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10:29 AM
Volunteers, please. Would anyone like to reproduce a bug that may make tagging unreliable in some HFS Plus environments? Candidates should have either (a) an encrypted sparse bundle disk image on an external hard disk drive on USB; or (b) a file server with a share point that's separate from the startup volume.
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8:26 PM
@IanC. hi, sorry, my recent comment about extended attributes (EAs) could/should have been clearer. There's confusion, not uncommon, around the purposes of .DS_Store files.
I refrained from attempting to edit your answer because it was a response to a mixture of questions (more than 'a nutshell') at apple.stackexchange.com/q/46614/8546
Maybe of interest:
A: Why are dot underscore ._ files created, and how can I avoid them?

Graham PerrinPurposes of .DS_Store and ._ files http://diigo.com/0qiwp for an annotated view of http://lists.apple.com/archives/applescript-users/2006/Jun/msg00180.html where Matt Deatherage (a former engineer at Apple) offers explanations. Since I have seen loss of user data (document content) where ._ co...

diigo.com/01pbwy for highlights from arnotify » On the origins of .DS_Store – I'm sure I have that referenced from somewhere in Stack Exchange but at the moment I can't find where.
PC-BSD, extended attributes and tagging; OpenMeta and Apple's approach observed, a few hours ago: "… reliability with the ZFS approach to extended attributes …". EA-based tagging is not limited to HFS Plus so (with respect) part of the comment at apple.stackexchange.com/questions/46614/… is misleading.
Bigger pictures include preparing to add a database-oriented answer here:
Q: How does Mavericks's Finder store tags?

Kevin GraceI haven't used Mavericks yet. Does finder store tags in the file itself (ex: xmp), or is it powered by some kind of Database? or what?

– and re: twitter.com/ircri/status/625383157362065408 I'm all for building each other up √ so here's an open invitation to discuss, in Ask Different, before I answer in Super User.
Also unanswered:
Q: Can I use the Terminal to find all OpenMeta tags on my system?

DanielI know that there are apps that can do this, so I figure it must be possible: I'd like to compile a list of every OpenMeta tag that I've used on my Mac (OS X 10.8.3). But here's the rub: I'd ideally like it to be scriptable, so that I can manipulate the list after creating it. The only thing that...

9:09 PM
For a moment, let's return to that mixture of questions. Attention to the subject line:
Q: Adding tags to files in OS X: How to use, where are tags stored, and will they work on a network?

Chris W. ReaI've heard it is possible to add tags to a file's meta data in OS X, and have Spotlight search through such tags. In a nutshell, how would one access this feature in Finder – not Spotlight (Command+Space) – but the adding of tags themselves? Where are these tags stored? Do they go in .DS_Store...

Related to the network part of that subject line: tags created on network drive files are in a ghost state · Issue #12 · jdberry/tag (2015-04-10)
today's comment from me includes a link to pastebin.com/S4sEdkqH and to complement that paste, I have a collection of screen shots. Those shots will probably be published somewhere in Stack Exchange but there's no rush; first, there's my call for volunteers
… and the task for any volunteer will be very simple. Nothing like as complex as the string of posts above :-)

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