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2:59 PM
Q: Effect of usage of tags on reputation.

Aditya AgarwalSuppose I made a tag and it is used by many people everyday, so will it increase my reputation? And also, suppose no one uses it even once for a long time, i.e. 6 months, then?

Some time ago I asked about creating tag for typos and similar stuff.
Q: Would a new tag for mistakes/typos/errata for books be useful/appropriate?

Martin SleziakMaybe it could be called book-errata? I cannot give many examples of discussions from math.SE offhand but at least one example from here Find limit of unknown function This is an example from a different forum: http://www.sosmath.com/CBB/viewtopic.php?p=181367 I guess questions (and answers) r...

The consensus seems to be that we do not want suc that.
The tag has been recently created, here is tag-excerpt (the tag-wiki is empty).
"Math-review is a tag for questions concerning troubles with a text one is reading. Typos and interpretation issues are also pertinent. Please be sure to mention the source you are using and to make quotation to make your question more precise "
It was created most probably in connection with this proposal:
Q: Math Review - Proposal on area 51

Conrado CostaI created a new proposal at area 51 its called Math Review (http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/90443/math-review) and it is intended to be a Q&A site concerning troubles one find while reading text books and articles. Most of them are bad typos, but not always, for instance I recently fou...

At the moment, there are two questions in the tag:
Q: On the definition of continuous time martingales Stroock Varadhan $\times$ Kallenberg

Conrado CostaIn the definition of martingales, one finds in Stroock and Varadhan (Multidimensional Diffusion processes - page 20) the strange request that it be right-continuous process. However no such requirement is made in the wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martingale_%28probability_theory%29 no...

Q: On the proof of lemma 1.2.4 of Stroock and Varadhan A question concerning stopping times

Conrado CostaIn the book Multidimensional diffusion processes, of Stroock and Varadhan one reads (page 23): This is the proof of $(i)$. Here the authors say Define $f_t$ on $(\{\tau \leq t\}, \mathcal{F}_t [\{\tau \leq t\}])$ What is the $\sigma$-algebra $\mathcal{F}_t [\{\tau \leq t\}]$? Is it $\{...

Should we keep this tag?
1 hour later…
4:25 PM
1 hour ago, by Martin Sleziak
The consensus seems to be that we do not want suc that.
Just to clarify. Willie Wong's post has score +10. joriki posted an answer supporting the tag, which has score +5.
So the consensus (at least at the time of discussion) seems to be against such tag.
Of course, we can have a new discussion to see whether something has changed. (And my guess is that if the tag is going to be used, somebody will notice it and make a post about it on meta eventually.)
I have notified the user who created the tag:
I have noticed that you have created (math-review) tag. I'd like to mention that a similar tag was previously discussed on meta in this question. Consensus seems to be against such tag. See also here. — Martin Sleziak 6 mins ago
I have also made a comment on joriki's post:
Recently the tag (math-review) was created. I have collected the relevant information which I am aware of here. — Martin Sleziak 4 mins ago
@MartinSleziak: That's great! I've been collecting bookmarks for a possible future "errata" tag on and off; I'll dig them out and this tag to them :-) — joriki 2 mins ago
1 hour later…
5:50 PM
I upvoted the -> synonym, mainly because double-factorials can easily be expressed as a quotient of factorials.
Should the tag math-review be deleted? Just before doing so let me say that those questions are not about typos, they deal with real troubles I had while reading the text in hand. The fact that a typo discussion is inadequate for MSE is clear, this is why I believe it is a different proposal as you can see in area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/90443/math-review.
Since Martin Sleziak proposed the question "Would a new tag for mistakes/typos/errata for books be useful/appropriate?" Let me ask you. What do you think of the math-review tag? do you think it is about typos?
6:44 PM
Should be used for questions asking whether a certain number is prime?
7:20 PM
Q: How liberally should we handle tag creation?

jorikiThis is a meta meta question on the principles by which we should decide which tags to create. The motivation for the question stems from this meta discussion, in which a majority thought that there shouldn't be an errata tag, whereas a significant minority of $5$ upvoted my answer saying there s...


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