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4:47 AM
Q: When was Hevel born?

rosendsI just got a copy of The Eternal Link by R. Pinchas Winston and it states (on page 33), "the birth of Cain and Abel actually occurred before the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, not afterwards". Later in the chapter, R. Winston lays out, hour by hour, the events of the 6th day (and I do not see...

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6:29 AM
Q: How are humans that were formed "from dust" different from animals that were formed "from earth"?

Al Berko "וַיִּיצֶר ה"א אֶת־הָאָדָם עָפָר מִן־הָאֲדָמָה" Genesis.2.7 "וַיִּצֶר ה"א מִן־הָאֲדָמָה כָּל־חַיַּת הַשָּׂדֶה..." ibid. 19 So according to Rashi and others, Adam was formed from dust, while animals were formed from the earth. What does this difference mean and how is this difference is manifest...

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12:08 PM
Well, that was a powerful article. guernicamag.com/the-edge-of-bethlehem

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