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2:49 AM
Q: Need Help finding the name of a short story from my English book in 1979

Jim AissisThe story was about these kids who went down into a hole and ended up in a different place. It started out at night with stars in the sky. I remember there was a mean old man, who was possibly a farmer. It was in my 6th grade English book around 1979.

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4:52 AM
Q: Cartoon about a boy who schools with aliens

Rahman SamaIt's an old cartoon. All i can remember is that there is a boy who befriend with an alien slime and and an alien chicken who can launch rockets. They are kinda like in space school. And one of his classmate can grow into a giant by blowing his thumb. Sorry, i was really little back then so it's ...

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6:52 AM
Q: a movie where an android has incomplete programming

Bernd Wilke πφI remember an old movie (probably before 1980) where a android (no visible technique, complete human look alike) is assembled of parts. The ears are made like plastic moulding the head. At last the robot needs a programming but the technicians do not follow the instruction as it seems to fast. In...

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8:31 AM
Seem fair?
Note to editors: DO NOT remove information from the question, you have no idea if it is a conflated memory, erroneous information or is actually correct. Just because you think you know the answer here doesn't mean you do. There might be a The Last Starfighter/Big mix film with elements from either. On top of that incorrect information can help others who also remember the incorrect elements to find their answer. — TheLethalCarrot 14 secs ago
@TheLethalCarrot editors and reviewers
Oh right by the way...
Oh never mind it has been rollbacked already scifi.stackexchange.com/posts/104609/revisions
Well editors are the main group I'm trying to reach but aye reviewers to I suppose
Well the removal part was approved by someone who should​know better
Especially given the edit reason
On top of that it invalidated an answer which is also a big no no
8:49 AM
Wouldn't mind some of the title being edited into the question, though.
The only part not in the body is Zoltar
Title is very long, though. Too long, if you ask me.
@TheLethalCarrot r/NoContext.
I don't mind longer titles especially on story id questions
How on Earth is that too broad? It might not have much information but it seems to have been positively identified....
@Jenayah Can you check something for me?
8:57 AM
Based on the OP's lack of interaction as well.
A drive by unregistered user doesn't mean the question is all of a sudden not a good fit for the site
Vote for the post not the user after all
No year, language, country, type of film (live action vs animation).
Yeah I don't see how that's too broad either.
Looking at my reputation tab does the earned bounty from yesterday have green text?
Green text, blue background.
8:59 AM
Thought so
Comments should be cleaned up as well, I think.
It has the white text on SO as expected and I can't check anywhere else to see if the problem is SFF specific or not
@Marvin the implications of that spell are, as per usual when you think any of JKR's ideas through to their logical conclusion, horrible.
I mean, Hermione vanished a kitten and Harry vanished an iguana. And the whole class vanished mice. Are they all budding psychopaths?
@TheLethalCarrot sûre, what?
Was just gonna ask to check the reputation tab but Mith has done it now I see
9:08 AM
Ah it's that thing
I think it was reported on Meta a couple weeks back
Yeah just found it
Q: Bounty amount on reputation tab hardly readable

GlorfindelToday, a bounty was awarded to one of my answers (thanks @gnat); when I visited my reputation tab I noticed that the amount is hardly readable since it's green text on a blue background: Can that be changed (back?*) to white text please? *: I'm sure somebody would've noticed it unless it was ...

How is it only [status-review]?
You'd think it should be [status-planned] or at least [status-reproduced]
Well if you were asking me to do CSS, that'd be [status-review] as well... :P
Q: Incorrect text colouring on earned bounties in the Reputation tab

TheLethalCarrotLooking at my Reputation tab for yesterday when I earned a bounty and the text of it is green, same as normal positive reputation events, and it has the blue bounty background. I believe it should have white text like the accepts and how it used to be. In fact they still show with white text a...

@Slartibartfast 13 minutes, not bad
9:19 AM
~13 mins, not bad
Two stars
Wrote that exact comment
@TheLethalCarrot jinx
9:40 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in body, potentially bad ns for domain in body (100): How To Fix"Can't Sign in AOL Mail"? by Kevin Williams on scifi.SE
@SmokeDetector I'd be interested in knowing​how they choose tags for spam.
Oooh, did any spammer ever spammed main Meta with something tagged [spam]?
Probably just pick a random one out of a preselected set or use one of the top ones from the Tags page
Sure but why ST rather than the more popular HP
Does SEDE link to deleted stuff?
I believe so
Will look for the above someday then
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10:55 AM
Q: Why did Tony do this?

AnthelothIn Avengers: Age of Ultron, while the Avengers are invading the Hydra base to get Loki's scepter, Tony finds a hidden passage, and then takes off his suit to explore, leaving it to guard the entrance. But why would he take off the suit, leaving himself defenseless if anyone was in the room?

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12:07 PM
Hello everyone
@Marvin I self-answered my question, but I dont know if I should accept it already or leave it be for a moment
You won't be able to self accept until 48 hours after posting the question anyway
But don't hesitate to accept straight away when you can... it is the answer so should be marked as such
Apparently it's correct and explanative, which gives few reasons to hold back acceptance artificially.
Q: Why doesn't Enterprise go to the seventh signal? (major spoilers)

11684At the end of the last episode of season 2, the seventh signal shows up. As I understand it, this signal is created by Michael on her return to "the present". Therefore, I would expect the crew of the Enterprise to be way more excited and head straight for her. The only thing is the distance, ...

Oh, I didn't know the system protected so you could not immediately self accept
But as soon as it enables I'll tick it
12:28 PM
@Moacir it's a very nice answer, self or not :)
@Jenayah Thank you. I tried to make it clear in case someone was interested in it
I suggest editing in your winning query. It'll help other people to learn to search, and will make the SFF answer a Google hit if someone thinks of the same set of keywords
The problem is that I went the other way around
I looked for games that were translated to Portuguese, and went thru a list of companies
So it was not exactly a "I searched for this specific thing", but it was more "Which companies translated things to portuguese"
Well that's useful too! :) Maybe not the "Google keywords" part, but certainly for the "story-id searching tips" ;)
But I think you are right, it is a good thing to show sometimes you need to twist things around with a goal in mind
12:35 PM
12:46 PM
@Jenayah Could I bother you to check my edit just to see if its clear enough?
12:58 PM
@Moacir yup, crystal clear :)
1:17 PM
Q: Vintage SciFi story: Telepaths, Aliens and Cats

SciFyFanlooking for title and author of a SciFi short story wherein an earth spaceship with telepathic crew encounters an alien spaceship. the telepathic crew try to convince the aliens that the ships cat is in charge....

1:30 PM
Q: Was there any explanation on why Doctor Strange was removed from the final battle?

Lucas EspindolaIn the final battle of Avengers: Endgame, Doctor Strange is pretty much useless, spending almost all of the time holding water up so it doesn't flood the battleground. Was there any sort of commentary from the directors/film crew as of why they chose to put him aside?

1:51 PM
It's weird how the official manga translation of One Piece has a lot of things translated differently from official anime translations
Like this one guy says "lelo" a lot in the Viz manga but they left it as "rero" in the anime subtitles on Crunchyroll
Q: Tag warning for story-identification

StormblessedSo I read this Server Fault meta post, which says how to request tag warnings: Open a new meta question under the tag tag-warnings with the proposed text and the tag to which it should be applied. This will allow for community input to improve the text, if necessary, before we kick it upstair...

Does anyone have feedback on this?
It's been almost a day and nobody has commented feedback or anything
Weird, in the anime this one guy is called "Sora" in the subtitles while his name is written "Sola" in English in the background
Maybe the subtitles were done by someone whose image of Asians has been shaped more by Mickey Rooney performances than genuine experience. ;-)
2:15 PM
2:37 PM
So I flagged a question a while ago as POB
And the flag was marked “helpful”
But the question never closed and wasn’t edited or anything?
Q: How is the team name order determined for the House Quidditch games at Hogwarts?

seanpaulHow is the team name order determined for the House Quidditch games at Hogwarts? Do they have a rule for it? For example, in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, they announce a match as "Slytherin vs. Gryffindor." Which are two Hogwarts teams and Hogwarts pitch/stadium is home of both teams.

Q: Back to the future, Doc's recording plot hole

OverWimsWhen Marty and Doc first watch the recording of past Marty and future Doc in 1955, you can hear the recording of Doc say "I'm standing on the parking lot of twin pines mall". This to me is a major plot hole. In back to the future law, when past events are changed and therefore future events are c...

Q: What power is stored in mjolnir

Richard CThere seems to be a number of Discrepancies in the power of mjolnir in the MCU In Thor Odin places the power of Thor into his hammer mjolnir proclaiming he who wields the hammer, if he be worthy will have the power of Thor. At the climax of the film we see Thor regain his powers and armour when ...

Q: Can anyone wield Stormbreaker?

Richard CPart of the power of Mjolnir is that only someone that is worthy can wield it. Is this same rule in place for Stormbreaker? Or can anyone lift it and use it?

That’s a lot of questions in a second!
@Stormblessed Which one?
@Stormblessed Any user choosing "Close" in the review queue will automatically mark your flag as "helpful" (and is the only way a close-flag can be marked as such anyway) no matter the ultimate outcome for the question.
The most recent one which fits that criteria seems to be this one.
2:44 PM
Q: How to choose the best hub question: a case study

OtisToday, I came across a situation that makes for a very good illustration of the reason for my most recent meta question -- several questions have been asked, answered, and/or accepted about an old TV movie called "The Questor Tapes." The questions are as follows: Jan 30 2014 - Android reshapes...

~4 mins... DAAAMMMMNN!!!
2:58 PM
3:18 PM
Q: Why did the Warlock Lord have the face of Allanon?

codeczarIn The Shannara Chronicles the Warlock Lord had the same face as Allanon. He was also a druid. So why did he have the same face as Allanon? Was he related in any way to Allanon, like the teacher or master ?

3:38 PM
Q: ST Rise of Federation series to continue?

MikeCAs of Jun 2019, the Star Trek Enterprise: Rise of the Federation series incluses 5 books, the latest named Patterns of Interference. https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Star_Trek:Enterprise-_Rise_of_the_Federation Will there be another book or books in the series? If so, when are they due to c...

4:19 PM
Q: Book: Electricity absorbing alien spacecraft

DeadcowI think this is probably a late 70s early 80s book, and it's a fairly chunky read. An alien ship arrives, it's completely featureless, other than a hatch that regularly opens. There is no gravity inside the ship, and I think it's full of stars (although I may be confusing that with something el...

Q: How did the Invisible Man become invisible?

MilkyWay90In The Invisible Man (1933), The Invisible Man gets encountered by a cop and seven people behind him. The cop attempts to convince him to come to the police station, but the Invisible Man gets in an angry fit and reveals that he is invisible. How did they do this in 1933? It couldn't have been d...

2 hours later…
6:09 PM
@Marvin All light passed through him ;)
6:38 PM
@WebHead been a while :D
Q: Does Magica De Spell's magic have any known limits?

TheAshDoes Magica De Spell's magic have any known limits that are consistently used throughout the Duckverse? I recall some comic stating she can't produce money, but I also recall another one where she does. (I will link them when I find them). But there doesn't seem to be anything consistent where s...

A: Why is Stack Overflow trying to start audio?

user11703325The ad is attempting to use the Audio API as one of literally hundreds of pieces of data it is collecting about your browser in an attempt to "fingerprint" it, to uniquely identify you across sites despite your privacy settings. This isn't general speculation; I've spent the last half hour going...

Well, yuck.
@Jenayah Yeah, I'm mostly preoccupied, but I like to have a chat open somewhere for when I need a mental break.
Need a mental break? Here's a bird taught to say "WTF" :p
Damn broken oneboxing
6:54 PM
Better than a mental breakdown, I suppose.
7:21 PM
Q: About cinnamon bun dumbness

JackWhy is cinnamon bun smart un the episode the red throne before getting throwned at a fire ball , i mean before getting fully Baked by getting cast the fireball he looks smarter than usual .

Q: Why bother with the search for Horcruxes?

vszThe biggest plan in defeating Voldemort is to hunt down and destroy all his Horcruxes, and a significant part of the last two books is spent doing this. Dumbledore, the most powerful wizard able to stand up against Voldemort, risks and sacrifices his life for it. This is justified by Voldemort b...

8:12 PM
Q: Back to the future: Did Doc not realise the repercussions of using the train?

OverWimsDoc thought up to use the train to push the Delorean up to 88mph. This makes sense as he states it is the only logical way to get the Delorean up to that speed. But why would he do this? He keeps saying that he doesn't want to change history any more than he already has. When he realises that he ...

1 hour later…
9:33 PM
Q: Story where diplomats use codes for emotions

Andrew NormanI am trying to remember the name of a book I read mid to late 90s. I don't remember it been a either a really small or massive Paperback book. It was from a second hand shop (I think), so probably published late 70s early 80s (maybe). Things I remember about the book: Humans were the universe...

10:14 PM
Q: Why does the T-800 blatantly waste bullets?

Ham SandwichIn The Terminator, the T-800 is stalking Sarah Connor, when he busts into the hotel room where she and Kyle had been staying. He immediately starts to spray bullets, and since Kyle and Sarah are gone, the maneuver is quite obviously fruitless. Granted, it's not as though the terminator wastes tho...

10:54 PM
Q: Where did the concept of single-use spell scrolls originate?

Robert ColumbiaIt has been a standard rule in Dungeons and Dragons for as long as I can remember that spell scrolls are one-use items. Once a spell is cast from the scroll (or, sometimes, even if an attempt is made to do so), the scroll becomes blank, crumbles, or otherwise becomes unusable. This has also been ...

11:35 PM
Q: Is there a minimum time in the past that Bran can see?

Ryan_LWe know Bran can see thousands of years into the past; we see the Children of the Forest create the Night King for instance. Is there some minimum time that Bran's vision works at? Could he see what happened a few seconds ago? Specifically I'm thinking about the end of the Battle of Winterfell...


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