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5:32 AM
Hello! :)
3 hours later…
8:04 AM
@HenryWHHackv2.0 Forgive be but I have checked that you have joined many SE communities. There are some link to a couple of community promotion ad voting at the end of this answer:
A: Where can we get more Subject Matter Experts?

Bence KaulicsOne way would be to advertise ourself over StackExchange that possibly has some users interested in IoT. For example: Raspberry Pi SE: as Raspberry Pi is a well-known device which can be used in wide variety of applications. Arduino SE: as Arudino give a fast way of prototype making, so many re...

Maybe you could support us by an upvote.
@BenceKaulics Ok
@HenryWHHackv2.0 Thank you very much. ^^
8:20 AM
Fantastic, thanks.
This ad is live now, your vote was the last one needed.
Awesome! :)
I got a hat for up voting those^
@BenceKaulics yeah we did it. I guess EE is one of the most important communities for our site
Hooray Virtual Hugs Everyone! :)
8:41 AM
I have received Necromancer badges as well on Super User and EE.SE meta.
8:51 AM
Ad on EE.SE can be tracked here:
Clicks per day: 0 (0 total)
It does not pop up for me.
Maybe there is a transition time.
Most ads poped up for 3-4 times while I continuously refreshed the site.
9:08 AM
yes, it will take it some time
but it is a good thing to start with
Morning guys
There are some Area 52 Sites in commitment stage that have Ad on EE.SE.
How can that be if it was not proposed on Meta?
Some proposal gain SE wide advertisement somehow?
@BenceKaulics Not that I know of
9:24 AM
And how can I enable Ads on PC, currently they only show up if I open the site on phone.
@BenceKaulics running any adblockers?
Yes I forgot my adblocker. :D
.. I dare say that many of those experts we hope to address on EE might fall for the same issue, darn
3 hours later…
12:20 PM
101 questions, we passed 100. Yay!
one-oh-one! one-oh-one!
What do you guys think about one question on the site to gather important links around IoT?
It would be a canonical post which could act as dupe target for all sorts of resource requests
Make it a community post thingy
You mean meta kind of post to redirect users to refer
Q: What good reference works on English are available?

zpletanQuestions that can be answered using commonly-available references are off-topic. What good reference works on English are available online, and what kinds of questions are they good at answering? Corpora Dictionaries General Reference Grammar Style Thesauri Translation

Like this, just for IoT
12:29 PM
community wiki
at least the answer should be community wiki
but I am somwhat reluctant with link lists, are they really a good fit for SE?
they can work (as a cw) as a target for resource requests (close as duplicate)
Yeah, that's the idea. In general I don't like lists either
annotated list
@Helmar Can you show an example link that could be listed?
12:34 PM
Maybe one answer could be about standardization bodies
I'm just throwing the idea out there, admittedly it's not fully fledged yet, but the post on ELU was back up and I remember using it quite a bit
The idea is good. But content should be determined with care.
I agree, maybe establish it with a parallel meta post
What categories do you have in mind?
Specifications could be listed as well, like MQTT, CoAP and other relevant ones. Reading a spec can answer a lot of question, and it is always good to read it before asking.
Standardization Bodies & IoT Protocols for starters
Not so sure about Popular IoT Systems, that could be a bit advertisy
Product guides and documentation seems to much to keep it up to date
@BenceKaulics Specifications would be good, yeah
@Helmar yeah, certainly too short lived
1:41 PM
Q: Discussion about the IoT reference question

HelmarAfter a brief discussion in chat I have posted a start for a collection of relevant IoT resources on the main page. It is inspired by reference gathering posts around SE like this one on ELU. I have created it on the main site however, since meta posts cannot be used as dupe target for reference ...

I created a basis and a meta discussion about it
Physical Communication layers and spec can be another category? Bluetooth, Z-Wave, 433 MHz, WiFi, ZigBee, wired communications. These are different from MQTT, CoAP and such things but also relevant.
Or I should propose on meta maybe.
1:59 PM
boy, the bot is just too slow for us
Maybe it's running for hats and forgot to do its job
probably that
going to be a big problem for the whole site, people chasing hats on the other branches
I even saw a Winter Bash ad instead of IoT SE ad on EE.SE. :(
The cross-site hats are certainly a double-edged sword.
2:28 PM
I am considering to edit the IoT tag on SO to include a link to the area51 entry point for IoT.SE
Or I could ask about that on their meta
Probably better than 101 reputation editing in their taxonomy
Meta question seems reasonable to me.
I can upvote that, but cannot review tag edits on SO.
Why can't you see tags?
I mean, I do not have enough rep to approve a tag edit.
How does this work. This ad proposal has a score of -1.
But yet ad pops up.
Oh, my mistake, I read view tags :/
Seems broken @BenceKaulics
Q: Adding link to IoT.SE private beta in the IoT tag on SO

HelmarStackExchange is launching a new Internet of Things Q&A site via Area 51. I noticed the tag iot on StackOverflow and was wondering if it would be appropriate to add an information to that tag the same way it has been done with the Raspberry Pi tag raspberry-pi. This is the Area 51 site that brin...

That Raspberry Pi example is great.
2:44 PM
Yeah, good that I found that :)
The complete post is also sneaky advertisement for the site.
I'll look around other sites if they have IoT tags
3:14 PM
One more down vote on your question, one more upvote on my comment but nothing on meta...
3:35 PM
@Aurora0001, oh allmighty, thy puny subject has but one question
Create a discussion on the meta site what qualifies as such? asking a question without any answers is hardly a discussion now is it? ;)
4:08 PM
Knowing the possibility of the involved rss feeds, I'd guess it's any question tagged discussion
I got a Nice Question Badge on SO.Meta :)
4:20 PM
@Helmar that is correct
@Ghanima see above
@Aurora0001 where, oh most wonderful
Helmar's comment
Anything tagged as
Argh, Helmar's even winning in the AuroraHats
How can I rig it so I always win, I wonder...
I can make you a superstar, right now :)
Surprised no-one's tried to close this:
Q: List of important IoT references

HelmarThis is a list of useful references and resources in the IoT environment. Standardization Bodies IoT Protocol Specifications If the accompanying meta post will validate the usefulness of this question, I'll ask the SE staff to make it CW.

Well, it had downvotes.
4:31 PM
Yeah, I noticed that
Even so I would have expected people to vote 'too broad' despite it being an intended canonical question
Added a progress counter to the "Superstar" hat!
Any feature requests anyone?
Also, should I announce the AuroraHats on meta?
Help! @Aurora is able to edit my posts! ;)
@anonymous2 just wait for your first AuroraHat now!
@Aurora0001 How do I get it?
4:46 PM
Click the top link of the pinned posts on the side
The "Track your progress" one
@Aurora0001 no way
@Ghanima fair enough :P
no cheap for you
Hey, no hat denial just because you're jealous! ;)
Added room for some more users now
@Aur, don't I deserve the starling? :)
4:49 PM
@anonymous2 it's all automated
just give it 10 minutes or so
If it's not added by the hour just ping me and I'll look at it
@Aurora0001 I wonder how you are good at docs.
You should have made it shoes instead of hats, though.
Or crowns or something. :)
@bravokeyl not very... I'll admit I had to steal some code from stack overflow
4:51 PM
@Aurora0001 Code theft!
@anonymous2 look!
your hat!
Btw, you knew that you always have to spell that word differently than anyone else has ever spelt it for fear of committing the act (of plagiariism)?
@Aurora0001, have a hat.
@anonymous2 got it! Won't palagairiaise any more
@anonymous2 thanks!
What happens if you get six stars in chat? Do you lose the superstar hat?
You could have made a hat for starring 10 messages in chat or something. ;)
@anonymous2 nope, it's greater than or equals
4:55 PM
@Aurora0001 Cool.
@Helmar, you'll be pleased, I'm adding a "Know-It-All" hat for answers
@anonymous2 look at the tracker now!
Actual hats!
I hate hats
Bad luck.
Anyone want to post an answer to test the new Know-It-All hat?
5:11 PM
@Aurora0001 Now you are a super star
Thanks everyone!
oh most madnificent Aurora, we need more hats for actual content
Know it all should show up for many users, I guess
Will work on more hats for questions & answers
@bravokeyl only counts for actions after the hat is created
5:14 PM
in that case you better hurry or this site will come to a stand-still until the hats are out (uhm, oh wait)
@bravokeyl not by design though, only because it's the only way that the system can work :P
Although it's how I wanted it anyway
Welcome to IOT.SE! :)
Do (real Winterbash) hats not even show on IoT?
@Aurora0001 No, they don't
That's a shame
Just got the "Abominable" hat :P
5:25 PM
that's a deal with private sites, i guess
Oh well, AuroraHats are better anyway
Much more Rube Goldberg-esque
You people really love stars do you?
but they do, somewhat
look, hat
Chat is different
5:27 PM
yes, but at least it should do for the Most Magnificent too
Why don't I get my hats then?
And also I can't see your hats :P
Maybe he is not The Chosen one!
@Ghanima Madnificent hat added
Is Sir-Ask-A-Lot for both meta and main site?
Nope, main site only
5:31 PM
So it went back a bit with the first feed to give me that hat
will look for you
forget what i said
It says 1, it's the counter
All good
@Ghanima http://iot.stackexchange.com/q/334/23
I was trying to answer this but never had real case analysis to give exact details, yesterday I tried to setup virtual implementation on AWS, I think i got it but not sure
feel free to put up another answer if you got it
that way I would not have to accept the Madnificent's one
Not yet sure, I have to test it for few more days. I will post draft now, so that I can update it later
5:37 PM
be my guest
@Ghanima accept it or else
one step closer to one nice hat
@Aurora0001 Do we have 15 active users in chat room?
@Aurora0001 add 1 answer for bravo
@bravokeyl doesn't matter - it doesn't have to be all on one post :P
or message
or whatever you want to call a chat transmission
@Ghanima automatic :P
5:42 PM
@Ghanima I'm far too lazy to do it all manually
Instead it subscribes to RSS feeds, does some excel magic and then displays it nicely!
What's that stupid blank user doing?
Set up Echo to subscribe those feeds and applaud when someone gets Madnificent hat( that's probably @Aurora0001)
@Aurora0001, blank users Know everything
@bravokeyl unfortunately the thing didn't award properly
now he is "fixing" the results
you can take a peek into the ugly inner workings now
@bravokeyl - you have your hat
5:57 PM
Hmm! I didn't answer 5 questions
I answered only one
Hat now removed
But you have a little progress counter, which is nice
@Ghanima Accept this iot.stackexchange.com/a/333/23
so that answer rate increases
you're right
6:05 PM
@Ghanima accept my answers so my rep rate increases ;)
(joking obviously)
I am taking your demand under consideration :-D
Serial Voting request detected. ^
@HenryWHHackv2.0 it's not serial if it's once ;)
It's just the equally sinister-sounding "vote fraud" probably
Me and @Helmar are tied at the minute
3 hats each
6:13 PM
Well! you will get Mad-n-ificent hat soon
I'm only half way :P
And there will always be more hats
Star this for no reason!
Consider it done
BTW does general discussion includes random discussion?
@bravokeyl we can always un-star some of his comments (public pressure provided)
@Ghanima doesn't matter, as soon as it's starred and added to the feed it will always be counted
@bravokeyl for the hat?
Or do you mean the description for this chat
6:19 PM
description for this chat. Some rooms I was in don't accept random discussion.
They are strictly to the content.
@bravokeyl as long as it's not spam or hideously offensive, it's fine here I think
@Helmar's question is 1 leave open review from being taken out of queue.
ask our benevolent dictator
Doesn't stop it being actually voted to close though @anonymous2
We should have called this chat room Star Wars.
6:20 PM
Too many stars!
I'll run out soon
@Aurora0001 No, but from my experience, if it's taken out of the queues and only has one or two votes on it, it won't close.
@Aurora0001 ...to buy some more?
@anonymous2 I can always cheat
And now it's chaos :P
@Aurora0001 Of course. Your Majesty may do as you please.
Yay! I'm a super star... as soon as someone stars this message.
Dear, dear, all you have to do is mention the word "star" and it gets starred.
And... it's out of the queues. Thanks to @Ghanima. :)
At chat.IOT.SE we star a lot we even star the stars.
6:31 PM
WE ARE THE STARS and that's why we star.
@anonymous2 you're spying after me?
@Ghanima Something like.
@HenryWHHackv2.0 ... and that is how all hell breaks loose, animated gifs
Hey, only the 1kers are supposed to do that
@Ghanima Oh Sorry.
6:33 PM
1 message moved to Things
@Aurora0001, how come I don't have any progress on the Know-it-All hat?
Is it because I answered the question before you put the query into your file?
Who will earn this star?
@anonymous2 yeah, you were too early
And it's 5 answers now
Welcome to IoT.SE where being too fast is punished.
6:35 PM
My feelings of pride rose up within me when I saw this...
It's the only place on SE where I am a top reviewer of all time.
I might add a reviewer hat later
@Aurora0001 Of course... later. ;)
5 stars until Madnificent!
His Madnificence is on his way to Madnificence.
@anonymous2 turns out there's no API endpoint for reviews
6:44 PM
@Aurora0001 Too bad.
You could theoretically query the Top Reviewers page.
Q: Which blogs and IoT communities might be interested in this site?

Aurora0001As suggested in A Recipe to Promote your Site, we need to start taking small, focused steps to start getting the word out about IoT.SE. To help the site to grow, I think we should try to reach out to other IoT communities and see if they're interested in writing about us or allowing us to share ...

"You have fully used your vote allowance for today" nooooooo
@anonymous2 that's true, but it's far too much work
@Ghanima does the RPi.SE blog get many views?
I'd have to check with the EIC
Fair enough - would you say it works well though?
we expected way more community contribution
that was the whole idea though
6:54 PM
Might be worth considering something like that here if we can get writers
It'd be nice to have things like "designing a [insert slightly useless but interesting IoT thing]" type posts
(from area 51)
slightly concerning
@Aurora0001 I don't think it is all that concerning in private beta.
per day"
@anonymous2 maybe not, but it was about 150 a week ago
I suppose some users inevitably start to pay less attention though
At least we have quite a solid base of active users
@Aurora0001 Yep. Don't expect to see it fall through as it is right now.
@Aurora0001 Of course, the initial shock of seeing it in private beta is enough to get a few views. ;)
@anonymous2 that's definitely true!
I'm one post away from fulfilling the commitment that I didn't make...
7:01 PM
@anonymous2 I don't think they count as fulfilled yet
@Helmar definitely should have got it fulfilled (but it doesn't look like it has yet)
@Aurora0001 No, you have to be an active user for 3 months.
Do you? I thought it was just 10 posts or something
10 posts and active user for 3 months.
If I remember correctly, that is.
I think that must have changed
"If you are very active, you may be able to re-use your commitment as soon as the second day of public beta."
Okay, here it is:
"I commit to participate actively in Literature for at least three months, especially during the private beta, and to ask or answer at least ten questions"
7:03 PM
Oh, ok, weird
Tag wiki edit waiting for someone to review
@Aurora0001 Can't do that... :(
30 rep until you can edit posts though
@anonymous2 you're not far off Madnificent yourself
@Aurora0001 Yep. Looking forward to it.
1 hour later…
8:25 PM
@Aurora0001 give it a year or two
8:35 PM
@Ghanima or 5
8:49 PM
SO has been updated..
we have a hat cheater on my other site
user image
Q: Adding link to IoT.SE private beta in the IoT tag on SO

HelmarStack Exchange is launching a new Internet of Things Q&A site via Area 51. I noticed the tag iot on Stack Overflow and was wondering if it would be appropriate to add an information to that tag the same way it has been done with the Raspberry Pi tag raspberry-pi. This is the Area 51 site that br...

@BenceKaulics good job
Helmar's idea.
Superstar, olé olé
Star me, I'm a secret hat
Star me too, make me Madnificent even before his Most Madnificent Madnificence
8:56 PM
A: Adding link to IoT.SE private beta in the IoT tag on SO

GlorfindelMy tag wiki and tag wiki excerpt edits have just been approved, and the IoT site is now mentioned in both. I linked directly to the site, as it has (if you didn't join yet) a sign up link leading to the Area51 page, and it is expected to go into public beta quite soon (based on the statistics).

"it is expected to go into public beta quite soon..."
@anonymous2 well, it's still at least 1 week more
But Glorfindel basically lives on SO meta
@Aurora0001 What did Aslan say in Narnia?
"I call all times soon"
@anonymous2 6 to 8 weeks
Was about to type that.
Let's hope it's not 6 to 8 weeks though :P
8:59 PM
@Aurora0001 I don't think so.
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