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7:06 AM
@Mithrandir24601 Related if you're interested scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/129575/…
@Skooba It can happen. Death of a famous leader can put a demoralised army to rout. But they way they put it, I don't buy it. "Kill NK, they all die". Too frigging easy.
@Aegon it's been a few thousand years, surely nobody has had that idea yet
@JAD Dear Lord I hope it turns out differently in the books
The unique, living species thing they've got going on has a lot more potential than "Sorry humies, we Children made an Oopsie, nice knowin y'all"
@Mithrandir24601 we saw a dozen, but that dosn't mean hundred of other wight died several km away
@Kepotx ah, but it seems that they were alerted by the screaming, which suggests they maybe weren't alerted by any of their own dropping dead
@Aegon that depends on how much the leader is important, and the role of other commanders
a good counter example would be battle of stanford bridge, Harald Hardrada die quite early, but the battle still continues, even if there is no point, as the war was based around Harald claim to the trone
and if the only goal is to wipe out humanity, other WW can do it without NK, either as a council, or with one general becoming the new leader
7:27 AM
@Kepotx On the other hand we have Battle of Manzikert and Battle of Zab where even false rumours of the respective deaths of Romanos IV and Marwan II decided the fates of their Empires
btw, was I the only one disappointed in the plot around Last Hearth? They set it up as a "oh shit, we're stuck behind enemy lines with this screaching demon, now everything within a league knows we're here", and then next we see they arrive safely at Winterfell...
Maybe they ended up cutting it from the final version?
Not sure why they'd do that though. They had plenty of time.
@Aegon and staying in 1066, battle of hasting, Guillaume did a great counter-attack, without helmet to show everyone he was still alive, giving moral bons to the troops
1 hour later…
8:49 AM
BTW guys, in case you didn't read this interview:

Looks like:

1. Books will in fact be different from the show.

2. D&D don't know how the books will end.

3. GRRM doesn't know how the Show will end.

1. Great
2. that only half surprise me
For 2 I think D&D did know but GRRM either changed his mind or they changed the plan
3. that dosn't surprise me, he withdraw from the tv show long ago
4. great
@TheLethalCarrot Very likely. He changed Tyrion's trajectory in ADWD a thousand times. IIRC
he also have first though of few years break between two books
I mean in universe break, like war stagnate during 10 years
of course, in real life, it's more than just a litle break between two books
9:44 AM
If anything, he'll make it different now to rub it in.
And to profit from all the disappointed fans rejoicing when the books "make it better".
That's the advantage of being able to basically try out your planned ending with such a huge audience while still having time to change the entire story over the course of 2 huge books.
That's one of the reasons I think he's "waiting" to write/release it
3 hours later…
12:27 PM
@TheLethalCarrot this sounds like an awful lot of hope
Oh I don't believe it haha
Do you guys have an idea about what has or will happen with other kingdoms/great families/locations? I lost track of most of them since the show almost only focuses on Wall/North/KL
e.g. what Dorne has become?
e.g. the Twins? The Reach?
There is no Dorne in the show.. :P
I don't think the show cares all that much
It's Winterfell and King's Landing now
@TheLethalCarrot almost, but after the Sand Snakes, who's in charge and who they side with
12:34 PM
The reach is conquered by the Lannisters, not sure what they did with Highgarden itself
Twins is in a power vacuum, since everybody is dead. Same for Dorne
They sided with Dany up until Euron killed the Sand Snakes... after that we dunno
I don't recall whether Edmure still lives, but otherwise, Riverrun is messed up too
Edmure is still alive as far as I know but still a prisoner
so he went to Casterly Rock?
@JAD Arya forgot him when she wiped the Freys?
12:45 PM
@Bebs why he would be on the list? did he actively take part on the red weding in the show?
@Kepotx I mean, she forgot him in his cell and didn't free him as she could
If anything, wasn't he on her side anyway?
guess he wasn't on the twin's cell anymore, as he is a Lannister prisoner since riverun siege
^ don't think he was at the Twins
1:18 PM
Whatever the Night King's plan exactly is, it concerns only Westeros? Other continents seem to not care about all this...
well, long night seem to have impact other kingdoms/empire in essos
I don't remember it being referred to, in the show
we don't see other continents preparing or at least being concerned about all this story
well, there appears to be water between them
and so far they have not shown any signs of swimming
@JAD I think they did went underwater to bring the dead dragon
the arm of dorne was already broken during the old night
still, there are esterosi myths about it
1:37 PM
Why isn't it "Essosi"?
I think it is Essosi
@NapoleonWilson I mean to be perfectly honest, anything would be better than what the show's become season 4 onwards. I loved the first 3 seasons despite the changes, and half of the 4th season as well kind of, but once the show crew were on their own, it became all absurd.
@Aegon Allegedly so, apparently.
sure, what I mean is that long night spread to essos even without land coontact
and yes, it is essosi, my bad
:50066818 still half succed as it's great defensive area
Sorry lol misread it
1:45 PM
didn't stop first man, but sop the andals
And GRRM says they can make wonders with ice so maybe, ice-bridges? Or maybe they have kins hibernating somewhere far-East as well? Who knows
So other continents just rely on Westeros and hope they will hold
or they do prepare on their own and the show doesn't focus on it
2:10 PM
@Bebs well, even in westeros, lot of lords didn't choose nor cersei neither Dany/Jon

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