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3:00 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to IoT Stack Exchange!!!, May we continue to help others with there DDoSing Toaster Problem.
@Aurora0001 Can we have a party?
3:48 AM
Q: One year in beta, how are we doing?

anonymous2Related: 90 days into beta: how are we doing? So here we are. Time has flown, and we have now been in beta for exactly 365 days - a full year. Let's take a look at the stats: 1.1 questions per day (Needs work) 92% answered (Excellent) 110 avid users (Okay) 1.8 question to answer ratio (Ok...

11 hours later…
2:58 PM
@Aurora0001 on the point of getting Copy Editor, eh?
3:18 PM
Hmm, I didn't realise Google would do this for you:
3:36 PM
@anonymous2 yep, that's nice
And I think the Google feature is relatively new and just implemented
Sadly means that we'll get fewer views if anything
@Aurora0001 Hadn't thought of it that way.
Funny thing is it does it even when we're the third result or so.
Doesn't seem to have rolled out to the UK Google yet
Interesting, you're right.
A: Google special SERP entry for Stack Overflow

Joe FriendThis is an ongoing experiment that Google is running. They contacted us some time ago and let us know they were interested in running an experiment that showed additional information from our site including answer snippets. At the time they were going to focus it on the mobile app and web experie...

Should have known someone would have asked already. ;)
Q: Does Stack Overflow have a special Google integration?

BendEgDoes Stack Overflow have a new special kind of Google integration? How does this work? It looks great!

Someone raised a good point though... there's no attribution in those blocks to the authors
3:53 PM
Would that actually be necessary under the Creative Commons?
Well, arguably not because it's such a small excerpt (same reason that Google gets away with excerpts from every website they link to)
But in theory, yeah
4 hours later…
7:44 PM
waiting for an auroranswer!
On which question?
your meta
Give it some time ;)
Vodka is a luxury we have.
Caviar is a luxury we have.
Time is not.
Unfortunately, even the mighty Aurora cannot write answers instantaneously
7:48 PM
usually that is exactly what we experience
say, if you ninja answers on my meta
Eh, well, you should answer right away
and so should you
answer it!
Hmm, I've got to reach a suitable mix of sentimentality and serious policy discussion first :P
ok, ok, go find your spiritual centre and a suitable mix
8:11 PM
I am still waiting.
Clearly one of my questions is now at 2,500 where the last view to make it that number was be me. :P
Am I missing something?
hmm, this answer is becoming big enough to deserve a question of its own
maybe I'll split the important bits of into their own question instead
@Ghanima Auroranswer

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