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12:29 AM
Could anybody tell me if it is possible to do something with vector resources such as those at allvectors.com/human-organs in order to use the images in PDF documents, preferably in vector format but otherwise not? The format is given as EPS but it is actually AI. When I open the file (on Linux), it opens in gv although Okular can also open it. But I'm not sure what to do next since I only want to use one organ at a time and they are all on one sheet.
12:40 AM
@cfr I think it's possible to import these vectors into Inkscape and then export the image as .ps, .eps, .pdf or even export the result as a tikzpicture.
1:39 AM
@PauloCereda Ah, Inkscape. That sounds more promising. I'll give that a whirl. Thanks.
6 hours later…
7:10 AM
Good Morning
7:24 AM
@Johannes_B Also tex.stackexchange.com/questions/339/latex-editors-ides, which shows there is not exactly a dearth of choices available
@JosephWright Morning. Thanks, he might be interested in a little overview. Good idea.
8:21 AM
@cfr or you could just use ps2pdf to make it into a a pdf and then include it with \includegraphics, clipping to the desired part of page using the clip or trim etc options.
3 hours later…
11:06 AM
Good afternoon! Not really a TeX question, but someone might have an opinion.... I am putting together a document with lots of contributors from lots of countries and so lots of different personal and typographic styles. In itemized lists, where each item consists of a single sentence, what punctuation is the best way to end each item? If it's multiple sentences per item, I am guessing there should be fullstops. I never really thought about this before!
PS this document will (eventually) be in British English
1 hour later…
12:11 PM
@FionaSmith I think it depends on the editor's style. :)
@FionaSmith Sentences should end with full stops I'd say.
12:27 PM
Good maen
12:40 PM
@ChristianHupfer \u0027\u006c\u006f\u002e
@PauloCereda: mellon! :-P
Some people on the site is being mean to @PauloCereda, by remembering something painful. Seven times painful. ;-)
@egreg Uh-oh. :)
@egreg: apparently Claudio didn't like my Juve image in the meta question. :)
But I do not have a Milan one for him. :P
@PauloCereda I'd have used this image for the example
@egreg Oh no, Roberto Carlos' socks are back to haunt us. :)
12:54 PM
@ClaudioFiandrino That's the best part! — egreg 49 secs ago
awww <3
@PauloCereda I am the editor! @DavidCarlisle Good. Thanks. A lot of them seem to use semicolons.
@FionaSmith Ah, so I think you should follow your heart. :)
1:13 PM
@egreg: Mean to Paulo, that's against any law ;-)
1:27 PM
@FionaSmith well, then they are not sentences:-)
Speaking of English, there's something smelly in this sentence: Unlike the cases when $b$ divides $a$ or $b$ is co-prime with $a$, in the general case, two more things have to be considered:
@tohecz it's probably correct (not that I know any rules of English grammar) but you have to re-read it a couple of the times starting from the inside, working outwards, so rephrasing it wouldn't hurt:-)
perhaps (assuming the preceding context) If $b$ divides $a$ or $b$ is co-prime with $a$, we have finished. In the general case, two more things have to be considered:
1:48 PM
@DavidCarlisle thanks, I see your point. However, it's the first sentence of a new section titled The general case, after a section titled The case $b$ divides $a$
@tohecz ah not so good then. i guessed it was immediately following some itemized steps or some such. as I say the original isn't wrong I think, just a bit contorted
@tohecz OK perhaps bring "general" forward: In the general case, where $b$ neither divides, nor is co-prime to, $a$, two more things have to be considered:
@DavidCarlisle looks good :) I as well thought of: Unlike the two particular cases (when $b$ divides $a$ of when they are co-prime), in the general case, two more things have to be considered:
However, I'll end with your suggestion, thanks a lot! :)
@Johannes_B: No further reply from our enumerate-guy on LC?
@ChristianHupfer No, not yet.
@Johannes_B: Well, anyway... I sometimes think not to answer questions from unregistered fellows (although LC works differently, as I suppose)
1:59 PM
I guess you all have seen this:
An AVR Emulator written in pure LaTeX
@topskip Holy cow!
@ChristianHupfer Most of the time i answer something, i learn a bit more.
From the FAQ: "Are you insane?"
@Johannes_B: That's the same for me, but sometimes it's not worth the effort ;-)
@ChristianHupfer A few minutes spent more or less on TeX. I don't keep track.
2:11 PM
@topskip Now, provide a run visualizer and you'll get people from the theory of microprocessors actually use it for teaching :)
3:07 PM
I would like to have some boxes of shaded background with title and a couple of paragraphs of text/math in them. These can be "reminder" boxes, more advanced calculations or just some "aside"s. I'm sure a package exists for something like, I don't have strict requirements on formatting, just want to have the box set apart.
Can you recommend packages for this?
@Szabolcs: mdframed or tcolorbox ...
@ChristianHupfer Thanks!
Anybody got an idea how to put a double (back and forth) harpoons in a tikz-cd diagram?
3:24 PM
@Szabolcs also todo package
In math mode, can I put two aligned next to each other?
never mind, had a mistake elsewhere
does anybody understand this link: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/125274/…
i'm getting the following error in my code pertaining to the references: dpaste.com/3EWDZHB
i thought that link might be relevant
@DavidCarlisle are you good with references?
3:48 PM
@egreg: paulmccartney.com/news-blogs/news/… Note the last show in SP. :)
@PauloCereda Unfortunately, on 22 November we'll have Italy-South Africa in Padova. Rugby, you know. And on Tuesday and Wednesday I have lectures.
@egreg Oh no. :( But I do believe we have great news as well:
Probabilmente all'inizio la candidatura di San Paolo del Brasile per ospitare la prossima Supercoppa Italiana fra Napoli e Juventus avrà fatto sorridere i tifosi delle due squadre. Ma con il passare delle ore crescono invece le possibilità che la gara che mette di fronte la vincitrice dell'ultimo Scudetto e la squadra che ha conquistato la Coppa Italia si giochi nella metropoli verdeoro.

Il match si disputerebbe all'Allianz Parque, il nuovo stadio del Palmeiras che sta per essere ultimato e che costituisce una sorta di gioiello dell'architettura moderna: l’impianto ospiterà 43.600 spettato
If I have a citation command inside of a section heading, is there a way to get the expanded citation to show up as the section heading in the PDF file rather than just seeing the citation key?
@PauloCereda That's very interesting!
@egreg If the game is really confirmed, I'll really try to go. :)
4:04 PM
@JG doesn't look related, the dpaste link just says you have two groups started that are not closed at the end of the document so \begin{aaa}\begin{aaa}\stop would make that error
@DavidCarlisle I just figured it out. I needed to comment out the inconsolata font
thank you for looking at it
@AdamLiter you shouldn't be seeing the internal cite key, \section{zzz \cite{foo}} should make zzz [1] or whatever
@topskip Probably a friend of Bruno's
@DavidCarlisle I'm seeing the internal key. I'm using a different bib style, though, so maybe that's why?
Also, even with @egreg's usebib and \section[\usebibentry{potts2003}{author} (\usebibentry{potts2003}{year})]{\citet{potts2003}}, I just get () in the PDF file properties.
@AdamLiter oh you mean the pdf bookmarks not in the main header?
4:08 PM
@DavidCarlisle Yeah, sorry for not clarifying.
@AdamLiter pah!, bound to be buggy, he knows nothing
@DavidCarlisle :P
@AdamLiter in that case basically it comes down to Heiko's pdfstring macros knowing enough about whatever citation package you are using
@AdamLiter usebib doesn't support the author field.
@egreg Ah, just saw that. I also realized I wasn't declaring \bibinput, however, when I try to do so it can't find my .bib file.
4:13 PM
@AdamLiter Implementing the rules about authors would require implementing BibTeX.
@egreg I see. I really need to take the time to switch to biblatex one day ...
@AdamLiter The search path of \usebib is the same as for TeX files, not the one for .bib files.
@AdamLiter The best is if the .bib file is in the same folder as the main file.
@egreg Okay. Yeah, putting it in the same folder led to it finding the .bib file.
@AdamLiter For the application you have in mind, biblatex is the only tool; usebib is mostly a hack for accessing some of the fields, say title and url; the syntax rules for author are too complex.
Not impossible, of course, but tedious to implement.
@egreg Yeah, I think I will just type it out for the moment in the optional argument and try to find some time to transition to biblatex. :P Thanks!
4:20 PM
@AdamLiter, see: as I said:-)
Q: Beamer: syntax including items only some slides using a relative syntax

TarassI am looking for the syntax for making an item appear on say the next three slides. I'm imagining something like \item<+-??> The \item should appear here and disappears 3 slides later, in the same way it would if I used \only (i.e. the item shouldn't leave any space once it vanishes). I'm ill...

A: Duplicate vote clarification

Joseph WrightBased on some discussion in chat and looking at some of the (deleted) comments on the answer by dcmst it seems clear that the question isn't a dupe but that the question also wasn't all that clear. I've therefore edited the question to try to make it clearer and also removed the duplicate mark. (...

Would others check I've got this right?
@DavidCarlisle Haha, does that mean you can solve my problem, then? :P
1 hour later…
5:38 PM
@tohecz Did you figure out already?
@percusse yes, quite, it's a workaround but it works nicely :)
@tohecz :)
	\tikzcdset{xharp/.style={harpoon,shift left=0.2ex}}
	\begin{tikzcd}[column sep=3em]
		\ar[r, "D"]
		\ar[d, xharp, "\bm h"]
		\ar[d, xharp, "\bm h"]
		\ar[u, xharp]
		\ar[r, "\text{(shift)}"]
		\ar[d, xharp, "(*)"]
		\ar[u, xharp]
		\ar[d, xharp, "(*)"]
		\inverselim \Z[\beta]/\beta^n\Z[\beta]
		\ar[u, xharp]
		\ar[r, "\text{(shift)}"]
		\ar[u, xharp]
		\inverselim \Z[\beta]/\beta^n\Z[\beta]
(shift left is the trick I use)
@tohecz Ah, I thought you are looking for -left to
5:53 PM
@percusse I'm not sure what's left to, but I'm sure that this approach works and looks exactly the right way :)
\begin{tikzpicture}[>=left to]
\draw[<->] (0,0) -- (1,1);
@AdamLiter Maybe I'll rewrite usebib with expl3 and implement support for the author field.
6:14 PM
@percusse well, tikz-cd doesn't seem to be as straightforward in using tikz's native arrows. Anyways, gotta go!
and thanks!
6:29 PM
@egreg That would be nice! But there's certainly no need to do it just on my account. I have been meaning to find time to switch to biblatex for the last year, so hopefully it happens sometime soon ...
6:51 PM
@PauloCereda How do I test the list's length? I tried if (isList(element) and length(element) == 3) and if (isList(element) and size(element) == 3) and various other random guesses. (Who needs a manual when you can have more fun with zen programming ;-) )
7:01 PM
Another day, another beamer blog post: texdev.net/2014/10/13/beamer-overlays-beyond-the-visible
Anyone here some experience with converting tikz to html? What is the best route ? Svg images maybe ?
7:15 PM
@Kasper Perhaps use latex + dvisvgm to create an svg file.
Q: How can I use TikZ to make standalone (SVG) graphics?

Henrik HansenI would like to use TikZ in other settings than TeX and I'd especially like to use the drawings on websites where the text should be searchable and selectable. However, I'm unsure of the best way to convert my drawings to SVG. How do I best take some TikZ code, render the drawing and turn the ou...

cool, thanks guys
7:52 PM
@NicolaTalbot element.size() does it. :)
@NicolaTalbot: Try if (isList(element) && element.size() == 3) { :)
1 hour later…
9:03 PM
How do you guys call a n-tuple with n = 3?
Trio, triplet, triad, trinity? :)
@PauloCereda: triple?
@ChristianHupfer You tell me, I dunno. :)
@PauloCereda: It's even in German 'tripel' ..., ok, almost the same word ;-) (of course it's no original German word, I suppose, it has Latin origin)
@ChristianHupfer In Portuguese, we have trio.
@PauloCereda: trio, that was a German pop group in the early 80ties :D
9:23 PM
@PauloCereda triple (adj.) or trio (n.), used same as double/duo. Trio and duo almost always refer to a performing group unless it's used fancifully (like a "trio of chocolate cakes")
@AndrewCashner Ah I see, so triple it is. :) Thank you Andrew (and you too, @Christian). :)
@PauloCereda I forgot, triple can also be a verb
@PauloCereda I suppose in technical math settings where it is possible to have "a duple" you could also have "a triple" as a noun
meant "a triple"
@Andrew: do not worry, it's just for a internal class name. :) I just wanna be fancy with the name. :)
@PauloCereda after that it's quadruple, quintuple, sextuple, etc., so basically just Greek words
@AndrewCashner :)
9:36 PM
@PauloCereda Speaking of language, I especially enjoyed this comment (tex.stackexchange.com/questions/205338/…). I can't imagine anyone writing "for the love of God" in an English post here, but somehow in Spanish it didn't seem rude.
@AndrewCashner Indeed! :) My Spanish is terribly rusty, but it's a great comment from Fran. :)
10:07 PM
@PauloCereda Maybe he made up his Spanish grammar as he went on. ;-)
10:24 PM
good night
10:44 PM
@egreg :)
@AndrewCashner Good night! :) Thanks again.
@egreg As long as he doesn't tease @percusse with azulfondo, everything is fine. :)
@PauloCereda Yesterday Estonia-England 1:0; today Malta-Italy 0:1. Not really great scores.
@egreg I wonder if @DavidCarlisle is worried. :)
@egreg: globoesporte.globo.com/futebol/times/santos/noticia/2014/10/… See if you can play the video. :) You'll love the scene.
@PauloCereda New heights in simulation!
11:24 PM
@egreg :)

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