime a long time ago. It has a pretty dark theme, set in a Gotham-like city, and the relationship between the two brothers is like that of Itachi and Sasuke from Naruto. The older brother made himself hated by his younger brother, but actually loves him. The younger brother has a ...

2:32 AM
Q: Young adult story set in a dystopian future where an AI gives up children for better hardware

detinithI read this story when I was in 7th/8th grade in ~1999. It was on a list of recommended "books" to read for a reading contest at my school. I don't remember if it was part of a compilation of short stories, or a longer novel. The main character is a young boy, maybe 12 or 13 years old. It was set...

3:23 AM
Q: Did George Lucas consider a voice-over for the Star Wars opening?

Bingo MehndraWe’re all aware that most science fiction films have backstories that are necessary to understand the plot. For this reason, George Lucas did open up Star Wars (1977) with the famous opening crawl, but I wonder if, aside from a title card –as in Flash Gordon- Lucas ever considered using a voice-o...

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5:31 AM
Q: Science fiction story published before 1966 with constructed language demonstrating some NLP principles

ibidIn a 1966 interview, J.R.R. Tolkien was discussing his thoughts about contemporary science fiction writers. It is when dealing with the question of language, he feels, that science fiction writers do not always work satisfactorily. ... “I think Language is often neglected by them, that is to say...

6:21 AM
Q: How to identify a Jedi candidate

user10191234In The Phantom menace, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, during his conversation with Anakin Skywalker's mother, says: Had he been born in the Republic, we would have identified him early. The Force is unusually strong with him. The question how could the Jedi have done that? Do they have a Midi-chlorian...

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8:02 AM
Q: Looking for specific short scifi story

Joshua89I’m looking for either the book or the title and author of this short story that I am trying to find. I read this book in high school and recall it being a small hardcover book with either a orange or yellow cover. It’s about a young man in school who has to do a report on Moby Dick but doesn’t u...

8:53 AM
Q: Betrayed OP MC survives and returns

tdog8881This is what i remember. In this manga our main character is the most powerful person in the party of hero's. However, our main character is not handsome at all rather is i believe has one of his arms missing and is very scarred from all the battles he has been in. Out main character is stabbed t...

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12:15 PM
Q: Is there an actual "man with no name" in Star Wars?

shanuThe Mandalorian was heavily inspired by 'Westerns' which in turn were inspired by Japanese movies. In both of them there was a common trope of the protagonist not having a name. This trope was carried onto The Mandalorian show too until the protagonists name was revealed to be Djin Djarin. So is ...

1:06 PM
Q: Redstone from a comic by HA?

Destructible LemonSomeone showed me this image In particular, they noted the comic book element redstone, Rs. the format states it is created by HA. Now I did a bit of searching, checking wikipedia, and I'm pretty stumped by what this element called redstone is or is from. Of course I know redstone from minecraft...

1:25 PM
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3:38 PM
Q: Manhwa where the protagonist has no mana and rely on physical strength. Also the story is about team fights (like DOTA) but real people fightning

ViiiiiiienManhwa where the protagonist has no mana and rely on physical strength. Also the story is about team fights (like DOTA) but real people fighting

Q: Alien organisms manipulate light to make giant computers

DrAsimovGolden Age sci-fi, probably in some short story anthology. I don’t remember much from this story other than this one scene supposedly from the history of an alien species: The aliens’ bodies are transparent, and they’re standing in some large grid. They’re able to polarize light by manipulating s...

4:03 PM
Q: Does Heinlein ever elaborate on the physics underlying Shipstones?

egeorgeIn Friday, Heinein describes a device called a Shipstone, which is essentially a non-rechargable battery with extremely high energy density. They are manufactured by some proprietary process, which is relevant to the plot, but the book does not give details on what principle the devices are based...

Q: Chemical "article" about addictive nature of oxygen

AmosI recall reading something that ascribed itself to be from a peer reviewed journal, perhaps Journal of the American Chemical Society, though it also might have claimed to be from Scientific American or some not peer reviewed magazine. I did not read it in this format, I read it somewhere else pro...

4:28 PM
Q: What is the context for this panel of Superman tossing a cross at super-speed?

ClockworkI accidentally stumbled on this while browsing trivia about Superman. Some people seemed to suggest this would be silver age Superman, but so far I was not able to find any context for it yet. Which issue is this from and why is Superman tossing a fuming cross shaped object?

Q: Fantastic Beasts characters in Harry Potter

shanuHas any Fantastic Beasts character ever been mentioned in the Harry Potter movies??( Besides Newt, the Dumbledores and Grindelwald)

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5:44 PM
Q: Horror movie in a desert town where people start to kill each other and there was a nearby destroyed radar dish station

JackOFireI must have either watched it on Netflix or Shudder. Some main things I remember seeing was a satellite dish that gets destroyed, a dog that got sick, and some surviving teens had to hide out on a small cafe roof. There was also a scene a girl who works with children at a school finds out one of ...

6:10 PM
Q: Why do Beckett Mariner and Captain Freeman have different last names?

Sovereign InquiryBeckett Mariner is Captain Freeman's daughter. Why do they have different last names?

6:35 PM
Q: What popularized the idea of aliens having a pair of antennae on their heads?

LiveInAmbeRThis right here: When I show you "this", what is the first thing that comes to mind? That is correct! That's an alien! Not a bee or a butterfly but specifically an alien. But why is that? Where did this come from? Who started it? Right off the bat, the wiki page for little green men mentions "so...

7:29 PM
Q: Looking for this light novel named "The Seven Heroes"

INTROVERT The Seven Heroes is a fantasy adventure light novel that follows the story of a gamer who gets transported to an alternate world and finds himself as the second of seven heroic figures. He must overcome incredible odds and protect the people of his new world from complete destruction. where can i...

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9:20 PM
Q: Does anyone know this Manhwa about a video game?

Shade Zdoes anyone know this description of the Manhwa? It doesn't seem like it in the beginning, but it students that play in a game. The Manhwa start with the villain, poisonous snake that poison a girl and therefore her touch poison whatever she touches. There another player, a doctor, he does his b...

Q: Help IDing an 80's Sci Fi movie featuring a helmet device that could identify any life form viewed from it

J.B. I was only allowed to watch the opening scene then was sent to bed. A man had the helmet on and they were testing it by putting different animals in front of it. The man took off the helmet and laid it on a lab table then the camera slowly entered the helmet as a scientist stepped in front of the...

9:46 PM
Q: Help needed identifying an animated series, space opera, mid to late 80s, broadcast in United Kingdom

AdamI’m at the end of my tether trying to identify an animated series, aimed at children (but containing mature themes/scenes), broadcast in the UK in the mid to late 80s. I have vivid memories of large scale space battles, featuring predominantly capital-type ships, visually distinct opposing factio...

10:42 PM
Q: Mock article looking back at the development of artificial intelligence from the future

moopetThis was a story someone posted online a few years ago. I don't believe it was ever in a book or magazine. It was written like an academic paper or wikipedia article, looking back at AI, specifically about the one person's mind which booted up and experimented with in schools. The idea was that y...

Q: Teying to rememebr a scifi movie i saw about 20 years ago with my mom on TV

Jenn KranIt was a scifi movie i watched with my mother 20 years ago. I cant remwmber the cast but the one scene i recall was the son(in his 30s) saying do not open Vault 7 in sector 13 of a government facility. It had something to do with an alien like plant that's roots would destroy or consume the plane...


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