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4:04 AM
Q: Why are some profile pictures not showing up?

ezraI've noticed that some pictures here on the site have not been showing up (example: my profile picture). What is the reason for this?

3 hours later…
7:07 AM
@Megalonychidae When I see her again, I can ask her, if I remember to do so.
6 hours later…
12:46 PM
This new question brings to mind another question: Can I be mochel the avera ben adam lachavero so the person need not appease me and should not get punished without being mochel the debt so he still owes the money? Or does that not work, either (a) because it's meaningless, there's no such thing as being mochel the sin without being mochel the debt or (b) because God will still punish the person as long as he owes the money?
1:14 PM
Thank you! @msh210
1 hour later…
2:40 PM
Q: Is stack.imgur currently down?

DarkCygnusI just wrote a question before this one and had trouble uploading a screenshot. The drop your image dialog throws no warning or error, but after uploading it won't show. I also noticed that other questions won't load their images. Could this be some issue with imgur or similar? Example: Whe...

2 hours later…
5:00 PM
@msh210 Tefilat Zaka says I forgive everyone for everything חוץ ממון אשר אני יכול להוציא על פי דין
2 hours later…
6:35 PM
@ShmuelBrin your profile image is supposed to be plain white, right?
1 hour later…
7:41 PM
@IsaacMoses Yes :)

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