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9:47 AM
Two new tags created in the same question (by user Matt): and .
Q: What is the theorem being mentioned here?

MattIn this video, at just after the 5 minute mark, the speaker says: "...the colimit of the diagram has the homotopy type of the homotopy colimit. Why? Because all of the maps included in the diagram are closed cofibrations, and there is a theorem that if you have a diagram where everything is a...

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7:01 PM
Q: $A^t\to 0$ when its row sum is strictly less than one?

Wow$A_{n\times n}$ is a matrix having each row sum $<1$ and its largest eigenvalue is also $<1$. I need to show $A^t\to 0,\text{ i.e } a^t_{ij}\to 0\forall i,j\text{ as } t\to\infty$ given that $0<a_{ij}<1$. Well, suppose $0<\lambda<1$ be the largest eigenvalue of $A$ then $A^tx=\lambda^tx\to 0\tex...

I am not sure such tag is needed, but at least this definitely does not look as a good tag name. I have edited the tags but any further improvements to the choice of tags are welcome.
The question Rieman sum for probability estimation $P(x_1^D \leq X_1 \leq x_1^U, X_2 = x_2)$ with copula density is currently the only question which is . I have replaced this tag with probability, but maybe somebody who know more about the area of this question could suggest some other suitable tags.

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