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12:00 AM
After all you've seen, this is where your suspension of disbelief goes south?
12:11 AM
On another note -
Episode 3 prediction: The Night King won't show up in Winterfell. He's going straight to King's Landing on Viserion.
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1:17 AM
Q: Where/What are Arya's scars from?

dwjohnstonIn S08E02 of Game of Thrones we see that Arya has two vertical scars on the side of her abdomen. Was there an event portrayed in the series that shows how she got these scars?

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6:29 AM
@Jolenealaska Well, pretty much the same limitations apply as with pidgeons. I guess whatever way they solved that, is used here with Ravens too. I always imagined each Maester to have a cage with King's Landing ravens, one with Citadel ravens, one with the Twins ravens, one with Eyrie ravens, one with Riverrun ravens, one with...
7:04 AM
@Jolenealaska I've heard this one :P It would be very funny
@JAD exactly, only more than one pair of each. Isn't this what they actually did in real life?
7:27 AM
@Mithrandir24601 nah, he will first go to winterfell. The whine is good and there are good conversation around fire
so, go to winterfell, get the title of "ser of lands of always winter" by jaime, get a "half cup" of whine, and then go south
About ravens, they are indeed trained to go to specific castle
however, raven are more clever than pidgeons, and some can learn several castles
@Jolenealaska what specific passage was odd with ravens?
"A maester's raven flies to one place, and one place only. Is that correct?"
The maester mopped sweat from his brow with his sleeve. "N-not entirely, Your Grace. Most, yes. Some few can be taught to fly between two castles. Such birds are greatly prized. And once in a very great while, we find a raven who can learn the names of three or four or five castles, and fly to each upon command. Birds as clever as that come along only once in a hundred years."
The Winds of Winter - Theon I
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11:03 AM
Q: Would Coldhands have been a White Walker or a wight?

TheLethalCarrotBenjen was stabbed by a White Walker with an ice sword and left "to turn" but was saved with dragongalss by the Children of the Forest. Benjen: I led a ranging party deep into the North to find White Walkers. They found us. A White Walker stabbed me in the gut with a sword of ice. Left me the...

@TheLethalCarrot why do you assume that if Coldhand is dead, then he must be a wight and not a white walker?
I mean, on one of your previous answer, you said vyserion is a white walker, not a wight, even if he died
Because wights are dead white walkers are alive
Viserion is a different case to humans
"And while it stands, the dead cannot pass. I cannot pass."
That dosn't mean he consider himself as dead, it could be in another state
Which I reference later on
like Beric Dondarion who consider himself altered by several resurection
11:14 AM
All that’s besides the point anyway, that’s just some of my own speculation and reasoning for why I think it’s ambiguous
it is indeed ambigious, both what he was, and what he was supposed to be if CotF wouldn't save him
11:30 AM
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1:19 PM
Q: Did Jon accidentally preserve Daenerys' claim to Iron Throne?

grovkinAt the end of season 7, Jon Snow refused to commit to staying in the north and not taking up arms against the Throne. Everyone in Daenerys' party thought that his integrity was too costly under the circumstances because it gave Cersei a reason to back out of an armistice. Given the the discov...

1:51 PM
@M&TVFeeds have people forgotten that we're at the stage where it's not really so much about lineage, rather who wins/survives the war?
Yep, it's all about who wins the game of thrones... who cares about "blood rights" at this point
rules of succession are just agreed (usually oral/traditional, but rarely writen) rules to avoid succession war each time a king die. it dosn't guarantee you 100% of time the throne. at best, it gives you ally, wich help to win the war, but never in the history of civil war such thing as "oh, my bad, you are indeed behind me in succession line, let's make peace" happen
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