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5:07 PM
mateo_salta has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
mateo_salta has stopped a feed from being posted into this room
@jrg do you think there is a way to post questions in here as a feed that have common tags we are trying to clean up
@mateo_salta Yeah.
that would be awesome, I can't seem to figure it out
let me take a look
should i put you as owner
5:12 PM
no need
look in the feeds now.
Error feed!
5:13 PM
that will make cleanup nice, and if they are using it as a general tag we can quickly add relevant tags
5:48 PM
Q: Computer shuts itself down from install menu

MikeyI'm trying to install the latest version of Ubuntu onto an old machine. I've burnt Ubuntu onto a disc from the official website, however when I try to install it I get to 'Install Ubuntu' or 'Try Ubuntu' menu and when I hit install Ubuntu, it freezes and the computer turns off. EDIT: I've now t...

Q: Ubuntu 12.04 running from an external hard drive freezes frequently

iphonedev46I have the late-2009 model of the iMac (with the latest version of Lion) and I use a rEFIt CD frequently to switch from OS X to Ubuntu and vice versa. Ubuntu 12.04 is installed on a partition of an external hard drive and the rest is used as a Time Machine. I've noticed recently that at times,...

Q: What can I do when Ubuntu freezes for some unknown mysterious reasons?

Umair MustafaI'm using Ubuntu 12.04 but of some unknown reason sometime Ubuntu get stuck, no motion what so ever. If i try to move a mouse it doesn't respond and same thing with the keyboard. I hope at least some one gives some reply bcoz I'm not getting replies on most of my questions.

Q: Bad DMA/do_IRQ errors on suspend/resume, with occasional freezing

Steve KroonEvery time I suspend or resume my laptop (Dell Latitude E6520), I get 2 messages of the form displayed on the console just before shutting down/starting up: [ 407.107610] ehci_hcd 0000:00:1d.0: dma_pool_free buffer-128, f6f18000/36f18000 (bad dma) On occasion, I get a message of the form: [ ...

Q: Dell Inspiron 1545 unresponsive and laggy with continued use

Iszlai LehelI have a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04 installed with Wubi (Precise Pangolin) on a Dell Inspiron 1545. Until I updated yesterday, the system had problems. Windows were losing focus and the sytem was continually slow and unresponsive. After updating, it worked great for hours. But after some time...

It's a bit of a mess the first go around.
the third freeze is a dupe
5 hours later…
11:21 PM
Q: frequent freeze ubuntu 12.04

mohamedi am facing a serious problem as my dell optiplex 745 loaded with ubuntu 12.04 32bit freezes with a blank screen no mouse cursor no keyboard activity in many occations sometimes what i open firefox , software center, i really cant tell what is the main problem but what i am certain about is it i ...


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