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1:58 AM
@TheDestroyer I'm trying to install Java for scientific computing, which IDE to use? IntelliJ IDEA IDE(I'm looking at the free community edition) is suitable?
2 hours later…
3:46 AM
@LakshmiNarayanan yeah. Community edition is enough. I think for scientific computing core Java is sufficient
3 hours later…
7:04 AM
@KeshavSrinivasan In the same link:
> He(Vallabhacharya) received initiation from his father in his eighth year, and was handed over to Vishnucitta, with whom he began his early studies. His studies of the Vedas were carried on under several teachers, all of them belonging to the Madhva line.
> He visited Udupi, Gokarna, Pandharpur, Nasik, Maöhura, Vrindavana and then proceeded to the extreme West to Dvaraka. From there he went to Badrinath via Kurukshetra and Haridwar. Then downwards to Allahabad, Benares, Gaya and finally Puri, where he met Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
@KeshavSrinivasan So I think Vallabha followers don't believe that he was initiated by Krishna Chaitanya.
@SwiftPushkar @SS Hello
7:25 AM
@KrishnShweta To be clear, you are reading from an ISKCON website.
@KrishnShweta - Yes , Hii , 🍫
@KrishnShweta So what you are quoting is from a Gauriya Vaishnava author. He probably just decided not to mention the Gaudiya Vaishnava belief that Valkabhacharya was initiated by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's shishya Gadadhara Pandita.
7:41 AM
@KeshavSrinivasan But I have a pdf of about Vallabhacharya. That also don't mention anything about Chaitanya initiating him.. Anyway I will see who is the author of that pdf.
@SS Okkati adgoccha?
@TheDestroyer ok thanks
@KrishnShweta Adagochhu
what is it about?
@SS Serious ga thiskoku. Nee chat profile lo okka line rasav. Adi enti?
> the entire south India was once full of Tamils (Telugu,Kannada & Malayalam are recent languages only).
^From a new answer..
@SS HAhahaha
7:50 AM
@KrishnShweta It means every contribution is important.
@SS Comments pass cheyadam enti?
@LakshmiNarayanan @KrishnShweta You didn't add your info in chat profile.
@KrishnShweta ante questions, answers, comments, edits, flags etc., anni important ani.
@Tezz Hey!
@SS Hi...
@SS I have a quote about alcoholic drink. I thought of adding it :P
@KrishnShweta okay.. add it
@Tezz you are not chatting these days..
7:54 AM
@SS Mod ani evarini point chesav?
@SS well it's there now :)
@KrishnShweta When?
@SS Later..
@SS I'm quite busy nowadays...
@Tezz We all are.. :)
7:55 AM
@SS mod tools ani.
@KrishnShweta moderation tools are a privilege when you earn at 2k on beta sites and 10k on graduated sites.
@SS So for those between 2k and 10k, on graduation, it gets revoked?
@LakshmiNarayanan yes. They get cancelled
@LakshmiNarayanan Jai Sree Hayagriva!
8:07 AM
@Tezz Regarding points 7 and 8, why only use scripture tag? Why not a new tag? Tagging questions based on the answers from will limit the answers from that tag only. This can only be done in some cases. By doing thus, we will be rejecting a new point of view in answering. New users should also answer and we should be open to new answers too. Accepted answer should not stop new answers.
@Tezz And that bholenath question can be answered without scriptural reference too. See Pandya's answer. There is no need of scripture tag there.
@Tezz that mrityunjaya mantra too. Shiva, veda, purana were not needed. Other tags were perfect.
@SS - Can community in a graduated site alter this 10k rule , i mean can a site increase /decrease this limit according to its requirement also?
8:23 AM
@SwiftPushkar I didn't understand
This will be standard throughout SE network
But on Meta.SE, rep requirement for comment is 5 and for DV is 100. Only applicable for that site.
@SS - ok , that mean this is fixed limit for both beta & graduated sites , "moderation tools are a privilege when you earn at 2k on beta sites and 10k on graduated sites." 👍👍
9:01 AM
@SS In mrityunjaya mantra all tags are useful:
1) Shiva : because devata of the mantra is Shiva.

2) Veda : because it is mantra from Veda.

3) Purana: because the origin and meanings of mantra are described in Purana.

4)Mantra: because it is a mantra

5) Scripture: question is such which answer can be found in Hindu scripture. It's not like biography of saint like question...

So, all tags are fine. If someone wants to add another useful tag then only he can remove one of these (which is less relevant). It isn't necessary to remove unless there is need to use useful tag...
@SS 'regarding points 7 and 8.... ' it's fine to remove scripture tag if it is necessary to add other useful tag in it...
@SS "Accepted answer should not stop new answers." it doesn't stop new answers at all... it just shows preferance of answersfrom scripture in the site.. and it is what site needs..
9:21 AM
@TheDestroyer - Nice work marking it as duplicate , i also noticed the similar nature of both questions in review , and voted to keep it closed , but you closed it forever 😀 . 👍🏻
@SwiftPushkar btw what is your opinion on using of scripture tag?..
@Tezz - i am in favor of it , it is very useful as well as important ... and agree with you also , especially the point you said on meta answer that this TAG will be helpful in identifying answers given with scriptures in google search :)
@SwiftPushkar yes, I agree with you... scripture tag can only be removed if there is necessary to add another useful tag....
@Tezz - I think most of our sources are from scriptures only , so this TAG is heart of all the questions and answers , basically users indirectly asks the scriptural source ,validity /truth etc from hinduism scriptures . in questions , so not necessarily all the questions should have a scripture TAG , but to those which directly or indirectly demand the answer from scriptures , (without mentioning that in actual question)
@SwiftPushkar yes, exactly... the point is not removing scripture tag from questions.. the point is adding scripture tag in other questions also....
9:42 AM
@Tezz - yes , users in many questions asks for scriptural validity /source , but they don't put /forget to add the "Scripture" tag under it , That's why I said in my comment we should add this tag wherever its required in all previous questions , if we notice such questions , and not in much favor of removing it. Yes but in some cases its ok , if the question is wrongly tagged by user OP.:)
@Tezz - our site is not like yahoo answers OR Quora where answering with scriptures is not mandatory , but this site is based on scriptures only. So this TAG will also help in marking questions which requires answers strictly from scriptures only OR answers given with scriptures.
@Tezz- BTW Is self self-realization and REALIZATION OF BRAHMAN one and same things OR are they different ?
i just wanted to re-confirm - I know about "Aham Brahmasmi " though :) both are used in different scriptures so i just want to confirm that all texts are saying same thing or not
1 hour later…
11:02 AM
@SwiftPushkar tag won't help in google search. Catchy words in the posts viz questions and answers do. cc/ @Tezz
@SS - ok , But one thing I noticed significantly since my joining with this site is , we can see Hinduism SE site link in almost all the searches in queries regarding Hinduism , so its my observation though , and i think its because of tagging system we use here (mostly accurate) .:)
@SwiftPushkar No, tags are only one of the search tools. there are other tools besides this one. for that, we don't need any tags. You have access to all privileges. check once. Adding scripture tag because it helps in google search is a bad excuse.
Q: Should questions include "tags" in their titles?

cdlearyI've seen questions edited to remove the language name from the title. Won't search engines - and folks using search engines - have an easier time finding them if these "tags" are kept as part of the title? Return to FAQ index

@SwiftPushkar This was asked because tags in SO don't work in Google search. They only help in SE searching.
@SS - haha , no yaar , its not a excuse , but i am just stating one good point about accurately tagging which also is helpful while users search on google :)
@SwiftPushkar again, tagging accurately helps in SE search not google search
@SS - ok
11:23 AM
@Tezz It is your interpretation. It is not allowed to add your interpretation. THe OP already added mantra. the problem is with vedas, puranas, Where does the question discuss about these? If seen like that, all questions will be of one or the other. Adding accurate tags make search more correctly.
@Tezz "If someone wants to add another useful tag then only he can remove one of these (which is less relevant). It isn't necessary to remove unless there is need to use useful tag..." I don't know where you learned that, but it is not correct.
@Tezz Why to add scripture tag if not necessary at the first point? There is no compulsion to add everything with scripture.
@Tezz Scriptural reference has preference. Yes, but adding it as a tag will mean that the OP is wanting the answers from scriptures. You many answer from scriptures but don't add that into questions.
:38769612 @Tezz "especially the point you said on meta answer that this TAG will be helpful in identifying answers given with scriptures in google search" that point is totally wrong. If no, prove me wrong. Google SEO and Stack exchange SEO is totally different.
12:15 PM
I don't believe tags themselves have any impact on SEO outside of it putting that word on the page making it searchable text. This sounds like a good question for Webmasters. However, considering Google doesn't use keywords and tags are essentially another form of keywords, I highly doubt they have any major impact. — animuson ♦ Jul 11 at 3:12
@Tezz @SwiftPushkar See the above comment from a Moderator. Adding tags for enhancing results in google search is wrong. Not only google but any search engine. It only shows a word scripture if we add a scripture tag to a question. Nothing else.
@SS - SE sites implement HTML , so i think TAGS work as keywords , similar to HTML <meta>
I don't think the tags we use in questions are recognised.
@SS - may be they are acting as keywords as I said earlier and Google BOT is also catching/ reading them .. not sure though , just my primary guess
@SwiftPushkar they catch words in the body, title and not tags directly.
Asking for scriptural reference in the question has more impact than tagging it with scripture.
The example given in the meta answer is shown in the top 3rd because the words are exactly the same i.e., Why is shiva called Kedarnath. ANd as a sidenote, we can answer it if we know hindi and a bit sanskrit. Scripture is not needed.
@SS - yeah , but as SE is implementing HTML , Whole question section is like a HTML program , where we define various things like <head> <body><meta><css> <b> etc :)
12:28 PM
@SwiftPushkar You can check this question
Q: What difference do tags make with SEO?

Yvette ColombThere's a question here Do tag synonyms show up in search engine results?. There's a question on Pets.Meta attempting to break up tag synonyms to improve search results: Separating out young and adult pet tags - Can we revise this?. I've been trying to get some information on the importance of t...

and this
Q: Do tag synonyms show up in search engine results?

Yvette ColombIf a tag is synonymised to a master tag: Example> The master tag is music, a synonymised tag is jazz. If people are searching jazz on the internet, does the jazz tag still catch search engines?

And the answers and comments say NO
12:40 PM
@SwiftPushkar Realization of Brahman and self realization is same... however in Vishistadvaita it is not same because Atman is not same as Brahman in Vishistadvaita...
@SS 'It only shows a word scripture if we add a scripture tag to a question.' That is what I'm saying..also screenshot in my answer makes it clear...
12:59 PM
@SwiftPushkar You are correct.
in Agama and Tantra, 4 mins ago, by The Destroyer
@SS In HTML, title tag and the meta description tag are used in SEO. Keywords in questions or answers are dropped long ago by search engines.
Title tag in HTML has scripture.
@SS See this

slandauSo I might be asking this in the wrong place. I figured since it technically does have to do with markup, it might make sense to post it here. Issue I have my site registered with the three major search engines - Google, Yahoo, and Bing. I have webmaster tools setup for all 3, and frequently ch...

Among five tags, tag with highest score goes in "Title Tag of HTML" and it helps in Google SEO.
Check source of the webpage.
2:01 PM
@Tezz Oh! that is what I said... I meant "it shows if there is a word scripture (not tag) in the question.
2 hours later…
3:46 PM
@SS Actually the whole purpose of discussion is whether Scripture can be used as general tag or not along with specific tag and many active users agree that scripture can be used as general tag. Like Triyugi Narayan Mani, SwiftPushkar,
and somehow Rakesh Joshi and Krishn Shweta also agree with use of scripture as general tag.
Q: How come there are nearly 6 billion people but only few attain perfection(self realization)?

Chitra LekhaWhy do some people naturally get inclination(a quest or sometimes a thirst) on life to know about God? Are they any pious activities that leads to this state in life after life? Please justify with quotes if necessary.

@Tezz - what do you think ? IS OP is mainly asking about why so few people achieve self realization or why some people inclined towards spirituality ? I am preparing the answer , but the title and body of the question are different , so not sure :)
4:03 PM
@SwiftPushkar I think he is basically asking about what Karma in previous life causes curiosity to know God in this life...
@Tezz - hmm , yeah , looking from the below comment it looks so , actually i have prepared the answer of the question asked in title . But reconfirmed before posting the answer 👍🏻
@SwiftPushkar Oh ok... post the answer... 😀😀
@Ajay Hello...
@Tezz - but if he is mainly interested the part in why some people are inclined towards spirituality god , in that case its no use to give wrong answer , so for time being i will not post it , we will ask OP about that :)
4:12 PM
@SwiftPushkar Oh ok... you may try to get clarified from OP...
@Ajay - HII
@Tezz - Yes , posted a comment under it :)
@SwiftPushkar Ok...
@Tezz - Actually in my answer , i tried to show how difficult the self realization is and what one has to do for using quotes from BG , SB and 4 different Upanishads 😀 BUT i think OP do not want that , so lets wait see what he/she says 👍🏻
4:55 PM
@KrishnShweta - Hiii - check this out - gitapressbookshop.in/books-by-language/telugu.html
@ChinmaySarupria - Hello retro man .. how are you 😀
@SwiftPushkar Nice
@SwiftPushkar Hi, I'm good, what about you?
Btw, today I read Krishna and Rukmini convo @SwiftPushkar . It is really awesome.
Thank you for sharing that link.
@ChinmaySarupria Hello
@KrishnShweta - i was looking for SB Sanskrit -Telugu version For u , from gita press , but sanskrit -telugu version is not there , Its more interesting if we read all this in our own language.
@ChinmaySarupria - yeah , me fine too , Jordar Barish since morning here 🌧
@KrishnShweta - yes thanks , just keep on reading , i am sure you will also like the spiritual advice krishna gave us and philosophical part from SB.:)
@SwiftPushkar I like reading in Hindi as well.
@SwiftPushkar I hope I will complete SB soon.
5:08 PM
@KrishnShweta - oh , nice , i will try to find SB hindi translation with shlokas PDF if found , Yes , and its really nice to know that that your are completing it :) Keep it Up 👍🏻
5:20 PM
@KrishnShweta - here is SB Hindi version PDF download link , but its without sanskrit shlokas , if you need any shloka .. ping me , i will give you that , or will send you screenshot :) - archive.org/details/puran_bhagwat
I didn't understand one/two verses in 9th chapter.
@KrishnShweta - yes , which one :) you mean 9 canto
I don't remember exact verse :(
@SwiftPushkar No canto-1 9th chapter.
@KrishnShweta - ok :) - that chapter is about Bhishma and Bhishma praising shree krishna while departing from earth
I will check that verse in Hindi version. Thanks for the link.
5:27 PM
@KrishnShweta - no sanskrit in that PDF its hindi meaning only with verse numbers
Ok... If I don't understand then I will ping you.
3 hours later…
8:23 PM
@Tezz Using scripture as general tag(for each and every question) and for references has a differences. Many active users like Moonstar,iammilind, SwiftPushkar, Rakesh Joshi,Lakshmi Narayanan, Ankit agreed for my points too. Hence there were upvotes. Keshav,Pandya and destroyer(I suppose) are neutral in this case. It shouldn't be used for every question. You & Rickross gave database as reason. For that, we have search queries and data queries. We should use them not tags.
See related posts on other metas...
Q: what if we use seperate tag for low quality questions?

VishwaI've seen often new users' questions get into hold because of off-topic, unclear and trivia. What if we use separate tag for those questions so we can easily find what was gone bad and ultimately try to either bring back as a good question or just remove it? There are huge number of those on ho...

Here you are replacing it scripture tag. That's the only difference I see.
There was a meta Post on MSE also for tagging specially for duplicates. The reason given is same creating a database and finding them separately at a place. But the answer given was using search queries and data Queries. As experienced user of site,we should be knowing that. What I gave were opinions but they were made after reading meta posts. I also said why questions shouldn't be tagged wrt answers on religious sites. You can check the other room.

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