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1:31 AM
Q: Can a man make a woman's vow that was made before she became his wife null and void upon hearing it?

יהודהIn Bemidbar/Numbers 30 a man is allowed to cancel his wife's (and daughter's) vow after it comes to his attention. If the woman made the vow previously (in her father's house or from a previous marriage) may he make it null and void after hearing it? Does he have to accept it due to it being prev...

Q: What does Judaism teach about men marrying a widow?

Neil MeyerI'm interested in what the teaching of the Jewish religion is on a man marrying a woman who had a deceased husband? Is there further considerations in regards to whether the widow has children. A woman cannot with the best intentions be a father to her boys would it be OK to have a second man in ...

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12:30 PM
Q: Benefiting from a non-Jew's labor on Shabbat

Shimon bMI understand that if a non-Jew performs labor on Shabbes for a Jew, the Jew cannot benefit from that labor - but what if it was performed for a group of people, only one/some of whom are Jewish? For the sake of an example, let's say that a non-Jew turns on a heater because a group of people has j...


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