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9:08 AM
Q: Is the mathematical German tag needed?

Rodrigo de AzevedoI recently created a new tag: mathematical-german. Other than English, the main languages in which mathematics is published are French, German and Russian. We have a tag mathematical-french already. Thus, why not have a tag for German, too? One could post on the German Language SE, but there are...

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11:17 AM
As you can see above, a new tag was created by Rodrigo de Azevedo.
Q: "Abuse of notation" in German

user0How do you express the common phrases "by an abuse of notation", "abusing the notation", etc. in German without invoking negative connotations? (Without this addendum, I'd have asked at german.se.) "Durch/Unter Missbrauch der Schreibweise/Notation" looks horrible to me, in particular due to sexua...

Q: "By an abuse of terminology" in German

user551710How to translate the standard mathematical mantra "By an abuse of terminology, …" into German? E.g. An environment is a family of partial maps $\eta_M\colon X_M\dashrightarrow\dots$ for $M\in S$ such that … By an abuse of terminology, if the sets $X_M$ for $M\in S$ are pairwise disjoint...

Q: Is there an English translation of the German book "Einführung in die kombinatorische und die geometrische Gruppentheorie"?

ShaunIn a recent publication called "Secure passwords using combinatorial group theory," by G. Baumslag et al., it says that the following book is a "standard reference" in combinatorial group theory. Camps, Gr Rebel and Rosenberger, "Einführung in die Kombinatorische und die Geometrische Gruppentheo...

Q: What is the English term for "beschränkt Menge"?

Olba12I tried translating the word "beschränkt" and then google, for example, "limited set", but got no results.

Q: Translation of a math article from German

F.CWhere could I find either a translation or an account of van der Waerden's arguments in his 1936 paper Die Seltenheit der reduziblen Gleichungen und der Gleichungen mit Affekt?

Q: English term for "Nebenteil"

Bruno KramsIn almost any German book on the theory of functions the term "Nebenteil" is used for the part of a Laurent series which has non-negative exponents. E. g., if the Laurent series $\sum_{\nu = -\infty }^\infty a_\nu z^\nu$ is given, the "Nebenteil" would be $$\sum_{\nu = 0}^\infty a_\nu z^\nu.$$ I...

Q: English term for "Standardabschätzung"

Bruno KramsIn complex path integration there is the following fundamental inequality $$ \left\vert \int_\gamma f(z) dz \right\vert \leq \mathcal{L} \left( \gamma\right) \cdot \max \left\lbrace\left\vert f \left( z \right) \right\vert : z \in \gamma^*\right\rbrace $$ where $\mathcal{L} \left( \gamma\right...

Q: Translate a measure theory problem in German to English

Olba12 Für jede natürliche Zahl $n \in \mathbb{N}$ sei $A_n$ die von der Mengenfamilie $\{\{1\}, \{2\}, \dots , \{n\}\}$ erzeugte sigma-algebra auf $\mathbb{N}$. Zeigen Sie, daß $A_n$ neben $B = \emptyset$ und $B = \mathbb{N}$ aus allen Mengen $A \subset \mathbb{N}$ besteht, welche entweder $A \subse...

Q: What is the English translation of the German "Grundbereich" and/or "Träger"?

user366148In German, "Grundbereich" and "Träger" stand for the set over which a structure is defined. For example, for the structure $G=(\mathbb{R},\cdot,1)$ the "Grundbereich" or "Träger" is $\mathbb{R}$.

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@MartinSleziak partly my fault I suppose. I had seen your ping but was slow to act. sorry.

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