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8:52 AM
@MartinSleziak I have asked a question on meta, but please feel free to edit as wish, since I do not quite know what more to add.
@JohnMa Perhaps it would be reasonable to ping Henry somewhere and let them know about the question on meta.
Q: The birthday tag

John MaRecently the birthday tag has emerged and it quickly has around 100 questions tagged (mainly by one user I suppose). This is indeed not the first time we have this tag. The last time it was deleted and another tag calendar-computations was introduced. My concern is probably naive since my und...

I have mentioned some stuff in the comments. Other than that, I do not have further suggestions.
9:19 AM
Not related to this question, but just to let you know that I asked a question in meta concerning the tag "birthday". Hope you and more users familiar with probability can join the discussion there. — John Ma 19 mins ago
@MartinSleziak The same user created .
Q: Polarization Operators identity and $GL_{\ell}(\mathbb{R})$

Hector BlandinLet $X$ be a matrix of variables $x_{ij}$ of size $\ell\times n$: \begin{equation*} X=\left(\begin{array}{cccc} x_{11}&x_{12} &\dots & x_{1n}\\ x_{21}&x_{22} &\dots & x_{2n}\\ \vdots& \vdots & \ddots & \vdots \\ x_{\ell 1}&x_{\ell 2} &\dots & x_{\ell n}\\\end{array}\right). \end{equation*} The ri...

2 hours later…
11:29 AM
Henry, normally we discuss the creation of new tags in meta before we proceed. May be you didn't know about this practice? Anyway, the tag you created is now being discussed in meta. You should probably weigh in. — Jyrki Lahtonen ♦ 1 hour ago
Yet another new tag: .
Q: impulse detectability and impulse observability

miosakiCould anyone help me to understand mathematicaly as well as intuitively above mention concepts related to control theory of the system governed by the equations: $E\dot x= Ax+Bu$ and $Y=Cx$


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