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1:00 AM
@ArturMeinild So that one I deleted rather than closed as it has no chance ever of being made an AU question...
1:42 AM
OT no-repro "Well, about 12 hours later, the problem fixed itself... Even though I had rebooted my system multiple times before posting this question... Truly a mystery."
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3:11 AM
OT Pop!_OS
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4:46 AM
OT Firefly OS
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7:27 AM
@NotTheDr01ds something for you? I think it's about Mongodb on WSL2.. askubuntu.com/questions/1450583/…
Which I think gives some problems because it lacks systemd..
8:17 AM
@karel it has your dupe vote and 3 unclear votes. Can't vote because it will be closed as unclear.
@ArturMeinild it's actually OT, as 18.04 is EoSS.
@BeastOfCaerbannog Really? I didn't think that was the case. I believe there was a meta post...
Which I can't find right now - but I seem to remember that the 3 year EoSS didn't count for us, but that we go with 5 years in all cases..
Also, per @guiverc 's comment
It's on-topic, but it's not Ubuntu with LXDE, and not the "Lubuntu" flavor
*It's Ubuntu with LXDE
What does this mean for Ask Ubuntu though?

(THIS part is with my mod hat on)

Simply put: We don't follow the flavor-specific 'support' period, we follow the overarching 5 year LTS support limit that the 'main' Ubuntu release follows, even for the flavors of Ubuntu like Lubuntu, Xubuntu, and Kubuntu. We also qualify as 'community support'.
So please retract your EOL close votes people for this question: askubuntu.com/questions/1450583/…
And let @NotTheDr01ds answer ! 😁
8:34 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad ns for domain in answer (1): Ubuntu 22.04 Stuck before shutdown ✏️‭ by lykkos‭ on askubuntu.com
8:50 AM
I fail to see how this relates to Ubuntu.. askubuntu.com/questions/1452082/…
Re: EOL and EoSS - I see the problem, since the close dialogue has this text:
This question is specific to a release of Ubuntu which has reached its end of standard support or end of life date, and is not related to asking for help to upgrade to a supported release. Such questions are considered unsupported and off-topic on Ask Ubuntu.
Maybe this contradicts what Thomas states in the meta post ??
And this is mostly a comment, and definitely not an answer about Ubuntu .. askubuntu.com/a/1452086/1066942
Please tell me: Am I going insane, or are people completely off the hinges??? askubuntu.com/a/1452089/1066942
9:16 AM
@ArturMeinild I think I post a link to this answer every time I come across a guiverc comment about a flavour question being off-topic because it is over three years old. "Simply put: We don't follow the flavor-specific 'support' period, we follow the overarching 5 year LTS support limit that the 'main' Ubuntu release follows, even for the flavors of Ubuntu like Lubuntu, Xubuntu, and Kubuntu. We also qualify as 'community support'". - Thomas Ward
Oops, I see that Artur already posted TW's comment.
@C.S.Cameron 👍😁
My comments on EoSS vs EoL have gotten me a one week suspension already.
I think it's a good idea to refer to that meta post each time there's doubt..
@ArturMeinild OMG! Stupid mistake. You're absolutely correct! It will be EoSS on April this year. I just did 18+5=23, not taking into account the month. For my defense, I was half asleep. :P
(The irony is that usually I'm the one to point out such things. Even the meta question you posted was asked by me. :P)
@BeastOfCaerbannog 👍😴😁
Close vote retracted BTW. Thanks for telling me. May the WSL god answer!
@C.S.Cameron The wording guiverc uses must be confusing for a new user. But he has changed it quite a bit over time, adjusting it tho the feedback.
@BeastOfCaerbannog At least I THINK it's WSL, because of the message: System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1).
10:18 AM
I agree with your assesment.
@C.S.Cameron A totally unfortunate and unfair event if you ask me.
10:52 AM
OT Debian 11
@Natty tp flagged for being ridiculous spam
@ArturMeinild Probably, and probably. I'm also assuming WSL, but I'll wait for the OP to confirm. If you'd like to answer, I think you've pretty much nailed it -- The error message appears to be because they don't have Systemd enabled. They can likely either enable Systemd or use the fallback directions that you pointed to from Microsoft.
11:36 AM
OT no-repro Manjaro "I moved to Manjaro w. i3 as my desktop envir so not relevant for me personally anymore. "
@NotTheDr01ds I think you're much better suited to answer, since I'm not that well-versed in the exact details..
@ArturMeinild I'm happy to, but having never done MongoDB, I'll be hand-waving a bit as well on this one ;-).
Although I may set up a test instance with Systemd and see if the "normal" package installs.
@NotTheDr01ds I wouldn't expect anything less than you're perfectly proficient in hand-waving, considering your handle and avatar.. 😁😎
@ArturMeinild Lol
12:11 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad asn for hostname in body, potentially bad keyword in body (2): Arcitura Education C90.03 Dumps - Right Preparation Method‭ by Sara brook‭ on askubuntu.com
OT 16.04
12:44 PM
@NotTheDr01ds Nice initial answer, that covers a number of different options! 😎
A: Refreshing Software Cache Stalls - While updating

arinamichelthis problem might occur due to the package manager on your system. This can sometimes happen if the package manager becomes corrupted or if there is a problem with the package index and there is a problem with your internet connection. This can cause the update process to stall or freeze if the ...

Is it an AI answer?
@ArturMeinild Thanks! I seem to recall answer with the "Docker" option on a MongoDB question at some point in the past, but I couldn't find it on any of the 4 sites here that I mostly use.
@Pilot6 Eyeball - Almost definitely.
@NotTheDr01ds Also nice formatting with the footnote - that was new to me! 😁
I checked it 99.98 fake
@Pilot6 Ditto
12:47 PM
@Pilot6 I was about to post the same thing - 99.98% 😁
That's #42 in my ChatGPT collection here.
@ArturMeinild I just wish we could generate anchor links, so that I could link up the Footnote reference at the top to it's implementation at the bottom.
1:01 PM
I voted to delete it.
1:58 PM
A: Running a systemd job with a delay when activated manually, not at boot

noisefloorsystemd Timer Units are designed for running Service Units periodically, whereas periodically includes "after every boot process". Two possible solutions for you: deactivate the units after it ran, this will prevent that it runs at the next reboot / system start. discard the timer unit and add t...

Has a ChatGPT'ish feel, but reading through the user's other answer (and profile), I think this is just a new user who has the potential to be a really good addition here. Would appreciate some other eyes on the user's other answers to make sure they look good (and not ChatGPT). Recommend some upvotes if so ...
All answers come up very real, as well, just to note.
Detector says over 99% real..
Other answers look good as well.
2:28 PM
@ArturMeinild Good - Thanks for confirming.
[ Natty | Sentinel ] Link to Post Low Length; No Code Block; 1.0;
[ Natty | Sentinel ] Link to Post Low Length; One Line only; Low Rep; 2.5;
Duplicate (same answer posted on multiple questions -- Looks like the same issue from the error message?) systemd: Failed to start Application launched by gnome-session-binary‭ - Mahler‭ 2023-01-02 18:08:46Z
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4:10 PM
A: Shutter very slow and laggy?

Rohit SinghThere are several reasons why the Shutter application may be slow and laggy. Here are a few potential issues and their solutions: Insufficient memory: If your computer does not have enough memory, the Shutter application may run slowly. Close any unnecessary programs or windows to free up memory...

Three answers by this user with a link to a site with fake answers.
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7:02 PM
@Natty tp
@Natty tp
@NotTheDr01ds You reported KGIII's answer, which seems valid to me. It's also accepted as the solution. Was this your intention or did you paste the wrong link (you have commented in the now deleted one)?
7:46 PM
@BeastOfCaerbannog Yup, reported the totally wrong one. Thanks for catching that.
How do I fix it?
8:02 PM
Looks like a valid answer to me - I've edited to make it more clear. Answer to: Getting these messages in the ubuntu logs. What do they mean?‭ - MarcoZen‭ 2023-01-26 22:10:21Z
^^ This one was originally posted on multiple (duplicate) questions, but both were removed.
@NotTheDr01ds No idea!
Invalidated the previous feedback on askubuntu.com/a/1334151
@NotTheDr01ds I found it
The change is also reflected at the Sentinel post: sentinel.erwaysoftware.com/posts/375469
8:39 PM
@Natty fp
Invalidated the previous feedback on askubuntu.com/a/1334151
@BeastOfCaerbannog There we go! Thanks!
@NotTheDr01ds Huh, it seems that this works too! Your feedback is also registered correctly.
@NotTheDr01ds No problem! :)
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10:36 PM
Okay, I have officially killed for now here on AU.
There were only two questions, from 10 years ago, and I retagged both of them to the topic that was actually being discussed.
According to the burninate help, the tag should be auto-deleted in 24 hours.
However, I don't know if there are any deleted questions with that tag, or if it matters for burnation.
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11:47 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad ns for domain in body (1): How to access android phone on Ubuntu 22.04‭ by user48297‭ on askubuntu.com

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