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4:27 AM
@TheDestroyer I too am not aware of it.
@Yogi @SwiftPushkar Vithoba story is in Padma Purana. I thought Panduranga was an avatar in kaliyuga lately.
@KeshavSrinivasan Pandu ranga story became popular in the medeival age. How can it be present in Padma Purana? Is there an exact quote? Even if it is there, it looks like an interpolation to me.
4:53 AM
@SS Yeah, I can't even find a "Panduranga Mahatmya" section in the Padma Purana.
@SS - नमस्कारं , शुभ दिनं 🌞💐 We can't exactly say it's interpolation. Puranas can be modified according with time., Events , stories ,lost content as it was found , new concepts later got added in them , that means according to me there is no such a thing called interpolation happened with puranas they just got mofified 🔄😊👍👍
@SwiftPushkar Well, but we can talk about what parts were authored by Vyasa and what parts were authored by later people.
@SwiftPushkar Later additions are not considered as original. So, modifications are not original ones. Smritis can be modified. Not puranas.
@SwiftPushkar Shubhodayam!
@KeshavSrinivasan - Yes thats clearly visible and can be identified , as style of composition differ in various shlokas.A lot of content from smriti's , gita , upanishadas and tantra seems to be there ,so first handly we can say that , vedas , upanishadas , mahabharata part is by vyasa 😊
@SS - No it's not original , but puranas are not shruti's they are subjected to modification as time passes.
@SwiftPushkar Puranas are the conversations between Sages which tells us stories. So we can't inject new stories into puranas. Only smritis can be changed(dharma shastras according to time) not puranas.
5:06 AM
@SS - Events got repeted , as time is cyclic.So it's necessary to modify them but offcourse not by us but by vyasa😊👍
@SwiftPushkar That's what I am talking about. Some book says Panduranga story is part of Padma purana. I am wondering about it.
@SS - 😀 I will look at it , as i haven't seen that uptill
Q: Is Sachi(Indrani), Radha, the consort of Krishna?

Praviin SSome say that Sachi approached Vishnu to be her lover, but He refused but made her take birth as Radha in her next life. Is it true or is it some fake story created by the British?

QPD is >7
5:28 AM
@SS Oh, that's good.
5:39 AM
@SwiftPushkar Since you're reading the Srimad Bhagavatam, you may be interested in the Suniti Bhagavatam: archive.org/details/… It's a work by a follower of Madhvacharya which describes various moral lessons that can be derived from the Srimad Bhagavatam.
5:52 AM
@KeshavSrinivasan - Oh , I will read it 😊💐👍👍
6:25 AM
@KeshavSrinivasan is in a good mood today. Offering bounties in his questions.
@SwiftPushkar It's not correct. His dream project is Mahabharata but his next movie is not Mahabharata.
@TheDestroyer - oh ok , i don't know much about the director , i just saw trailer and posted link 😊👍👍💐 , BTW there is another trailer on you tube , ok , i will see 😊
@SwiftPushkar See that video , it has english subtitles.
@SwiftPushkar They are fan made.
@TheDestroyer - ok , but the cast is also set up "Deepika Padukon" as Draupadi , BTW what you think about Amitabh Bachchan as Bhisma ? 😀
6:41 AM
@SwiftPushkar bleh! Bad idea.
I wouldn't watch it then.
@SS - Haha 😂 Why do you think so , he is afterall a actor , he can assume any role 👵
6:57 AM
I can't imagine him in a fierce warrior role. He is thin for Bhishma role. @SwiftPushkar
19 mins ago, by SwiftPushkar
@TheDestroyer - ok , but the cast is also set up "Deepika Padukon" as Draupadi , BTW what you think about Amitabh Bachchan as Bhisma ? 😀
@AnkitSharma ^^
@SwiftPushkar Amitabh Bachchan as Bhisma. Good idea!
@TheDestroyer has he made clear whether he shall add supernatural elements of Mahabharata in the movie or not?..
Bhisma was also long lasting character in the history og Mahabharata and Amitabh Bachchan is long lasting actor in film industry.
@Tezz He didn't say anything. He didn't plan.
I think one should make one Dharmic film with title VedaVyasa and include the introduction to Vedic Dharma, Vedas, Purans, BG, BS. It may help in understanding the true value of Dhrama which I think necessary todays /cc @KeshavSrinivasan @Tezz
7:11 AM
@Pandya @Tezz He said he won't select famous stars. He also said actors should be moulded to suit the roles.
@TheDestroyer I've not watched that video yet.
@Pandya what I think is one should make Mahabharata as it is.. ie speaking the same dialogues (in translation)... and starting from Adi Parva...
@TheDestroyer Oh ok...
@Pandya - 😀 Nice connection ⏩⏪🔗👍👍 but the point by @SS is also fair he is thin for the role ,but can fatten himself with clothes👶👕👖
@SwiftPushkar Yes, I think it would not be a problem if he thought for this movie 5 years ago!
@Tezz Yes but it maybe difficult to frame the environment and scene accordingly.
@Pandya - Yeah , he will be more sutable for the role of Bhisma lying on the bed of arrows now⬆⬆↗⬆⬆
7:22 AM
@Pandya yeah it might be difficult... but if someone makes that type it would be the best...
@SwiftPushkar Yes, though I think Amitabh's heavy voice would be perfect for role of Bhishma.
@Tezz yes, it should be as best as if scriptural bases.
@Pandya - Yeah quite right , with little softness 👍
@SS Oh so are you posting an answer for that ?
@KeshavSrinivasan in Gita 9.32, Krishna says papa yonah Striyo.. which means not just stri. So, he is not saying women are of lower birth but papa yonah Stri are of lower birth.
@Yogi No. KeshavSrinivasan quoted a book which says there is Panduranga mahatyam in Padma Purana. I was talking about it.
7:32 AM
@SS okay
2 hours ago, by S S
Q: Is Sachi(Indrani), Radha, the consort of Krishna?

Praviin SSome say that Sachi approached Vishnu to be her lover, but He refused but made her take birth as Radha in her next life. Is it true or is it some fake story created by the British?

@TheDestroyer Yes.Krishna never says women are of lower birth.
@SS Even i'm saying the same. He didn't generalize all women.
7:44 AM
The word Papayonah ends in the first line. Then women, vaishyas and sudras come in the second line. So there is a distinction between women and papayoni. @TheDestroyer
@TheDestroyer Many interppretations arre possible for that verse. Who wants to blame BG, they will take wrong interpretations. Will not take right one.
Yesterday, there was a question about why scriptures are against women. In that question, he posted a wrong translation of Aranya kanda. There was no mention of father and son in the verses. Yet there are those verses in the translation. I don't know how he got those.
Above translation is also possible to the verse. Tatha word in the verse can be taken as "like" and "and". So, Ramanujacharya didn't edit the verse or added a new verse to BG. Just gave other interpretation.
8:41 AM
@Tezz "what I think is one should make Mahabharata as it is.. ie speaking the same dialogues (in translation)... and starting from Adi Parva..." Yeah, that would be great. But for that a TV serial would be best rather than a movie.
@Tezz By the way, Christians have made movies like that, where they just present the exact dialogues from the Bible. For instance, this movie:
The Gospel of John is a 2003 film that is the story of Jesus' life as recounted by the Gospel of John. It is a motion picture that has been adapted for the screen on a word-for-word basis from the American Bible Society's Good News Bible. This three-hour epic feature film follows John's Gospel precisely, without additions to the story from other Gospels, or omission of complex passages. This film was created by a constituency of artists from Canada and the United Kingdom, along with academic and theological consultants from around the world. The cast was selected primarily from the Stratfor...
@KeshavSrinivasan Yes. TV Series would be better. Even 3 movies will be mot sufficient to show important ones. But talking translations makes it boring.
@SS Well, the Gospel of John movie I linked to is actually quite good. But the Mahabharata is really long, so you would have to make too many movies if you were to do it based on translations. But I think you could make a really interesting Mahabharata TV serial based entirely on translations.
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10:10 AM
@KeshavSrinivasan Yeah or it can also be made on series like got series...
10:23 AM
Raining for first time here!
@TheDestroyer @SS QPD is about to touch 7.5 again :)
@Pandya Credit goes to @SS. His edit for TriVajra Upanishad made it possible. But we forgot Saxena Smriti which is superior among all Scriptures (which help in graduation of site). 😀😀
@TheDestroyer Haha. I think @KeshavSrinivasan also has been posting questions regularly.
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12:53 PM
A: is there any mention of gem stones in puranas?

SwiftPushkarYes , Gemstones are very amply are discussed in Hinduism scriptures. Especially the Puranas we find very detail description of the gemstones. For example Garuda Purana Achar Kanda , chapter 68 ( Agastya Samhita ) Description of te origin of the gems in the treaties of Ratna Pariksha (test of g...

1:10 PM
@SS - The actress in your DP resembles madhubala,👩
@SwiftPushkar Oh! She is Savitri.
@SS - HaHa , I know that but what i mean is "she resembles madhubala in short scale pic. In chat , but when we see the actual image , we see "Savitri" 🙃😵
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2:15 PM
Do anybody know the source of the mantra given by me -

 Quotes from Hindu scriptures - Subhas

Quotes from scriptures , Subhasitam & info.about Books related...
@TheDestroyer @Tezz @SS @Pandya @KeshavSrinivasan @Yogi @TriyugiNarayanMani @all
2:44 PM
@SwiftPushkar Which mantra are you asking about?
@SwiftPushkar Vishnu Shodasha Nama Shlokam ?
@SwiftPushkar looks like it's not AR Rahman who composed it.
3:41 PM
@KeshavSrinivasan - Vishnu Shodasha Nama Shlokam ,
@TheDestroyer - 😀 A.R.Rahaman surely not the composer , but I just wanted to know that - is this mantra composed by some rushi in ancient times or its a new one ,like recent creation by devotees 🙇
@SwiftPushkar Santaakaram is Dhyana Mantra of Vishnu Sahasranamam.
@KrishnShweta @ChinmaySarupria

We are arranging 21 days collective worship of Sun based on Vedic sacrifice of 21 days .During 21 days near Summer Solstice ,Sun is its at highest position in northern heavens or highest time of Uttarayana , auspicious 6 months considered by Vedics.
During this time of 21 days , if we make ourselves sufficient receptive than we can get maximum vital energy & grace from divine to raise ourselves to higher levels
Sadhana is designed in such a way that it will give immense benefits to masses who practice it .
@TheDestroyer - Yes , it's common and known to us , but I think the Shantakaram mantra is recited before shodasha naam shlokam or got added before shodasha naam mantra 👍👍😊
@TheDestroyer - BTW there is no sanskrit mantra available ,i translated it in sanskrit ✍✍
Will be back writing answer ✋
4:52 PM
A: Embryology in the srimad bhagavatam?

SwiftPushkarIs embryology mentioned in bhagavata Purana?- Yes it is mentioned in Shreemad Bhagvat Purana you can read it here SB 3.31 In the chapter SB 3.31: Lord Kapila’s Instructions on the Movements of the Living Entities. कर्मणा दैवनेत्रेण जन्तुर्देहोपपत्तये | स्त्रिया: प्रविष्टं उदरं पुंसो रेत:...

I have tried ...
@SwiftPushkar 👍👍
@SwiftPushkar many puranas say that
: Garuda Purana, Shiva Purana
But the OP asked in Bhagavata specifically
@TheDestroyer - Thanks bro , I will try to add description from them tomorrow :) I was not aware of that :)
@SwiftPushkar No need from them.
He asked Bhagavata only.
@TheDestroyer - yes , we will read what they are saying for future answers :)
5:11 PM
@SwiftPushkar Nice Answer!
@LakshmiNarayanan - yes thanks to you too , I think I promised u this answer , but anyway , I think you got it :)
@SwiftPushkar yeah, i was gonna say that :D I do have a follow up question - it is not clear when exactly jivAtma enters the sperm, do they talk about this?
@LakshmiNarayanan - No that is the reason at the first place i Have not given your answer , they are not talking about this , it seems its a gods secret , but even Modern biology says its unclear , cause they have not found it , when the Jiva actually called alive , Nature wants somethings hidden from us :)
@SwiftPushkar yeah, even I think that's a strong possibility.
5:28 PM
@LakshmiNarayanan - I wonder about this description in SB - उल्बेन संवृतस्तस्मिन्नन्त्रैच्श्र बहिरावृत: | आस्ते कृत्वा शिर: कुक्षो भुग्नपृष्ठशिरोधर: ||८||

ulbena saṁvṛtas tasminn antraiś ca bahir āvṛtaḥ  āste kṛtvā śiraḥ kukṣau bhugna-pṛṣṭha-śirodharaḥ

Placed within the amnion and covered outside by the intestines, the child remains lying on one side of the abdomen, his head turned towards his belly and his back and neck arched like a bow.
@SwiftPushkar what is it that you wonder?
his back and neck arched like a bow. - its exactly what it is
without MRI or Sonography , the people might be knowing about dissection at that time or may be just a guess too :)
Ok guys will sleep now Good Night TC , Bye , Thank you for your nice response @all
1 hour later…
6:46 PM
@RakeshJoshi Oh!! Are you going to do?
Paw sign on Krishna's chest (child Krishna's idol that is used to worship)?
@Pandya ???
7:05 PM
@TheDestroyer Ae paapam gurinchi chepthunnadu Krishnudu? And aa paapam aadavalle cheyagalara? magavallu cheyyalera?
@KrishnShweta i will try to do ...
sun worship is always beneficial . especially for health and spirituality
That's good.

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