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2:54 PM
Q: Requirments for the Document of a Jewish divorce and its messenger

ChalutzhanalDoes a GET need to br written on a Klaf,and what are the Halachic requirments to be a SHaliach for a get can A man send a women as his Shliach (messenger) and vise versa?

^^ Trying a new approach here. Anyone think it's too abrasive?
3:26 PM
@IsaacMoses Are you referring to the tone or the content? In terms of the latter, I think maybe you should have linked to something that says "background knowledge is necessary to provide to make your questions clearer" or something. In fact, maybe there should be a section on the FAQ with example questions that a writer might not realize are unclear or misleading because of nomenclatural dissonance.
@IsaacMoses Also, can you really use votes as leverage (in the hostage sense of the word)?
3:48 PM
@WAF I intended it more as an explicit signalling than as leverage.
@WAF I was referring mainly to tone, but your point about the FAQ is a good one.
@IsaacMoses The idea being that the question is on-topic enough that I don't want to close it, but low-quality enough that I don't want to leave it as-is. So, I put my official mark of disapproval on it and explain why and what I'm looking for to remove it.
@WAF Would you be interested in writing up such a clause and sticking it in the Notes section of the FAQ, or alternatively, in starting with a meta post if you want community help with the language?
(The FAQ also has nothing in it about jargon yet. I guess we never really concluded meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/52/… .)
4:33 PM
@IsaacMoses Not I.
Thoughts on this one? -----v
Q: Comedy and Jewish life in America - How do we fit in?

Seth JThere are many Jews in America who make their living in comedy. Is there historical precedent to this? Is it only the secular Jews who have tended to follow this path? Is it a coping mechanism for millennia of hardship? Is it a way of fitting in? This isn't really a multi-part question. The fund...

@msh210 IMO it still meets the not-constructive closure reason.
@msh210 Still very open-ended and also possibly off-topic. Do we really want to deal in sociological speculation?
@IsaacMoses Well, I don't see that it's OT. But yes, very open-ended and encouraging only speculative answers.
2 hours later…
6:14 PM
@msh210 It's possible there are actual theories. If the only reason to close it is to preempt speculation, couldn't we just encourage him to put in a "CITE SOURCES" reminder - as some are wont to do - and see if anyone produces good answers? I don't think there is anything wrong with sociology per se for J.SE.
6:57 PM
Q: am-yisrael-jewish-nation tag

msh210The am-yisrael-jewish-nation tag currently is applied to ten questions. Four or five of these are about the state of being a Jew: When did Avraham Avinu become Jewish Can a Jew lose their Jewish Status? Is it possible for a Gentile to convert to Judaism? Matrilineal Descent sort of Image of Go...


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