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12:02 AM
Q: Does the internal layout of the Snowpiercer train require lots of suspension of disbelief?

O. R. MapperI know the question title seems a bit vague, but please hear me out. I have started watching the Snowpiercer series on Netflix. Already during the second episode, I am starting to wonder whether the featured interior is supposed to make any sense geometrically. Basically, the Snowpiercer train is...

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1:19 AM
@Donald.McLean bleep bloop
1:38 AM
IDK why Smokey didn't report that
in Charcoal HQ, 3 mins ago, by SmokeDetector
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Toxic answer detected (80): Is there any information on what happened to Vector? by p e n is on scifi.SE
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2:43 AM
@Jenayah Ooof, I saw this late
3:00 AM
Q: Isekai about MC leveling up and killing monsters by the skill "dispel"

SaminoI am trying to find about this manga, korean webtoon or manwha, cannot remember; that the first chapter is about the MC in a forest being attacked by a monster that looks like a tiger and he murders it subconsciously by the skill translated as "dispel" in english translation, a powerful cheat tha...

3:51 AM
Q: Has anyone read a short story about a boy and a ship that end up connecting and training each other?

Jesami SojiI think it was a prototype/ai type ship that learns from experience, but somehow its trained pilot was gone. An injured street kid gets on board, and because of his distrust, the ship has to trick him to eat/accept medical help etc. Eventually the kid learns about the ship, but the other prototyp...

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5:33 AM
Q: Are there any paintings or portraits of Merlin in Hogarts? If not, why?

Just another Star Wars geekWhy are there no portraits of Merlin at Hogwarts? (please note, I am referring to the Merlin from the Harry Potter series, who was alive around the 12th-16th centuries, not the Merlin of King Arthur's round table from the 5th-6th centuries.) Merlin, in the Harry Potter series, was alive well afte...

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7:14 AM
Q: How could Captain America lift this?

I am inevitebleIn Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America nearly moved Thor's Mjolnir. In Avengers: Endgame he finally lifted and hit Thanos with it. How was he able to lift it when nobody else could?

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8:31 AM
Q: In which manga ML get help from godess and get 2 female comrades to serve him

Rj MaddyIsekai manga in which ML (wears a jacket with a tower emblem on it) & 2 female comrades one vampire with silver hair and moon clip on it and another angel with golden hair and sun clip on it. Those two were given by goddess to serve & help him and he upgrades dungeon tower with various monsters.

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10:52 AM
Q: What did Captain America and Bucky mean respectively by "enough" during their conversation in Civil War?

ChaffeeIn Captain America: Civil War (2016), there's a scene where Rogers, Sam and Bucky speak in what looks like an abandoned factory, after Bucky goes on a rampage due to his brain conditioning and Rogers stops him from escaping. During their conversation there, there are these exchanges: Bucky: "Wha...

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12:45 PM
Q: How do ents reproduce?

TheMadHatterIn the books, Treebeard laments about the loss of Entwives (female ents) , hence why there will be no Entlings ( ent children ). This made me wonder actually how ents breed ? Ents are a mix of trees and humanoids*. They have humanoid characteristics like Four Limbs etc. ..and tree-ish characte...

1:36 PM
Q: Are Yoshis citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom?

Umbrella CorporationThings can be confusing for a bizzare fictional world in which animals can be first-class citizens. Whenever I've encountered Yoshis (I don't know whether I interact with the same Yoshi everywhere or an entire species of them is in existence), I ride them (Yoshi's Island, Super Mario Bros. 3). Ar...

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4:38 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I edited that to earn a badge. XD ^_^ — TheMadHatter 7 mins ago
"look, I didn't give a crap about messing stuff up, only to get an internet shiny bunch of pixels!"
How people have enough spine, or not enough dignity, not to brag about such a thing, is beyond me.
Oh well, needed to rant. </rant>
Being brazen about it at least makes it easier to catch and “tell them off” though haha
5:11 PM
@Jenayah Hey! pixels are cool.
Though the edit actually messed up the grammar.
In any case, why haven't you found the answer yet?
Shame on you Jenayah...
I have a sneaking suspicion it is not in fact a crystal and that is messing up any attempt to search for it
Is this a first?
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8:50 PM
Q: Why do medical emergency teams not beam?

k-a-vWhen there's a medical emergency on the Enterprise, is there a reason that the response teams don't beam directly to the injured? Would transporters not allow for quicker response and give patients a better chance of survival? For example, in TNG S4E7 Reunion, when K'Ehleyr is dying, the medical ...


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