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4:44 AM
@mickep they seem to use the operators font, which make sense as both are upright
@daleif Ah, that makes more sense than using operator class for the digits.
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10:33 AM
Does anyone know if this should be counted as a bug in kpfonts-otf?

  % xelatex and lualatex
  \setmathrm{KpMath-Sans} % upright font
  \setmathsf{KpMath-Sans} % sans font same as upright




When compiles under lualatex I get the warning
LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `TU/KpMath-Sans(4)/m/it' undefined
(Font) using `TU/KpMath-Sans(4)/m/n' instead on input line 31.
I'm just continuing my saga to find a math setup for my text font, and noticed this under testing.
Not sure if one is suppose to use \symit or similar here under lualatex (I rarely use it)
11:14 AM
@daleif I would have thought that with a unicode math font it should not be so complicated to get a nice setup.
@mickep well, when the text font does not have a math font one would like to get something that works. Was playing with firamath, but that is missing several symbols, so now I'm playing with this. It is sorta working in pdflatex.
But for replacing the letters in math mode under lualatex (via unicode-math) we cannot use the normal "replace this range" as the font we are taking the letters from is not a math font and I get errors/warnings
I'm also not 100% sure on the pdflatex setting as I'm assuming say \mathbf is never used on anything but letters.
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12:33 PM
@daleif do not ask me why but with unicode-math \setmathrm changes also the \mathit font and that gets confused because the kpfonts have no italic font setup. If you use \setmathfontface\mathsf{KpMath-Sans} instead it works.
12:53 PM
@UlrikeFischer it is stranger than that \setmathfontface\mathrm{KpMath-Sans} gives already exist error the others don't.
1:06 PM
@UlrikeFischer BTW what do you mean by kpfonts not having an italic setup? The original one (pdflatex) does (\useackage[sfmath,notext]{kpfonts}) so it seems the kpfonts-otf is missing one. That seems like a bug and luclily kpfonts-otf seems under maintenance.
@daleif the log says *KpMath-Sans' with options [Extension = .otf,BoldFont = KpMath-SansBold,Renderer=Basic,BoldItalicFont={},ItalicFont={}..." and I assume the empty ItalicFont is the problem.
1:43 PM
@UlrikeFischer I'll write the mainatiner at some point
2:12 PM
@daleif ideally \mathrm and \mathit woould use the text fonts assigned to those \fam and \symrm and \symit would use the unicode math alphabet slots from the main math font, but user-specifed fonts for specific rangers, and legacy aliasing of \mathxx to \symxx blur the distinctions
2:27 PM
@DavidCarlisle I also noticed that the unicode-math interface it not super happy to replace the letter in math using the letters from italic text, citing that the font is missing a Math section, which is true. For now I've been nasty and just used \DeclareMathSymbol on 0-9, a-z and A-Z.
2:39 PM
@daleif if you set up a real Uniocde math font as the main font it should allow you to use a non math font for the digit range (although uniocde-math range suppurt is a bit fragile) It needs the main font to be a math font to set up the math params
2:57 PM
@DavidCarlisle That is what I'm trying under lualatex using KpFont-Sans as the basis. And then replace 0-9,a-z,A-Z with the text font I've been working on. I'll post more some other day. I keep getting an annoing warning from unicode-math (which make sense as I'm asking it so do something with a non-math font.
3:23 PM
@daleif no warnings from this:


\newfontfamily\mydigitfont[NFSSFamily=mydigits]{TeX Gyre Termes} %visually distinct non-math font
3:37 PM
@DavidCarlisle -- But the digits aren't sans serif and look out of place.
@barbarabeeton As far as I understand the point was about replacing digits in math mode by some taken from a text font without warnings. David was just showing an example.
@campa -- Understood, but that doesn't make it a good practice.
@barbarabeeton I confide in @daleif having better taste than that :-)
@campa -- I agree with that. (But I retain my obligation to give @DavidCarlisle grief.)
@barbarabeeton well the comment say "%visually distinct non-math font", but I agree he should have used comic sans instead.
3:51 PM
@UlrikeFischer -- <grin/>
2 hours later…
5:34 PM
I wonder whether it would be a good idea to externalize already compiled-to-prop JSON data (essentially everything is stored in one flat property list) ... but, since the tokens in the prop use a special catcode table, I am unsure how this could be done ... any ideas? Copying a prop to another document essentially means creating it anew right?
2 hours later…
7:06 PM
@DavidCarlisle Come on...how can you always be right :D ...I didn't have wget installed :(
7:46 PM
Oh heck, expansion ... Apart fromthat it is not as difficult as I originally thought.
Isn't that nice to have that as a font?

But in the future please only probability experiments with 64 basic elements or fewer... :)
8:30 PM
@barbarabeeton that was the entire point of the example, I even documented that in the code!
@PabloGonzálezL ask @egreg, I'm sure he would love to explain how I manage that.
@cis so where did you get the cards from in the end, not tikz, I assume?
8:53 PM
@PabloGonzálezL sed s/always/sometimes/
9:31 PM
user image
@barbarabeeton @AlanMunn ^^ :)
@PauloCereda -- Love it! Yesterday, I received an email announcement announcing the celebraton of the 100th anniversary of a library in the local system. Among the entertainments will be this (it's a direct quote): "... There will also be a bounce house for children and food trucks." This is repeated in Spanish: "... También habrá un castillo inflable para niños y camiones de comida." Both of them could use a well-placed comma.
10:12 PM
@barbarabeeton oh my, this is great!
@PauloCereda -- Can't you just see those food trucks bouncing?
@barbarabeeton they will need really big bounce houses!

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