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Q: Sci-fi book series about time travel, taming dinosaurs, and alien psychics

ImmortaldariusThis is a series of books that starts off with a bunch of humans being abducted and sent back in time roughly 65 million years. They start to build a civilization and take dinosaurs to help out. They are also able to climb very tall cliffs and glide on air currents to travel and scout. Unbeknowns...

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There doesn't appear to be a picture in that post
Perhaps this invisible lamp is on topic.
Q: A TV movie about a boy from modern era entering a portal into an earlier era (like 1900s)

David ApltauerLooking for a (TV) movie about a boy from modern era who entered a portal (might have been a mirror, or at least I think it was indoors) and got into an earlier era (like 1900s). There he spent some time and fell in love with a girl. In the end he returned to his time and the portal closed leavin...

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Q: What were the last words spoken in Return of the Jedi?

New AlexandriaIn Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, the last words spoken would seem to be those between Han and Leia. Han offers to part ways with Leia over her love for Luke; Leia confesses he is her brother. But after this, during the extended scenes, the scene returns to Endor and celebration. Chewbacca spea...

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Q: Sci-Fi book about female pilot in the distant future who is a linguist and has to decipher an alien language/code

SheilaThis book I read in college, I think it was published between the 1970s to 1990s, it's about a female pilot (I think her first name began with an R) in the distant future who is famous and is also known for being a linguist. She's recruited by the government/military to decipher an alien transmis...

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@Randal'Thor I’m still not sure on this but it came in the Reopen queue this morning and after this discussion I’ve figured best to give it the benefit of the doubt and listen to you on this one. So voted to reopen and it’s open again now. Hopefully my initial judgement isn’t correct
Although, TBF, in lots of these list like questions it’s more the initial affect which makes them worse
9:12 AM
Currently 7777 helpful flags... gotta love repdigits
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Q: Why does Kylo Ren's lightsaber use a cracked kyber crystal?

TheLethalCarrotI always assumed that Kylo Ren's lightsaber was different from Ben Solo's because of the cracked kyber crystal. After all if it was the same lightsaber it should have the same kyber crystal which wasn't cracked. However, in Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker The Visual Dictionary it says the follow...

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@JackBNimble The OP did the hoki-koki on deleting and undeleting, and then deleting the image url
1:15 PM
Can anyone recommend some good solarpunk stories?
1:25 PM
@AncientSwordRage What do you mean by "solarpunk?"
Q: How did Anakin describe killing Count Dooku to Obi-wan/the Jedi Council?

PhyneasAssuming that they asked him about something as momentous as the death of the Separatist Leader, one of the greatest swordsman in the galaxy, and a former Jedi Master, how did Anakin explain to Obi-Wan and/or the Jedi Council exactly why and how he ended up killing Count Dooku? Answers from Canon...

I appreciate that extended "discussion" doesn't belong on a post. But my first comment was a comment on my answer, not a response to the previous comment; would it be wrong of me to repost that comment on the answer?
Depends what the comment says I suppose
Oh, nevermind. Not paying attention. That comment was copied, not moved. So it's still there.
2:10 PM
@DavidW Cyberpunk with trees
Greetings, Programs.
Q: How does the logistics work of a Chaos Space Marine Warband?

FuchswilleRaiding can't always be the only answer to get supplies. Maybe getting supplies from a Hellforge but that can be expensive. A Warband should want to stay relatively hidden to not get a Chapter chasing them with or without Imperial detachments to grow and getting stronger. I know its traitor legio...

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> Solarpunks come across as eternal optimists
So, not really "punks" at all then. :-P
More a kind of ecotopia with tech.
2:51 PM
@DavidW yeah really not
in TRPG General Chat, 1 hour ago, by BESW
It's not a very well-defined category, because it's very recently defined without any particularly effective originating document.
Have you read KSR's Pacific Edge?
3:09 PM
Q: How is Eobard Thawne still alive?

TheFlashFinaticI am still trying to figure out how Eobard Thawne is still alive. As seen in season one of The Flash, to stop Thawne from going back to his time. But how does Eobard Thawne come back?

@DavidW nope
Theres a stack of their books I need to read
3:23 PM
Just as a possible recommendation for "solarpunk" to the extent that I understand the term.
3:34 PM
Q: Classic short story (1985 or earlier) about 1st alien ambassador (horse-like?) to Earth, who gets killed

SteveI read a short story when I was younger, but it's been on my mind lately for some reason and I'd like to try to find it - does anyone know what the title/author is?: What I can recall: the story must have been published at least 35 years ago it involves an alien ambassador to Earth (I believe, ...

3:49 PM
@DavidW I thought that was why you mentioned it
Just wanted to be sure. The comment about the stack of books made me wonder if we'd ended up talking past one another.
My stack of books got too high; now it's 3 stacks. :-P
Q: Cartoon about 2 guys (one named Sam) and a girl

miaI don't remember how long ago exactly, like 2 or 3 years, I watched a show about, I think, teens: 2 guys one was kind of an idiot, the other one was an inventor and a girl who was very smart. They do some kind of supernatural adventures. I remember in one episode that something happened to the gi...

Hang on, let me use the search phrase I've been using
"I'll add it to the list"
(then I can search for this later on when I get time)
Heh, that's a cute trick.
I guess I'm showing my age; I actually have a file of books to find.
I used to, but I wasn't organised enough to maintain it
4:07 PM
It's useful when I'm actually buying books; I have a copy on my phone, and I can refer to it while browsing used books.
I wasn't always this organized, and I'd inevitably later recall a book I'd failed to check for. So it's a way to cope with my sieve-like memory. :)
@DavidW I feel you
4:24 PM
Q: Vampire book series

BronteI am a little fuzzy on what happens in which book but this is what I know: There is a teenage girl with a best friend (Mel maybe), a few days before her birthday (16th?) family friends come back to town and she finds out she is a half vampire and will transform on her birthday. I think her boyfri...

Q: Are there normal wolves in ASOIAF?

wolves are coolThe ASOIAF universe is famed for its dire wolves, associated with the Starks. But are there normal, non-dire wolves in this universe? I know there are hounds, but in ASOIAF, are these descended from Canis lupus , or from dire wolves?

5:19 PM
Thoughts on this?
A: Star Trek TOS aliens won’t fight

jimAnother possibility (though not being so important to the story line) is "Mirror, Mirror" where the Halkan's refuse to fight against the Terran Empire.

Wait, what happened to my comment there?
That link is to the comment but looks like it was deleted
@DavidW But aren't they still in the sense of reappropriating tech in revolutionary new ways? I don't think whateverpunk needs to necessarily be dystopic when optimism and ecological reorientation is da new nonconformism.
FWIW I was questioning whether that really was appropriate for an answer, given the episode has already been identified so it seemed to be more of a comment
5:36 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Auto-deleted by Community after being flagged by a user, probably due to triggering the "accepted" comment filter.
I hate that "feature".
Q: Is Toothless the king of all Bewilderbeasts?

Kevin MooreI mean if he is the king of all dragons because the hidden world is basically the original home of all dragons doesn't that mean he his the king of all the Bewilderbeasts?

@Null ugh great, what was it flagged as? If you can say that is
@TheLethalCarrot Unfortunately, "unfriendly or unkind", though I thought it was neither. Yet another reason why I hate that "feature" since it doesn't give me the chance to decline such flags.
@NapoleonWilson *punk isn't about new ways of doing things, or even creative reuse. Otherwise every cheesy '50s story where they rewire a radio or TV into a force field generator or an antigravity device or a mind-control machine or... would count as, what, "tubepunk"?
Punk is an attitude, saying "FU" to whatever the current entrenched centres of authority are.
5:52 PM
@Null that’s what I assumed it was going to be flagged as though I can’t remember it being either. Guess it’s just cos they disagreed with my assessment of the “answer”?
Cyberpunk isn't about the milieu, it's about the marginal people grifting for black-market warez to take a run at a bank or a government database.
@TheLethalCarrot It was flagged by a completely different user, so I guess someone thought you needed more "welcome" and "please" and such.
I'm sure that in-universe the lives of those the punks decry as "corporate serfs" aren't so bad (as long as they're useful), but they're not the focus of the story because that's not where the interesting conflicts are.
@DavidW But maybe that's what they're doing?
@DavidW Exactly.
No, because that's not the right attitude/worldview.
5:56 PM
@Null well I didn’t necessarily mean the OP flagged it. But maybe, aye
In the stories referenced, the PoV wasn't from some nihilistic kid wanting to trash the halls of power just to make sure she can't be ignored and forgotten. Hence, not punk.
(stupid phone)
6:21 PM
posted on January 20, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: You ever overhear someone who doesn't know about something explaining it to someone who also doesn't know about the thing? Today's News:

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@DavidW I think in Solarpunk they're saying FU to traditional non-green industry/civilisation
My point is that by being constructive and building for a better world they're not displaying a punk attitude.
We are currently saying FU to coal power IRL, but we're not punks. At least I'm not (anymore).
And the French Revolution was a pretty firm FU to the aristocracy, but it wasn't a punk thing because the intent was positive - to replace it with something better - instead of nihilistic.
Q: Anakin sharing or not his Qui-Gon experience in Attack Of The Clones

user10191234After the Tusken Raiders torture and cause the death of his mother, Anakin Skywalker conducts a one-man massacre of the sand people, just when he was about to start, we hear Quin-Gon Jinn's voice (taken from Episode I during Maul's Attack) saying Anakin, Anakin Nooo (The no is controversial if it...

8:41 PM
So punk is repurposing the oppressors tools for you're own purpose, often in opposition
so this doesn't sound like punk to me
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10:17 PM
Q: Did HYDRA join the USSR when WW2 ended in the MCU?

capTainfall07We see in Captain America: The Winter Soldier that HYDRA has a base in Siberia but now I’m wondering did HYDRA join the USSR after the war ended or did they just have an alliance in some way?

10:37 PM
11:08 PM
Q: Small Aliens Spaceships

bpvxxvqdplease help me find Small Aliens Spaceships Animated show where small toy sized spaceships flying in a kids room like this but Aliens Spaceships Computer Warriors (1990) I saw it kids animated show on a TV channel in the 80s or 90s.

@Marvin This appears to be a repeat of scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/239384/… (which was deleted last month).
But not as many details.
Doesn’t that user have a bit of a history with that? I seem to think them deleting and undeleting their Batman Batcave questions a lot and then deleting and reposting them
11:26 PM
Could be. I'm mostly trying to ignore the endless parade of indistinguishable batcave questions.
Subsided for now at least

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