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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad asn for hostname in body, potentially bad ip for hostname in body, potentially bad ns for domain in body, potentially bad keyword in body (4): accounting assignment by arinagrand on askubuntu.com
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5:05 AM
@BeastOfCaerbannog oh... it looks like they did actually mean the theme... in that case it's a perfectly reasonable workaround imho
5:18 AM
I'm sure I'm not the first to wonder this... but why does Ask Ubuntu not have a migration option to Unix SE? A significant amount of questions are posted with an off-topic distro on Ask Ubuntu (often Zorin OS, Linux Mint, etc.). A migration option seems like a good thing to have, but in the list, I only see an option to migrate to Meta
@cocomac yeah I think there's a general fear that bad questions would get migrated
mods can migrate any question to any site, so if you see a good quality question that should be on another site, you can flag it and suggest it be migrated
@Zanna But why mods only? There is a reason there is a minimum rep needed to flag posts. Shouldn't that be enough to prevent moving bad posts? I get that custom flags work, but making it a default option seems easier
Ohh. Would there be too many questions like this one askubuntu.com/questions/1372067/… and we want to follow Jeff Atwoods rule of "Don't Migrate Crap" (meta.stackexchange.com/a/91446/1081494)
many people think we should have a migration path to U&L
Q: Migration Paths?

8128Migration paths allow for questions to be moved from Ask Ubuntu to other sites in the Stack Exchange network. The idea is that rather than simply closing questions as being "off-topic", then the questions can be moved to be the correct Q&A website. These could allow us to keep our site on topic ...

Q: Activate migration paths to Unix and Linux, should we?

BraiamFirst of all, lets remember the golden rule of the migrations: DO NOT MIGRATE CRAP That said, why don't we open the migration paths from AU and UL? There has been 10 migrations to UL in the last 90 days, here the stats: The migration to UL has been rejected lately, which has been norma...

Q: Migrations paths

vidarloCurrently, AU only has a defined migration path to Meta: Why is there no migration paths defined for U&L SE, and possible the ElementaryOS SE as well? To me, it would make more sense to be able to vote for moving than closing questions related to non-official derivatives of Ubuntu - and I beli...

So the general consensus is if I feel it should be moved, use a custom mod flag?
To prevent the "Don't Migrate Crap" proplem?
that's the current situation
5:30 AM
@Zanna Thanks for explaining! I know I've asked a decent ammount of questions, but as someone that has read a decent ammount of Meta SE (long before I made an account), but is also new-ish to Ask Ubuntu, being a relitively-active user (I've been flagging, posting, etc. fairly often), I've generated some questions, so thanks a ton to you and the others who have been so helpful and kind!
aww thanks for your kind words!
and thanks so much for contributing to the site
I am not as active as I'd like to be these days
@Zanna You're still an amazing mod! GTG, but thanks for all the support!
awwww thanks! <3
have a good day/night
5:55 AM
@Zanna hi
hi :)
How are you
I was just chilling and found you online
Can you please tell me what does it means to janitoring ask ubuntu ?
@AkshajSingla I'm doing well - feeling somewhat better than I have for the previous ~4 weeks
@AkshajSingla a janitor is a person responsible for keeping a site clean and tidy and running smoothly
Oh !
Have you seen my meta post ??? Newest commant
people often describe moderation work as janitorial - this room is dedicated to community moderation work :)
okay I have replied to your last comment
how about you? how are you doing?
6:01 AM
I am doing good
Well I was just answering some questions , earning some reputation
I got 486 reputation in just 24 days (approx)
6:13 AM
BTW do you know I am the person who got the maximum reputation in minimum days
no I didn't... how did you figure that out?
I went to users then reputation then new users
It shows cocomac in top , but he got 618 reputation in 41 days , but I got 486 reputation in 24 days
oh I see... the numbers are displayed just like that in the view you mention
What is this ?
What is smoke detector
are you asking about the Smoke Detector message?
6:19 AM
it's a bot that scans posts to try to catch spam
it's made by the Charcoal project
it posts everything in Charcoal HQ
since this room is dedicated to Ask Ubuntu moderation, it also posts reports about Ask Ubuntu posts here
that message was deleted because the spam was deleted within 2 minutes (the time one is allowed to edit or delete one's chat messages) so Smokey deleted its own message since no further action was needed
Well are you typing something ?
Why is the name "Raiders of the Lost Downboat"
It should be raiders of the Lost "downvote"
hahaha for that you can read Random Person's meta post
LOL , I am too lasy to read that
well, it's a long story
and I already wrote the answer there
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@Natty tp
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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer, pattern-matching website in answer (158): Ubuntu command-line suggestion by Leo E Eeo on askubuntu.com
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7:24 PM
@Zanna Yeah. I had already retracted my vote!
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9:28 PM
Autoflagging disabled until restart

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