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12:00 AM
I can't wait that long.
@Cangeek I know you're at McMaster. Are you from Hamilton or somewhere else?
I'm from nearby, living in Hamilton right now.
@Canageek I see. I'm originally from Toronto.
@AlanMunn I remember when I learned "to intend" and "to pretend". "pretender" in Portuguese means "to intend" in English. "Eu pretendo ser médico" was wrongly translated to "I pretend to be a physician".
@PauloCereda Those false friend tend to be really problematic.
friends, I meant
12:06 AM
I was born in Scarborough ^^
@GonzaloMedina indeed. I was trying to remember that name. :-)
@GonzaloMedina There are also phonological false friends. Do you confuse 'puxar' (pull) with English 'push'?
@AlanMunn ah that one too!
@Canageek Which we used to call "Scarberia". :-) BTW, with respect to your Greek question, I'm also a Mac user, so I'm with egreg on this one. I take it you're not using a Mac?
@PauloCereda Of course, that's what many of us here do (at least those of us who are "Doctors" :-))
@AlanMunn hehe :-)
12:11 AM
@Gonzalo In case you're confused, 'puxar' is Portuguese, but I replied to you. Maybe Spanish has a similar pair, but not that one.
@AlanMunn no, I wasn't confused. I'm trying to think of an example in Spanish...
I'm not sure, but maybe it's 'tirar' in Spanish. Another false friend. :-P
yes, it is tirar en Spanish
perhaps "tópico" and "topic"?
Besides "tirar" (depending on what region you're on) can also mean "to fuck"
@GonzaloMedina Yes, that's a true false friend, though since they are presumably from the same source originally. (English has 'topical' with the same meaning in the medicine context.) The puxar / push example is a friend only through pronunciation: they have absolutely nothing in common otherwise, except by accident they are both verbs of motion on an object.
I remember (ES) "borrar" and (BR) "apagar" - erase. In BR, "borrar" mean "to blot".
12:21 AM
@AlanMunn You could say that. I'm on Windows now, but I've used Linux in past, but never tried to copy things out of it on linux.
Interesting, I wonder if this is a windows thing or an Adobe Reader thing.
@Canageek I don't know. It's also possible that there's something up with the way your TeX is set up. But I'm just guessing, since I have no recent experience with PCs (and none with TeX on a PC.)
I'm just using a TeXLive 2011 install, nothing fancy. PDFLaTeX and so on.
Apropos to the friendliness of this site: here's a direct quote from the TL mailing list in response to a "how do I install RevTeX?": "Well, you have to put all the files into the right folders, and then depending on where you put them, run mktexlsr."
@AlanMunn hehe
Yeah, I wish there was an emacs Stack Overflow, and that it is as friendly as this place. All the documentation is in emacs-speak, and there are very few 'so you don't know what you are dong' guides out there.
12:29 AM
@Canageek Yeah, so I don't know if this is a Windows thing or not. But give the question some time, there may be others who will answer. Also, the majority of the users are in Europe, I think, so questions from N. America often don't get seen until early morning our time.
@AlanMunn wow. That reminds me of a former colleague that versioned a code late in the night. The message was something like this: "Fixed something somewhere. At least, the code now works... kinda."
@Canageek Serves you right for using emacs, I think is the right response there. :-) [I used to use emacs but now I can't be bothered because there are plenty of really native editing environments for the Mac.]
@PauloCereda To be fair, I quoted out of context. The first part of the message was "You shouldn't have to install anything, since it's already part of TL". But the second part, knowing the poster was clearly in an {annoyed} environment.
@AlanMunn emacs? Ewww! Nothing compares to vi (just kidding)
I'll admit- I often have 3 text editors open at once: TeXStudio for writing, notepad++ for reading code, opening things quickly and such, and emacs for heavy code editing since it has a zillion keyboard shortcuts.
I'd switch away from emacs in a second if someone copied all its keyboard shortcuts to another editor.
@GonzaloMedina I tried to use emacs, but I didn't like it. I thought the Lisp implementation would seduce me, but no luck. So I'm stuck with good ol' vi. :-)
12:38 AM
Or stay with it forever if someone updated the UI to not be from the 1980s.
Errr, early 1990s. I've seen better looking programs for Windows 3.1.
@Canageek Most of the Mac code editors have kept lots of emacs shortcuts, I think. But I don't write a lot of code any more, so it's not as much of an issue for me.
@GonzaloMedina I've now evolved beyond editor wars. :-)
Anyway, bye people, I have to go. Good night :-)
Good night, Alan!
Good night, Alan!
@PauloCereda I've never used emacs or vi.
@GonzaloMedina I'm used to vi, but just the basics.
Which editor do you use?
12:49 AM
Since basically all I do in a computer has to do with LaTeX, I only use TeXworks.
I'm migrating to TeXworks for my LaTeX stuff.
I recall trying TeXworks and not liking it vs TeXStudio or TeXMaker
I used TeXMaker a long time ago. It was nice, but I was in love with vi.
I've been good tonight! No sniping at vi or Mac users. ^^
It's time for me to go. Bye, and goog night!
1:04 AM
Good night, Gonzalo!
Time for me to go too. See ya, friends!
1 hour later…
2:31 AM
HAHA, I felt like taking some time off since I got a lot done today...so I made an example out of my question of doom!
2:51 AM
If anyone wants to see what I distracted so many people for... canageek.wordpress.com/2011/09/28/summon-invisible-servent
3:14 AM
Errr, make that canageek.wordpress.com/2011/09/28/summon-invisible-servant as there was a giant typo.
3 hours later…
6:18 AM
@Canageek You might want to use <pre> or something for the souce code.
Yes, or <code>
@Raphink Right, forgot that HTML has also that
Yes, for a long time, quite a few browsers didn't know it well iirc, so <pre> was better, but nowadays, <code> is widely used.
moderntimeline is added to CTAN. Soon to be indexed :-)
@Raphink How do you manage so many packages? :-)
@AndreyVihrov: They're all fairly new (and I have no idea how many people use them), so it's not an issue so far. That said, my take is that free software comes AS IS, with no garantee. I find it easier for myself and others to make packages out of portable code I use (since it gets included in TeXLive so I can reuse it anywhere). If other people use it, give feedback and report bugs, great ;-)
Making packages also forces me to cleanup code, make nicer interfaces and write documentation, so it helps myself on the long run, too :-)
I wonder if it may be a good idea to include VCS info in package docs
has anyone used koma-moderncvclassic ?
7:02 AM
@Raphink I tried koma-moderncvclassic, and gave some hints to the developer, but I had not yet time to convert my CV using it.
7:22 AM
@domwass: what's good about it?
@Raphink Its main purpose was to be able to use biblatex with moderncv. Thus, it uses the KOMA classes instead of moderncv, and it just adapts the moderncv layout (classic theme) for the KOMA classes. As a consequence, it is easily possible to adjust headings etc.
not sure if I would use that currently
I use koma extensively for books, but for my CV, not sure
7:43 AM
@Raphink you have an example for moderncvclassic?
@Patrick: not the koma version, but I'm using moderncv
8:17 AM
@Patrick There is an example file on CTAN: mirror.ctan.org/macros/latex/contrib/koma-moderncvclassic/… – though it does not work out of the box, because it calls the package with \usepackage[myblue]{koma-moderncvclassic-test} instead of \usepackage[myblue]{koma-moderncvclassic}.
yes, the doc is not very nice
@domwass I'd like to have a "I just click to view" example :-))
8:37 AM
@Patrick Well, compiling the example is just one click (c: [Apart from the -test error.]
I reported the issue with the wrong example file to the package author.
@domwass download, copy, open editor/shell type in several commands or click somewhere...
9:26 AM
I answered tex.stackexchange.com/questions/29888/… before it was migrated from so to tex.sx. On tex.sx it might be too similar to tex.stackexchange.com/questions/11123/… . Mark it as a duplicate?
moderncv would really need some more conf parameters...
It has tons of hardcoded \small, \scriptsize, or worse \lsshape (which doesn't exist in quite a few fonts)
and no macro to set them
just trying to use Minion Pro + Myriad Pro with it, I have to patch quite a few commands
@NN Seamus seems to agree with you! I've voted to close as a duplicate.
Morning, all!
@PauloCereda Morning!
Hi @NN :-)
I can't believe how TikZ is powerful. It opens a whole new world right in front of you.
9:43 AM
at the risk of getting headaches though!
that is for feeble minds such as mine
Pfiew, CV in Minion Pro done
@NN indeed! I swear I try to read the manual, but there's so much stuff I can't cope.
@Raphink Minion Pro seems to be a nice font. :-)
@PauloCereda the manual is really good compared to many other manuals though
@PauloCereda, yes, and available for free with Acrobat Reader
9:50 AM
@NN true. Sometimes I can't find tweaks, but it's my fault. I wish other packages were well documented.
it's nicer than the default font :-)
It looks really good!
any suggestions?
I have to admit: that timeline looks so awesome.
10:05 AM
Out of curiosity, is AZERTY widely used in Europe?
@PauloCereda Good morning; got to rep cap before even starting looking at TeX.SX; wow!
@PauloCereda: it's a French keyboard layout.
AZERTY is a specific layout for the characters of the Latin alphabet on typewriter keys and computer keyboards. The layout takes its name from the first six letters to appear on the first row of alphabetical keys. Like the German QWERTZ layout, it is modeled on the English QWERTY layout, and it is used by most French speakers based in Europe, though France and Belgium each have their own national variations on the layout. The French speaking part of Switzerland uses the Swiss QWERTZ keyboard. Most of the citizen of Quebec, the French-speaking province of Canada, use a QWERTY keyboard tha...
@Raphink: Was just going back through some comments here and saw one of yours claiming that TikZ without TeX was pretty useless. Not so! I use it to create SVG pictures for the web. A lot of the knot diagrams linked from this page were done using TikZ: ncatlab.org/nlab/show/SVG+images
"t is used by most French speakers based in Europe, though France and Belgium each have their own national variations on the layout. The French speaking part of Switzerland uses the Swiss QWERTZ keyboard."
@AndrewStacey So you'd say it's a bit like Lilypond without TeX?
@egreg wow³!
10:10 AM
@egreg Did you hire some elves to work at night for you?
@Raphink Ah nice. I'm asking this because one of my notebooks have an AZERTY keyboard. I suffered a lot in the beginning.
@Raphink I don't know enough about lilypond to know if it uses TeX under the hood. If so, then yes. When drawing those diagrams I'm using TeX as a programming language and not using any of its typesetting capabilities. So if someone is interested in TikZ, I wouldn't say "Learn TeX first". I think that it was a great way to get them hooked on TeX without knowing it. (An obvious analogy springs to mind, but for decency's sake I shan't pursue it.)
@PauloCereda: learn to type in whichever layout you wish (pick Qwerty to start with) and stop looking at the keyboard. After that, it doesn't matter what you're actually using.
@AndrewStacey Alright, good to know.
@Jin might be interested in reading your comments ;-)
@PauloCereda got problems with RSI?
10:13 AM
@Raphink I just came here to have an argument!
@Raphink That was my technique, but the keys were not well-placed, sometimes I had to look and I was like, "somebody help me!".
@AndrewStacey Certainly sir. Do you want to have the full argument, or were you thinking of taking a course? (Monty Python FTW)
@PauloCereda: hehe. I bought a laptop from a friend a few years back, which is QWERTY with an arabic layout printed on it (a powerbook bought in lebanon). I put Ubuntus stickers on it, installed Ubuntu, and had weird looks when boarding planes...
@PauloCereda I always worry if my quirky (or qwerty) references will go unnoticed, but I never need fear when you're aroudn!
Or even "around"
@AndrewStacey Is it merely an optional argument (in which case I can go have my lunch break) or are there mandatory arguments?
@Raphink Given that I'm getting quite hungry too, I'll make them optional.
10:18 AM
@NN I did. :-P But it was my fault, I didn't take proper pauses while typing.
@PauloCereda: there's a computer joke about azerty in French, which says "Un clavier AZERTY en vaut deux." This literally means "An AZERTY keyboard is worth two", but is a play on the fact that "AZERTY" sounds like "averti", and we have a saying in French that says, "Un homme averti en vaut deux", meaning, "An informed person is worth two."
@PauloCereda I thought you were considering another keyboard layout to cure RSI
@AndrewStacey I love your references! :-)
@Raphink aah nice!
Meanwhile I've finally found a text editor for the iPad that allows you to define an extra two rows of symbols. Whey-hey! All I need now is a tex binary for iOS.
@NN Not at all, I had to cure RSI the other way. :-) I was confused because there are some symbols mapped in the AZERTY layout that we never use in here. For example, è does not exist in Portuguese, only à, but not in words.
10:26 AM
@PauloCereda: yes, but there's other symbols you have and we don't, like \~a for example
@Raphink I forgot that one! And we share "ç" too. :-)
@AndrewStacey It would be awesome. I just googled it and found this epic comment on LaTeX and iPad: "Yeah, but you have to admit that assembling an equation by dragging and dropping the parts with your fingers would be pretty damn sweet. You give it to mathematicians and it would be like watching Mozart on the piano. The proof of the mysteries of the Universe could be one iPad away."
I'd rather have the proofs of the universe typeset on some less advertised and branded product.
@PauloCereda Yuk! Actually, I would hate that. .... Actually, for writing stuff, I would hate it. For actually doing maths it would be quite neat. Imagine rearranging some complicated equation. Spectral sequences would be fantastic! You'd need an unlimited undo, and a bookmarking facility. Other than that you just need glyphs that you can drag around the screen. Bonus points for them resizing according to position.
Then the source and the output of the proof shall be placed in a torrent and distributed peer to peer!
@NN Mine was a gift so I'm happy to be able to not have to consider that!
10:33 AM
@NN There must be a hidden clause in the iPad software agreement that grants Apple all the rights on every proof of the universe you come up.
@PauloCereda (Serious head on) Fortunately, ideas are patentable or copyrightable so we'd be safe.
@AndrewStacey aaah no one gives me cool gifts like that. Only socks and agendas.
@AndrewStacey I need to consider developing iPad apps.
10:47 AM
wow. We have 953 questions tagged .
11:21 AM
@PauloCereda (and anyone else interested). Here's a new query for you: data.stackexchange.com/tex/s/1914/… Find the proportion of questions that were closed for a reason other than as duplicates. The idea is that it's a measure of how well-defined the site it. (Not sure if it's an accurate measure as posts that are closed, opened, and closed again might get counted twice.)
We get 5 qns/1000. Explanation: of every 1000 questions asked, 5 are closed for reasons other than "exact duplicate". Theoretical computer science gets 31/1000 (expected for a "research level" site).
SO gets 4/1000. Maths gets 5/1000. Physics gets a whopping 22/1000! Nearly up with TCS. English is at 14/1000. Programming is another high one: 28/1000. So "normal" is around 4,5,6. "High" is between 10 and 20. "Extreme" is above 20.
@AndrewStacey Great query! It's an interesting number, it seems we are doing very well!
@PauloCereda Thanks. If you can improve on it, do. I'm worried about double counting.
Although it's more for the research level sites, here's some thoughts on Community Wiki that others might be interested in: math.ntnu.no/~stacey/CountingOnMyFingers/Hammer.html
11:42 AM
@AndrewStacey I'm not sure if that solved, but I replaced line 4 cast(COUNT(*) as float) by cast(COUNT(distinct q.PostId) as float). The result still holds. I think it won't affect that much, since I suppose it's rare of a question to be closed twice for the same reason.
@PauloCereda Thanks. I know it would be rare, but it wouldn't have to be closed twice for the same reason, just neither as duplicate. Does your edit now affect my saved query ... I guess I can just check ... no, it doesn't appear to.
@AndrewStacey I'm not sure if my edit actually works. We could try on other sites.
@PauloCereda Problem is that I suspect you're right. The effect would be down in the 53rd decimal place.
@AndrewStacey Ah I see.
Here's a little optical illusion:
Which square is in front?
11:54 AM
Hm A ?
Nice one!
12:23 PM
I wonder why \textregistered is already up (and very small) in MinionPro
1:10 PM
@Raphink Bad design?
Video lectures with Donald Knuth from 1981 and 82:
Click on "Other videos" at the bottom, there are three series about TeX -- "TeX for beginners", "Advanced TeXarcana" and "The internal details of TeX82".
Errr, where?
Didn't the link show up? scpd.stanford.edu/knuth/index.jsp
It didn't before
Yes, yes, it showed up already :-)
it says I need to install M$ Silverlight :|
@NN Wasn't aware of that, I have it installed already.
I didn't try, I don't have sound here
@JosephWright: Why is tex.stackexchange.com/questions/11701/… marked as CW?
1:28 PM
Here's an obvious "close as duplicate" if anyone's not had enough practise closing questions today: tex.stackexchange.com/q/29912/86
Ah, the joy of a programmer. I was in the bank at the right time the ticket emitter was turned on. I saw the good ol' Linux Kernel boot.
Still two votes needed
Ah yes @PauloCereda. I took pictures of the Linux reboot in the plane last time :-)
When they were rebooting the media screens :-)
@Raphink really? Cool!
raah, no votes left for today :'(
@Raphink Sorry about that, the first time I tried, I got a message about retrying or canceling, and I clicked "retry" a little late, didn't mean to be pushy.
1:42 PM
@Raphink Probably Mortimer checked the button
@Raphink I'm already at rep cap, so it doesn't matter. :)
@egreg: sorry about that, I made sure to not vote for you today :-)
@Raphink No immediate idea
@JosephWright: @egreg suggested the answerer might have marked the answer as CW himself, but I don't see why.
@Raphink Perhaps because of the first thing he wrote, that it isn't a complete answer, just some thoughts around the subject.
2:19 PM
@egreg Thanks for adding the explanation on the risks of using \let\oldxyz\xyz.
2:29 PM
Your egreg number
-- Calculate your "egreg number"
-- We are not worthy. If you dare, calculate the mythical egreg number
-- eg() based on your reputation.
   ((select cast(Reputation as float) from Users where Id = ##myId##) /
   (select cast(Reputation as float) from Users where Id = 4427)) [Your egreg number]
@PauloCereda: where do you run the request?
We are not worthy. We are not worthy. We are not worthy.
When you compose a query, you can get a permalink for it.
I just got the Deputy badge. Can I wear a uniform now?
2:47 PM
@GonzaloMedina You can find a thorough discussion in the documentation of letltxmacro
A hat at least?
@NN Can you test my answer to your bounty question?
Q: Inserting/Numbering/Labelling/Referencing several times the same equation written in various form

elmanuelitioI'm looking for an automatic way in LaTeX to number a same equation that would be inserted several times (under different forms for instance). The output would look something like: some text x-y=0 (1) some text x=y (1a) some text. Now with an align environment x2-y2=0 (2) y-...

eg(lockstep) = 1.11178031419787
@egreg: I think the bounty is offered by Seamus. @NN has edited the question, though.
@PauloCereda: not bad at all
@Raphink :-)
2:53 PM
@PauloCereda: it might be easier to read if you make it a percentage, no?
@Raphink I thought it could be more like an Erdös number. :-)
We have a room full of mathematicians, I'm scared to say anything math-related.
Hey @Seamus!
Are we still posting to the blog on an "as and when" basis, or do we have a schedule?
@PauloCereda Hi!
@Raphink Ah, yes, sorry.
@egreg np
@PauloCereda My Erdős number is 3.
3:13 PM
@egreg Wow
@egreg wow!
@egreg so if I edit one of your tex.sx posts, that counts as a collaboration, so I'd have an Erdős number of 4?
@JosephWright It's not so impressive. I happened to work with a friend who has published a paper with a direct collaborator of Erdős.
@Seamus Yes, of course. :)
Wow. egreg 1 x 0 David Hilbert (Erdös number 4).
Yeah, but Hilbert has a Hilbert number of zero!
3:21 PM
what about Gödel numbers?
not that I understand them (however I should because the incompleteness theorems is in a book I read for school)
@NN I don't think Gödel had papers in collaboration
@egreg it's not the original but some summary/explanation of Raymond Smullyan
@NN I was referring to the papers because no collaboration means that nobody has a Gödel number (except Gödel himself). The book should be "What's the title of this book?" Very nice.
3:37 PM
@egreg Isn't it Gödel sentences that are self-referencing, and not Gödel numbers?
I still have this one.
@PauloCereda Which is hardest. Solving the problem of how many faces the football has or understanding Gödel?
@NN Gödel! I can cheat on counting the faces of that football. :-)
TBH, Gödel was quite nice to learn. But it was not intuitive for me.
4:06 PM
@PauloCereda: those two objects don't seem to go well side by side ;-)
@GonzaloMedina: hehe true! :-P
One of them gives me the shivers!
Football? :-)
4:22 PM
@NN Yes, Gödel numbers are used to associate a number to each symbol, formula and sequence of formulas. So one can refer to numbers instead of sequences of formulas and do some clever trick to build a statement that indirectly refers to itself.
@egreg Hope I'll understand that theorem someday. Not a math talent. That diagonlization business is scary!
@NN = p?
@Jin greetings designer of the realm
thanks for your help lastnight with the formatting on the mod card
i just want to make sure everything looks OK before I ship them..
could you guys proof read?
4:38 PM
@AlanMunn is that a smiley or a question whether I'm identical the proposition p?
@Jin Is there a particular reason for the switch to a sans serif font in the answer part?
@NN Neither. It was an allusion to the P = NP complexity question :-)
@AlanMunn to match our site style
@AlanMunn on our site, the question titles are in serif, and the body text is in Lucida
@Jin So it is. Hmm. Unfortunately the TeX formatting in sans fonts always looks kind of ugly IMO.
@Jin why are the initial letters of community manager in capitals? clarity?
@NN yes, plus it's a title.
like, Chief Executive Officer
4:44 PM
@AlanMunn another terrifying problems! thanks for the allusion. it's now in my about description: chat.stackexchange.com/users/15795/n-n#
@Jin I see
@Jin: awesome design.
whew.. and that was the last of it..
btw, i know many users(no-mods) want a site card too
@Jin There are no typos or other issues that I can see. Just be sure to check the name spellings a few times. :-)
so i'll be making those. they'll just be generic site cards
@AlanMunn oh i'm copying 'n pasting the user info straight from the google doc they filled out.. so if there are misspellings, then it's mods' fault :)
@Jin: I was about to ask exactly that (if no-mods could also have the cards)
4:47 PM
@GonzaloMedina yep. i need to finish the mod card designs for the other SE sites too. so far i've done it for about 10 sites.. about 20 more to go..
@Jin at some point I recall something about top users getting t-shirts. Did that ever happen? Or was it just moderators?
@AlanMunn that has not happened yet. but will very soon. in fact, i'm creating the swag for TeX site today
the swag package is for the top users of the first 2 pages(sorted by rep, all)
@Jin: Sorry if it's asking too much, but is it possible for us to have a high-res TeX.SX logo? I'd love to make a beamer presentation (our PowerPoint) or have a wallpaper in my computer.
@Jin Cool. Thanks.
@PauloCereda certainly. we don't have a place where we can host media files yet... but you can email me at jin@stackexchange.com i'll send via email
@PauloCereda what format do you want? vector(eps)?
4:50 PM
@Jin That would be fantastic!
@PauloCereda actually the "logo" is simply { }
but i assume you want { TeX } as it appears on the site?
with the lines on each side?
@Jin yes, that one. :-)
@PauloCereda ok just shoot me an email and i'll send
@Jin A million thanks!
@PauloCereda: can I ask you to re-send me the logo? (I don't want to bother @Jin)
4:51 PM
@GonzaloMedina feel free to email me. i'll send it to you both
@Gonzalo: sure!
we need to find a place where we can host files for users to download...
i've been asked for wallpaper, logo files etc by many users before
Since now TeX.SX is sponsored by SE, we could benefit from using the logo in conferences! :-)
@Jin: OK. I will email you. @PauloCereda: (as you can read) I'll email Jin, but thank you.
@Gonzalo: NP. :-) If I come up with a wallpaper or beamer theme, I'll let you all know.
@Jin: your comment on the TeX.SX design is now fav'd 9 times! A record!
5:00 PM
@PauloCereda whoa nice!
@GonzaloMedina emailed. i hope you can open .eps files
wow, I'm still opening my mail app. :-)
@PauloCereda i haven't used a desktop mail client in years
@PauloCereda emailed
@Jin hehe I'm tempted to move 100% to the web frontend, but I have an academic email which is better to open in a desktop app. :-)
@Jin wow, thanks!
@PauloCereda i also included a high res transparent png too
@Jin Great, I'm gonna play with both formats. :-)
5:08 PM
@PauloCereda the vector is best for print materials. it's 150dpi, in cmyk
@Jin: logo received. Thanks!
@Jin: can the logo be freely used?
@GonzaloMedina you can use it to promote the site. like flyers etc.
but not for commercial reasons (sell tshirts etc)
you can also use it to make wallpapers, or whatever else for personal use
@Jin: OK. (I wasn't thinking about commercial reasons.)
a beamer theme would be awesome.
@GonzaloMedina yeah it's fine. i'd like to make the vector version of all of our logos available for peopel to download at some point
but that's for SE and the Trilogy sites
5:17 PM
Q: Layout diagrams

Matthias PospiechI want to create some layout diagrams for a latex talk for students. However I do not want to have any information about the sizes included and do not want any dashed lines (as in the layout(s) packages) \documentclass[a4paper]{book} \usepackage[]{layout} \begin{document} \pagestyle{empty}\mbo...

Can someone suggest some tags for this?
@AlanMunn there's no equivalent for a {layout} or a {design} tag?
Let's add the tag! (I'll shut up now.)
@GonzaloMedina No it seems not. In the wisdom of the tag gurus on meta, they were probably merged with something else. :-) There's a book-design tag, which is closest, but not entirely appropriate.
5:35 PM
@AlanMunn is not optimal, but at least better than .
6:20 PM
Just out of morbid curiosity, is there a way to calculate the "total" reputation? I mean. also counting those points that were not really added to the rep. count because the rep. cap was reached?
@GonzaloMedina Hm good idea, let me play with the data explorer.
I'm sure Paulo will figure out the data explorer way, but in the meantime you can save your reputation (tex.stackexchange.com/reputation) as a text file and do grep "[.*]" rep | wc -l Multiply by 10 and add to your current reputation.
how many points per score?
Accepted answer is 20, I guess.
6:37 PM
@PauloCereda Accepted answer = 15
@GonzaloMedina: from 18558 you'd have something around 19735.
I fail as a statistician.
@AlanMunn I can't figure out yet. There are subtle conditionals, accepted answers, accepted edits, upvotes and downvotes. I need to learn more about our data.
@PauloCereda I don't know what 18558 represents.
@GonzaloMedina oh sorry, it was your rep until the data dump. Unfortunately they don't provide real time access.
@PauloCereda True. My manual method only catches votes that counted as 0, I think.
@PauloCereda Ah, OK, thanks. Anyway, don't waste your time with this... as I said, it was just morbid curiosity.
6:50 PM
@GonzaloMedina Just be thankful you're not a cat. :-)
Speaking of cats, why does in English a cat is said to have nine lives, but only seven in Portuguese (and probably in Spanish)?
@AlanMunn since this is procedure is not done using LaTeX, I am lost... I saved the file as rep.txt in my Desktop, then I opened a a terminal and typed what you just suggested but I got the message grep: rep: No such file or directoryso, obviously, I must be doing something wrong.
wow, Gonzalo's rep is a palindrome in base 2: 110000000000011
@PauloCereda We feed them better? Or maybe it's related to how people seem to have favourite numbers: What's your favourite number. In that survey, 7 is the most popular.
@GonzaloMedina Did you cd to ~/Desktop?
@PauloCereda yes, In Spanish too, cats only have 7 lives.
@AlanMunn hehe, yes. I am not that illiterate ;-)
6:59 PM
@AlanMunn Ah interesting!
@AlanMunn Obviously don't know that three is the magic number: youtube.com/watch?v=0irL1M15DH8
@GonzaloMedina If the file is rep.txt you need to change the grep command appropriately too. (change rep to rep.txt)
I have two cats. There's a photo of one of them in the Blog Editors room. :-)
@AlanMunn Ah, of course! Done, but something is wrong; the result doesn't match the number of [0]s in the file. Anyway, it doesn't really matter.
@GonzaloMedina Oh, and I think chat ate my markup. the square brackets need to be escaped: so it should be grep "\[.*\]" rep | wc -l
7:06 PM
To have a little fun learning some curiosities about numbers: www2.stetson.edu/~efriedma/numbers.html
Good evening - sometimes I wonder why such small answers give me so much rep: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/29884/…
And there are other ones which take quite some time and only two upvotes or so...
@Patrick All of us have experienced the same.
@Patrick We all wonder that from time to time. Possible reasons are that the more obscure the problem, the fewer people are interested in it (so low views) plus fewer people may consider themselves qualified to judge the answer and therefore give it an upvote.
But it is more fun to post complex answers - luckily I don't strive for the highest rep
This is my favorite upvote-question: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/9363/…
@AlanMunn That makes sense.
@Patrick Holy guacamole!
7:18 PM
@Patrick Indeed. BTW, can I ask you a luatex question? There was a question yesterday about using .ttc fonts on a Mac with lualatex. The proposed fix seems to work, but it only works by editing the actual otfl-blacklist.cnf found in /usr/local/texlive... . What you can't do is make a local copy and have that work. Do you know why this might be?
@AlanMunn No idea, I wanted to try it out but didn't have time yet. Well, I think I'll get a beer and a second text editor/terminal window on my notebook :)
@GonzaloMedina "Holy guacamole!" :)))
Part one is done, now the labor
7:33 PM
@AlanMunn Yan Zhou is correct about the global black list. Every black list it can find is read. (My comment on the question.)
You can do luatex --recorder ...to see that LuaTeX is reading both. And otfl-font-nms.lua goes through all entries in all lists.
@Patrick So this is different from how one would expect a local cnf file to work, no? Shouldn't the local one override the global one?
All entries are merged into a single table, see github.com/khaledhosny/luaotfload/blob/master/…
@Patrick I see. Intuitively this decision goes against expected TeX behaviour, though, although I can see the sense in it.
@AlanMunn It would be nice to have a local blacklist with perhaps "-optima" to remove entries from the list
I received my online TUG member access. :-)
7:43 PM
@lockstep Me too.
Yay, congrats you two!
@Patrick Yes. Because in principle end users shouldn't have to be changing anything in /usr/local/texlive
@lockstep Me too
congrats you three!
@Patrick Looking at the open issues on Khaled's github repo it seems that there's already been some discussion of that. So maybe the whitelist idea will be implemented.
7:50 PM
@AlanMunn what issue #?
@Patrick #37
@AlanMunn I only looked at the closed issues :)
@Patrick Optimist!
@AlanMunn No, tired :)
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