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2:27 AM
Game of Thrones 69? That was the episode name?
3:05 AM
Ah, HBO fixed it. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. Good name.
3:39 AM
@Mithrandir24601 Did that episode make you think of Drink With Me?
3 hours later…
6:34 AM
Q: Can one Knight really make another one a Knight?

Ankit SharmaIn Game of Thrones S08E02, Jaime said, “You don’t need a king. Any knight can make another knight". But is it right in the context of Game of Thrones? Is it legal to make anyone else night by a knight himself? Is it analogous to the real world?

1 hour later…
7:52 AM
Q: Can anyone explain what's the meaning of this in the new Game of Thrones opening animations?

Deepak KamatWith season 8 came a new opening scene animation, which now takes us down to the Crypts of Winterfell and the Throne room in KL. In the older opening animation we saw the Stag, Dragon and Lion sigils on the wheels at appeared which signified the houses, in the new one however, I am quite confus...

8:13 AM
@Jolenealaska In the sense that they're all contemplating how utterly doomed they are, yes
@BaeltheBard @Kepotx you might wanna copy paste your answer from MTV to here?
yup, just saw that
I just rephrase it
Whatever you like. If you ask me, I believe a simple copy paste will do fine as well.
Not like you'll be accused of plagiarising your own answer :D
1 hour later…
9:47 AM
10:27 AM
Q: Who's this lady in the war room?

Sourav GhoshIn S08E02, while the war room scene, I noticed a lady being present, standing between Theon and Brianne. Her face seems familiar, but can't see to recall who she is. Apparently she is important enough to have a place in the war room.

2 hours later…
12:14 PM
So is it just me or is Dany way too obsessed with the Iron Throne still.
12:42 PM
Idk if anyone's whole life was built around reclaiming what their father lost, they'd be pretty obsessed with whatever it was
She was raised up on hopes of reclaiming the iron throne. Then reclaiming the throne became the only feasible way of protecting her son. And afterwards, it became the only thing that kept her going
True, but she says that she is up there to fight Jon's war, she's seen the army of the dead, she knows what at stake, can't all the petty thrones wait. Likewise I think Sansa is still too obsessed with northern independence.
@Skooba agreed
@Skooba and her reaction to the truth about fucking her nephew
1:42 PM
Q: What does it mean when Bran says this?

Gustavo GabrielIn the S08E02 of Game of Thrones, Bran says that the Night King will come for him and that the Night King hunted down many three-eyed ravens. Sam: Why? What does he want? Bran: An endless night. He wants to erase this world and I am its memory. I never noticed, but does Bran mean he is...

2 hours later…
3:19 PM
Q: Why isn't everyone flabbergasted about Bran's "gift"?

BehacadBran has become the three-eyed raven, and can see anything that has happened in history using his mind's eye. This is an incredible gift that takes place in a world in which people doubt the existence of dragons, giants, and white walkers. People are a bit confused when they learn about Bran's g...

2 hours later…
5:16 PM
Q: Ghost from Game Of Thrones

FirstSlackDid anyone notice Jon Snow's direwolf Ghost in the background during that scene in Game of Thrones S08E02 where Jon, Sam, and Edd were making fun of Sam calling him "Slayer of Whites and ..."? Where had Ghost been? Last time I saw the wolf was when Jon Snow was getting resurrected.

Q: Who can become a wight?

Talib AshameeCan any dead become a wight or must they be victims of the wights or white walkers? The question comes from a discussion around people horses and dragons being reanimated.

5:35 PM
Q: Why do people think Winterfell crypts is the safest place for women, children & old people?

KharoBangdoIn Game of Thrones S08E02 The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, it is repeatedly mentioned by multiple characters (I counted 6) that when the Night King & the Army of the Dead attack, Winterfell crypts is the safest place to be for women, children & old people. But why is that. As far as I can s...

6:33 PM
Q: Is the Night King capable of going across the sea now that he has a dragon?

h0lmes221BWe have already seen The Night King's mystical powers in Game Of Thrones. He can create ice spears (such as the one he used to kill Viserion) and freeze a sword until it shatters. Can he freeze a lake or even a sea to rule over the islands and kill the humans on it? I know this thought is prett...

1 hour later…
7:34 PM
Wow, I maxxed out on daily rep with the Why did Bronn stand for Tyrion question. Go figure.
8:30 PM
Q: When does Bran Stark remember Jamie pushing him?

MiscellaneousUserI've just seen Jamie apologize to Bran for pushing him off the tower in Game of Thrones. When does Bran remember and how does Jamie discover Bran has remembered in the series?

@Skooba One might think they're still all the scheming jerks they've been through all the series even in light of the undead threat. ;-)
8:55 PM
@NapoleonWilson No, gosh darn it, we are supposed to have real character development!!! Give us more Jaime arcs!
9:05 PM
You complain about Sansa being a naíve girl for 7 seasons. And when she turns into a leader it's wrong, too?
1 hour later…
10:27 PM
Q: Every man has fought against the Starks

erikIn episode 2 of season 8 of Game of Thrones, Tyrion says, while drinking in front of the fireplace, that every man there has fought against the Starks. Brienne is present there, so taking Tyrion’s word choices literally, is it really true that every man there has actually fought against the Stark...


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