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3:39 AM
@Pandya haha thanks 😃 The vedic language is poetic and and is codified also , so it's quite difficult to draw the exact conclusion even for the scholars ( i am knowwherre near even to translate one verse 😀) .The interpretation is not purely mine but is constructed from the bits and pieces of info. available about soma yajnas. We will ask some users like swami Vishwananda etc. for correctness.👍👍
@Pandya BTW i think additional ref. notice to the answer is fine , can you please do that.
Another thing is the mantra quoted is only half part and missed the second part. In the first part, the reason is said. The reason is about Sacrifice. You can add that too. — Sarvabhouma 9 hours ago
@NogShine Do you mean "The god's desired the women to go to heaven" part.?
3:55 AM
@SwiftPushkar they could not discern the world of heaven, they saw this (cup) for the wives, they drew it; then indeed did they discern the world of heaven; in that (the cup) for the wives is drawn, (it serves) to reveal the world of heaven. Soma could not bear being drawn for women; making the ghee a bolt they beat it, they drew it when it had lost its power;
This part is missed and only half quote is done.
Half quoting is dangerous.
@NogShine Yes that part is the story part related to soma sacrifice , even a question is also asked here , but i am not sure about the story or what the half part exactly mean , i am trying to find more info about the story and the mantra right now , will update the answer and add the meaning of whole mantra. :-)
BTW this is a useful general resource about vedic yajnas @NogShine @Pandya
4:27 AM
@SwiftPushkar It's not related. It's a duplicate
@NogShine hmm , but i think he is asking for MB.
@SwiftPushkar Still the question is asking about 24 avatars. Why he didn't mention is what we cannot answer
@NogShine yeah
I have doubts what the exact question is..
Is it Vyasa being the avatar of Vishnu mentioned in Mahabharatam or Vyasa's name found in Mahabharat or number of avatars of Vishnu
@NogShine haha same with me .
A: Who are the 24 avataras of Lord Vishnu according to the Srimad Bhagavatam?

SarvabhoumaIt is explained in the Bhagavatam Canto 1 chapter 3. Even though there are innumerable incarnations of the Lord, some of the important ones are mentioned in this chapter. They are: The four unmarried sons of Brahmā [the Kumāras] also called as Sanat Kumāras. Varaha avatar (Boar) Devarṣi Nār...

@NogShine BTW gita press edition is also mentioning Hansa and hayagriva avataras and including these 2 complete 24 avataras.
but in footnote
Q: Are Narada and Vyasa incarnations of Lord Vishnu?

JanakiIt is said that Vyasa is the Jnana Avatar of Vishnu Bhagawan. Narada is said to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu. How far is this true?

4:42 AM
There are already questions on the site. It will be a duplicate

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