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12:00 AM
So, I see from you poll that people from Washington like coke.
I think it's perfectly reasonable to extrapolate from a single data point
Why, politicians do it all the time! So it must be okay.
gopollgo is a lot more fun when there are lots of people voting
Pretty nifty ajax stuff they've got going on.
well I guess that one's about done too
but it's great to watch the votes stream in
we should vote for president with that service
that would be so awesome
12:04 AM
Imagine the comments :D
(I'm all for it, since there's no age restriction)
well what I mean is to have real-time counting at all the polling stations
that people could watch in real time on the site
or CNN
Yeah, it would be cool
2 hours later…
1:58 AM
is there a way to switch between two windows within an application via the keyboard? for instance, between two instances of Terminal or two Chrome windows?
2:25 AM
@Corey you could control-F3 to get an expose view of all your windows for the active application, then use the arrow keys to select the one you want and press enter
I don't know of a more direct way, but that doesn't mean that there isn't one
there are also some third party tools like Witch (manytricks.com/witch) that might also work for you
@KyleCronin Seriously?
@Corey ⌘`
@VxJas awesome thanks, I'm new :)
I remember you mentioning ;).
Interesting, partial user names thunk you too.
@VxJasonxV what?
You've honestly never known about ⌘`?
2:35 AM
I might have at one point
it's not something I do often
I wasn't going to say anything, but his question had been sitting there for a half hour unanswered
I remember that was one of the very first things I sought out to find out when I started OS X in earnest.
Frankly, I love that behavior so much more than Alt-Tab'ing over everything.
yeah I'm not one of those people that always needs to keep their hands on the keyboard
clicking between windows has always worked well enough for me
that's the one thing I am having trouble getting the hang of cause I'm a keyboard user
my muscle memory is screwing me
It will take some time.
2:41 AM
one thing I like about macs is that the primary keyboard shortcuts are command based
and since command is right next to the space bar, you hit it with your thumb
unlike windows, which has next to no windows-key based ones
instead of windows, where they're control based and you have to hit it with your pinky
3 hours later…
5:41 AM
@bmike that sounds sensible. The fewer tags the better, I guess, unless there's an impact on rankings/results at/around stackexchange.com/search (which I haven't got my head around yet, and might not think about for some time).
1 hour later…
6:53 AM
4 hours later…
11:21 AM
Anyone remind me please: is the reputation required for Ask Different chat 20?
2 hours later…
1:32 PM
@@Graham - yes 20 is the cutoff apple.stackexchange.com/privileges/chat
It's not listed in the FAQ so you have to dig in the main rep listing
2:16 PM
@bmike thanks! I looked at apple.stackexchange.com/faq#reputation a few times this afternoon (and have seen apple.stackexchange.com/privileges/chat in the past) but couldn't make the link today. It's that thing again, I'm blind to the pale blue text.
Q: Is the pale blue of texts — on white and pale blue backgrounds — too pale at Ask Different?

Graham PerrinIs the pale blue too pale? I think so, but alternative answers will be appreciated. Thank you Background I'm usually a careful reader, but at least twice I have missed things of importance, because of the paleness of the pale blue text that is currently used at Ask Different. Lack of contr...

3:02 PM
@VxJasonxV @AbbyTMiller seeing CoTweet mentioned, I should mention StatusNet, status.net … http://status.net/2011/03/04/statusnet-1-0-is-open-for-business-but-not-yet etc.. with Twitter post capabilities etc.
@GrahamPerrin roger! noted. thanks. i don't know what's going to happen with the twitter accounts, but.... we'll see.
@askdifferent are you ready to emerge from your egg, little chick? http://t.co/Kh51wZE
nice. has there been any progress identifying the owner?
i'm about to write a meta post asking about it
@AbbyTMillerΨ no idea, a long shot macstories.net/news/… by @codyfink I wonder whether they have a clue
@AbbyTMillerΨ re: StackApple (not AskDifferent) there's an answer (not a question) meta.apple.stackexchange.com/questions/433/…
@GrahamPerrin yeah, i'm asking to at least get the name of @stackapple (which is currently Apple Stack Exchange) changed to Ask Different
3:09 PM
it's going to be a while before the use of the twitter accounts changes in any way, but at least changing the name is a start
Q: Would allowing moderators to update their stacks' twitter accounts improve visibility and offer more value?

RahulStacks have their own twitter accounts, like http://twitter.com/StackUX. These accounts appear to just autotweet the latest interesting questions using the question's tags as hashtags. But there's a problem with this: Twitter is not an RSS feed that happens to have a 140 character limit. It's a p...

aight, exploratory meta post is up
Q: Who owns @askdifferent on twitter?

Abby T. Miller ΨThere is a twitter account with our name that has no tweets or followers and isn't following anyone. My fervent hope is that someone in the Ask Different community is squatting on it in case a use for it arises. Ask Different's current twitter account is bundled with the accounts for all of the...

3:39 PM
@AbbyTMillerΨ I'll hold off on the twitter question.
@bmike thx. i'll have an update in a few.
Personally, it's way too high volume. I know how to use RSS to track questions - for it to be of use to me, it needs to only call out the most interesting - controversial or outstanding trending questions.
Kind of like when the "little tips and tricks" went all hacker news crazy.
The human effort to post is what makes a twitter account special. Machine posting is dumb - but that's just one person's very limited and specific view.
Cheers - I'll leave it for now.
Hey! Welcome to Chat.
How do you do?
I'm fine. Thanks. How's you?
3:49 PM
I'm good, thanks.
Got any Apple-related questions for us?
Oh no no. I thought you were still discussing whether following question is appropriate on Stack Overflow or not.
Q: To add a sidebar to iCal 5.x in Lion: is there an API, or would a hack be required?

Graham PerrinTwo parts to this question Does Apple provide in Lion, Mac OS X 10.7 (Build 11A511) an API that might enable a third party developer to add a sidebar to iCal 5.0 (1535)? If not provided by Apple: what would be the best starting point for a hack? The first that comes to mind: SIMBL — not sp...

I'd say it's appropriate for SO, since he's asking about an API to be used programmatically.
Give me a second to read your sites faq so I don't start to argue with a moderator without knowing what I do. :)
Alrighty. You are right. :)
@Nathan Totally agreed. If there were a consumer level plug in available (or that was the gist of the question) then perhaps it's in the spirit of the site here. But discussion on selecting the correct API or existence of an API seems really off topic here
If I were editing the FAQ - I would say if you are asking how to download or use Xcode on a basic level, it's fine here just like how to use Outlook or Mail or any other app here is on topic.
Off topic would be how to make something in Xcode that runs. That's clearly in dev territory. So other than the most cursory API questions might be better asked elsewhere.
@bmike Yep, that's correct. Devs have SO; users have Ask Different.
3:59 PM
Yea, seems like the scope of this site isn't the same as on Ask Ubuntu which was what made me think about that question.
@OctavianDamiean We've got some great mods here - and they really take pains to understand and not just shush newcomers away. I've never once seem them rule without explaining, being open to letting the "grey area" questions remain.
I hope it didn't look like an attack or something. I have huge respect for every moderator.
@bmike you know what, just go ahead and make your meta post about the twitter accounts
@OctavianDamiean Not at all. We appreciate users taking an interest.
i'm not sure what's going to happen, but it won't hurt to have some discussion about it in meta
4:12 PM
@OctavianDamiean hello and thanks. For clarity, it's this question from me that I wasn't sure about, might be better on SO: apple.stackexchange.com/q/19429/8546
(I'm not a dev; the simplest 1-2-3 answer to the question might come from a dev, or might come from a savvy user in the Ask Different area)
4:28 PM
@GrahamPerrin status.net doesn't solve the "multiple participants" problem, does it? That's the one single reason why I suggested CoTweet.
@VxJasonxV good question, some time since I looked in detail at StatusNet cloud offerings. I wonder … might catch one of the team in IRC. Give me five
Umm... is star'ing questions broken for anyone else?
I star'ed bmike's question when there was no other content for it;
Q: Can Finder and the "open" command treat files with .sh or other typical extensions just like .command files?

bmikeI am looking for a way to inject some more extensions into the OS X launch services database systematically so that when clicked, they execute in the terminal app just like .command files do by default. Things like .ksh, .sh, and .csh would be nice to start, but I assume once I figure out how to...

Works for me.
And there have since been two answers, neither of which are indicated in my inbox.
Ohh, the inbox thing.
No, stuff doesn't come up in my inbox either.
Since they killed the envelope.
4:36 PM
Do you feel it's supposed to?
Not really. I think it still shows up in your Activity section (i think)
@VxJasonxV there's this answer identi.ca/conversation/44138881#notice-44478818 but it is over a year old. No StatusNet gurus in IRC at the moment I might have to wait a little for a more current answer.
@Nathan But I never hit my Activity section.
I don't usually either..
Maybe a good mso post
Ugh, completely unrelated to anything ever: Does anyone have a good mnemonic for remembering the correct spelling of psuedo or pseudo?
Obviously I can see that my browser tells me psuedo is wrong, but there are occasionally cases where spelling hints don't exist.
4:49 PM
@VxJasonxV dunno. mebbe one for english.se?
Your (rightful) deflections are top-notch, Nathan :).
im like google.
"durrno, but go here"
You're about as old as Google too. :D
Or more correctly, Google is almost as old as you.
4:53 PM
Actually, Google's got a few months on me.
I was completely unaware, but just noticed that myself.
Founded Menlo Park, California (January 1996)
@VxJasonxV something with the letters EU. Is the Union pseudo to youdo?
Wait - is it someone's birthday?
Not for another couple of months.
Quick opinion poll for those in the room: What's the best way to combine answers and stick with credit / not stomp on anyone - SE etiquette?
Q: Disk cloning tools?

Thomas CatterallMoney is no object. I want a bit for bit perfect copy of a hard drive/partition which is bootable (is either possible) to be used in a backup regimen. I have heard of some tools but your recommendations with clear outlines of the features that make it useful for you as a backup solution would be...

Should I start a new answer to summarize - or just let all the good answers sit apart and only make a summary when time has passed
and the question has a lot of stability?
(is there even a summary answer concept here)
4:56 PM
What kind of a summary? Like, with more info than is already there?
in my mind - the answer should be: 1) disk utility is free and works well
2) Both SuperDuper and Carbon Copy Cloner have incremental copy, added scripting, and are well respected, well tested, and actively developed.
3) asr is also free and included, and very scriptable
Since 2/3 of those are new, go ahead and make the answer.
So here are options - what works best for your backup has to be worked out. (since the OP was a bit vague about what backup is really meant)
Yeah, I'd say you're adding enough to justify a new answer.
You probably don't need to focus a lot on CCC and SD, but you can mention them.
Hmm - that might work well
The fans of A can elaborate in it's own answer
B the same on B
C can still show up and steal the show
and I don't have to massively edit anyone's answer?
5:01 PM
Naw, I don't think so.
It's a little iffy given that you're mentioning things that have already been mentioned, but I'd say it's worth it because you're adding a lot.
(Anyone else got an opinion on this?)
@Nathan I appreciate the answer and thoughts. I've got to run, but might pen up something later today if I have time before the weekend starts. I'll certainly check back and value what anyone else here has to add for etiquette, suggestions or what they've seen work in this case.
3 hours later…
7:45 PM
So finder just crashed on me.
I couldn't do much so I had to do a hold-the-power-button reboot.
Everything came back, f*@$ing beautiful. Thank you Lion.
1 hour later…
8:53 PM
Although, in your situation, couldn't you have just killed Finder?
9:34 PM
@VxJasonxV you're also going to want to make sure "crash randomly" is unchecked in Finder preferences
9:46 PM
Quick question... can I legally install Mac OS X Server as a VM on a Linux host?
I realize you can't do that with the regular version of Mac OS X.
@GeorgeEdison You can, as long as the Linux host is running on Mac hardware
It isn't :(
Thanks for the answer, though.
I guess it's back to setting up a cross-compiler for Mac... or actually getting a Mac :P
yeah the installer checks for the presence of the SMC chip
VM software like VirtualBox passes this check through to the host hardware
I wish Apple would create a stripped-down version of OS X that would run in a VM on non-Apple hardware.
unfortunately, I don't think that's going to happen
9:52 PM
...it would make the lives of us software developers so much easier.
you should try picking up an old Mac Mini
they're not too expensive
Hmm... that's a thought.
Would it run the latest version of XCode?
...could I use it for iOS application development?
it would if you got a Lion-compatible one
Lion requires a 64 bit Intel processor - basically anything from core 2 and up
That doesn't sound as bad as I thought.
9:55 PM
Compared to the price of buying the OS X DVD, that's pretty reasonable.
are you referring to the server DVD?
I'm not sure if they still sell Snow Leopard Server, but Lion Server is available on the Mac App Store for $50
2 hours later…
Guess what space isn't there! :P
But great that we got the link.
I like the writeup too, I thing Gruber wrote it himself
We've gotten almost 200 clickthroughs in 20 mins, it looks like.
yeah I'm impressed
I just hope we haven't missed the M-F 9-5 crowd
11:54 PM
Gee, HN and Reddit are SEO-heaven!
SEOs know it, too

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