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1:59 AM
I am wondering can someone please help with this question: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/619367/…
5 hours later…
7:14 AM
@Node.JS as I commented there, best advice is don't do that:-)
2 hours later…
8:51 AM
@StefanKottwitz oh no
1 hour later…
9:51 AM
@MarcelKrüger I take it from the rebasing that you are happy with my ICC plans?
@DavidCarlisle, @MarcelKrüger, @UlrikeFischer I'd like if possible to get those ICC ideas merged so we have support :) Then Marcel can do his approximate-conversion stuff and we'll have all the toys
@JosephWright Yes, I think both branches look great and would like to see them merged.
10:16 AM
@JosephWright yes merge it. Even if there were something not quite right: it is much easier to test and extend this if it is in one place. One could then try to replace colorspace and look if something is still missing.
10:30 AM
11:26 AM
Election opens soon ...
@JosephWright which one?
@JosephWright ah right! Sorry I'm thinking of some country-level ones...
11:42 AM
@yo' Ours is more papal in frequency
@JosephWright LOL
habemus anatis
@JosephWright no pun intended /ba dum tss
2 hours later…
2:10 PM
@UlrikeFischer, @MarcelKrüger OK, so merged - I guess I'll bother CTAN again ;)
2 hours later…
4:15 PM
@samcarter beamer release?
@JosephWright If you don't mind my changes? (I'm really unsure about github.com/josephwright/beamer/issues/711 Any opinion?)
@samcarter Go for it: some of Till's decisions leave us with only sub-optimal choices
@JosephWright Thanks! I think I now merged everything I'd want in a new release.
@samcarter I'll sort it this evening
@JosephWright Great! Thanks a lot!
2 hours later…
6:06 PM
My copy of @StefanKottwitz's book has arrived :)
1 hour later…
7:12 PM
@JosephWright I'm getting mails from latex3 saying "Create release: your review is requested to deploy". Is that something real or an overeager action?
@UlrikeFischer Overeager action
8:00 PM
NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN: tex.stackexchange.com/election/2
8:10 PM
@DavidCarlisle Me too
You get a badge just for looking:-)
@DavidCarlisle me too
8:58 PM
@samcarter Release made
@DavidCarlisle ooh
@JosephWright Fantastic! Thanks a lot!
9:16 PM
are there any alternatives to breqn package these days? I can't use breqn. it breaks many things for me. I use lualatex. I can't edit equations manually by hand to make them break inside an equation, as these are generated automatically by computer each time the program runs. Are there any other ways to help break long equation automatically or is this just a lost cause in Latex?
@Nasser breqn is the state of the art
@Nasser (La)TeX is about the quality of the output - automatic breaking can't compete
@JosephWright is breqn still maintained? Last time I tried it 1-2 years ago, It was breaking many things for me and I was having many problems/error when using it.
@Nasser In principal yes, but the thing is we know it's got issues - it's more-or-less explicitly experimental
@Nasser I've suggested extracting the bits I think work well - they are mainly of a technical nature
A note on ctan.org/pkg/breqn?lang=en says "It is incompatible with unicode-math, so practically useless for the contemporary typesetting."
@Nasser I suspect mathematics journals will continue to use 8-bit fonts for a long time
@Nasser The way Unicode math fonts work is very different from the classical situation: one would need more-or-less an entirely new implementation
9:28 PM
@Nasser the first bit is true but "so" doesn't really follow, most contemporary math typesetting doesn't use unicode-math I would expect. The comment isn't part of the catalogue, just a random comment by a passing user
10:25 PM
I use font now which will not work if I do not use `unicode-math`. Which means if I want to be breqn, I have to change my font. But I like the font I am using now. Here is an example


\setmainfont[Ligatures={Common,Rare,TeX}]{TeX Gyre Pagella}
\setmathfont[Scale=MatchUppercase]{Asana Math}


2 x^{2} = 0
Which gives error. No matter what order I use. If I remove the font spec, it works. I think this is because the font is using unicode-math. But without this, the font will not be loaded. This is an example of many I have where I'd like to use breqn, but it does not work. I guess I have to get rid of the nice font and try again, but I am sure I will find other problems. I use lualatex always.
1 hour later…
11:36 PM
something seems to got broken in breqn with latest TL 2021 update I did 2 weeks ago. tex.stackexchange.com/questions/619478/…

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