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9:19 AM
Damn weekend questions :P
You're going to post a We don't know anyways, where no one else could be bothered.
Lol, still missed out on the other two though
And even if I do I'm gonna research first
Are you saying all those that weren't bothered didn't do research
I'll give you the tl;dr of what you'll find
No I'm saying that I like to do research haha
Some people had 6 links and quit (not becoming maesters) one guy has 9, still not a maester. Top speed seems to be 3 links per year, most getting 1 per year
No info about "required links" but everyone assumes ravenry and medicine at least
9:25 AM
Not all links are required for Maestery (see what I did there) as only a few have Valyrian Steel, and Luwin has a choker.
And that about sums it up.
So your WDNK will basically be based off that.
Oh yeah, I think we've covered most of that in other answers around the site too
Make an answer out of a set of links, lol
And because it's link to this site the usual reason of "links dying" can't be used
Hahaha that's a plan
9:42 AM
I'd add maths and economics into the list of potential required links if there is such a thing
I'd assume though that there aren't any required links but to be a useful maester there are certain links you'd need
@TheLethalCarrot I'm assuming you read that on the AWOIAF thread?
No I am reading that at the moment but haven't got to anyone saying that yet
That's my own opinion from reading the known links on the wiki
Ah k
To me though it makes sense, a castle isn't going to want a maester that doesn't know healing or ravenry in my opinion
9:58 AM
that's what i thought when asking the question, but found no source
I doubt there is any
I'm writing an answer but the more I write the more it just looks like wild speculation cos I'm finding it hard to add quotes in haha
to be honest, i ask in in SE because i was too lazy to do deep research
also, maybe we will no more once we will get more content with books or even caughttv showcought
Short of tweeting E&L there isn't much beyond other people's speculation
Written an answer but it's a bit crap so may not post it
Send us a screenshot
10:14 AM
I'll send you the text :P
If it fits...
# We Do Not Know

I've found no canon reference to a mandatory subject for the maesters to learn but in my opinion there won't be any. There are only [14 known links](awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Maesters#Chain) and only 6 of these have their corresponding subject known.

> - black iron, signifying ravenry
- brass
- bronze, likely signifying astronomy
- copper
- yellow gold, signifying math and economics
- iron, signifying warcraft
- lead
- pewter
- platinum
- red gold
- silver, signifying medicine, healing, and the functions of the body
It's really crap actually haha
You seem to have chosen on a weird direction.
I restarted a couple of times so it may be muddled up haha
I dunno, IMO not worth answering yet because we don't know, but it's up to you
No I'm not posting that haha
Right so off-topic quickly. When I was running 5k the other day, my fitbit records be at running 3.4k because my stride length was proper short.
10:17 AM
You can change your stride length though can't you?
Late into my run I tried counting steps over 10m and counted ~9, so said ok it must be 1.1m, but multiplying that by the number of steps gives me ~3.8km, not much more accurate
Now did it miscount the number of steps (3.5k) or was my stride length 1.4m per step?
Probably a bit of both
After a quick google it seems like male olympic long distance runners have a stride length of 1.8m, and the sprinters have a stride length of >2m. So I'm going to go with the latter and just change my stride length to 1.4m
Well stride length is usually longer when running anyway
Thanks for being my flora/butter/baby/object to bounce ideas off of
10:21 AM
The multiple link question: is the following answer enough to dupe or not
A: How long does it take to forge a Maester's chain?

ValorumHow long it typically takes to earn a full chain... The most obvious canon quotes are from "A Feast for Crows"; "Alleras would make a maester. He had only been at the Citadel for a year, yet already he had forged three links of his maester’s chain. Armen might have more, but each of his ...

It links the multiple link quote but doesn't include it
Though it probably should include it so that can be fixed easily enough
I don't think it covers the main premise of the multi-link question, which is "core subjects"
Well the answers are literally just that GRRM quote and the linked answer goes into a bit more detail around the quote
:shrug: up to you, maybe check if @Kepotx can make a case against it, otherwise hammer away
Well I was talking about duping this one
Q: Can a maester's chain include multiple links of the same metal?

AlienorA maester can be recognized by the chain he wears around his neck. The links of the chain can be made of every metal known to man. Each metal is related to a subject - silver for medicine, iron for warcraft, etc. Can a maester's chain include multiple links of the same metal?

It's not Kepotx's question haha
I think that's a dupe but you guys have disagreed with me before so double checking first
11:10 AM
I'm not gonna close it yet, I'll see what you guys think, don't want to hammer it for it to be reopened :)
11:27 AM
Oh I was confused
So link two as dupe of link one?
Hmm I would close it as a duplicate. But I think Rand would rage about the "throw away line" condition
Well seems to me that Valorum's answer is in more detail than Rand's on the same subject
Ye I'd go with hammer.
Now you can hammer ;)
11:31 AM
Just pretend I photo shopped the words "Dupe-hammered" where the cookie is and letters falling down instead of cookie bits.
Hahaha okay
Got a reply from E&L about the mandatory subjects and they've said the same as our speculation
They've said "It certainly is" or "I guess those would be crucial"
They said seems to me...
@CarrotLethal Though never explicitly said, seems to me ravenry and healing must be absolute requirements.
Though never explicitly said, seems to me ravenry and healing must be absolute requirements.
11:38 AM
Aww shucks, while I already don't like relying on them too much as "WOG" if they say "seems to me" it's even more worrying :(
Oh yeah it's their own speculation too
They have access to more information than us and are sort of quarter canon but their speculation is essentially non canon too but better than nothing I suppose
@TheLethalCarrot Them having access to notes and stating "Never explicitly said" makes things worrying, although they may be tied down to secrecy, etc.
Oh yeah I'm always 50/50 on it haha
They obviously know more of the history than us cos they had to cut a lot of it from TWOIAF
But can they reveal it...
Well a lot of it is going into Fire and Blood apparently so probably not
I wonder if they'll ever do a Vol 2 for it...
Meta note: They finally fixed the gold badge on hover text
11:48 AM
I think you're current answer is worse than the previous one.
Before you actually used evidence, now you've just tried to justify your answer with a quote from them, I'd suggest at least adding in the other details.
I know it's not great
I've got some work to do... I know... so I'll edit in 40 mins (lunch)
Just add the thing above behind it, ez
Well if I do I'll rewrite it to read better
I changed that thing about 10 times so I'm pretty sure half of it won't make sense haha
12:13 PM
I decided to edit earlier than I was going too :P
Interesting the Luwin has a VS link but otherwise a rather short chain.
@Edlothiad not in the show, hue hue
I get why they changed it in the show but it still annoys me
Do Maesters make the chains themselves, or are they rewarded? I know they talk of forging their chains, but that might be metaphorically
It's metaphorical
Though I suppose they still have to reforge the links to join them together
But not all maesters study blacksmithing so I suppose not all of them actually forge their own chain
12:24 PM
@TheLethalCarrot exactly why I wondered that
GRRM has said it's metaphorical before but I can't be bothered to track down the quote at the moment if I'm honest :P
@Edlothiad Well I think most book chains are quite tight on the neck
As for why he has a VS link he answers himself
A fascinating pursuit
hmm, only Luwin's chain is ever mentioned in context with chafing
> His maester's collar was no simple metal choker such as Luwin wore, but two dozen heavy chains wound together into a ponderous metal necklace that covered him from throat to breast.
@JAD Pycelle had a bunch of chains that represented his status, not just his maesters chain.
It is known
12:37 PM
> The links were forged of every metal known to man: black iron and red gold, bright copper and dull lead, steel and tin and pale silver, brass and bronze and platinum.
I'm not sure if he got those because of his status, or he got his status because of his chain ;)
One of his chains may have had those metals, or he may have various chains, but JAD I suggest you read your original quote a little closer
> two dozen heavy chains
Not: A chain with two dozen heavy links
oh for sure, but I think it's safe to assume it's not as tight as Luwin's
> "His lord father agreed with you," said a voice at her elbow. She turned to behold Maester Colemon, a cup of wine in his hand. "He was planning to send the boy to Dragonstone for fostering, you know … oh, but I'm speaking out of turn." The apple of his throat bobbed anxiously beneath the loose maester's chain. "I fear I've had too much of Lord Hunter's excellent wine. The prospect of bloodshed has my nerves all a-fray …"
No, I'm on your side on said matters, but Pycelle was the wrong choice.
I'm just listing anything I can find lol
As his "chain/chains" are not necessarily his maester's chain
12:40 PM
not all
Not necessarily any.
I doubt he wouldn't have his maester's chain anymore
Such an important token
Well when you're the GM what's to say your positional chains are not more important.
The two dozen chains may represent each of the links he used to wear
Or something else, etc...
It is un known
hmm, the word chain is used a lot ...
> The old man touched the maester's chain that hung loosely around his thin, fleshless neck.
That's cuz the favourite songs in Westerosi night clubs is I whip my chain back and forth
12:44 PM
Aemon, but he's old and wrinkled :p
But then again
> "A maester in Asshai," Ser Jorah mused. "Tell me, Godswife, what did this Marwyn wear about his neck?"
"A chain so tight it was like to choke him, Iron Lord, with links of many metals."
From Cressen's POV:
> Around her throat was a red gold choker tighter than any maester's chain, ornamented with a single great ruby.
It is often referred to as collar, so I guess maesters tended to graduate whenever it was long enough
@Edlothiad *bows*
12:59 PM
Was certainly worth it :P
1:15 PM
Do these public domain questions fall under fandom information? They seem to give some decent answers but most of the answers seem more on topic for a lawyer than a SFF site
No clue, don't care
It's HP, I might as well have it on ignore
Actually it was discussed before about the SW one and the opinion seemed to be No but nothing seems to have actually been done about that
More on topic question: Do you think my massive we do not know headers in answers put people off from reading the full thing and from voting?
/shrug oh well
AFAIK everything after Mikey Mouse was invented in like 1923 will be in PD forever
The answer to them appears to be as long as the copyright owner has enough money to keep it out of the public domain it'll stay that way
1:52 PM
Jon Snow confirmed not fireproof
He's also not a bastard but y'know
not even a bastehd
Also when Ed sees it I'm sure he'll find more stuff "wrong" with it
OTOH, Sansa part is 100% accurate
1:55 PM
Well she still actually hasn't learnt anything so... it's almost 100%
bran can't control whoever he wants, only simple minds
It's just a joke post y'all don't need to take it too seriously :P
@TheLethalCarrot sorry, but this is serious business
@Kepotx probably mean he can control Sansa
1:56 PM
@Skooba You've been quiet for a few weeks now and then you come back with a golden contribution like that.. well done ser, well done indeed
No comment. We all know the falseness that exists in the post and can toss it aside as utter garbage.
@TheLethalCarrot a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again.
I don't like the Sansa apologists.
We have also learnt another thing, stars are worthless in this chat. Just be offensive and you get stars, some of us work hard with true golden contributions.
She is a main part of the quick downfall of the Starks... and you can't blame age. Arya was woke.
@Edlothiad but does being offensive with this chat give you stars ?
1:59 PM
just joking
I don't get it, but ok :)
One needs to understand the intricate master plan that is Sansa to appreciate the character.. Or, you know...
Tormund is the red head that was promised not Sansa
Pfft, that's what D&D crafted because of reddit circlejerks
2:03 PM
Only show-lovers would think that
Its not that I'm not interested in her. I keep rooting for her to actually do something, but she is just dumb, always realizing too late.
Yup I thought she finally turned it around in the show too
Turns out she did not
Sansa: "Only a fool would trust Littlefinger"
Sansa (five minutes later): Trusts Littlefinger
@TheLethalCarrot She just wasn't a trump fan, and took Fire and Fury too seriously
Also Sansa: "I trust Littlefinger more than my own family"
2:05 PM
But then kills littlefinger
Only cos of Branvision
Who's the real idiot now? Y'all that fell for her faithfulness or you for not believing in the one true QOTN
@TheLethalCarrot SPECULATION!
Are deleted scenes considered canon?
Shrug, didn't even know we had access to deleted scenes
Well Isaac told us about the S7 deleted scene in an interview
2:07 PM
Sansa was just trying to ensure her little brother felt useful, we all know how weird he can be....
@TheLethalCarrot He's just trying to make himself feel like his character is important
Also S7 is out on DVD so I'm sure the deleted scenes are available somewhere
D&D lies
Martin will save her.
This Martin?
This is GRRM...he writes the books...for the show he just collects checks...he also doesn't write the books anymore
Someone's desperate for a star or two ;)
Meh, I found it funny
Was just waiting for an opportunity to post it
2:11 PM
Yes that martin. Now don't post "This is Elia, in the books she's wise,caring and whatever and on the show she's a maniacal ****"
@TheLethalCarrot You know I find it funny, it's got that sentence at the end that kills it for me...
@Edlothiad Oh I didn't really care about that one
The other two were pretty terrible
You can tell the off-season it's taking it's toll, the memes are becoming reasonably poor
And they were never that great to begin with haha
Says a thing or too.
I did like the 1 ep wonders though
2:13 PM
I didn't even know half of them /shrug
Guy who saves Sandor, wildling lady, eddard sheeran, mycah, minavra (however you spell it), wight
I can't remember the first two's names haha
Top left is religious nut job, top right is jawless wight who crossess the ice, middle left ?, bot left is Ed of house Sheeran, middle bottom is some lesser ginge, bottom right is some whatever
Ah Mycah, lol gg what a skrub
No idea who that wildling was, or who minavra is.
Ed Sheeran really wasn't a "wonder" it was actually quite off-putting
She's the red priestess in Essos and wildling lady was at Hardhome
Oh yeah it was fan service and for Maisie Williams
Even worse the guy who did all the talking in that group looked like (and sounded like) a mate from uni so it made me very uncomfortable
Wildling woman is Karsi
2:17 PM
@TheLethalCarrot out of interest, why re-open
She dead...
a dissolving human doesn't seem particularly SFF
"Fantasy" seems like it to me
Though as Valorum comments I suppose it depends on how it dissolves
@Edlothiad what about the many faces of Gregor Clegane?
What about them
As in the three actors?
2:26 PM
if we are going on people that only appear for one episode.
maybe its only funny to me
2:44 PM
@Skooba There are quite a few recasts when you look closer, just some of them you don't notice
Like Daario, bet you never noticed that one!
No that one was so smooth!
@TheLethalCarrot Tommen coms back to life ;-)
@TheLethalCarrot totally
also warning.... do not google "bag of worms" on image search
results have nothing to do with the creatures that live in the ground
2:49 PM
Just the ones that live in the bush?
no. something to do with male parts.
Well I wasn't on about the plant or Australia but if you want to be more crude then that's fine
Kingdom Come: Deliverance looks pretty cool and apparently some people are already working on a GoT mod for it
i'm sure Sandor has something to say about flowery words
2:54 PM
I'm sure he does
Ed every time we make him laugh at the office ^^
3:20 PM
@Edlothiad Post it to main and I'll tell you who the religious nut job is ;P
I don’t get the joke
I know who the religion nutjob is, little septum dude
I'm just trying to lure you to post the question
Gotta get me those internet points
3:39 PM
@TheLethalCarrot There is probably 30-50 internet points in this if you want it. The man posts the link to the info containing the answer in the comments then leaves it. So if anyone wants to make a real answer out of it, be my guest. scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/180621/…
Meh those are cheating internet points ;P I'm all about the GoT ones haha
Also I've never heard of that
Its a really good series if you are into low fantasy
I've never really been into reading fantasy much but it does depend on the story
All the odd names for things usually put me off
4:31 PM
@amflare I'm more of a tall fantasy guy myself.
5:11 PM
Low != short

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