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4:56 AM
What is that supposed to even mean?
1 hour later…
5:57 AM
Q: Adding quotes to others' answers - when is it acceptable?

FuzzyBootsI feel bad bringing this up because I think TheLethalCarrot has been doing a good job at fixing up a lot of old questions and answers with relevant quotes, but in Fantasy book where the "wizards" constructs their towers in their minds, two people have objected to the changes made to their answers...

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4:28 PM
Q: RIP Unshô Ishizuka, Japanese voice actor for Professor Oak, Jet Black, and Joseph Joestar

ThunderforgeUnshô Ishizuka passed away on August 13, 2018. He was a prolific Japanese voice actor who voiced many popular characters in anime such as Professor Oak (Pokémon), Jet Black (Cowboy Beebop), and Joseph Joestar (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure). Even if you watched the English dubs and never heard his voi...

4:40 PM
Kizaru 😭
I just was looking at the Meta site and saw your post about French comics @Jenayah
Have you made the tag you seem to want? It seems like naming it could be difficult
Maybe fb-comics?
Or fr-be-comics
Or franco-belgian with no comics in the tag, explained in the description
4:55 PM
@Lhurgoyf oh yeah, that meta post I put there and kinda forgot about ahah :)
Anyway, we did not reach any kind of consensus tehre so no
2 hours later…
7:19 PM
Watching a Verne-inspired film: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.
Good fun for the kids.
And the basic premise is a cool idea: what if Verne's The Mysterious Island, Stevenson's Treasure Island and Swift's Lilliput from Gulliver's Travels are all about the same island.
@SQB ... the one with Dwayne Johnson bouncing his nipples? XD
@Jenayah does he ever not bounce his nipples?
cc @b_jonas, I guess, because Verne.
@SQB I dunno, I've seen like 3 movies with the guys and they didn't all have scenes with bouncing Dwayne Johnson nipples
Even in Vaiana.
O shit yes, he is bouncing his nipples!
I thought you were kidding.
7:53 PM
1 hour later…
9:13 PM
@Alex Yeah - when you use certain words all the time in your life, it can be very difficult to remember that not everyone knows what they are. Especially considering that if you're reading a question that's, say, finding the Tannaic source for a halacha in the Shulchan Aruch, you probably know a little bit about halacha and the terminology already.
Some might say the same thing about even here, though - if I open a question about Infinity War, half of it reads like gibberish to me - what are Infinity Stones? Who's Thanos? What's going on here?
You can say that anything is using "jargon" if you don't know the terminology. I was told that I have to loop chunking a list for something I was trying to do in the Codenames bot. I went "huh?".
SE uses what could be described as jargon for a lot of the way the system works that would be incomprehensible to someone not familiar with the system.
There's a fine line between using incomprehensible jargon and just using the correct terminology for that field.
9:54 PM
@Jenayah There his pectorals, not his nipples. The nipples are merely attached to the skin that is moved by him tensing his pectoral muscles.
What an incredible human....
@Edlothiad didn't find the word right away ahah
As per incredible, well
It's both impressive and extremely disturbing ._.
10:12 PM
For anyone concerned: Mike got a new pair of lungs and is feeling okay! (see update here)
@Gallifreyan That's great news! \o/
10:29 PM
Wow, great news!
> "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology."
@Jenayah why was it even in the film?
@SQB dunno. Looked cool?
The whole movie was juvenile. Youngest kid loved it. Oldest kid loved it when Vanessa Hudges was crawling out of a hole, wearing short shorts, shot from behind. He's 12.
Insert dad eye roll.
Also, they grow up so fast.
@SQB eh, you only get to roll eyes if you did not like the view :p
@SQB if youngest's 12, guess that means you can start to move on to classics with the eldest I guess
Read: Tarantino night :p
10:45 PM
@Jenayah I rolled my eyes because he cheered.
@SQB ahah, gotta have to teach him how not to cheer and silently enjoy then, 'specially if Mommy's around x)
A propos of nothing except the clock, good night.
@SQB didn't get that first part, but I got the second one. 'night! :)

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