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12:03 AM
@percusse Indeed. :)
@PauloCereda Should we just make a full one episode with customizable stick figures ? \xkcdstickman{neck angle}{right knee angle}{left arm}{...}{...} that would be really handy actually :)
@percusse hmmm we could come up with something. TeX-sx Launchpad? :)
I really love the idea. :)
@PauloCereda Ehehe, that would be a really nice addition to Peter's \usepackage{overkill} solution
@percusse :P
\usepackage[everything]{overkill} :)
Q: English / German APA reference fails partly - "retrieved from" and "origyear" untranslated

Psychic BirdyI have a problem with my multilingual APA reference. I use LuaTeX, BibLaTeX and biber. I use the BibLaTeX option babel=other to activate language switching. Switching gets done by adding an hyphenation entry at every reference in the BibLaTeX file. Now here is the problem: Some strings get trans...

I tried: a custom ngermancorr.lbx file that inherits from ngerman(that itself inherits from german) and then hyphenation={ngermancorr} in the .bib file.
But the warning was:
No hyphenation patterns for 'ngermancorr'
But it does work with a custom ngerman.lbx. Does ngermancorr need to be referenced somewhere else?
12:35 AM
@Qrrbrbirlbel you can only define hyphenation patterns in initex when the format is made, individual \hyphenation commands for specifc words can be added at any time do you need to define a new language (as opposed to adding some extra localised texts to an existing one?)
@DavidCarlisle No, only adding some localised texts is needed.
@Qrrbrbirlbel sorry I don't know biblatex (and it's too late to think about it tonight) but that error message means you have switched the primitive \language to a value that has no hyphenation set up.
It is not my problem anyway (at least not now). I just thought there must be a better approach to add some missing phrases other then cloning the original definitions.
@DavidCarlisle I am one hour eastward of you, no worries!
12:57 AM
@GonzaloMedina: Hi Gonzalo! :)
1:08 AM
Where's @JosephWright today? We miss you! :)
1 hour later…
2:17 AM
As for fractions and matrices, I prefer using LaTeX macros instead of snippets. The most useful macros I use are the [p][s][frac|mat]: fraction or matrices, with parenthesis if there is the “p”, small if there is the “s” (small means suitable for in-line math)
<--- could someone explain the:
2:44 AM
\author{Leonardo Mora Castro}
	bub & bjbh
I can't figure out why that code doesn't compile
@DavidCarlisle are you arround?
@leo ERR there?

X} ??
What does this mean "{>{\raggedleft\arraybackslash}X}"?
@hhh That's the X column type provided by tabularx package
the problem is with the nesting. If you quit the inner tabularx environment and put whatever instead, it compiles
I'm lost in there :-(
3:02 AM
@hhh don't follow you
I just have to close the inner tabular by { } as says in the manual
1 hour later…
4:12 AM
@PeterGrill thanks for correcting the numbering!
@GonzaloMedina No problem. It confused me when I saw 1, 1, 1 in the answer bu then when I went to edit I saw 1,2,3...
@GonzaloMedina: There is an edit pending to one of your question: tex.stackexchange.com/review-beta/suggested-edits/5365. Probably best if you decide.
1 hour later…
5:26 AM
Yay new version of pullquote package! New UI and some user doc.
If you install it you will break your current documents (but I think it's worth it ;-)
Note that you need to download also pq-alice.jpg and pq-duck.pdf for the documentation :)
Thanks to @speravir, there is now some instructions for use under Windows. I'd be eternally grateful if some Windows users could test whether it works, as I can't test on Windows at all.
At the moment we have the situation that it works for @speravir and doesn't for @HarishKumar and @percusse, and I have no clue either way :-(
Btw, today is a holiday in Germany...
2 hours later…
7:04 AM
@PauloCereda :-)
user image
Uuh I'm getting seasick. Maybe I should add a warning sign somewhere ;-)
7:21 AM
@PauloCereda Flaky connection yesterday evening :-(
8:05 AM
@StephanLehmke Coooll.. That should be in the answer as it clearly demonstrates how well this works.
@PeterGrill We don't even have a question for this kind of thing ;-)
I'd rather call it a misuse of typography with the intention to upset stomachs :-)
@PeterGrill Well it's not a circular insert, now is it?
@StephanLehmke Well I guess that would depend on your definition of circular ? :-) But if this can do any shape then even better.
@leo no
8:27 AM
@PeterGrill What I do find interesting about it is that it clearly shows (again) how much flexibility there is in TeXs paragraph formatting.
1 hour later…
9:27 AM
@StephanLehmke wow! Fantastic, Stephan! :)
@JosephWright Oh. :(
I can't stop watching that bird
9:43 AM
We are fond of birds here. :)
Generating PDF/X is really a nightmare
I found a ghostscript command to convert. I do get a CMYK document, but it looks horrible :S
@JosephWright: Saw this one in 9gag: i.stack.imgur.com/6BWlf.jpg :)
1 hour later…
11:07 AM
Competition is fierce (or somebody's cheating :)
@StephanLehmke Fantastic!!
@percusse I like your "person" better.
@AndrewStacey Thank you but I fear that it's been taken too seriously over the network and I don't feel comfortable about it anymore. Some guy in my department know that I did it and now I received 2 mails from strangers already for weird criticism. I thought it was just a gag now I'm blamed for badge and rep point hunting.
I hope that it dies away as soon as possible :)
@percusse Now that's just wrong. You should say who they are and we'll put some "easter eggs" in CTAN packages which do strange things to their documents.
@AndrewStacey bah nevermind the nerds. I'm playing around with your tapering but I couldn't find a way to make it not like a fancy pen it gets weird if you put decoration on it.
11:39 AM
@percusse We need a counterattack. :)
11:56 AM
@egreg @AndrewStacey I've previously signed for the Elsevier boycott and now a close friend (who is an assoc editor ) wants me to review a paper in an Elsevier journal. I want to keep my promise but I don't know if I am taking it too seriously. I'm asking because I'm not Don Quixote and I want to make sure that he would understand my point. So is it still a valid excuse or both parties came to an agreement in the light of the recent steps from Elsevier?
@percusse If it's a close friend then I would explain that I wouldn't be happy doing it but that if they really can't find anyone else I would be prepared to.
@percusse You want to boycott Elsevier, not some colleague's research.
@AndrewStacey Ah OK. So the movement is still active.
@egreg Yes but I also want to promote others' research too
Elsevier's Journal of Theoretical Computer Science still gives me shivers. :) Nice LaTeX template though. :)
@percusse I'm not sure exactly how active it still is (sadly). You can read some on-going discussions at publishing.mathforge.org
@egreg The colleague is the editor, not the author.
12:01 PM
@AndrewStacey I actually asked after reading that :)
But most math journals are freed until 2005. That's a spectacular achievement on Gowers' side
@AndrewStacey I was really referring to the author, who has a right to be peer reviewed.
@egreg I really understand your point but also others' too. Right now it's not only the monetary problems but also an elitist view has taken over in the journals. So I'm kind of sensitive to that and I want them to be nonimmune to the advances in the world. It's not 1927 where science and math is completely honest and free from personal benefits.
even then it wasn't but romantically you get my point.
@PauloCereda Yes the new template is very professional but the interactive elements make it harder to navigate. Especially those autohide stuff at the top and bottom.
@percusse Indeed. :)
user image
12:30 PM
@egreg Which isn't actually what percusse has been asked to do! Reviewing for a journal is not the same thing as peer review.
@leo according to the documentation you can nest tabularx (although it is exceedingly cruel to TeX to do so) so it must be an undocumented feature. I will pass you on to my co-author @egreg.
@DavidCarlisle :-) elevator music plays...
@DavidCarlisle A pair of braces around the inner tabularx is missing. Second bullet in section 3 of the doc.
@egreg I tried that and it still failed (oh maybe I'd trashed my aux file)... yeh it works... do you want to be a co author you can point out that features are in fact documented not undocumented.
12:48 PM
@DavidCarlisle I've already enough problems with my coauthor that make me difficult starting to support buggy packages. :)
@DavidCarlisle: egreg is the coauthor of checkcites. :)
1:06 PM
@PauloCereda Hey! I forgot about that! Correction: "my nonbrazilian coauthor". :)
@egreg Don't worry, no bugs so far. :)
@egreg <3
1:28 PM
topskip, Berlin, Germany
14.9k 3 34 107
Mr. Gundla is now topskip. :)
2:04 PM
I'll be fluent in Chinese by the end of the day at this rate:-)
Nice to know that The Keccak Reference (the winner of the NIST SHA-3 competition) was made with LaTeX!
@Brent.Longborough Cool! :)
@DavidCarlisle You can speak at the TUG2012! Oh wait, it will be in Japan.
2:36 PM
@PauloCereda I am always confused by TeX's topskip
@topskip <3 I love your nicknames. :)
@Brent.Longborough It that the competition whose winner considering points was a Czech project, but it got dis-qualified because it used "too non-standard" algorithms?
@topskip Yesterday I was in the book store Lehmanns. You book is announced for the third quarter of 2012. Did I miss something?
@tohecz Not sure, but don't take it personally :)
@Brent.Longborough I don't. Well, you know, it's just about money...
I mean, I don't think that such competitions are "non-corrupted"
2:41 PM
@MarcoDaniel oh well, please don't ask
@tohecz You know what they say: "Money doesn't bring happiness, but it can help you to be miserable in Paris!
5000 to go for a credit card number :)
@Brent.Longborough what? it was not my project, I don't know the people, I know only that it was there, had the best bencmarks and still got suspended
3:02 PM
@tohecz I don't know. My impression is that the contest was very fair and open; but we may be talking about two different things
@tohecz I couldn't see any obviously Czech names on the original list of submissions
@Brent.Longborough Yes, I know it was open and based on benchmarks etc. And then, the best project was suspended.
Do you have the list? (Because it might happen that we speak about two different things)
The previous contest of this type was to select the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Yeah maybe that was the one
Normally, these things have to be good and open, and reach a professional consensus among the candidates; where security's involved, if it's not open, it probably doesn't work
@DavidCarlisle Sufficiently fluent in Chinese to understand explain xii.tex ? :)
@Brent.Longborough 这应该是显而易见的。
3:35 PM
@DavidCarlisle ;-) I found the partridge, but where's the pear tree?
@DavidCarlisle Or have you been in Searle's Chinese Room?
@Brent.Longborough actually a very similar room known as google translate
@Brent.Longborough That's the roundabout just north of Oxford as you join the ring road from the A34.
@AndrewStacey which just about describes where I am:-)
@DavidCarlisle Rush hour traffic that bad, huh?
4:29 PM
@AndrewStacey let's go and find out.....
@DavidCarlisle Not liking the look of the weather, but yes - I'm planning on seeing if the crush through the University Parks is particularly bad this evening.
4:46 PM
@egreg @DavidCarlisle @PauloCereda: Have fun: youtube.com/watch?v=B3h2Rw1mHew&feature=related
5:02 PM
@MarcoDaniel :)
5:43 PM
We need more noise here. :)
5:54 PM
Yay, @JosephWright is here! :)
@PauloCereda Hello :-)
@JosephWright We miss you. :)
@PauloCereda Connection today seems OK
@JosephWright Phew. :)
6:13 PM
@egreg I see you've edited a lot of your expl3 posts today. Reminds me of a question I was wondering about. In l3candidates, we have \seq_mapthread_function:NNN for mapping to two sequences at the same time. Would something like \sq_map_zip:NNN or simialr make sense for this?
@JosephWright I don't think that zip is any clearer than mapthread
@egreg OK
It's been mentioned by other people that some languages call this operation a 'zip', but I was not sure it works that well
7:03 PM
Exact duplicate, based on OP's comment tex.stackexchange.com/q/75189/86
7:26 PM
@AndrewStacey I don't think so. The catchword is a completely different problem than a widow word on a line. It's an ancient typographical practice of anticipating the first word or fragment thereof on the next verso page.
The comment is directed to J.C. Solomon, not doncherry.
@AndrewStacey yes I understood it the same as @egreg (although the example given is spectacularly unclear) doing a catchword in TeX might be a interesting exercise...
@DavidCarlisle Unboxing the first line on the next page, going back to the first word (or word fragment) in it and reinserting it at the bottom. But only at transitions from recto to verso page. Yikes!
@egreg something like that yes... It would be easier if Frank had got his reconsider paragraphs into tex3 but it seems like he almost got that with luatex callbacks so perhaps....
@DavidCarlisle I guess that with LuaTeX it's probably feasible; with TeX, maybe, provided no whatsit sneaks in that first line.
@topskip The question tex.stackexchange.com/q/75189/86 is for LuaTeX experts.
@egreg ? sure it's the right question (closed, Tikz)?
7:38 PM
@topskip no, it should be 75191
@topskip Wrong link, sorry.
I don't know what happened: the link in Andrew's line was to a different question. :(
Q: last word in the sentence

ErasmI would like to typeset catchwords. That is, I would like to put a “preview” of the next page’s first word at the bottom of every page. An example taken from the Wikipedia page linked above: The next page begins with the word (actually word fragment in this particular case) “dos”, and so that w...

@tohecz @ℝaphink has done something similar
What? Huh? Eh? Clearly going doolally in my old age.
@egreg oh that was quite an "edit" to the original question:-)
@egreg I still have to prepare my talk for monday, I could use this as an example :)
7:48 PM
Quick question about macros:
I want to do something like this:

\adjustimage{min size={\textwidth}{.7\textheight},max size={\textwidth}{.7\textheight}}{#2.jpg}
\caption{The \citetitle{#2} #1 \autocite{wiki:#2}.}
@topskip so is it feasible with luatex?, it's just about feasible in classic tex but likely to be wildly fragile
Except, if the #1 argument is blank (not supplied), I don't want it to include two spaces between \citetitle{#2} and \autocite{wiki:#2}. like it's doing in this example
Is there a way to do this without just using a system where I supply a space in the #1 argument in the first place?
@DavidCarlisle I haven't tried it, and I don't know what could happen at the end of the page, but I believe a rather robust solution could be implemented in LuaTeX
@Gnintendo \newcommand{\addart}[2][\unskip\ignorespaces]{
@DavidCarlisle and what is \unskip and \ignorespaces doing in this scenario?
7:52 PM
@Gnintendo actually you probably only want one of them \unskip removes the previous space and \ignorespaces ignores the following one. so if #1 is that \citetitle{#2} #1 \autocite{wiki:#2} is the same as \citetitle{#2}\autocite{wiki:#2}
only the immediately following one?
@Gnintendo yes \ignorespaces is a tex primitive that ignores spaces until a non space appears (after expansion) it is used all over the place in latex
trying to find what exactly unskip and ignorespaces does so I know how this works into the future
is unskip the same thing?
(the other way)?
@topskip similar to what?
@tohecz the question egreg/you have linked to (catchwords)
7:56 PM
Not really it works at a lower level \ignorespaces ignores space tokens so they do nothing. You can't ignore the space that has already gone it will already have inserted an inter-word skip into the current horizontal list being typeset. \unskip acts at the level of lists not tokens and removes the previous node from the current list if it is a glue node (and you are not on the main vertical list)
@topskip ok
@DavidCarlisle So which do you think would be better to use?
I'm using the one that removes the one after atm :s
@topskip Similar to what?
@Gnintendo good as anything:-)
@ℝaphink ;)
Q: last word in the sentence

ErasmI would like to typeset catchwords. That is, I would like to put a “preview” of the next page’s first word at the bottom of every page. An example taken from the Wikipedia page linked above: The next page begins with the word (actually word fragment in this particular case) “dos”, and so that w...

8:07 PM
@topskip If you are re-inserting the first line after extracting the catchword, don't forget to add \topskip :-)
@DavidCarlisle :-)
@DavidCarlisle I would just use node.copy_list(...) - \topskip is not necessary :)
Yeah, first gold badge \o/
@ℝaphink Cool, which one?
Ah, I see
@JosephWright Great answer, in the typography question (unfortunately community wiki)
8:11 PM
@JosephWright on a more serious note how long have I got to talk at UKtug. I thought I might try this beamer thingy and I got directed to some template with your name on telling me how to structure a 20 minute talk, but I'm not sure if that is right or whetehr you still want the full 5 hour version?
@topskip Right, but I've done it kind of manually.
@DavidCarlisle Pretty flexible, really. Usual pattern is talks up to 30 mins long, but we have no formal timetable.
@DavidCarlisle Templates are Till Tantau's :-)
Thanks @ℝaphink and @DavidCarlisle for your help. Couldn't have done this without you: github.com/Gnintendo/Art-History-Study-Guide/commit/…
@Gnintendo Ah, that simplifies your code quite a bit, doesn't it? :-)
8:13 PM
the beauty of simple code :-)
@ℝaphink with the help of @DavidCarlisle I was able to include the extra info on some figure descriptions that I wanted as well
so I'm really happy with it
@JosephWright OK I'll aim for 30 minutes
did you also choose a nice font?
(If you haven't, I recommend EB Garamond)
I haven't settled on anything yet
8:15 PM
I'm mostly using Linux Libertine/Biolinum and EB Garamond for my books
I did add arara build instructions so you could build it yourself easily, though
Although there's other nice fonts out there (open-source or not)
I haven't tried arara yet. I'm more of a GNU Make person
well, I included it because it's a good way to tell anybody looking at the code "here's how to reproduce my compilation process"
(even if they don't use arara)
@ℝaphink Or Junicode
Junicode is specifically for medieval needs. I'm more of a classicist in my choices :-)
8:17 PM
Code style aside, do you guys have any suggestions for how I can improve the look/functionality of the document?: github.com/Gnintendo/Art-History-Study-Guide/blob/master/…
yay Dortmund is leading against Manchester City :-)
Open Baskerville would be very nice if it was a bit more featured (at least more language support)
The compiled version of that can be viewed at gabmedia.org/ArtStudyGuide.pdf
@Gnintendo: First, I wouldn't use a standard class. I'd use either scrartcl (Koma-Script) or memoir. Standard classes look too … standard.
that's a bad thing? :<
8:19 PM
Well if you want your art guide to look like a math paper, no
it's up to you really :-)
Memoir has built-in themes and Koma-Script has easy ways to be tuned.
@Gnintendo: Here are some examples of books I typeset with Koma-Script (scrbook): tex.stackexchange.com/a/69270/951
See also tex.stackexchange.com/a/50848/951 for inspiration
@Gnintendo {\small{}\MyTitle{} by \... if you use a size change command you (almost) always want to include the trailing blank line or \par in the scope of the command as otherwise as you have it the font size reverts to normal at the } before the paragraph ends so you get small text on a normalsize baseline (which isn't quite as bad as large text on a normal baseline but still...)
Honestly, the way to lay out your book has a big influence on how nice it looks (isn't that obvious? :-))
@DavidCarlisle Even though it ends in a pagebreak?
8:24 PM
@Gnintendo the page break happens in the output routine ages after the paragraph has been set so does not affect the setting of the text.
@DavidCarlisle So to clarify, how exactly should i be changing the scope of the \small command in this context
also, reading now @ℝaphink
@Gnintendo hint: by pressing <up-arrow> on your keyboard, you can edit your last message / messages (you can "navigate thru them")
well in that case (and usually) remove the \\ before the \small and replace by \par so the graphics gets set then just remove the { before \small and remove the offending } before the \end{center} the scope of \small ends at the end of the environment anyway but will then include the \par in the \end{center} code so you will get an appropriate line spacing.
@tohecz Doesn't work here :S
@ℝaphink scrartcl complains that some font shapes were not available, is this normal?
@tohecz Thanks
8:29 PM
Strange, because it works for me perfectly...
Hello, I am using mathrsfs package to get the symbol \mathscr{T}. How can I get the non-italicized version of it?
@Gnintendo You'd have to see which fonts it warns about.
so it's normal to get that warning?
@mythealias \mathcal{S} with \usepackage{amsfonts} maybe (I'm not srure)?
i will try it out
8:31 PM
@tohecz Right, but is there a keyboard shortcut for answering a message?
@ℝaphink and even the "@ notification" works, so you can use to add the "@..." to your message if you forget it
@mythealias I'm not sure how you can have a non italic script T wouldn't that be the same as \mathrm{T} ?
@ℝaphink not any I'd know of
@tohecz So you still need a mouse :'(
@DavidCarlisle I am using a different math font
8:33 PM
@ℝaphink yes, but you can go without it if you only "call the person", just write "@" and the beginning of their name, and then use <tab> to navigate the suggestions
(it doesn't work with your name tho because of the BB R)
you can find the reference for it on page 65 of symbols list
@tohecz: I know, but that doesn't necessary link the messages properly.
@ℝaphink it does not, but usually people know what you're speaking about, if it's a recent chat
@tohecz \mathcal does not give the right font
Q: Is There a Shortcut for Replying to Chat Messages?

MaxpmIs there a keyboard shortcut for replying to messages, much like the up arrow is a shortcut for editing your previous message? (Is this an appropriate use of the support tag? I wasn't sure if it belonged in discussion.)

8:36 PM
@PauloCereda cool
Thank you, Sr. @PauloCereda
@ALL (btw, be careful, because is seems to me that @Paulo is always listening...)
@ℝaphink moi? :) I didn't do anything. :)
@tohecz: He's a bot
@ℝaphink btw, Mr. Bot, have you got your piano yet?
8:37 PM
@mythealias think you must have a different list (just looked at page 65 of texdoc symbols) but I mean in general since \mathscr is for making a script fomt I'm not sure what a non-italic version of it means?
Originally, he was a human being, but nowadays, it's mostly his bot that's online for him :-)
@tohecz: My piano?
@ℝaphink I asked Mr. @Paulo Bot, not you :p
this it the code I am using, \documentclass{article} \usepackage{mathrsfs} \begin{document} $\mathscr{T}$ \end{document}
when I did \addart[(\emph{left}, back; \emph{right}, front)]{narmer}
@ℝaphink I'm not a bot, I'm a normal oops Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero at paulo.chatroom.watcher.main(ExceptionTest.java:12347)
8:40 PM
i want to get an upright version of the font ... i am not sure where to look for it
it said "Font shape OT1/cmss/bx/it' undefined(Font) using OT1/cmss/bx/n' instead"
@tohecz Oh my old piano is on sale, but no offers so far. :) I'm still waiting for some updates. :)
@PauloCereda: Now I really doubt you know about the series "Le visiteur du futur", do you?
@ℝaphink no, it doesn't ring a bell. :(
@ℝaphink That's the font it was complaining about
8:42 PM
@PauloCereda: In this series, there's a scientist (from the future) who invented a robot that looks exactly like him. The robot also invented robots that look like them, so there's tons of clones, and there's no way to tell them appart.
@mythealias I doubt there is one, script fonts are usually slanted by nature. You may find a more or less upright font that suits the requirement but you wouldn't expect an upright version of that just as you wouldn't expect an upright version of times italic
@Gnintendo There is no boldface italic font in the Computer Modern Sans typeface. Try with \usepackage{lmodern}
@PauloCereda: In order to know if the one you meet is the original or a clone, you have to challenge him being a robot. Usually, he will say he's not a robot, then actually aknowledge he is one and crash.
@ℝaphink Ah interesting. :)
@Gnintendo: Or try a nicer font :-)
8:43 PM
@DavidCarlisle I'm sure there exists a less slanted version of the rsfs fonts. Checking
@ℝaphink ooh some sort of Turing test. :)
@DavidCarlisle I have it in my book, so there might be a version
@DavidCarlisle Thanks for actually explaining it all, I appreciate it
I want to have a T-shirt with a big arrow in the "I'm with stupid" style, but with "My companion failed the Turing test." :)
@egreg don't spoil my general argument by details and truths about the case in point.
8:45 PM
@PauloCereda: See youtube.com/watch?v=Rjd7U8_0YBE at 5:20
@PauloCereda: To be precise, all robots have a barcode on their arm, but the original guy doesn't.
@mythealias \usepackage{rsfso}, then \mathcal{ABC} will have less slanted calligraphic letters than with \usepackage{calrsfs} or similar packages.
@ℝaphink LOL I like the surprised look. :)
anyways men and a bot, gotta go to bed, I don't sleep well here so I need enough time for that.
@DavidCarlisle I like the RSFS fonts as they are; but somebody may prefer them a bit less slanted.
@PauloCereda and then in the next seen, the robot wakes up, sees the cables coming out of his body and says, "I am a robot!" and crashes
8:47 PM
So would most of you agree with @ℝaphink in that it would look better with a different font?
If you like lmodern for humanities, raise your hand :-)
Alright, don't raise your hand then, type something on your keyboard and press Enter.
Following orders. :)
Three headstones down, I got a call from my mom and it went from bad to worse.
Q: Binary Logarithm Function

Danilo BargenMath mode provides different functions to use in formulas like \sin, \cos, \tan or \log. According to Wikipedia, the alternative form of the binary logarithm log2(n) is either written ld(n) (common practice) or lb(n) (ISO standard). LaTeX provides a function \log and \lg, but no \ld or \lb. Is ...

@egreg I am not able to get \mathcal with \usepackage{rsfso}. I get an error The rrsfso source file could not be found.
8:51 PM
@mythealias Hmm, let me check.
@egreg you were approx. 1 minute faster than me ;)
so um
@egreg Done
does that mean lmodern?
@Gnintendo: It's your book anyway, I'm only suggesting :-)
8:52 PM
is \usepackage{lmodern} all I have to do to include it?
(does it matter where it is in the preamble)?
Hi @Joseph and good night!
@mythealias IIRC, there was for some time a problem in the packaging of rsfso in TeX Live, but the problem has been solved; indeed it works for me.
@Gnintendo: Yes. You can also try \usepackage{libertineotf} instead to compare.
@Gnintendo: lmodern with scrartcl is already much nicer than cm with article (imo)
So are you saying I should be using lmodern or libertine, you confused me :P
which one did you think looks better?
@egreg I am using MiKTeX 2.9. Is it okay to post the complete transcript of the error message here?
8:59 PM
@Gnintendo: I'd choose libertine for the kind of book you're making, but that's my personal taste maybe. In fact my choices would be something like EBGaramond > LinuxLibertine > LatinModern. Might be some intermediaries, but CM would be out of question for me for this kind of book.
has a very nice header
@Gnintendo: Again, de gustibus et coloribus…
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