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12:01 AM
@egreg I agree, but the OP seems not to, having just accepted my answer. I think some people have an irrational fear of packages.
12:26 AM
@AlanMunn: But now the OP has changed his mind and accepted another question using ntheorem (while the OP was using amsmath), so it's not fear of packages.
I meant "accepted another answer"....
Ah... no. I read amsthm in the OP's question, but it is amsmath... Forget all I said!
@GonzaloMedina "simplicity" certainly is in the eye of the beholder...
12:41 AM
@AlanMunn: you're absolutely right.
I see that when I slide the mouse pointer over some users' icon, a pop-up window appears showing his/her profile information. How can I do that?
Soccer time. :-)
@GonzaloMedina Do you mean in the Q&A?
@PauloCereda: yes.
but my "where" was referring to your comment; I was asking "where is soccer time?"
@GonzaloMedina Just write something in the "description" area in your profile and you are done. It seems StackExchange also parses links and display them nicely in the pop-up window. ;-)
12:50 AM
@PauloCereda: Ah, OK. Thanks.
@GonzaloMedina Ah, today is the rebirth of Copa Rocca, a game between Argentina and Brazil. It's on TV now.
@PauloCereda: the two eternal rivals... are you a Brazil fan?
@GonzaloMedina: a loyal Brazilian. =) Well, TBH I only watch a few games on TV.
@PauloCereda: But I bet that in three years you'll turn off your TV and you'll go to see some games...
such a long talk about soccer... we'll be excomunicated... (or TeXcommunicated?)
@GonzaloMedina: hehe I hope so, but I'm not optimistic about the progress of construction and repair of stadiums.
Nah, don't worry. They have not kicked me out yet.
1:01 AM
@GonzaloMedina Oh yes. We prefer off topic conversations to be about baroque music and whether our reputations are palindromes or not.
@PauloCereda: there is still plenty of time, no?
@GonzaloMedina I don't think so, things are pretty slow in here.
@AlanMunn: well, I love baroque music... and also palindromes
when I was younger, I only considered music something written by Bach
@GonzaloMedina, @AlanMunn: will you come to the World Cup?
@GonzaloMedina See, you fit right in.
1:05 AM
@PauloCereda: I really don't like soccer that much. I saw my first live game ever this year in the U-20 world cup.
@GonzaloMedina Now that's just sad. All that great music from other centuries gone to waste. I'm glad to hear you've come around since.
@GonzaloMedina Cool, it was indeed on Colombia! Which game did you watch?
@PauloCereda Me neither. Soccer isn't very big in Canada. Everyone plays hockey.
@AlanMunn: well, I still consider many centuries as a waste (talking about music)
@PauloCereda: Spain-Costa Rica
@AlanMunn: now that I think about it, I rectify: many centuries are a waste not only talking about music.
@GonzaloMedina Oh dear. Does that include all of the 20th? Or just the Romantic period?
1:11 AM
No, in the 20th century music was reborn. But I still hate the Romanticism and Nationalism....
@GonzaloMedina I can appreciate that. But I don't think I could give up on Brahms and Schubert chamber music.
I don't understand most of the styles (yes, I used to fail at music history classes in the conservatoire), but I like Liszt and Chopin very much. :-)
@AlanMunn: from Schubert I like The Trout, but more for the interpretation of Jacqueline du Pré than for the piece itself. I can perfectly live without Brahms.
@PauloCereda Don't tell that to Gonzalo. Oops, you just did...
@PauloCereda: arggghhhh!
1:15 AM
let's talk about palindromes...
@GonzaloMedina So if you like DuPre, surely you love her Elgar Concerto (on the edge of the 20th century, but maybe too Romantic for you.
@AlanMunn: I love du Pré... and yes, I like her Elgar Concerto, and yes, you're right it's a little bit too romantic for me. But my love for du Pré is bigger.
@GonzaloMedina Love conquers all. :-) And she was an absolutely marvelous cellist.
All female cellists tend to be beautiful.
@AlanMunn: hehe... indeed.
@PauloCereda: that's somehow tautological: all people "tend" to be beautiful.
1:24 AM
@GonzaloMedina good point! =P
@GonzaloMedina Spoken like a true mathematician.
@AlanMunn: is is so evident?
Meanwhile, I fail miserably at the piano (just found a video of mine playing Jingle Bells, ouch...)
@GonzaloMedina Oh no, not at all. :-) (Your last comment reminds me of this story: mathworld.wolfram.com/AtLeastOne.html)
@PauloCereda It seems that many of the regulars here play some instrument.
@AlanMunn: one of the classic jokes of the mathematical folklore.
1:28 AM
@GonzaloMedina Hopefully with narrow scope of 'some'.
@GonzaloMedina Indeed. We might form an orchestra. =)
@PauloCereda: and we surely can write all of our scores using LaTeX!
@GonzaloMedina LilyPond, please.
@GonzaloMedina Of course! It will be awesome!
maybe our orchestra won't be very famous, but we'll have the more beaUtiful scores!
1:30 AM
@AlanMunn, @PauloCereda: Now that we talk about scores, I've never used LaTeX to write music (I know that there are some packages, though). Has anyone of you ever used LaTeX to write a score?
@GonzaloMedina Hands down winner: lilypond.org
@GonzaloMedina Not in LaTeX directly. As Alan suggested, I always use LilyPond for that. It's really really great.
It seems we can write LilyPond code within a LaTeX code, but I never tried.
I'll try it sometime. If I ever feel the urge to write scores.
Yay, egreg's reputation is a palindrome in base 36!
1:40 AM
Well, time to go. Really nice talking to you, @PauloCereda and @AlanMunn. Chao!
@GonzaloMedina Bye. I'm off too.
@GonzaloMedina: nice talking to you too! See ya! ;-)
@AlanMunn: see ya, Alan!
5 hours later…
6:31 AM
@AndreyVihrov yes, that's similar
@Raphink Very nice work (the Charismatique.. book)
3 hours later…
9:47 AM
@PauloCereda Wow! Unfortunately that happened when I was sleeping; now it isn't any more. Thanks for the announcement! :)
@PauloCereda do you run requests and checks on everybody's reputation on a regular basis?
you could make a bot that does that
@egreg :-)
@Raphink hehe it's like a moral obligation now. :-P
BTW your reputation is a palindrome in base 23! Yay!
Yeah! \o/
well that doesn't seem very rare, then :-)
9:55 AM
so the question is not "is it a palindrome" but rather "in which base is it a palindrome"
Yes. egreg explained that to me:
Sep 10 at 21:23, by egreg
@PauloCereda Every number is palindromic in a suitable base. It's quite easy to show. Of course one has to consider one digit numbers as palindromic.
When we're low on subjects, we try the palindrome approach. =P
@PauloCereda: If you're bored with palindromes ... you seem to know a bit about the data explorer, can you dream up a search that gives a list of people who have never asked a question? I could get a list of the number of questions someone asked, but wasn't sure how to get the complementary list.
10:05 AM
@AndrewStacey Sure!
Some users who haven't asked questions that I can think of: egreg, barbara beeton, Ulrike Fischer, Herbert, Taco Hoekwater
@AndrewStacey: I guess this one will probably do the trick:

select DisplayName from Users where Id not in (select OwnerUserId from Posts where PostTypeId = 1 and OwnerUserId != '') order by DisplayName
or better:

select DisplayName from Users where Id not in (select distinct OwnerUserId from Posts where PostTypeId = 1 and OwnerUserId != '') order by DisplayName
The first subquery has duplicated entries, the second one doesn't.
10:32 AM
@PauloCereda This could be more interesting.
@AndreyVihrov That's good! I was just trying to modify Paulo's to filter out those who hadn't asked many questions, but putting a cap by reputation is equally good. Thanks both of you!
@AndreyVihrov Thanks, it looks better!
I got 5/16 right!
10:51 AM
Here's Andrey's query with a sense of proportion: data.stackexchange.com/tex/q/112646
@AndrewStacey Cool! Well done!
Okay, next question. I've figured out how to divide those two numbers, but how do I get the answer as a decimal? It just gives me an integer.
Hm hold on, SQL Server is definitely not my cup of tea. =P
Got it: cast( ... as float).
11:07 AM
Actually, I ended up doing 100 * n/m to get a percentage. Still worth knowing how to do the cast, though. Okay, so for users over 1000 reputation, we have 13% who haven't asked a question. Compare that with 22% for maths, 21% for English, 14% on cooking, and 10% on SO itself. So I don't think we're doing too bad, there.
@AndrewStacey I agree. You know, this could be a very interesting subject for a blog post.
Specially by a mathematician. =)
11:26 AM
@PauloCereda agreed
11:50 AM
Hang on, got to draw a buckyball first.
12:08 PM
@AndrewStacey In TikZ? Interesting things (z-buffering, pseudo-3D-shading) going on that would warrant one of us asking a question so you can show the result?
12:56 PM
@Jake Heck of a lot of hacks and a perl script to get the coordinates in the right order!
@PauloCereda Can you say how many pentagons and hexagons are on the fullerene surface? Without counting from the nice image Andrew has posted, of course. And without getting an old soccer ball, that also would be cheating. :)
This is an exercise I always give when dealing with graphs in my courses.
@egreg I have absolutely no idea! :-) TBH, I actually had to google "fullerene" and "buckyball" to know what they are.
(I'm gonna get an old soccer ball)
1:13 PM
@PauloCereda Hint: Euler's formula for convex polyhedra (#vertices-#sides+#faces = 2)
@AndrewStacey Doesn't look very symmetrical: did you draw C72 by accident?
While we're talking of data explorer, it's clear that even tag badges are connected to popularity, although in this case it's tag popularity. I just earned the tikz-pgf tag badge, and while I know a little tikz, I wouldn't call myself an expert (especially compared to e.g. @Jake and @Andrew) but tikz questions are both frequent and popular, so their answers gain lots of votes. Things I actually know a lot about, like I'm unlikely ever to get the badge.
user image
@egreg: I'm still counting. =P
Hm 12 and 20?
@JosephWright I hope that's just a feature of using x-y-z coordinates. The z-coordinate points in the direction (-.3,-.3) (or something like that) which skews the image.
1:28 PM
On a sidenote: Now I'm addicted to these BuckyBalls. And I blame @AndrewStacey =P I never heard of a buckyball, so I googled and came with these magnets!
@PauloCereda so you're done with bridge building games now?
This is ridiculous! I appear to be about to hit the rep cap again, and this time it's for my answer on \end{document} (last time was for pointing out that one should use \verb for verbatim).
@AndrewStacey It's a popular question :-)
@AndrewStacey I see
@NN no, bridge building games are still in my heart. =P I tried Minecraft too, but I always die in the Survival mode. It's like Darwin saying I'm too stupid for those games.
@AndrewStacey answers to simple questions seems generate substantial rep. people might not understand witty answers so they don't vote (me included...)
1:34 PM
(note to self: always bring a soccer ball when attending to any of egreg's lectures.)
@PauloCereda Don't forget that you'll also need a whole barrage of rubiks cubes (group theory).
*thunk* Ouch! (<-- sound of me hitting the rep cap)
@AndrewStacey Oh my!
Right, so far I've drawn H2O, water, ice, diamond, graphite, and a buckyball. Next up is hexane, benzene, and then we get on to the really weird ones.
Sorry, I meant cyclic hexane.
1:51 PM
@PauloCereda Yes: 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. Each pentagon is surrounded by 5 hexagons, and each hexagon touches 3 other hexagons and 3 pentagons. Let p be the number of pentagons and h the number of hexagons. We need to count V, total number of vertices; S, total number of sides; F, total number of faces.
Now V = (5p + 6h)/3 (each vertex is counted three times), S = (5p + 6h)/2 (each side is counted twice), F = p + h. From Euler's formula, (5/3-5/2+1)p + (2-3+1)h = 2, so p=12. It's easy to get the number h, now, isn't it?
@egreg cool! I promise I'll study more (and play less soccer). =)
@PauloCereda Now the point is to prove Euler's formula using graph theory. It's quite nice.
@egreg Now I do want to attend to one of your lectures. =)
@AndrewStacey And I've yet to reach mine, with votes in 8 topics!
You write two answers and get 19 votes in one of them!
@NN: I found a new procrastination method for today here.
@egreg I bet you'd still get a lot of votes even with the "Use LibreOffice, TeX sucks" answer. :-)
2:04 PM
@AndrewStacey One step closer to the Epic badge.
@AndreyVihrov The élite. ;-)
/me contemplates going on a badge hunt for fun
@AndreyVihrov What about yesterday's defeat of your neighbors at the Eurobasket?
@egreg I'm not a sports follower. Just now I had to look up what happened there. But what about it?
2:31 PM
@AndreyVihrov Just to know what you think about them. We always talk about sport. :)
@egreg Talking about sports, will you come to the World Cup?
@PauloCereda June 12 to July 13: that's exactly exam season. :(
@egreg Oh. My team wants to host Italy, so there's a big crowd to support la Squadra Azurra in here (there's a nice video about it here). I'll try to get you a uniform. :-)
1 hour later…
3:58 PM
Yay for Lilypond! Be nice if we had somewhere to ask questions about it, though. I feel it's capable of far more than I ever manage.
How about closing this one as "too localized"?
Q: How do I remove the occasional vertical space at the top of the page?

JeffI have a one-inch top margin, which works fine. BUT, if I have a page that's particularly empty (because LaTeX decides not to start a new section toward the bottom of the page), all the text on the page gets moved down one line. How do I fix this? I am using a custom .sty file which basically loa...

@lockstep I tried to help, but without an example it's difficult to go deeper. I suspect there's something wrong in the macros used or in the way \section is managed. I vote for closing.
4:25 PM
do you usually add ties before enquoted phrases, e.g. close this as~\enquote{too localized}?
4:41 PM
it's bounty day today!
Yay, my first bounty!
well done
so there's 4 bounties now
4:54 PM
I sometimes feel that I want a "watch list" as well as a "favourite" list. There are questions that I want to keep an eye on, but wouldn't put on a "favourite" list. For example: tex.stackexchange.com/q/28414/86. It's clear that this is potentially a duplicated, but I feel it's polite to wait until the questioner confirms it, or enough time has gone by to assume it. So I need a "take a look at this in N days time" reminder.
@AndrewStacey This is a great idea. What about a feature request? :-)
Or we could think of a desktop app to remind that.
@AndrewStacey indeed. shout if you post or find such a feature request on meta.so
5:12 PM
@NN In my opinion it is fine for a line to begin with a quotation mark. Note that tying longer words has negative effect on TeX's line breaking algorithm.
From reading Meta, it looks as though the "favourite" stuff is actually what I want here. From reading meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/53585/… the only thing I object to is the word "favorite" [sic]. Apart from a potential badge, there's no benefit to the questioner from "favouriting" a question.
Though I guess the reminder bit is a bit different, but maybe it's close enough that they wouldn't add a whole new feature for just this.
Q: Watch List in StackOverflow

NestorI think it would be very useful if SO added a Watch List feature. More than once I have arrived at a question and wanted to reply but I had no time at that moment or needed time to prepare some code to post... then I needed to bookmark so I could go back later. Is there a watch list feature alre...

That's it, I'm gonna write an app.
And a letter to my congressman.
5:33 PM
Is this "too localized"? Or does someone want to convert Ulrike's comment into a CW answer?
Q: 3 pdf graphs on 1 page with text below

Bob JohnsonI am new to latex. I have to prepare a one-page document (so float is not important). I want to have 3 pdf graphs at the top of the page with 2 graphs centered on the first line and 1 graph centered below it. I want the two lines of graphs to be as close together as possible, so that I can have ...

6:20 PM
Sometimes the OP forgets to add a MWE, and in some cases it's really easy to provide one. Would it be OK if someone else adds the missing MWE by editing the OP's original question?
@GonzaloMedina IMHO it's OK. The worst it can happen is the OP or someone else revert to a previous version. =)
@GonzaloMedina You could state humbly in a comment that you added an MWE for the sake of the quality of the question and that they are free to roll back or add an MWE of their own if they want to.
@PauloCereda, @NN: will do that.
@AndrewStacey Now you even got a silver badge for the \end{document} answer!
@NN We could create a tag exclusively for this question.
6:27 PM
@lockstep That'd make sense
@lockstep sounds cool!
@PauloCereda To be honest, I was joking ...
@GonzaloMedina Just to add: I do that from time to time. I try to do so in a non-invasive way (as in I just add to the question, with minimal editing of what's already there) and make it clear what has been added by me (I often prefix it with something like: Added (by Andrew Stacey)).
@PauloCereda OTOH, there's also the tag which started as a joke.
@lockstep Uh-oh, now it's settled: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/postamble =P
6:34 PM
we cannot have one of a pair, need both!
(feel free to remove it)
@NN No!!!! It's now got as many votes as my answer for the Snake Lemma! That was worth a vote or two.
If I google postamble latex there is relevant things so it makes sense I guess
@lockstep haha nice! =) (BTW, I love your quote!)
@lockstep: sometimes I wonder whether you like introducing new tags just to use them as excuses for later retagging :-)
@MartinTapankov Far from it -- in fact, today I killed three new tags in one sweep:
Q: How to use a command-line tool to extract a bibtex reference that contains a search term?

Jeromy AnglimI'd like to be able to use a tool like grep to extract an entire bibtex reference rather than just the matching line. For example, grep Smith mydatabase.bib would return lines that contain the word Smith. I'd like to have a command-line program that returned the entire bibtex reference that enclo...

6:49 PM
@lockstep: Talking about the badge, I'd like to suggest Don Knuth to the "Epic rap battles of history" series, say, Donald Knuth vs. Bill Gates, Donald Knuth vs. Donald Duck...
7:05 PM
@NN I have this nagging feeling that the plural of "curriculum" is not "curriculums".
I'm trying to refer to an appendix in my thesis with \ref, but it generates an odd number (3.2). Is there a way to get something which makes more sense? (for example, that it refers to the appendix letter)?
@lockstep I blame the CTAN description. Anyway I've changed it to "curricula" now en.wiktionary.org/wiki/curriculum#Noun
\nameref{} is a good sollution
7:23 PM
@JosephWright: I know that the \prg_quicksort is marked as "Experimental", but I can't get the given example to work. Does it work, or should I avoid it like the plague?
@NN I remember the days when I got reputation by editing tag wikis. ;-)
@AndrewStacey Hmm, something is broken. I'll take a look, but I'd note that the interface here is not great (hence 'experimental')
Would a question about customized syntax highlighting in be considered off-topic? (I'm consideriding to write one, plus an answer with my settings. I'd be interested to see other users' settings, too.)
@AndrewStacey It's a documentation error. Define \prg_quicksort_compare:nnTF with two arguments, not four arguments.
I suggest to close this one as "not a real question" (read the last comment):
Q: LyX Layout for TrueType Fonts

Leonardo M. RaméI'm trying to create a Layout for user manuals for a couple of software applications we made. One important aspect of the layout is that it must use TrueType fonts. In my .lyx documents, I found a "\use_non_text_fonts true" line, and I added to my layout, but it doesn't work. Where and how I m...

7:35 PM
@lockstep Okay, will do
@lockstep Seems okay to me, as we have other editor-related questions. In particular, as TeXworks is Tex-focussed this seems in many ways more 'on topic' than questions about some other editors
@JosephWright Brilliant! That compiles, at least. I must confess that I did wonder about the extra parameters but thought it might be one of those funny macros that eats more arguments than you think it should.
@AndrewStacey Good. On the interface, I wonder if we should follow the \prg_case... idea and provide \prg_quicksort_int:n, etc.
@JosephWright: A quicksort implementation? Cool!
@JosephWright tex.stackexchange.com/questions/27998/… has a comment for you. I don't think you get a notification since you haven't commented
@Ikke It should work. Check that your \label is after the appendix title. If it still doesn't work, it's better to ask on the main tex.sx site.
7:41 PM
@PauloCereda Yes, it's based on one in TUGboat years ago
@Raphink I didn't get a notification: thanks. That's a complex layout, and is currently well beyond what we have sorted. For example, we've not taken on flowing between frames (probably needs the output routine, for a start).
@JosephWright Will there also be a binary search implementation alongside quicksort?
@AndreyVihrov I'm not a computer scientist: what is a 'binary search'?
(I guess you don't mean binary data here)
@JosephWright It's an algorithm that locates an element in a sorted array in logarithmic time (say, only about 20 iterations on 1000000 elements)
A sorting algorithm and this algorithm together would allow to easily implement objects like static sets and dictionaries efficiently.
@AndreyVihrov We don't currently have an array data type for ordered data. (At some stage we'll have to port datatool, but that's not quite right, I think). I guess @BrunoLeFloch will handle this: he's good on efficiency.
@AndreyVihrov There's a quote from Knuth in that article, "Although the basic idea of binary search is comparatively straightforward, the details can be surprisingly tricky…"
7:58 PM
Hmm,... now that I am a trusted user, maybe I should go back to actively contributing again. :)
@AndreyVihrov Remember that TeX is primarily a typesetting system, and so for complex data handling there is probably a better way (most obviously doing a LuaTeX-only solution and using Lua). However, I'm sure Bruno will take a look at it at some stage: after all, he's currently writing a regex parser in TeX :-)
Congrats @Caramdir!
@Caramdir grats on 20k!
Regarding tex.stackexchange.com/questions/28340/…, does anyone know the status of the otf conversion and extension of AMS Euler?
8:16 PM
@Caramdir I don't know. According to the project page, the development status is set as "planning". We could ask the project team, as they are active in here.
@AndreyVihrov That's tricky business. The main limitation in efficiency in TeX is that you don't have random access: to access one element in a list stored in a macro, you need to expand the macro, and then whatever method you use will take a linear time at least. Binary search would let you find an element in an array in O(n log(n)), which is not too bad, I guess. (cont.)
Other possibilities include: (1) an indexed array data type, of the form \marker 1\marker{...}\marker 2\marker{...}\marker 3\marker{...}, or (2) working digit by digit: 0{0{...}1{...}...}1{0{...}1{...}...}..., and I've had a couple of other ideas over the last few months, but none convinced me that it was the "right one". Do you have a specific application in mind? (cont.)
In particular, what operations do you think should be optimized for (slicing? looping? sorting? extracting one element? finding if an element is inside the array?) What kind of content should be supported?
@BrunoLeFloch Yuo might want to look at datatool (the current internals were suggested by Morten Hoegholm, and are LaTeX3-like, and somewhat similar to the old prop implementation from the toks-based days).
Actually, it is possible to have random access in TeX if you are ready to either use \csname table<index>\endcsname, which wastes the hash table, slowing the rest of TeX down, or to use \toks registers, of which there are only 32767. My current approach to regex matching uses \toks registers for fast access to various states of an automaton: I do everything inside a group so that I can freely use as many registers as I want.
@JosephWright I will, for sure. Not today, though: I need to see my supervisor in ~5minutes and was just passing by.
@BrunoLeFloch A linear search then takes less time, O(n) :-)
@BrunoLeFloch Of course, I did not mean any time soon :-)
8:28 PM
@BrunoLeFloch I was just going to mention the \csname … \endcsname as the closest to the classic array: You can have random access, but deleting or inserting an element is O(n) in general case.
@AndreyVihrov Of course xD. There are subtelties because TeX does some operations slightly faster than others (e.g., I avoid conditionals as much as possible to test for the end in the seq and prop modules).
@AndreyVihrov In most programming languages, deleting an item from an array is O(n) isn't it? You need to shift all other items, no?
@BrunoLeFloch I assume you mean 'using \toks by number', as by name they still go in the hash table
Unless you use chained lists, but then the seq module does essentially that.
@Caramdir Absolutely! I learn a lot from your answers.
@JosephWright Yes. That's the only sensible way of accessing toks ;-)
@JosephWright Well, I don't mind doing that soon. I have to say that I love this kind of programming much more than working on the galley or the OR, sorry :-).
8:31 PM
@BrunoLeFloch Background for others: for LaTeX3 we are not using toks in general as for named variables \edef\macro{\unexpanded{<tokens>}} can hold #.
@BrunoLeFloch Well I can see why. I'm modifying my galley stuff at the moment, and it should be in the SVN at the weekend. I hope we are getting close to something workable: we really need to tackle the OR.
By the way, CTAN updates of l3kernel, etc. have been sent :-)
@BrunoLeFloch Don't forget to finish the l3fp updates :-)
@BrunoLeFloch I can't name anything more specific than implementing a set or a dictionary. My question was more of random nature, seeing that there is quicksort already. After all, LaTeX3 keeps pushing the limits of what can be done within TeX.
@JosephWright In LaTeX2e, the etex package allows you (I think) to allocate a whole bunch of toks at once, so I guess you're meant to access them as \toks\numexpr\base+<index>\relax.
@BrunoLeFloch Quite possibly: all you need to do is step \count15 appropriately
(Plus allow for the extended pool business)
@JosephWright Yes :-). I'll do a last push on l3regex this weekend: unfortunately, I realized I had made my life more complicated than it needs to be (with some elaborate chained list), and that's preventing me from fixing a few annoying bugs.
Then I'll have to be back to l3fp, and fight with it.
@BrunoLeFloch Good stuff :-)
8:36 PM
@JosephWright Good. I'll commit my prop accelerations tonight.
@AndreyVihrov We're not really convinced about the quicksort. There needs to be something like that, but it's not clear how this should be done and what interface to provide. Any idea is welcome.
Sorry guys, got to go.
@BrunoLeFloch Great: I can test them using siunitx (which really hammers props)
@AndreyVihrov We already have dictionaries as props.
@BrunoLeFloch 'Bye
@JosephWright very minor improvements, though.

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