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4:22 PM
Assalamu Alaikum. I have a little suggestion about a certain badge. Can I talk about it here?
The badge named "Epic" is so hard to earn. It should be a golden badge.
Reading through the previous chats, I agree with goldPseudo.
1 hour later…
5:41 PM
@Imtiaz Agreed, it's hard to earn. But the (golden) "Legendary" badge is even more impressive; if Epic were golden, then there'd have to be a whole new class of badge just for Legendary :P
it's been brought up more than once on meta.stackoverflow.com. basically, it's silver because it's midway between the easy copper and the really hard gold badges, not because it's particularly easy to earn:
Q: Epic badge too hard for silver?

NullUserException  อ_อWell, it's been asked before, but it's been 8 months and it hasn't got any easier. Epic is by far the hardest silver badge. Only 103 of them have been awarded so far. The majority of gold badges have a higher count; except Copy Editor (80), Reversal (49) and duh - Legendary (30).* Should the r...

Q: Are the 'Epic' and 'Pundit' silver badges too difficult to get?

CrazyJugglerDrummerBadge Pundit has been achieved by 37 people, Epic by 44 people. I'm not saying that difficult badges are bad!! I'm just noting that the silver badges with the next least achievement rate are Strunk & White with 463 people and Guru with 780 people (except Generalist :P). It's my understanding ...

So far as I know, Christianity hasn't ever claimed to be, in the classical meaning, a "religion of the Book." This isn't new.
5:58 PM
what means in the classical meaning ?
more accurately, the Christian scriptures pretty much abolish the idea of following the letter of the Law, rather they work according to the Spirit.
in a manner of speaking, they're following their scriptures in the sense that their scriptures tell them not to follow their scriptures.
it's not like the Jews, who were bound under the Mosaic Law as written.
muslims are following jesus more then cheristianity them self as i know
you think so?
yes :)
i reckon most muslims barely understand the message Jesus was sent to preach.
6:03 PM
im sure wait i give you examples
i find it more likely that i'll find muslims claiming that anything Jesus says (in the Bible) that's contrary to Islamic thought is "corrupted".
1-Muslims wash their face, hands, and feet before praying,
as Moses and Jesus (pbut) did. Christians don’t.
2- Muslims remove shoes, cover their heads and enter the
place of worship. Christians worship with their shoes on
and men remove their hats.
3- Muslims prostrate (on their faces) and pray as Jesus did
in the Garden of Gethsemane when he beseeched God to
save him. Christians don’t. They sit on seats in Churches.
4- Muslims never eat pork as Jesus also never ate pork.
Christians do. It is one of their favorite dishes.
"doing something that Jesus did" is not the same as following him.
most of those things you listed are more or less irrelevant to religion.
and if you think that following those actions is somehow good, you've completely missed the point of Jesus' message.
i mean , we muslims following all prophets muhammed actions ,doing , saying , ... but nothing for christians
"Hear, and understand: Not that which goes into the mouth defiles a man; but that which comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man."
6:16 PM
they dont follow anything what jesus said or done , they just follow the man craeted things ,
actions are just actions; anybody can perform them.
i mean even what it says in the bible they dont follow it at all
if a non-muslim eats with his right hand, does that make him better than a muslim who eats with his left?
they denie everything what it saids in the bible, and follow their created things
the new covenant abolished the Mosaic Law.
6:19 PM
our prophet saids to eat by the right hand , as in the quran also saids as jesus also do , but not christians
if prophet done something it means its good to do it also
can you earn your way into heaven by actions alone?
i just mean that at least they dont follow the jesus actions , and forexample the praying : jesus prayed as muslims . but no one christian done it. jesus never used the cross as muslims done
jesus was a jew. christians aren't.
yes i know
he never know this word christian
or christianity
its created word
but we dont create islam word its from the book
everything we follow or we do is from the book or prophet
but christian everything they do is from (man-created) things , nothing from the bible or jesus
more examples ?
was the prophet not a man?
6:24 PM
this rounded flour on the door : its man-created thing , and they call it tradition , never been from jesus
this tree with presents under it (christmans tree) its man - created first time is done in spain from a man who surprised his childs , now it called tradiotion and its like one thing from cjristianity
to make lights on funerate its man creatred thing , never done by jesus or said it or from the bible
just because it's something that christians do doesn't mean it's a christian teaching.
shall i say that muslims don't follow muhammad because they like putting crescents on things?
its not christian teaching at all :)
shall i say that anyone who follows imam abu hanafi is a kafir because he's following the laws of man?
6:28 PM
crescents on things? what this i didnt understand it .
should we all live in the dark ages, exactly as the prophet lived?
im talking to you but my english is bad so please talk with easy words
A star (or stars) and crescent featuring in some combination form the basis of symbols widely found across the ancient world, with examples attested from the Eastern Mediterranean and Central Asia. The early Muslim community did not have a symbol. During the time of Prophet Muhammad, Islamic armies and caravans flew simple solid-coloured flags (generally black, green, or white) for identification purposes. In later generations, the Muslim leaders continued to use a simple black, white, or green flag with no markings, writing, or symbolism on it. During the 19th century, it represented th...
dark ages ? every age there is development , as in pharaon age , there was much science and development so this means nothing as people they discoverr by time
the prophet never used the internet (that we know of).
6:30 PM
as in moses age there was other development
any laws we make to rule on the internet are, by definition, man-made.
the prophet never prayed in the extreme north, where the sun doesn't set for days at a time.
any laws we make to rule on the midnight sun are, by definition, man-made.
if you limit the sunnah of the prophet to only those actions that he did while he was alive, you fail to appreciate any of the wisdom.
yes he never used internet and what problem her , you talk in other way at all . this age there is internet and we can use it in the best way . nothing wrong with it if we use it in right way
who says what's the "right way"?
the prophet obviously couldn't; he didn't have an internet.
wait im reading what u said
yes he didnt have internet i know , but i mean we can read quran in internet , listen to khutba and quran , read hadith , ask questions , ..... its better way
so we use internet in right way
how do you know what's the right way and what's the wrong way?
6:37 PM
i didnt limit the sunnah to only those when he lived , but we can take the similars as they were not in his age , for example the wine , its forbiden , but now there is cocain , drugs , those all are similar to wine which they broke your mind and you dont know anything what are you saying
can i install a webcam in the local masjid and pray in congregation from home, over the internet?
whether i say yes, or no, it doesn't matter; the point is that this situation never came up during the time of the prophet.
any ruling on this would be a man-made decision.
i have heard that you can perform a salat by tv online praying . since you cant go to moske or handikap , or something like that , but the benifice you get is more when you are present
you dont understand me
i do understand you.
i don't think you understand yourself.
no , look i mean man made when they create things and stick it to christianity
you claim to follow jesus better than the christians, yet you treat the sunnah as naught more than a bunch of actions to follow.
6:41 PM
in serious things they dont , and they follow man-made things as a religion , we muslims never never doing things as islam said it when its man created
i have seen many muslims who do exactly what you're saying, and call it Islam.
yes , because jesus was muslim and what he was doing all are like muslims
they follow their scholars and imams, and never so much as open the Qur'an. what is that, if not following man-made rules?
many muslims go so far as to say that only scholars are allowed to interpret the qur'an.
because regular people might make a mistake.
wait i take my child to sleep and back , he disturb me i cant write. i back in 30 minute maybe
its nice talking to you :)
7:06 PM
@echo_me Asalam Alaikum. not all, we follow his sunnah regarding religion
we do not have to follow the snnah that he did as an Arab 1400 years ago
well im back
@goldPseudo "they follow their scholars and imams, and never so much as open the Qur'an." can you give examples as i gave you many examples , or u just say like that from the air
you never gave an example
yes regular people can make mistake and interpret it wrong as they didnt read chari3a and sunnah much so better to avoid mistakes in islam is to ask imam or scjolar , didnt christian do this ?? they dont mind to ask :) . just do it wrong or right , by the way its translated book so its wrong book from the begining ,
how they will interpret it when its already interpreted :)
and ! there was many people also who wrote the book bible so which interpretation you will follow as there is many contradictions , we muslims are prudent to dont make something wrong , so if someone ask he will never fail . if you are lost , if you ask you will find your road or way , if u dont ask you just go without knowing where are you going
im not saying that christians are wrong , or they are fail , but im saying may allah guid them .
@AlUmmatمجاهد wa alikum salam bro :)
@AlUmmatمجاهد to follow sunnah is not obliagtory but its prefered as there is many benifice in it.
@echo_me scholars and Imams are regular people, they are humans are they not?
yes they are its not me who said this :)
@echo_me really, see Surat Al Hashar Ayah 7 then come back to me and tell me that
"And whatever the Messenger has given you - take; and what he has forbidden you - refrain from. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is severe in penalty"
" وَمَا آتَاكُمُ الرَّسُولُ فَخُذُوهُ وَمَا نَهَاكُمْ عَنْهُ فَانْتَهُوا وَاتَّقُوا اللَّهَ إِنَّ اللَّهَ شَدِيدُ الْعِقَابِ "
And whatsoever the Messenger gives you, take it, and whatsoever he forbids you, abstain from that. And fearAllah; undoubtedly, the torment of Allah is severe.
7:20 PM
@echo_me Sunnah Salat aren't obligitory but recommended for the Prophet did it regularly like two rak'ats before Fajr
@AlUmmatمجاهد yes thank you this is from the quran , as i was talking to goldpseudo they dont take what jesus said or they dont forbid what what jesus forbid
@AlUmmatمجاهد yes as i said sunnas is not obligatory but preffered as there is many benefice in it
@echo_me Sunnah is of the Mustalah of the Fuqaha', which refer to the sunnah Salat, the sunnah I am talking about isn't what the Fuqaha' talk about, the sunnah I talk about is the Prophet's actions orders approvals disapprovals and so on
@echo_me above, in you discussion with goldPsudo, He was saying that actions (alone) won't get you to paradise, but you must have belief, Taqwa
@Caleb would you like to join in with this discussion?
yes but its bid3a and every bid3a dalala , and every dalala to the hell , thats what christians do only bid3a . this what i was trying to explain him as they just do man-created things
i gave him dozens of examples
and if he want i will give more examples , and he was just saying ''like muslims do'' and he never gave example what we do in out of islam
i gave examples.
you don't need to
you are clear
7:29 PM
i gave examples from my own experience.
what example ?
i could go to the mosque three blocks away from my house and take a picture of the crescent and star on it if i could be bothered to.
that doesn't make it part of Islam.
Bid'at are everywhere, including among Muslims
i could dig up a comment on this very site where i was told that there is "no such thing as a scholar make a mistake", but that won't make it part of Islam.
i haven't tried, but i wouldn't be surprised if i could find a Christian eating with his right hand.
what do examples prove?
those cresent and star we dont follow them as a muslim who do it like christians who have a cross on their breast ,to say that they are muslims . those are just simbole that we follow moon months nothing else . and we dont make them as a symbol of following islam as christians they kiss it and swear by it and love it and ..... when its symbol of death of their god !!
7:34 PM
i have seen muslims kiss their qur'an and swear by it and love it.
yet barely even consider opening it and reading it.
is that Islam?
yes quran but not the cross
can u give me one christian who love the bible ??
no one :)
even the preast just read few lines in church and leave a part in the end
so? do imams quote the entire Qur'an every time they lead prayers?
quran we love it as its the word of god so what about the cross if you kiss it and love it??
7:36 PM
the bible and the qur'an are very different scriptures. treating them as the same thing is like comparing apples to oranges.
you compare between the book of god and the cross symbol of death ?? which doesnt mean anything even to jesus !!
so you deny that jesus ever told his followers to carry their own cross?
"And whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple."
@echo_me they kiss it and swear bv it and we kiss the Quran and sometimes swear by it (which is haram) but most of us hardly read it
if he is alive , you will say to him we love the cross ?? he will not understand you plus he will be angry at you because you love his place where they killed him as christians believe
@AlUmmatمجاهد its haram to swear by quran right
but christians no , they swear by everything , cross , bible , the eva , saint spitirt , and there is many saints people also i dont remeber their names
not all christians follow saints.
and there's even muslims who do.
7:41 PM
@echo_me as for the saints, if I am not mistaken, that is of the catholic christians, there are different sects in christianity, hence we cannot say christians do this and that because some may not
"And whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple."" can you read it carefully and please it understand it by yourself . carry the cross of their death ?? its not in this way , this is pushed in sentence , just to proove that carring cross is ok . can you carry your cross of death ??
or carry the cross of jesus ?
first itsnot the cross of jesus so he didnt even know that he will be killed .
second its not the cross of everyones disciple
he was never killed
so what cross are you talking here , or this senctence is saying here , as i said this is introduced sentence from some scholars or some writers of the bible
@AlUmmatمجاهد killed by thinking of christians i know in islam he is not killed
they believe that he was killed
2 hours ago, by goldPseudo
i find it more likely that i'll find muslims claiming that anything Jesus says (in the Bible) that's contrary to Islamic thought is "corrupted".
if you claim to follow Jesus better than the Christians do, you can't believe in part of the scripture and disbelieve in part thereof.
@echo_me do you mean to say we respect Issa more than the christians do?
7:48 PM
if the bible is not changed we follow also the bible but unfortunatly changed then alalh sent the latest and the new testament which is quran
@AlUmmatمجاهد yes
if you don't want to take it literally, fine, but you can't just say it's an introduced line just because you don't like it.
and also do what he was doing , as i can say that jesus he was muslim so all what he done is islamic actions
what is Islam?
look i will give you other example
@goldPseudo I'll answer for him, Islam is submitting ones will to God, in other words submission
7:50 PM
the bible said that woman must cover their head . what do u think this ? of course its islamic thing , no christian woman is doing this. plus it said that woman must cover by force else shave her head , islam s not by force and you can see that most woman cover
have you ever seen a nun?
one nun in the country :)
and i'm pretty sure the "women must cover their head" came from Paul, not Jesus.
you specify the bible teachings to just nuns ?
you said "no christian woman is doing this".
the fact that nuns do that, and they're christian, implies that you were either lying to me, or ignorant. i am assuming the latter, and trying to correct your misunderstandings.
7:53 PM
and paul he can say without jesus or god said ?? in fact yes i have many examples that paul and mata and .. they just say rules from them self and they said that this not from god but from me , and it saids in the bible !!! and christian just follow it !
yes no christian woman is doing it
remove nuns from my sentence
and look to 1.7 bilion woman
what about hutterites?
they must be all head-shaved if they follow the scripture of bible
@echo_me you cannot say all, there are those chritians whomen who cover them selves
well if you want know what is islam i can give some links better that read little ,
links written by God? or man?
7:56 PM
@AlUmmatمجاهد yes he mean nuns and i know what he mean , but i talk to other 1.7 bilion woman
links to show you islam if you want know , i can show you all here , but of course if you ask me i answer you
islam is to believe that only one god to believe in
and all those who sent are prophets to guide humanity
@echo_me have you heard of Unitarians?
islam what it means in english is 5 things
@echo_me is that islam or iman?
@goldPseudo here very interesting video and he was christian and he show what is islam i recommend you please to look at it youtube.com/watch?v=BNVCeDvm-kY
i don't like those sorts of videos.
8:01 PM
he shows what is islam in english im bad in english
i have many words but i couldnt translate them
i already know what islam is.
as you can see im using just simple words
you know islam from people not from the teachings
all cjristians they know islam from people
who transmits the teachings if not people?
they just look to people and they say that they understand islam
do you learn islam from the teachings? or do you learn it from people who choose what to teach you?
8:04 PM
if you want see what islam says so better to dont look to people as many now they dont follow really islam , and they give wrong picture of it
have you even read the bible that you can tell Christians that they're following it wrong?
or do you follow only men who claim to have read it before?
"who transmits the teachings if not people?" its prophet him self who transmit teachings to people . not as christians its desciples who transmit teachings ,
@echo_me so then how can one learn islam?
@goldPseudo i have one bible yes and i read it many times . do you have read quran ??
sorry i read it as stories man-made
@echo_me are not the books of hadith transmitted by the sahabah? are they not retransmitted by the scholars who compiled them?
8:07 PM
you will see the different between bible and quran , very different , you feel that its from god really . but bible if you read it u feel that its from man , if u want i give u example
the bible is not a single book.
it is a collection of books.
it is not the same as the Qur'an at all.
and no Christian would even claim it to be.
"it is a collection of books." thanks and u call it book from god ?
does not God call them Jews and Christians "people of the Book" in the Qur'an?
of course u will not love it and kiss it if he is from man witted -hands , its like that u kiss the writing of paul
now you're just speaking in ignorance.
8:10 PM
@echo_me not all of it was written by the man called paul
i know they are 4 man
@goldPseudo "people of the Book" yes he said that , because he down a book to them and they changed it
@echo_me is the Quran a confirmation to the previous scriptures?
@echo_me and what Book is it that He revealed to them?
christian are people of book because he sent them a bible book
to who ?
@echo_me To Issa the Injeel to Musa the Tourat
Tourat = Jews Injeel =christins
8:13 PM
@AlUmmatمجاهد zabour also
most of the Bible is the words of man. always has been.
definitely was already so during the time of the prophet.
the bible equals the jewish scripture and the injeel
zabour book
is this the "previous scriptures" that God has revealed to the Jews and the Christians?
@AlUmmatمجاهد and ibrahim --- >sohof
8:14 PM
Christians don't consider the bible to be God's direct word, as Muslims do the Qur'an. as far as I know, they never have.
the bible is not equal to jews book , they are different books in different period . moses who lived many years before jesus so torat is not the bible
@echo_me the bible isn't one book
it is various books in one
including the jewish scripture
as far as I know
i know they collect the writing of 4 men to one book and call it bible and its collected after jesus so jesus he never saw the bible writings .
did Muhammad ever read Uthman's Canon?
yes they include jews writings as old testament , i dont know why.
8:17 PM
did Muhammad ever read Sahih Bukhari?
@echo_me because in their bible, Jesus never abolished the law
i.e the jewish law
should they be rejected because they're the work of man, rather than God?
@goldPseudo quran is collected in muhammed period under his responsability ,
how do we know that the Qur'an we have today is the same one that Muhammad preached?
sahih elbukhari is not book from god , we have quran . sahih elbukhari is explanations and u know that very well if u said that u know islam
8:18 PM
all signs indicate that the version we have now are based on the one compiled during Uthman's caliphate, which was well after Muhammad's death.
it was compiled in Abu Bakr's Khilafa
compiled into one book
how do you know ? its said in the quran that allah he kept the quran from changing till the end of days
its said in the bible that the torah is eternal and never changing.
the bible u cant take it as it can be said many things which are not from god saying .
circular logic.
8:22 PM
@echo_me no, we can't take it because we have all we need in the Quran
@echo_me believe ye in part of the scripture and disbelieve ye in part thereof?
but do we not believe in the previous scripture?
as i have read that bible is 85% changed , so which sentence u are sure that its not changed. if its changed 0.0001% it will be false and reject it
if God commands us to believe in the previous scriptures, how can we say they're corrupted?
and if we can say they're corrupted, how can we not apply the same logic to the Qur'an?
@AlUmmatمجاهد the quran is full teachings for all centuries till the end of death , and till now they still take sciences and discovries from the quran.
8:24 PM
i have read these same arguments decades ago; they are no more convincing to me now than they were then.
you try to prove the words of God using the arguments of man? does this sound like the sunnah of the prophet?
and then try to disprove the (previous) words of God using the same arguments of man?
do you honestly believe that human rhetoric holds any candle to the words of God?
@echo_me the Quran does say they were changed, but how? what were one of the major ways that they were changed?
if the previous scriptures were changed, was it not God's will that they be so, rather than the efforts of man?
those may help you
@echo_me we are aware of these things, just answer the questions streightly if you are able, thank you :)
@echo_me have you seen the debate between Ahmed deedat and Jimmy swaggart?
"And do not insult those they invoke other than Allah , lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. Thus We have made pleasing to every community their deeds. Then to their Lord is their return, and He will inform them about what they used to do."
8:30 PM
@AlUmmatمجاهد if allah said its changed , i didnt live in their period to see how they changed , as i have read somewhere that there was war and they took scriptures with them on boat and most of them fall in water and most latelly changed by other mens as jesus as i said never collect it or saw this book . u know when its collect ? its almost 300 years after jesus
@echo_me wrong answer
He tells us some ways how they were changed
for example see this:
"Among the Jews are those who distort words from their [proper] usages and say, "We hear and disobey" and "Hear but be not heard" and "Ra'ina," twisting their tongues and defaming the religion. And if they had said [instead], "We hear and obey" and "Wait for us [to understand]," it would have been better for them and more suitable. But Allah has cursed them for their disbelief, so they believe not, except for a few."
@goldPseudo i dont insult :) i can just say may allah guid them , it said in quran you have your religion and we have our religion .
@goldPseudo and im wrong man if i insult someone who takes gods behind allah , as u see i like you all , but its the opposite christians dont like muslims
@echo_me you speak ignorance as if it's Truth.
8:34 PM
@AlUmmatمجاهد thanks , exactly the verse i was trying to write it now :)
@echo_me goldPsudo quoted a verse from the Quran, see Surat Al An'am Ayah 108
"...and you will find the nearest of them in affection to the believers those who say, "We are Christians." That is because among them are priests and monks and because they are not arrogant."
sorry goldpseudo , u know i have bad english knowledge please if i dont answer somthing maybe i didnt understand . please tell me (answer me this if i didnt answer) i want answer all your questions with pleasure
Surat Al Ma'idah Ayah 82
i have no difficulties , islam have all answers , to any question ,to any religion to any man kind ,
8:37 PM
@echo_me Alhamdulillah
but christian they just run a way from the hard questions , if you go to priest he will tell you (dont ask this) or (come back next week) or (please dont full your mind by those thinikings ) and so on , i have heard man many people saying this
because they have no answer
sorry dont take it that i impulse u , never never , u are my friend
sorry i must go now its time for me i wake early , glad if we can talk next time
@echo_me Insha'Allah. No need to apologize, I understand, see you later Insha'Allah :)
last word from me SALAM to all and may allah guid you goldpseud . please and please see the video above i gave u
@AlUmmatمجاهد inshallah
@echo_me May Allah guide us All. Wa Alaikum Salam :)
i want hear last word from goldpseud
8:41 PM
i don't want to watch that video.
hrm? ! i told u im bad en english wat u mean by this shortnings
i have watched a few, and they rarely tell me anything worthwhile.
i'm more likely to get angry at being expected to watch something worthless.
@echo_me I think it is a symbol for a grunt
it's a word indicating that i recognize i'm being talked to and/or about, but that i have no idea what i'm expected to say.
this video is specially answering your question. i have no problem if u give me some christian video , u see u have problem to even see someone saying the truth , if you want read of islam u must open your heart , dont let it closed and be far from it and u say i understand it.
8:44 PM
@echo_me you have no idea what you're talking about.
you don't even know who i am, or what i believe, yet you have made your own conclusions.
ok have good night
you are what u are no problem to see the video :)
i do not want to see the video. i am offended that you keep insisting.
ok sorry
salam to all , i leave now
wa 'alaykum assalaam
@echo_me He is a Muslim
8:46 PM
and as for answering the question, it is the other way round
may allah guid us all , and may allah forgive me if i said something wrong :)
9:25 PM
@AlUmmatمجاهد Sorry maybe another time. I was / am swamped tonight.
@goldPseudo You are correct. There is actually an interesting distinction between "book" and "word". We do value God's revealed word, but our understanding of that (and the dual nature of that being a collection of things from prophets and apostles as well as the person of Jesus Christ himself) is different than Islams (or Judaism's) codified laws.
We know the Bible to be infallible and ought to live by it's instruction, but we don't claim to be a "religion of the book" because the main idea isn't the book or even the set of laws.
I may try to catch up more in chat later, for now I'm out...

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