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12:09 AM
@Dennis Please try again, I think I fixed it
12:27 AM
@ConorO'Brien Yeah, it works now. Pulled and synced.
12:51 AM
alright, Retina docs are done (and only 3.5 times as long as they used to be...) ... now I just need to make up a changelog and we're good to go.
1:19 AM
@Dennis it is done \o/ ... can you add #retina1 (with title "Retina") as the latest release: github.com/m-ender/retina/releases ... if that's possible on your end, can you make it pull the latest release from the repo's tags, so that I can just ask you to pull after adding a new tag?
and can you make the language's header point to github.com/m-ender/retina/wiki/The-Language?
the hello world is still the same (but it should no longer print a trailing linefeed). if you don't care about the hello worlds of reclangs to be golfed, you can also use this slightly neater one:
K`Hello, World!
(works regardless of the program's input)
1:49 AM
@Dennis how would you feel about adding in pain-flak? I added the core changes so it really is a different language. DJ is fine with me basing it on his language and has given permission
I am going to make sure to only release commits for large updates bundled with bugfixes to keep any workload light
@MartinEnder Where should the "old" Retina point to?
that one wiki revision, one moment
@MartinEnder Any idea why api.github.com/repos/m-ender/retina/releases is empty?
hm, caching?
A: get releases empty in github api

ChrisFrom the documentation: This returns a list of releases, which does not include regular Git tags that have not been associated with a release. To get a list of Git tags, use the Repository Tags API. GitHub's UI is confusing, but this repository doesn't actually have any releases, which are ...

2:04 AM
Ah, different kind of release.
I am guessing that was a no for pain-flak
Didn't look at it yet. One thing at a time.
@MartinEnder tio.run/#retina1 Names, IDs, and links are as requested. The first array item of the tags page (chronologically last) is downloaded and extracted with this script.
> the language "retina1" could not be found on the server
2:13 AM
@MartinEnder Related
now it works
thanks a lot!
@MartinEnder Human error. Forgot a step.
More often than not, yes.
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ If it's so closely related to Brain-Flak, wouldn't it make more sense to just write a transpiler?
@Dennis not really
I am going to expand it to include more features
running the code again backwards really changes it up and to keep TCness i may have to add in a bunch more control flow
(read as I am adding in control flow as we speak)
2:20 AM
I don't think I understand, but okay.
most people don't understand brain-flak much less pain-flak.
I understand Brain-Flak just fine. :P I don't understand how it could lose TC because the source code is read in reverse order.
one sec
Code: `)))(((}{`

Gets transformed into: `)))(((}{}{)))(((`
Oh, so the final code will be a palindrome?
2:24 AM
Ah, alright. I thought you just reversed it. Looks like my brain failed to parse concated as concatenated.
I'm going to need a Hello World.
My IDE has not spell check
ok I will try to make a hello world
No rush. I got the thing in 35 minutes, and I'll probably log off after that.
it is monday?
ohh you are changing ip's
i was referring to like:

Hello world. vs Hello, World!
but i checked TIO
does it matter if it is sub-optimal?
2:28 AM
TIO isn't PPCG. It doesn't have to be golfed.
ok thanks
In fact, for practical or slightly less esoteric languages, I prefer idiomatic over golfed.
@Dennis I don't think I can get a hello world tonight, I won't be able to use my computer until thursday but if you are willing to just put a placeholder message for the TIO hello world I should be able to get it written either tomorrow or Wednesday
That's fine, I can wait.
Gotta test the language somehow before adding it.
i have been testing it and it works
run with:
ruby brain_flak.rb <flags> <code or file>
2:36 AM
Ugh, that reminds me that I have to fix the input format for Brain-Flak. I don't want to make the same mistake with Pain-Flak.
the normal brain-flak flags work for now and )))((}{( returns 1,1
3:00 AM
Going down.
And we're back up.
Well under a minute this time. Nice!

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