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7:30 AM
Jon Ericson on June 18, 2019


Documentation badges

Tumbleweed and Reversal

Julia Silge’s analysis demonstrated that the Tumbleweed badge wasn’t serving its purpose.

Meg Risdal is our Product Manager who led us to make these changes.

Jane Willborn wrote the code.

Nick Craver made sure the Lifejacket and Lifeboat triggers don’t break the site.

Ben Voigt suggested the trigger we used first for Winter Bash hats and now for two new badges.

A bunch of people tested those triggers on our sites and prodded us to keep considering something like these new badges. We also got a bunch of feedback about Reversal and especially Tumbleweed that helped us understand how they worked in practice. We’ve got an amazing community here! …

8:00 AM
@Aegon beautiful meme XD
@Kepotx hmm noticed that too.
8:16 AM
@Kepotx Yeah I was wondering about suddenly getting a handful of gold and silver badges
@Termatinator I think so too. Full credits to whoever made it
just got two (one silver and one gold) but still surprised
@Aegon While I do agree that the question that you marked as duplicate has an answer somewhere else, I still feel like mine could be useful by acting as cannon fodder for finding an answer for (the) others (see what I did there? ;) )
8:33 AM
what information is missing in the existing Q/A ?
also, if you want to give more importance to a specific topic, giving bounties in existing question is better than create duplicate
8:44 AM
@Termatinator That's why it has a link to the post which has an answer. If someone lands on your question instead of that one, they will know where to go. If you feel your question is different, you can always edit to explain why your question is different which will push it to the Reopen queue
Woops went a bit overboard on answering that one...
8:59 AM
@TheLethalCarrot love your answer
@Aegon nah I fully agree
@Termatinator I like to go OTT sometimes

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