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1:54 AM
@DavidCarlisle -- I was more afraid that part of me was going to be the swan's appetizer -- ignoring the fat that they're vegetarian.
5 hours later…
6:39 AM
@JasperHabicht and they probably cannot fully rebuild due to modern building codes. Hopefully it was insured. As I understood it they saved several hundred priceless artifacts.
Did not know that the best way to save a painting that was wet is to freeze it. The national museum has it under control
7:29 AM
@daleif We're aware of several extensions that interact badly with Overleaf, however, the whole matter is ... how to say ... complicated. (And what I don't understand is that people easily have the work of their life on Overleaf and then install an extension from who-knows-where that can read all the docs, record the Overleaf password etc.)
8:01 AM
@daleif The same goes for books. When I was a little duckling, my father worked for an ice cream factory. They had a couple of occasions when they had wet books delivered to put in their freezers until they could be moved to more specialised facilities.
8:11 AM
@samcarter But wouldn't the ice crystals also be able to dange stuff? If interested there is an art convervator in YT, who is currently doing a min documentray about the people and crafts that supply stuff to the art world
@daleif As far as I understand, the trick is that you need to freeze the books very fast (hence powerful industrial freezers). The quicker the water goes from liquid to ice, the smaller the crystals will be
@daleif Baumgardner?
@samcarter ooh
@samcarter exactly
@PauloCereda I searched for arara, but no hits :(
@mickep oh no
@UlrikeFischer is there a way to automatically make the printed text from \href{}{} say bold? For \url we can just define \UrlFont, not sure if there is anything for \href?
8:37 AM
@daleif I love his videos. His voice is so soothing :)
@samcarter And some good ad transitions.
@daleif Indeed! I normally fast forward such "... and today's sponsor is..." segments, but he usually manages to fit them in so well into the flow of the video that I just keep watching.
@daleif Yes, this is really sad! But it is indeed good to know that they saved as much as possible. (I thought that such ridiculous legal restrictions only exist in Germany =P)
@samcarter oh, looks like Norbert is doing something ;-)
8:52 AM
@UlrikeFischer yes! Up-to-date latex - what a treasure!
@UlrikeFischer Still no dev
@JosephWright and no luatex, but it looks as if they are moving forward.
@UlrikeFischer Fingers crossed
@UlrikeFischer Ah, I meant no dev from TL generally ...
@JasperHabicht All of that try wood is a fire hazard. I think the fire department chose to defend the only physical firewal in the building to keep the fire from spreading to the other buildings in the complex.
A mile stone is a unit of torque, equalling 73920 lb ft or a bit over 100 kNm. So if you need to break down your milestones and achieve something, just just need to tighten a lot of nuts and bolts.
9:20 AM
@daleif no not really. You can activate colorlinks and then do something like \AtBeginDocument{\def\Hy@colorlink#1{\begingroup\bfseries\HyColor@UseColor#1}} (remove the last part with the color if you don't want that).
With the pdfmanagement you can use hooks (be aware that href can produce two different link types depending on the link):


\href{example.com}{url} xxxx

\href{example.pdf}{file} xxxx

@UlrikeFischer Thanks, saved for later. I'm doing a template to typeset some CV data from a DB for a Department eval report we have to do every 5 years. The report will be made in several different systemts, so I need to keep my options open to match the link formatting in the rest of the document.
3 hours later…
12:31 PM
How can I find out the default-value of \fboxsep?
@cis \the\fboxsep ?
@yo' Ah, thx. I wrote \thefboxsep and that doesn't want to work.
1:26 PM
Is there a hook to change the font of all \ref? A question wanted things in lowercase small caps.
And they have some appendices. wrapping \ref seems a bad idea.
2:16 PM
@daleif no there is no hook. And wrapping directly will not work, as it is not expandable. You would have to write your own command e.g. with the help of refcount.
1 hour later…
3:20 PM
I still struggle a bit with deciding whether to use e or V for expanding a token list variable. In understand that V more or less means <whatever>_use:N, but this does not fully help me. Can one say that if I want to expand only one variable, I can always use V? So :V \l_..._tl instead of :e { \l_..._tl }?
Or maybe asked differently: What exactly is meant by "value" in interfaces3?
3:45 PM
@JasperHabicht IF use e here, then anything inside the tl will also expand
@JasperHabicht The value is exactly what you get from \<thing>_use:N for a variable
@JasperHabicht Take \tl_set:Nn \l_tmpa_tl { \l_tmpb_tl } \tl_set:Nn \l_tmpb_tl { c } - V-type expansion of \l_tmpa_tl gives \l_tmb_tl, whereas e-type expansion gives c
@JasperHabicht V is semantically clearer even if you know the contents are 'safe' when what you want is to 'pass the content of a variable'
@JasperHabicht If you only want to expand the immediate value (and not everything contained inside of it) use V (and on performance critical code use o instead). If you want a full expansion of everything contained inside the token list use e (and if you want to typeset the result and it might contain arbitrary contents use \text_expand:n).
4:08 PM
@Skillmon So v expands only once, like o, right? I think this is primarily where I was unsure …
@Skillmon I should probably add that to the docs - unless you want to make it a PR :)
@JasperHabicht Yes, exactly
Thanks for clearing this up!
@samcarter ooh bananas and sticks
@JosephWright No, I don’t feel qualified to explain these things to others … :P
@PauloCereda dinner :)
@PauloCereda see matrix
4:18 PM
@samcarter oh no
@samcarter ooh secrets
4:35 PM
Should I make the cards from the card font as high as the M or more like the Ä?
4:51 PM
@cis The A, I‘d say (not only because it rhymes)
… I think the cards should be as high as a capital letter without diacritics.
5:11 PM
@cis Since you will load them as a font, it does not matter much, one can just rescale as needed.
@JasperHabicht OK, I need further calculations.
We'll do it properly.

Does somebody know by chance what is the name of the font file for Computer Modern or Latin Modern in TexLive?

I have to
Measure the distance from A to the top line.
@cis My point was that if you make it fit with one font, it will not fit with another... But maybe you only have Latin Modern/Computer Modern in mind?
@mickep Standard TeX documents are mostly written in computer or Latin Modern; I want to orientate myself on that.

Of course, if you use 'Comic Sans MS', everything is lost and adjustments are necessary.

But by default my result should be fine.
@cis Yes, well, tuning it for Computer Modern won't hurt.
But TeX fonts are saved in some weird format.

I just don't know how to find it.

What file extension do Latin or Computer Modern have?
5:22 PM
@cis There is an OpenType file of Latin Modern.
@mickep Yes, lmmono12-regular.otf give that out of the row 'M' in the picture above. That can't be the right.
@mickep OK, got it: lmroman12-regular.otf
5:50 PM
6:13 PM
@cis Looks nice!
@PauloCereda -- Who's king of the hill?
@barbarabeeton :)
7:21 PM
@JosephWright which one do you want to add to the docs? The "if typesetting use \text_expand:n" or the "on performance critical use o for tls"?
8:00 PM
Weird: neithers patterns, nor patterns.meta seems to be svg-transformable; I don't understand that.
3 hours later…
10:37 PM
@cis via pdf or via dvi? going via dvi is a much simpler route so I'd try that
10:48 PM
@PetəíŕdTheSpringWizard On your profile you say in "about me" that you like breaking things. Why do you say that? If it is true: Why do you like breaking things?

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