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12:09 AM
There are chat badges?
We should make a room for that.
Or I could just
do this to get
10 lines in a row
but I wouldn't
put it past myself
to have talked 10 times in a row before
just, y'know, normally
Because I'm like that
And I press enter too often.
12:35 AM
I didn't know we have badges for chat either
Btw any devs in here?
I have an open problem at stackoverflow
Q: Is there a way to edit a view that is a modal view form sheet in Xcode 4?

the_great_monkeyI made a xib file, but all I can get is either iPad or iPhone view. How can I make it so that the size is the same as a modal view form sheet?

Xcode development questions are actually considered off-topic on Ask Different, and as a matter of fact we send said questions to SO.
i know, that's why i posted that in so
just wondering if someone here happens to be a dev as well
only got 11 pageview and no body answered :)
Currently, no. Occasionally: I think we have a chatter or three.
You lost me at form sheet. :P
hahaha i see
btw can we open two chat rooms in one window/tab?
12:40 AM
don't think in the same tab, no.
but it'll show messages from in your other rooms on the right.
ah i see
this is like my second time in the chat room
btw how did the tiny things in lion question got 30k pageviews?
did daringfireball or someone else linked to it?
It was posted to Reddit and Hackernews.
And I've seen it featured repeatedly in the little ad boxes on other sites.
Curse Kyle and his ability to get the referral badge... repeatedly.
Kyle got the referral badge?
how does it work? I thought you'd only get referral badge if you post it to twitter or facebook?
if you click the link button, you get a crafted link with (I think) your user id
you can put the link anywhere and it counts.
Obviously the FB/Tweet/IN buttons just move the process along a bit more easily.
12:51 AM
@VxJasonxV I didn't use my link
I didn't know that feature exist!
and I've never gotten the announcer or booster badges
now I'm going to try posting some stuff to HN and digg then :)
wish I thought to do it though
Seriously? You don't use your crafted links?
Scary :)
12:53 AM
I usually only think of it after it becomes popular
besides, the 'real' link has the question title in the link
hooooooly cow
Mission Control -> Option-click a space is freaking nice.
these backups need to finish to I can get a move on towards home...
can also do mission control -> four finger swipe for that effect ;)
@KyleCronin what do you mean by that?
I should have figured that. nice!
now the real question: is there a pure keyboard solution for it?
mission control -> control right
@the_great_monkey the regular link to that Lion question is "http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/17759/what-tiny-thing-in-lion-makes-you-smile-or-has-caught-you-off-guard"
12:56 AM
this is actually kinda answers some people's problem about no expose for all spaces, because it kinda is expose for all spaces
whereas the link I would use to get referrals is "http://apple.stackexchange.com/q/17759/13"
@KyleCronin oh, i see what you mean now
@the_great_monkey I love you, in purely a technical way.
(Yeah, that made it sound less creepy... Way to go, Jason.)
I should really read Siracusa's Lion review. It's probably a freaking treasure trove of info.
@VxJasonxV thanks, you've made me feel like i've just level up in my geeky level
Glad to help.
1:00 AM
i read the lion review BEFORE installing lion... i just want to understand what it does to my machine before i do it
yay, time to leave
I did the preview thing with Lion.
It was fun, but I have to say that I really missed the thrill of release day.
1:37 AM
i am using OS X for the first time after being a Windows user for 15 years. is it cool if I throw my tiny questions in here?
@Corey Yep. We may not be able to answer right away (this chat isn't super active this time of day), but feel free to post.
And congrats on making the switch :)
1:54 AM
I have time to answer your questions too @Corey :)
2 hours later…
3:37 AM
i'm having a hard time googling this: in Chrome (dev), when i follow a link from some google search results then hit the back button, it tries to connect to it forever and never goes back. is this a known issue?
thanks for the support btw :)
odd. No, I haven't seen that problem.
4:14 AM
@Corey are you running Lion? Chrome dev has been very flaky on Lion
Chrome dev channel for Mac is a huge, huge nightmare right now. Someone please confirm the other channels are better?
Good news: Chrome for Mac beta also totally fucked. I guess it really is back to stable channel. Which screws up gestures in Lion. @anildash
I'm curious of the details, I'm not really having problems.
for me it was really laggy and janky scrolling
and slowness and stuttering with lots of tabs open
for example, opening a tab for ever TWiT show was too much for it to handle
10 hours later…
2:23 PM
Hmm, Chrome beta has been fine on mine...
2:47 PM
@KyleCronin yeah I saw MG's tweets before I installed Chrome Dev, but I decided to try it out anyway. I've had no problems with it besides this one issue. It's smooth and fast. I haven't had a ton of tbs open yet though.
2 hours later…
@GrahamPerrin Haha, shame.
That was the source image I take it?
@VxJasonxV yeah, I was just curious about that web badge identi.ca/notice/80278025 after sticking my nose into an old meta question about the logo for Ask Different
@Nathan kicking the ball around before I jot anything in meta, do you think it'll be useful to have with a synonym ?
@GrahamPerrin I think it would have kind of a limited use, but I don't see any harm in making the tag.
@Nathan definitely very limited use at the moment but could be useful in a few months time after people begin toying with other uses of Core Storage
5:17 PM
That's true.
Do you have a question you want the tag on?
@Nathan I can't think of any at the moment. It was a kitchen sink thought this morning. Just planning ahead and fishing now to get a feel of how people react to tags. I'm generally not a fan of tags but love the way it's managed in a stack like this
Ok, let me know when when a question comes up so I can make the tag.
Yeah, I like this system a lot better than creating 'folders' or 'categories' that you have to go into to see posts.
@Nathan my guess, it might first become applicable if/when someone uses Core Storage to increase the capacity of a Time Capsule (I don't have a TC but I guess that a peripheral USB disk can be attached).
I have this hunch that when Apple updated support.apple.com/kb/HT4522 telling people to stop using Disk Utility, there's something Core Storage-friendly hidden in current or upcoming product lines
Huh, I didn't know they changed that.
It'll be interesting to see what kind of a role CS takes in the future.
and whether there'll be any overlap with that ZFS thing … whatsitsname …
1 hour later…
6:26 PM
'nother meta post from yours truly requesting input...
Q: What should the Ask Different ads look like?

Abby T. Miller Ψ[I heard you guys all saying, "gee, I wish there were more meta posts from CHAOS for me to weigh in on," so I thought I'd oblige!] We are toying with the idea of putting ads for Ask Different on Stack Overflow. Specifically, they'd go on the [osx] and [ios] tag pages, or perhaps on questions wit...

6:37 PM
@GrahamPerrin Isn't full volume encryption a more correct term? All the crypto <strike>zealots</strike> enthusiasts have a valid point that the whole disk isn't encrypted in Lion.
@Nathan I've been known to come up with a question that just begs a tag get created :-) one or twice ;-)
@GrahamPerrin I can't wait to see what shows up to fill in for all the ZFS sexiness that was left untapped....
What a surprise. The masses flock to Joel;
Am1rr3zA is the other lucky one on this network:
Wow. Really? Apple updated the installer. But nothing to do with the software itself.
(I speak of the "Install Xcode.app" installer, btw.)
I mean, I appreciate it, that "hang after telling you iTunes must be closed" was frustrating, but, yeesh.
7:03 PM
@bmike interesting question … Disk Utility is (pleasantly) dumbed-down to refer to volumes as disks and so on; the manual page for diskutil uses the expression full disk encryption (FDE); en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_disk_encryption redirects to disk encryption blah blah disk or disk volume.
@bmike if Super User made a decision one way or the other, maybe we can follow their lead. We could have two tags hmm
1 hour later…
8:11 PM
you know, I don't know that I've ever been in this situation. What do I do about someone who's answer is really identical to mine, but I answered half an hour earlier?
A: How do I execute command line scripts?

VxJasonxVThe terminal underpinnings in OS X are the same as those used in Linux. What you are specifically looking for is commonly referred to as "Shell Scripting". The default shell when you open Terminal.app (located in /Applications/Utilties) is the bash shell. OS X has had a built-in shell handler a...

A: How do I execute command line scripts?

Phil MThe equivalent of the Console or Command Prompt in Windows is the Terminal app located in /Applications/Utilities/ The equivalent of DOS (or whatever they're calling it these days) is "bash" The equivalent of a batch file (.bat) in Windows is a shell script (.sh) Just do a Google search for "b...

I'd just leave both answers
does anyone here own (or know who owns) @askdifferent on twitter?
Funny, I was just wondering that myself.
As I'm sure you know, SE's account is 'StackApple'.
8:27 PM
which just sounds stupid
@VxJasonxV I'd take it as flattery. New user (possibly), even if the structure of your answer was totally ripped off - the wording is enough different that at least some effort was made to
customize the post. Best to take the highest road when there's any doubt. It becomes painfully obvious if it is really a pattern over time.
@VxJasonxV yup, and that's gonna change soon
right now, all of them are just StackThing, where Thing is the topic of the site
I never did make that "give us our damn identities" post on MSO...
but we're working on getting moderators access to those twitter accounts so they can do stuff with them other than just have them tweet questions at intervals
is "Ask Different" trademarked? if it is, I've heard it's fairly easy to get Twitter to hand over the account
8:29 PM
You folks going to use CoTweet?
@GrahamPerrin I personally don't see a need for a generic tag unless we get a raft of questions where it is obvious that PGP whole disk / alternate boot volume obfuscation / encryption is of interest to the more than a handful of people.
@KyleCronin i was hoping somebody here was squatting on it just in case, like you or @nathan maybe
@VxJasonxV not sure what the plan is exactly. we're still trying to figure out who at stack hq has access to the accounts in the first place!
I don't think I am :P. Fairly certain I'm not.
@AbbyTMiller I just sent a password reset email for the account, and I didn't get anything
which means I don't have it :-/
@AbbyTMillerΨ There's always this way twitter.com/account/resend_password
8:31 PM
@bmike i think @KyleCronin just tried that
yeah I did
I just followed it to see if something buzzes XD
Yay @KyleCronin
Are we talking about twitter.com/#!/askdifferent or another?
Though now I see what Twitter really thinks of me. :(
@bmike that's what i was talking about, yeah
8:32 PM
I'm nobody :(. I wonder if that has something to do with the fact that I'm a private account.
Funny that it would still list me if that were the case.
I've had "-1 people like this" on Facebook before.
Not just 0, but -1!
I think I have that screenshotted somewhere.
then there's the famous Stack Exchange time synchronization bug
where sometimes you'll load a page and one of the answers or comments will have a time like "2 seconds from now"
8:40 PM
Haven't seen that yet.
Q: Back to the future

Ben VoigtWe have Was a question asked in the future? recurring, but more significantly. Seems it also happened last week I see "asked in 4 hours" and "answered in 5 hours" all over the site. Is this a browser-specific bug? I'm using Chrome, latest version, on Windows 7. Now that the clock is back t...

8:53 PM
is meta an appropriate place to ask about the @askdifferent twitter account? i'm still crossing my fingers that someone on the site owns it
@AbbyTMillerΨ I think it would be all right.
@AbbyTMillerΨ Don't worry either way. I'm sure you guys have trade marked those words, and can get it through a simple ticket.
I'd suggest pursuing both means of getting it simultaneously
I'd wait a day - but chances are whomever has that registered will see the mail and react or won't be answering.
@KyleCronin or what kyle said :-)
9:07 PM
i'm looking into the trademark thing. stay tuned.
Same Ask Different time, Same Ask Different channel.
@VxJasonxV How many more chat stars do you need to get the gold watch?
i didn't even know chat stars actually did something for the recipient!
@AbbyTMillerΨ I think there is some sort of merit badge - a silver one for ten stars, ten comments or some combination thereof.
9:19 PM
@KyleCronin OK - we're going to have to schedule these tag team match ups where you finish my threads. Awesome timing!
I think you need 10 comments with 10 stars
An even 2700 rep! Moving on uuuuuppp!
@KyleCronin that's confusing. I can't imagine 100 stars in a chat as sparse as this, but perhaps. I could see 20 stars total across at lease 10 comments making more sense. 9 one star wonders and one gut bustingly funny mega 11 star comment.
rawwwwwwwwwrgh ⌘w'ed the wrong window.
9:37 PM
full screen video in safari doesn't behave like it should
if you full screen a video (not flash), it doesn't become its own space
and indeed, if you move the safari window to another space and fullscreen the video, it hides the dock and menu bar
but the dock and menu bar stay hidden even when you switch back to your other space
it's only if you fullscreen safari and then fullscreen the video that it works like it should
full screen video != full screen space
the video is not detached from the app, thus it doesn't get it's own space.
that is, full screening the video doesn't full screen safari, so the app (Safari) doesn't get it's own space.
but it should
I think I still disagree, because it infers you can then keep using your browser if you just switch spaces, which is not the case, technically-speaking.
actually yeah, I'd support that too
so fullscreening a video would open up just that video in another space
like full screening a quicktime video
but it doesn't work that way
I guess what I'm saying is, open an rdar://
9:51 PM
I prefer to complain here
duely noted
That's... odd
@Zoredache Why does chat consider your homesite to be Sharepoint?
@VxJasonxV, because I set it to be. It was SF, but I wanted to join the Choppertar event without changing my gravatar for the main site. So I changed my gravatar on a site I never use.
I was unaware you could choose your homesite.
Oh well look at that, a change link right next to "parent user".
Color me informed :).
2 hours later…
11:39 PM
@DantheMan Hey, welcome to Chat!
How do you do?
11:59 PM
Soda, pop, or coke? http://gplg.co/pcvveW

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