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12:01 AM
@msh210 Dvarim Bteilim:) ?
@ShmuelBrill Sure. Or, Sichah Beteilah?
Have a good evening, or whatever it is by you. Bye.
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2:38 PM
Q: Area 51 accounts

morah hochmanCan I get my area 51 sights on to my accounts area on my beta sights so I can follow its progress? I would like to know when it makes it to Beta without having to continually check.

3:12 PM
Isaac Moses has added an event to this room's schedule.
Posted by Alex Miller on December 9th, 2011

Anyone whose seen pictures or video from our office in the last few months has probably noticed a small addition in the form of five large screens mounted in the middle of it.  The screens came about when we were first hiring CHAOS and realized that we wanted an easy way to visualize and display relevant information (or play video games) during the day.  The first iterations where a bit, um, crazier (as evidenced by this rendering that we cooked up).  Eventually though, we decided that we needed something that fit in our 8′ ceilings and could be seen by everyone. …

3:51 PM
Q: Parashat Hashavu'a Chat - Recurring

Isaac MosesOur first Parashat Hashavu'a Chat, despite the fact that it was advertised only minimally, turned out to be a lively, interesting discussion. So, why not do it again every week? Where: The Judaism.SE chat room When: Wednesdays at 17:30 UTC (19:30 in Israel; 12:30 in New York) (You can get a do...

Q: Name our chat room

Isaac MosesRight now, our general-purpose chat room is called, excitingly enough, "Jewish Life and Learning." Some other sites have given their general chat rooms distinctive names, such as The Garden Shed, Hub of Reason, and Mos Eisley. What should our chat room be named?

4:12 PM
Q: Interested in having Stack Exchange provide free food and stuff for your group?

Isaac MosesThe Stack Exchange Ambassadors program provides free food and Stack Exchange swag to student and teacher groups who agree to promote relevant Stack Exchange sites. We have an offer on the table to expand the program to Judaism.SE. The particulars are subject to negotiation, but basically, we'd a...


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