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1:27 AM
@TRiG, does that mean you (and/or other Christians) do not pray to Jesus in the direct sense that I pray to G-d?
1:44 AM
@IsaacMoses Ja.
@SethJ I'd likely support you.
@SethJ @IsaacMoses What about judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/22180 then? How is that different from seeking whether the creators of a particular Aish video were Jewish? Or should that be closed as off-topic as well?
@SethJ You weren't, and I tend to be somewhat of a stickler for rules. If I can't find sufficient justification to wield the diamond, I tend not to. (I'd be less of a stickler if the issue were, l'havdil, a J for J-related post, for example.)
@MonicaCellio I wasn't against: I, too, was meh.
@SethJ I didn't think you had.
@MonicaCellio Thanks. :-)
2:07 AM
@msh210 oh, ok. Thanks for clarifying. I think we were both approaching it the same way, then -- meh, this is bad, but the diamond is absolute... once there was support from others, closing became easier.
(And, like you, I have no problem acting in a case where that's clearly called for, like a J4J post or some of the prosyletizing we see from other groups from time to time.)
Of general interest (with its answer) (though it certainly could not be copied to MY wholesale):
Q: Why are correct answers sometimes downvoted?

Jon EricsonWhen I look around the site, I sometimes see downvotes on the right answer. Occasionally, there are two answers that say pretty much the same thing, but one is voted up and the other is voted down. What's going on here? Note: I'm hoping to eventually turn this into an faq so that we can poin...

@msh210 this is a great start, and something BH has been needing for a while (and Jon finally realized that and did something about it).
(There have been some, um, discussions there lately, on meta and in chat, about doctrinal answers, editing standards, being welcoming to all, dominant-religion bias, and so on. cough)
@MonicaCellio I must say I haven't been following, at all.
@msh210 you're probably happier that way. This question was not asked in a vacuum:
Q: Under what conditions may a Jew participate in the Biblical Hermeneutics SE site?

Monica CellioStack Exchange has a Biblical Hermeneutics site, which is "for anyone who wants to know what a Biblical text means (exegesis) using the techniques or rules of interpretation (hermeneutics)". From the beginning there were questions about how this site is different from the Christianity site, and ...

2:36 AM
Is this a duplicate of the question linked to in this question? It certainly will have the answers the older question currently has, and the questions are awfully similar though not identical. To the asker here: Did you read the answers there, especially judaism.stackexchange.com/a/7986? It seems to amply answer your question. — msh210 13 mins ago
@msh210 Can you [edit] in a JL&L-relevant motivation?
@IsaacMoses Can't think of one that I'm sure y'all'd consider JeLLy.
@msh210 Why'd you ask the question?
@IsaacMoses Only for the reason already implied in the question: the song is popular (as stated in the question), I didn't know its provenance (as stated in the question), I had found conflicting info (as stated in the question), and I was curious.
@msh210 If it's truly just idle curiosity, then I'd say yes; close.
2:52 AM
@IsaacMoses Well. Ahem. Um, if someone can think of a suitably JeLLy reason for asking that question, I'd appreciate his editing it in.
@msh210 Feeling coinage-y today?
@IsaacMoses I like the sound of it. :-)
@msh210 Meanwhile, the rest of you can vote to close.
3:16 AM
@msh210 OTOH, who the author of a piece of Jewish learning is is a lot easier to defend as intrindically JeLLy than the Jew-statuses of people who worked on such a piece
... that is, who did technical work for such a piece
@IsaacMoses Learning, yes.
@msh210 I don't think it takes too much generosity to consider both of these songs as vehicles of Jewish education
@IsaacMoses Right. Well, I'm off. Good night.
2 hours later…
5:33 AM
In the latest discussion on matrilineal descent, a user called A Blue Thread expresses his Karaite beliefs on the matter and links to a blog post that of his that does the same (without mentioning that his beliefs are karaite). Is this acceptable on Mi Yodea?
6:18 AM
@Shraga In a comment? I don't see why not. We don't have such strict rules about those, and this one is quasi relevant anyway. Or at least more likely to be interesting to a typical Mi Yodeya user than say, a Zoroastrian.
Also the user in question states very clearly in his user profile that he is a karaite.
1 hour later…
7:26 AM
(comment thread related to my previous chat post: judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/26064/…)
8:04 AM
just saw r elyashiv referred to as rashkebehag. strange.
4 hours later…
11:39 AM
@DoubleAA I'm sure most people don't check out the profiles of anyone who comments, so that doesn't really help...
@SethJ I don't pray to anyone. I said I was brought up JW. I am now an atheist.
Most Christians do believe that Jesus is God. JWs don't.
3 hours later…
2:54 PM
@TRiG Thanks for clarifying. What do JWs think he is/was, then? Do they think he will come back? Do they ask him to pray to G-d for them?
3:30 PM
@SethJ God's son. Yes. No (ish).
2 hours later…
5:12 PM
@DoubleAA It's not that we don't have such strict rules for comments. It's that we have different -- in some ways stricter -- rules for them. Questions are deleted because they're very off-topic or very poor-quality. Answers are deleted because they don't answer the question, or only link to an answer (& other reasons). Comments are deleted because they "[don't] contribute to the improvement or understanding of the post".
5:36 PM
@msh210 Fair enough. They are different, not stronger or weaker. But I still think there are more things that could be said as comments than as answers.
6:05 PM
@DoubleAA Well... I'd even say they're stronger/stricter. I can think of little unsuitable for inclusion into an answer (though it may not qualify for an answer of its own) that's suitable for a comment, except questions seeking clarification (which can be deleted once the clarification is edited into the answer).
@msh210 What about 'similar' or 'you might find this interesting' links or info (ignoring link only answers for the moment)? Also, speculation and suggestions for further research.
@DoubleAA Right, good point. Any of those can be incorporated into an appropriate answer, though, or occasionally the question.
@msh210 Perhaps, though that isn't SOP around here now. Where else am I supposed to put a suggestion for further research if I haven't answered the question? Into someone else's answer?
@DoubleAA I agree.
Anyway, I've gtg. Have a great day.
2 hours later…
8:15 PM
I believe this was made in good fun, and I hope nobody gets offended. I got a chuckle out of it. "Rabbi Nachman Style"
8:52 PM
My CDN issue seems to have gone away. I can see SE in all its formatted glory again.
9:07 PM
@IsaacMoses oh good!
2 hours later…
11:01 PM
Q: Did the "Questons" Button Link at the Top of the Page Change?

GaryUntil around a month ago, when I clicked on the "Questions" option at the top of the Mi Yodeya page, it gave me all questions, unanswered or not, with the most recent ones listed first. When I do it now, it only lists "Bounty" questions. Did I accidentially change a setting somewhere/somehow? ...

11:50 PM
I have an itch to post my Purim Torah question before it gets stale or I forget it!!

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