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12:46 AM
@egreg just come in and see you offering to rewrite longtable?
@DavidCarlisle It's Friday night. It is customary to have high hopes about future.
@DavidCarlisle I just said what you should do. ;-) Good night.
1:07 AM
@egreg night
2:00 AM
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I think we have a spam account:
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6:38 AM
@PauloCereda I'm far too tired to write a coherent response to the GUI discussion on the mailing list, but you may be interested in seeing the latest repository I've created on GitHub, vermiculus/gui4l3. There is an interface mockup there. :)
7:33 AM
Aaron Hillel Swartz (November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013) was an American computer programmer, writer, political organizer and Internet activist. Swartz was involved in the development of the web feed format RSS, the organization Creative Commons, the website framework web.py and the social news site, Reddit, in which he became a partner after its merger with his company, Infogami. Swartz's later work focused on sociology, civic awareness and activism. He helped launch the Progressive Change Campaign Committee in 2009 to learn more about effective online activism. In 2010 he became...
8:14 AM
@percusse I see. Thanks. So, TiKZ does not use it internally, in other words.
A new chemical element found:
@CodeMocker Do tell.
9:10 AM
@SeanAllred I'll take a look later on today. :) And thanks for providing a mockup, now it's easier for us to understand the idea better. :)
10:12 AM
Am I the only one who finds questions like this extremely annoying and a waste of rations?
OK, I admit, I woke up very very grumpy today
@Brent.Longborough Out of the total number of question, I don't think these sort of thing is an issue (I'd also say it's entirely on-topic)
10:54 AM
@Johannes_B I must say that I never really used the Wiki... (BTW: there's also texfragen.de)
11:09 AM
would someone be able to guess if this book was typeset using Latex? Here is the amazon preview amazon.com/Orbital-Mechanics-Engineering-Students-Aerospace/dp/… my guess is not, but not sure. Looking at table of content and the math, does not look like Latex? Any guess what it can be if not Latex?
@Nasser It smell Equation Editor or something like that. The thin spaces are too wide; the sans serif math is awful (and it shouldn't be sans serif in the first place).
@egreg thanks. I was just doing some googling. I looked at career jobs at Elsevier (the publisher) and one of the job requirments I saw was for ptc.com/products/arbortext (abortext), which I never heard about. This is PTC sofwtare. So may be it is PTC?
@Nasser Could be.
But the book looks nice actually overall. Even tough the math is not as nice as Latex.
PTC is mentioned here in this forum tex.stackexchange.com/questions/120271/alternatives-to-latex but no free trial to check it out !
11:54 AM
Does texnik.dante.de provide rsync? If so, what is its correct path?
Can anyone explain me what is the following code supposed to do?
... some 30 years later.


It is a little difficult ...
@tohecz “Leaving a blank line”, which is a favorite for the-program-I-don't-mention-the-name-of users.
@egreg oh yeah, probably. Well, s/\n\\strut/\n%\\strut/g :)
@tohecz \strut starts horizontal mode (it's \unhcopy), and \hfill does nothing if followed by a blank line (\par removes it). So \strut\par would do the same.
@egreg ah ok, so \strut would be sufficient, since the author left an empty line before and after :)
bibtex keys can't contain spaces, right?
12:07 PM
@tohecz Yes. Zap them without mercy.
@tohecz For the keys, I don't remember
@Nasser This is the former 3b2 which is a really immensely popular tool for professional production of journals, monographs and technical documentation. I'd guess the majority of typesetting servise providers (at least in Germany) use it.
@egreg well, seems so
@StephanLehmke thanks, that helps. I was looking at abrotext here ptc.com/products/arbortext/editor/eval.htm but was not sure if it is. Now I do not know if it is the same as the link you gave either. But both share the same name of arbotext. It is all XML based which I know nothing about. but the book looks really nice.
I once saw a demo of a then-current (in 2008) version, and it's actually really nice. Very good integration of graphical interface and scripting. You can "generate" a document layout automatically from XML data and then display and tweak the typeset document in the graphical editor. For every chunk of content, you can jump to the "script rule" which produced it and tweak that instead.
The problem is that it seems to be commerical only, too advanced to learn, and very little information on the net about Arbotext. I found only 2-3 documents about it, and 2-3 youtubes things on it. I think I'll skip it.
My rule of thumb is this: If it is hard to find information about something on google, then avoid it :)
12:15 PM
@Nasser I believe it's the same. Being XML-based is more or less a must for working with publishers, because it's the basis of all data workflows (used to be SGML I think, dunno whether both are still used in parallel.
@Nasser I guess with TeX and XML knowledge you could apply. I can't imagine where anyone outside professional publishing could acquire 3B2 knowledge, so you'd get that "on the job" anyway.
@StephanLehmke I think you are right. XML based things seems to be the way to go. Even dlmf.nist.gov is all XML based.
@StephanLehmke Marshall this, unmarshall that. :)
I was trying to find if there is something better/easier than Latex to use. But XML and Arbotext seems harder than Latex for me.
@Nasser Please note that I'm not talking about XSL-FO here. In this context, XML more or less means a context-free syntax notation based on ><="&#;.
@StephanLehmke would you happen to know how the math itself in this book was typeset? is it using some GUI thing, like equation editor, or one has to type XML to generate this math? I am talking about the same book amazon.com/Orbital-Mechanics-Engineering-Students-Aerospace/dp/…
12:21 PM
@Aditya -- the euro symbol was designed by a committee, a committee that apparently had no input from knowledgeable typographers. the shape as "designed" is found by font designers to be offensive, as it stands out from the text "background" more than necessary or desirable. therefore, most fonts do not follow the mandated design for the euro, but provide a version compatible with the style of the including font. — barbara beeton yesterday
Gotta love barbara's comment. :)
I mean, in Latex, one writes $\sin(x)$, then how does one do the same in XML?
@Nasser As the typical 3B2 user is totally unaware of XML proper, just using the tool through the graphical user interface to typeset content, I'd guess there's a GUI for math. But I have no formal knowledge about 3B2 apart from the short glimpse I got four years ago.
My guess is that it's really nice to use, maybe a bit like Scientific Word but better.
@PauloCereda :)
@StephanLehmke well, I'll see if I can do the trial then. they have 15 day trial here ptc.com/products/arbortext/editor/eval.htm so I was thinking of signing up for trial to check it out
but it costs $45,000 ! so it will be waste of time, since can't afford it, even if I like it.
@PauloCereda Maybe the symbol, as designed, is not good. But drawing it like a C is simply wrong. It's a lowercase e.
12:30 PM
@egreg Indeed.
@egreg I don't think that barbara advocates for the overlayed = over C as it is in some fonts. She just says that the symbol is simply bad
Will you guys watch the SuperBowl tomorrow?
@PauloCereda who is playing?
@PauloCereda I am not into sports and do not have a TV, so no from me.
@Nasser As I said, nobody will use this program in private (though I think the prices are more diverse nowadays). It's part of the job, like SAP, MS SQL server, Cumulus, Pageflex, Hybris or whatever professional software there is.
@Nasser Good question, I have no idea. :)
I just know it's the SuperBow. :)
12:39 PM
@StephanLehmke got it. I was just looking for something better than Latex. I now use Scientific word and TexLive to compile the document. But not happy with the whole setup actually. But there is nothing better. Tried Lyx, did not like it much. I prefer GUI based stuff, so I can see things as I write. InDesign have no support for math to speak of. Terrible for math.
@PauloCereda what is SuperBowl?
And word is out of the question for technical work.
@tohecz football american
@JG ah ok
@tohecz the championship game of the year
12:41 PM
@JG well, whatever
@Nasser I'm afraid that "above" the level of scientific word, the potential user base is so thin that you ar getting these "professional" license fees to make further development possible at all.
@tohecz The final game of the football season (where football = that American sport that's played with... hands). :)
12:57 PM
hi all
this room for
@egreg: today's lunch: farfalle. :)
1:30 PM
We'll have pizza :)
@StephanLehmke ooh can I go? :)
1:52 PM
@PauloCereda yeah, I got it :)
2:09 PM
@tohecz <3
I need chocolate. Lotsa it.
2:25 PM
@StephanLehmke I went for infinite sushi :)
2:35 PM
How is everyone today?
@JosephWright In a hurry! :) Waiting for the big game tomorrow. :) And you?
@JosephWright I'm great: my new guitar arrived today :) How are you?
@cgnieder woooohoooo photos please!
Which model did you get?
@cgnieder Fine :-)
@PauloCereda It's an Ibanez AF55
2:43 PM
@cgnieder OMG
It's beautiful!
@cgnieder: which string tension are you planning to use? (sorry, I'm not sure the word is correct in English)
@PauloCereda I have to experiment with strings... the current set is 010 to I don't know... but I'll probably try 011
@cgnieder Apparently you like hard tension. :)
It plays quite nice even unplugged (although the bass is too little then)
@PauloCereda it depends. For a jazz guitar: yes
@cgnieder Indeed. :) My accoustic guitar has a extra light tension (but it's nylon). :)
@PauloCereda my strat has 009 - standard I would say
@PauloCereda nylon is a whole different thing altogether :)
2:49 PM
@cgnieder I'd go with 010. :)
@cgnieder Ah yes. To be honest, I prefer nylon.
^^ this sentence here can be easily put out of context.
@PauloCereda lol
@PauloCereda I guess I don't. But maybe that's just a phase :)
@PauloCereda well, if I say I prefer steel, it could be put out of context, too :)
@tohecz LOL
@JosephWright :)
@cgnieder if you are into bending, nylon will give you a hard time. But it builds character. :)
2:52 PM
@PauloCereda quite true. Every now and then I play classical guitar. This is of course only possible with nylon strings
@cgnieder Yep. :)
I have one of this. LH of course. :)
@PauloCereda it looks beautiful! :)
@cgnieder I think it's a local brand (I'm not sure). It's quite good, I think I have Augustine in it.
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4:26 PM
We lost to Wales. @Brent.Longborough will be happy.
@egreg Oh no!
@PauloCereda They played better. In a few minutes France-England
4:41 PM
@egreg That's gonna be interesting. :)
@PauloCereda that's gonna be a tough night in Paris, no matter who wins
Does the Chicago Manual of Style recommend the order of chapters as summarized here [1]? Or where exactly can I find a correct order (including recommended empty pages)?

[1] http://graduatestudies.lamar.edu/thesis-guidelines/form-and-style-guidelines.html
@Lukas American university thesis requirements are usually a random selection of bad decisions made by university bureaucrats who have nothing better to do with their time. Whether or not that coincides with the Chicago Manual (which may in fact share many of the same properties) is rarely guaranteed.
@AlanMunn Well, instant star :)
4:55 PM
@AlanMunn That is probably the case. Since I do not have any written guidelines, I thought is is a good idea to stick to one of these regulatories.
@tohecz I still have copies of the letters I had to send to the thesis office when I submitted my thesis to be allowed to use italics! (As opposed to underlining).
@AlanMunn Ok, it is not that strict here. I just thought of having a correct order of chapters / lists.
@Lukas Are you at an American institution? I'd be very surprised if they didn't have written guidelines. If you're not at an American university, then I wouldn't advise following guidelines from one, since they are generally awful.
@Lukas well, the best thing to do (unfortunately) is to ignore good styles, shut up and do what the university says. Later, you can publish your thesis online with a large sign over the titlepage: I APOLOGIZE FOR THE BAD TYPOGRAPHICAL STYLE OF THE THESIS, MY UNIVERSITY ENFORCES THIS
@AlanMunn I could follow German DIN norm, but I think it is hard to find the appropriate content in it.
4:59 PM
It seems these weird thesis rules are a US thing: here in the UK it seems a lot more flexible
Anybody else is getting a blank page in the main site? I see 0 questions! imgur.com/Hrhp6jS
@GonzaloMedina Yup
@GonzaloMedina Only for 'active'
@JosephWright "newest" also shows me 0 questions.
@GonzaloMedina Haven't tried that one
@GonzaloMedina same for me
5:03 PM
Ok, German DIN wants to have quite the opposite...
@AlanMunn Sounds about right
@GonzaloMedina The new questions are still popping up
@JosephWright The problem has been solved now. Everything's back to normal.
5:19 PM
This has been happening for me occasionally since about 1-2 weeks, but always only for a very short time.
5:35 PM
@MarcoDaniel Are you around here?
5:48 PM
@JosephWright: Perhaps write up an answer to the following Meta question, even though it is in the Help Center:
Q: On reputation values

SigurWhy some upvote gives me +5 and others +10? What is the rule here?

Here is another reference (from Meta.SO):
Q: How does "Reputation" work?

Justin StandardOn Stack Exchange, users may gain a certain level of reputation. What does reputation do? How can a user gain or lose reputation? See also What is reputation? How do I earn (and lose) it? in the Help Center Are there any voting limits? Maximum amount of votes a user can use in ...

Retag as needed.
@Werner Very short answer written
Everyone getting ready to tackle the unanswered list?
I've had internet issues, but they are sorted now :-)
6:26 PM
@JosephWright Here's a simple one: close by OP request. tex.stackexchange.com/q/156661/2693
@AlanMunn Done
2 hours later…
8:08 PM
It's for the best. If the accepted answer was changed it would presumably mean @egreg got the points and that would be a disaster:-) — David Carlisle 23 mins ago
8:24 PM
@egreg Not especially. I abhor violence... (:-)
@JosephWright OK, Joseph. I did say I was feeling grumpy... (:-)
@Brent.Longborough A Welshman who doesn't like rugby? That's interesting!
8:43 PM
@egreg I had voted for you, but an extra 15 would be too much:-)
Is there a way of wrapping text in a tabular cell (in the source, not the output) so it spans multiple lines will still representing a single cell?
I don't know if the question is clear.
@FaheemMitha End of lines in input are just like spaces (provided no blank line appears).
def & ghi
This is just the same as
abc def & ghi
I have the first case: suggested possible duplicate, no reaction by the OP; duplicate?
Q: combine png and tikz, scalingproblem

user39132due to the huge amount of data in my plot I wasn't able to compile the whole badboy at once after creating a tikz file and then using latex. Since the save_size won't go higher than 80000. so while searching the internet I stumbled across another solution. I created a coordinate system and a col...

9:00 PM
@egreg I would say so. But shouldn't we first start the session? I have my cuppa tea ready :)
@tohecz It's time to start!
@egreg certainly :)
@tohecz looks like a duplicate to me
Well, we start at a very high number of 2549 unanswered questions!
@cmhughes Voted
@JosephWright What about this one? You solved it with an update to beamer, it seems
Q: Shading images in Beamer

BernhardI had to reinstall latex yesterday, and it seems I upgraded from beamer 3.26 to 3.32 So far I used a little piece of code to shade my images, in order to have them behave like for example lists do in transparent mode --- Everything that is yet to come is shown with an opacity of 15% This worked r...

9:03 PM
@egreg me too
@egreg Yes, sort of
@egreg Those are usually 'off topic', yes?
@JosephWright Make a CW answer or OT?
Another duplicate
@JosephWright yes, with a comment
Q: Change color theme for Beamer

user41784this question is indeed trivial, but I haven't found any answer to it online. I'm for the first time using the Beamer environment to make a presentation. I'm using the Cambridge US theme, but I want to change the color of the theme to structure, as seen in this example. I found quite a lot of inf...

@tohecz OK
9:05 PM
@egreg care to make an answer here or should I make a CW one?
Q: Horizontal spacing between lines in split enviroment

dingo_dI have a math expression that looks like this \documentclass[a4paper,12pt,amsmath,amssymb]{article} \usepackage[utf8x]{inputenc} \usepackage{ucs} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \usepackage{tgtermes} \usepackage[croatian]{babel} \usepackage{mathtools} \begin{document} \begin{equation*} \begin{split} &

@tohecz I'm doing it.
This one is unsolvable without more input from the OP, 2 months old => UNCLEAR
Q: bibtex reference last author name

laudaI have a question about the .bib file. My reference are ok except for the comma in fornt of the last author name (only if more than two authors are indicated) I use bibtex. For instance in my .bib file I have the following format for a journal paper: @article{example, author = {surname1, A...

@tohecz Yup
@egreg Thanks.
@egreg upvoted
9:10 PM
@tohecz I'm rep capped, of course. ;-)
@egreg but we want to pop it off the unanswered queue, right? :)
No reaction from OP after request of more information: Unclear
Q: Figures don't appear in latex unless I use the specifier H

DanielWhen placing an image using LaTeX I always have to place the specifier [H], otherwise the code will compile but no image will show. \usepackage{graphicx} \begin{figure}[H] \centering \includegraphics[width=6.5cm]{fig1.png} \caption{Impulso linear.} \label{iImpulsoLinear} \end{figure} If I com...

@egreg Done
@PauloCereda have you seen this question: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/152033/… I didn't see a comment from you, but perhaps you have discussed it in chat? It's on the unanswered list, currently :)
this one seems pretty unclear, what do you think?
Q: 3d graphics/diagrams

johnnyIs there a convenient way to create a 3d graphic/diagram like the following in LaTeX (e.g. with tikz)? I'm aware that convenience is a point of view, however I would describe myself as a newbie to tikz.

@cmhughes Yes: closed
9:21 PM
@JosephWright thanks
MWE not providede since 2 months: zap:
Q: How to avoid pagebreak in two-column article

Pedro NakasuI'm having some problems writing an 2-columns article with IEEEtrans document class. After compiling my file, I keep finding a page break without it being completed (check figure). It starts a new page with a new session and brings a float equation at its beginning (check figure) This is my MW...

@egreg could your comment on this one be turned into an answer?
Q: Should otherwise empty pages have page numbers? Why?

gerritBy default, with either the standard LaTeX classes or the KOMA-script classes, empty pages (such as may occur using \cleardoublepage) have no page numbers. Why is this? In my — unprofessional — opinion, every page should have a page number. When I want to go to a particular page in a book, havi...

By the last comment, this indeed looks like a feature request. Should we close it?
Q: How to use Multiple-Master-Font-instances for HZ/microtype instead of horizontal scaling? (ConTeXt)

HanseatQuestion I would like to use a Multiple Master font with a width axis for the HZ-program (=Herman Zapf Programm, equivalent to the microtype-package of LaTeX) In standard configuration, ConTeXt (and microtype) stretches fonts horizontally to fit into a line. I want ConTeXt not to stretch the fo...

two weeks and going nowhere
Q: Different sizes letters in a same tikz picture

FJSJI did a TikZ picture long time ago and all was good. But... I had to format my hard disk and re-install LaTeX again. Now, when I want to compile the same TikZ picture I got different sizes letters. I´ve tried to install the same packets I had before but ... I got the same result. Anybody knows wh...

@tohecz Yes
9:25 PM
I'm trying to find a topic which was a kind of contest about beautiful documents in LaTeX. I remembered to see this SE.TEX question (with lots of (beautiful) answers) but cannot find it again. Any ideas?
@JosephWright Ok, grab this one together with that, please:
Q: I got a error with Beamer (using TexShop, Mac)

user2978524I try to use Beamer on my Mac and got an error. I use MacOS(10.9) and TexShop2013. I used LaTeX to convert. Error I got /Users/**User Name**/Library/texmf/tex/latex/pgf/systemlayer/pgfsys.sty Runaway argument? $ ¥fi ¥fi ¥fi ¥fi ¥fi ¥fi ¥fi ¥fi ¥fi ¥def ¥pgf@rcssuffix {code.t ¥ETC /Users/**User ...

this one seems to have been resolved in the comments- perhaps ask Christian or Gonzalo to post an answer?
Q: Customizing legend in pgfplots

maetraI am trying to customize the legend for this graph. First of all, I would like the legend width to be equal to the x-axis width. At the moment, I am setting the width of the legend via /tikz/every even column/.append style={column sep=1.0cm} and I could manually adjust this value so that l...

This is IMHO too broad or opinion-based, isn't it?
Q: xy-pic or tikz : which one should I learn?

Olivier BégassatI want to learn how to use tikz more in depth. But I wonder wether I should also learn how to use xy-pic, because it seems, at first glance, that xy-pic can do much of what tikz does when it comes to drawing (commutative) diagrams, and is shorter to write. I have two questions : Wether I would...

@cmhughes Done a CW, as I used barbara's comment and quotation.
@tohecz Opinion-based
9:30 PM
@egreg great, +1, although I'm nearly out of votes
One year and no change in the situation, the proposed solution in the comments doesn't make too much sense for CW answer
Q: pgf-umlsd and externalize

przemocWhat would be the best solution to make pgf-umlsd and externalize compatible? The latter expects \end{tikzpicture} which is "hidden" within sequencediagram environment the first provides. I guess I could convert beginning and the ending of the environment into two commands explicitly invoked at ...

@cmhughes @egreg However, that one certainly is off-topic and belongs to GD :)
The OP was asked for a MWE in this one, none given:
Q: Align ToC pagenumber with top line

Lane HarrisonI need to align the pagenumber with the top line of a multi-line entry in a ToC. This figure should illustrate the issue: Here is the relevant code from the style file: \titlecontents{figure}[0pt] {\normalfont\mdseries\singlespacing\hangindent=2em} {\figuretitlename ~ \thecontentslabel : ...

@Joseph I obviously confused the system and it put a wrong question as a dupe here. Could you please solve it somehow since I can't uncast the vote;)
Q: Circuitikz: connection of nodes

AnjaMI'm using the circuitikz library to draw some circuits. To connect two nodes with a square angle, there is the possibility to use |-, as in the MWE below for the connection of (a) with (b). However, sometimes I don't like the way circuitikz connects the nodes (e.g. it sometimes draws line overlap...

@tohecz What do I dupe to?
9:34 PM
Q: TikZ: difference between \node and \coordinate?

Foo BarWhat is the difference between \node and \coordinate in TikZ? Exchanging them does no visual effect in my (to be honest: still simple) pictures. When to use what?

@tohecz Done
@JosephWright thanks. the stupid link is still at the top, but that doesn't harm probably
@tohecz Not any more it's not ;-)
this one has some high-voted comments:
Q: Styles in standard LaTeX distribution

geometrikalA conference I'm submitting to wants any styles (and packages I assume) that are not in the 'standard latex distribution' to be included with the .tex source. What are the standard styles and packages?

@JosephWright oh :) Mod Hammers FTW :D
9:37 PM
should we ask @DavidCarlisle to answer it? tex.stackexchange.com/questions/130792/…
@cmhughes Hm, could be 'too broad'
@JosephWright ok, your call
@cmhughes Just suggesting
@JosephWright no worries :)
resolved in the comments:
Q: dimension too large error when generating complex diagram

KateI am trying to draw the following figure from Drawing complex diagrams with TikZ using gradients \documentclass[border=5pt]{standalone} \usepackage{tikz} \usetikzlibrary{decorations.pathmorphing} \usetikzlibrary{calc} \definecolor{wave}{HTML}{54888C} \definecolor{sea day}{HTML}{80A0C0} \defi...

@JosephWright @cmh well, it's a strange question. Given the only thing that appeared is the David's guess-based comment that's not really an answer, I would say that it's too broad
9:42 PM
@tohecz OK
This one is 2 months old, migrated from SO, without enough information, I would close it:
Q: Can't install LaTeX package 'changes' on Ubuntu 12.04

user2975626I am a latex user on ubuntu, but not an expert of unix systems. I manage myself for easy things through the terminal. I very frequently refer to forums like stackoverflow to fix the problems that I face. But this time I am really lost... I bought a new pc a week ago and installed Ubuntu 12.04 on ...

And yet another unclear one:
Q: Correct positioning of longtable?

AnuI use the longtable float. But now I am having the problem that the positioning if long table is not correct. It always coming at the first page of my appendix. Please help me how to put long table in the proper position. Following is the format i used: \begin{longtable}{lllll} \caption[....} \...

Both closed
do this for me?
Duplicate (see comments)
Q: Complex Venn diagram using TikZ

user42174I am reproducing Venn diagrams using TikZ but one of them is quite complicated (see fig.11 on p.15 attached). Do you have suggestions?

9:50 PM
Q: Undefined control sequence \oiiint

user2536125I am trying to generate the triple integral in the following equation (The preamble is large, due to other requirements) \documentclass[11pt,headings=small,fleqn]{scrreprt} % highest level is chapter %\documentclass[12pt,journal,compsoc]{report} \usepackage[Glenn]{fncychap} %To add a rectangle a...

@cmhughes Yup: closed
@egreg Closed
looks like Harish was working with the OP, but they haven't followed up:
Q: BibTeX not compiling

PASunterOn a recent document, I could not get the BibTeX file to compile and populate my citations and references. The log returned an error, which I attempted to fix by changing the encoding of my .bib file, and moving it to the parent director. Neither of these fixes were successful. Below is the co...

@cmhughes Ran into a wall?
@JosephWright maybe :)
resolved in the comments (I think):
Q: Custom TOC in beamer - customizing the TOC layout

PatrickHofmannAt the moment I'm developing a corporate identity for the beamer class of my institute. In fact a power point solution is available and I'm trying to rebuild a tex-friendly version. However, at the moment I'm trying to build a custom TOC, which is repeated with each new section (this I already a...

@cmhughes Dupe on that basis
9:57 PM
looks like it has been resolved in the comments:
Q: eps-converted-to.pdf not found

user36969I was trying to include a figure in LuaLatex, but got an error message of !Package pdftex.def Error: File 'test-eps-converted-to.pdf' not found. The same code run in pdfLaTex+MakeIndex+bibTex. Is there a way to fix this? Also, is there anyway to include a directory or file pathway that cont...

unable to produce a MWE (detailed in the comments)
Q: LuaLaTeX — too high memory usage

GeorgI've recently made my project buildable under LuaLaTeX. This is a bibliography database project which uses biblatex and biber to compile the database to produce something about 66-paged pdf file. Now I'm experience some problems with memory usage: while I was using pdflatex memory usage was abo...

@cmhughes Yup
Irreproducible error (no information about the class used): unclear
Q: weird problem with bibtex

ifreakI'm trying to include a publication section inside my CV. I have a file called publication.bib which contains the publication list. @InCollection{author:13e, author = {Smith, John and Sandy, Peters and Andrew, Andrew}, title = {Some title}, booktitle = {Some journal}, ed...

No MWE, irreproducible problem: unclear
Q: \usepackage[Glenn]{fncychap} and missing numbering

AngieI created my thesis using \usepackage[Glenn]{fncychap} for chapters. Sadly not all chapters of the parts are numbered. It's quite odd that in part I, chapters 1-2 are numbered but 4-5 are not. In part two and three no chapter is numbered. Does anybody know how this could happen? I'm new to tex an...

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Q: Creating IEEE References in Ph.D Thesis

s kotrappaHow to create IEEE standards references/citations, figures, tables in writing Ph.D Computer Science & Engineering thesis . Lyx tutorials/guide is helpful some extent, is there any templates like Latex so that we can edit and use it for our thesis in IEEE standard.

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A: Test if two things typeset identical results

egregThere's no way, in standard TeX, to see inside an already packaged box; one can unbox it, but one can only remove the last item if it's a penalty or a skip (the process can be repeated, but it stops at any other item). The list inside a typeset box is unreachable from the user's level and it's s...

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Anyone here using Auctex's tex-evince-sync-view? What is it supposed to do, exactly? I got the impression somehow that it is supposed to keep the emacs buffer and the evince display in sync, but that doesn't seem to happen.
@JosephWright This one's for you: xparse and beamer!
Q: LaTeX 3 for newbies: simple environments do not work

Richard SI needed to create a custom environment with more than one optional argument, so I tried with LaTeX 3 (my first experience). However, I can't seem to create not even the simplest environment. Here is an example. In LaTeX I can do: \documentclass{beamer} \newenvironment{myframe}{\begin{frame}}{\...

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Q: Labeling the columns of matrices

MeganI am trying to TeX a transition matrix for a Markov process and I want to be consistent with our textbook and label the columns and rows. I found \kbordermatrix and that let me produce: \[\kbordermatrix{ &L&M&C \cr L& .94 & .02 & .01 \cr M& ....

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Q: Changes not appearing on output

garySometimes LaTeX seems to ignore changes I make and the output doesn't change. I even tried to put some arbitrary text in my manuscript ("e.g. adfadfadf") and it doesn't appear! Furthermore TeX commands copied (Alt-c, Alt-v) from forum sites does't compile error-free. Generally the error messages...

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Q: Exam class: wrong \totalpoints

user40787I have a problem with the exam class. Almost all of my questions have parts and I intend to mention, not only the points given for each part, but also the points total at the beginning of the questions, like thus: But for some questions (not all, strangely) the \totalpoints command doesn't giv...

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Q: Labels in table rows

user2656284I want to use labels for single table rows: \begin{table}[h] \begingroup \fontsize{8pt}{9pt} \selectfont %\begin{adjustwidth}{}{-2cm} \begin{tabularx}{\textwidth}{ | s | m | b | s | s | } \hline % \itshape\large \textbf{Ref.} & \textbf{Name} & \textbf{Beschreibung} & \textbf{Kategorie} &

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Q: How can I redefine (or alter) the bmatrix envrionment such that all entries are flushed right?

agent154I've checked around here and have been unable to find anything that solves my problem. There are several other questions that ask similar things, but the solutions do not give a global way to apply the change. I've been using \left[\begin{array}{rrr}...\end{array}\right] for the longest time whe...

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Q: Custom moderncv theme

viodI've tried to make a custom moderncv theme, as I didn't want my CV to look like all the others Latex-made CVs. But I'm facing a (minor) problem: pdflatex doesn't recognize it, and I get a ! LaTeX Error: File 'moderncvstylecustom.sty' not found., even though this file exists and is in the same fo...

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Q: Is there a way to paste a matrix cell-by-cell in Lyx?

forkandwaitI would like to paste a matrix in Lyx, just like it was a table (edit->paste special, etc), except into a display math matrix. Any ideas? I can't get it to work, though pasting into tables works fine. Tx!

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