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12:00 AM
Q: Why are the Night King and his minions advancing now versus later in winter?

MartyMacGyverWinter may be several years long, which is effectively a natural siege in itself. Why not simply wait a year or two for the people of Westeros south of the Wall to be starving and worn down, versus attacking relatively soon after winter begins?

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3:13 AM
@Kepotx I just found it odd that a person could suspend their disbelief enough to enjoy zombies, dragons and shadow babies but see a plot-hole because "real" messenger birds only go home. I just shrugged and said that Westeros isn't on earth and earth rules don't have to apply.
Q: Battle plan for GoT Battle of Winterfell. Is the army formation good enough to face the army of the dead?

direnddIn the episode 2 of season 8, we get a glimpse of the battle formation of Army of the living. Dothraki at the front and center. Unsullied right behind them. Knights of vale and northern army from left and right flanks respecrively. Assuming most of them are armed with dragonglass weapons, how g...

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6:35 AM
were the questions always so depantic during the last seasons?
7:28 AM
the last one is deleted, can't see it
but the first one is good
another related question would be "why the night king attack the castle instead of making a siege?" Westeros is familiar with winter, so staying north of tha wall wouldn't be very effective, but assieging winterfell (lot of civilian and army, few food, no escape) would be great
7:41 AM
@Kepotx we don't actually know what they're going to do yet. Also we don't know if they're actually intelligent or not
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9:06 AM
@Kepotx Winterfell would have quite dangerous sorties though, with their dragons
probably better to ignore Winterfell altogether and cut off their supplies further down the chain, like destroy while harbor, take the neck, etc
no need to engage them at all
9:40 AM
@JAD People nitpicking useless crap? I'm sure that's a novum for both Game of Thrones and SciFi.SE.
I think that's the backbone of nerd culture
Although of those 2 questions the first is meh, is borderline FWP and asking about something we know nothing of
The second is POB
> If this is nerd culture, I do not want it!
@NapoleonWilson Damn nerds! They ruined nerds.
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11:48 AM
Q: Does every generation of Starks have a Brandon?

SeamusthedogI'm playing catch up with GoT and relying on YouTube to help fill in blanks etc but have noticed there are a lot of Brandon Starks who all have important roles in shaping the story. I know the theory they are all Bran jumping through time but is there a reason why the name keeps reappearing and d...

12:21 PM
@BaeltheBard meh-ish question, a quick look to the AWOIAF answer it well
and @Skooba, I just take Beron as an example because wiki have decent family tree of both descendents and ascendents
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2:52 PM
In the episode 2 of season 8, we get a glimpse of the battle formation of Army of the living.

Dothraki at the front and center. Unsullied right behind them. Knights of vale and northern army from left and right flanks respecrively.

Assuming most of them are armed with dragonglass weapons, how good is this battle formation?

They seemed to be surrounded by the army of rhe dead. Will the same thing happened and battle of the bastards happen again?

Is this battle formation good enough?

What better can the army of the living do?
for the few things I know from medieval warfare, cavalry wasused in the wings to do flanking manoeuver, but not sure how it apply here
this is not a classical battle, with equal size army
The real plan:

and we don't really know how good deads are to keep formation
@direndd The whole plan is stupid if you ask me. They are taking the field instead of defending the walls and the high ground it provides along with relative safety
@Kepotx Yup this, was gonna point it out. Cavalry remains at Flanks or in rear
@Aegon this. "hey, let's throw every strategic value of a castle and let's battle on open field"
3:02 PM
And weird how there's absolutely no pitch or oil in the castle
@Aegon By the looks of things, they can't all fit in the walls
@Mithrandir24601 All of them don't really have to
@Mithrandir24601 that dosn't mean everyone should fit outside the castle
The rest can rest until their shift
Which will make defending easier
Put the dothraki on open field, because cavalry in siege is meh
3:03 PM
Fresh reinforcements, every 30 minutes or so
but unsullied should be great defending walls
also, the army of the dead don't seem to have any siege weapon
beside a dragon i mean
@Aegon Yeah... I suspect that's easier said than done - I don't think a battle-type siege is the kind of place where you can just go 'OK that's my shift over' easily
One dragon.....For which the Living have an answer, two answer.
@Mithrandir24601 Yeah......that's actually how sieges go mate
3:05 PM
@Aegon Not really - the Night King still has those spears
@Mithrandir24601 there are shit in battle too
@Mithrandir24601 And dragons still have their fires and wings
like, not everyone is fighting
roman were very good at this, the first row fight, then go back
Viserion was a surprise
second row fight, then go back...
3:07 PM
They now know what they are up against
@Kepotx I see you're a man of culture as well kepotx
@Mithrandir24601 arya also got one ^^
@Kepotx And I think it's for the Night King ;)
yup. I guess she could wait the night king around the weirwood
I mean, she is an assassin, not soldier. She would be much more usefull as a trap inside castle than fighting outside castle
@Kepotx Yup
3:50 PM
The plan is to draw out the NK, you won't do that if everyone is inside the walls. All they would have to do is surround it and wait. The were willing to just stand there for days waiting for ice to freeze (and for a dragon to show up if you believe the NK is a greenseer theory). They can wait weeks/months/a year to starve out the living.
4:01 PM
I wonder how much the night king can spy
"you dumb mortals. I can see threw weirwood, and I know it's a trap, so I will just attack with all my army while all white walkers take a pic nic on this hill"
@Skooba Well if they set down to starve them out, the Living can always change their plans. But to give up their advantage without even trying to see if the dead would storm the walls?
They should be flinging hellfire down on 'em dead )(*&^%$#@! from the safety of the walls
also, where are the damn ballistae for dragons
I mean, it's not like cersei had the idea alone, the dornishmen used it
@Kepotx Oh no no, in the showverse, it's a revolutionary idea that qyburn came up with
2 hours later…
6:09 PM
I dunno. How many historical battles was the objective to take out a single target. If Caesar fell on the battle field, would his whole army army stop fighting?
Which I'm not convinced if the kill the NK that the White Walkers will follow suit. They were created from the living. Those raised from the dead may fall, but those converted from the living is a different story.
6:20 PM
@Skooba Depends if the magic dies with the person who created the spell
I don't think so. The magic in the wall still worked. The magic in Valyarian steel still works. The magic in Wildfire still works.
all those things are said to have spells aid in their creation
but different magic could have different rules
Also if NK is a warg. Wargs can transfer themselves into their familiars. So if NK knows he is going to die he might just transfer himself into a WW.
@Skooba Valyrian steel is more 'infused' and I'd argue that it's possible wildfire is science instead of magic. The wall is convincing though
@Skooba Still, better fighting about 50 officers than about 50 officers and their 5 million foot soldiers.
yeah. Army of the Dead is said to be about 100,000 and there are about 100 White Walkers, so each WW has about 1,000 wights.
@Skooba I thought the implication was that a majority of the wights were created by the Night King, though.
6:27 PM
possibly. He did raise all the ones from Hardhome
@Skooba I think they killed one WW, which only killed maybe a dozen wights though

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