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12:00 AM
Well, Spanish would be a good start.
My kids can speak it, but mine is 'handball Spanish'.
do you like any tv in spanish?
I used to play handball with some guys who mostly only spoke Spanish.
@Yorch Narcos tv show.
12:01 AM
when I lived in CA we took over the tetherball courts
I have tried taking classes but it doesn't stick. (For example, I took French for 5 years in high school but cannot speak.)
Oh I haven't watched narcos yet :(
@Derivative Surely no.
I took german for 5 years but I think I learned more the summer I lived there
I suspect if I lived with people who only spoke Spanish it would help, but at 60 that it a bit of a reach.
12:03 AM
Since I know some french, I observed one thing while watching spanish shows that: both are almost similar languages
I need to learn Spanish. I'm fluent in French — not so similar!
except the pronunciation
Oh I think if you lived with people that only spoke spanish you'd learn it real fast for sure
I find spanish words easy to pronounce
I liked Latin, and could manage the declensions & conjugations, but you do not have to speak it. I can manage the pronunciation, but that is not my problem.
12:04 AM
Spanish pronunciation is consistent. English hopeless.
there's a ton of americans supervising the car manufacturers in Guanajuato
and they pick it up fast
I don't know why they pronounce j as h though
I am good at picking up the minimal necessary to survive, but I want to be able to converse with people not just get food & lodgings.
anyways, that's espanol. One of the languages that I want to learn to
12:05 AM
Few languages are consistent.
Japanese too @copper
Words are pronounced almost the way they are written
Yorch, my favorite, which I've put here before is GHOTI.
fish, no doubt
I think spanish in colombia is pronounced pretty well
also in Madrid
but in other places we do egregious stuff
12:07 AM
I like local stuff.
in mexico city it is common to replace a word with any other word that has a sufficiently long common prefix
And leave it to the other person to deduce the word from contex
I was surprised in the Barcelona area that the language had a strong French influence.
My grandpa has lived in Barcelona for over 60 years but likes to pretend he doesn't speak catalan
Should not be a surprise, I suppose, language is somewhat continuous with respect to location.
Why not speak Catalan?
I don't know he likes to troll people
I don't think there's a very serious reason
He also likes to order roasted lambs whenever they take his order
12:10 AM
I was looking for tortillas there, I did not realise one had to describe them as Mexican tortillas
oh yeah
they'll give you the omelette thing
We had 13 family members staying in the hills
do they have mexican tortillas?
the kids liked quesadillas
they did, once we got over the omelette thing :-)
Yeah when we go there my parent's friends ask my dad to cook stuff
he never gets asked to cook stuff in mexico
they ask him to do the thing with cheese and peppers and tortillas
12:12 AM
I have a weakness for MX food.
Me too, I need to cook more unhealthy food in my house
It is a serious health risk for me
we've always cooked completely healthy food in house
but since the pandemic that means my dose of unhealthy food has gone down way too much
I think unhealthy food is good in low doses, since it makes me happy and indirectly more healthy
there are only a few MX places near Albany, CA.
there used to be lots of places on International Boulevard in Oakland & surroundings
I only have one MX friend in Albany.
dang, why'd they close, did the mexican fad wear out?
or was it covid related?
12:17 AM
I think a lot of places on International closed down, long before the covid thing
I think peruvian food is currently the more fashionable latin american food
Not just MX
although personally I like Sinaloan ceviche more than Peruvian
My fave place used to by the Mission in SF
There is a Sinaloan place in Berkeley, but it is more fast food for students
I think MX food caters to stereotypes here
I love ceviche and similar.
I feel like everything caters to stereotypes now :/
12:19 AM
Poisson cru, etc
Unfortunately I think you are right
Travel is not the adventure it used to be
My wife & myself went to Cancun before the Hotel Zone infection
It was much nicer & more fun.
I haven't traveled since, although I should
I think we're driving to Queretaro next weekend
my dad wanted to look at some land
I want to go :-)
There must be some lovely isolated places down near the Guatemalan border on the coast.
Have you done roadtrips during covid
I know there's some beautiful places in Belize
I have gone nowhere except for Ireland (twice within a few months, unfortunately my mum passed away).
I loved Belize, but that was decades ago
We ended up in a place called San Ignacio
I'm sorry to hear that
12:28 AM
If I travel it will be to visit my daughter in London
Thanks, it was very sad (still is) but not unexpected.
Maybe you can make a roadtrip close to London?
I've only been to the airport in London though
So I'm not one to talk
Unfortunately for my daughter, she has lots of family in Ireland but the stupid quarantine thing screws everything up.
The quarantine thing is a nuisance (and expensive if I travel directly to London)
I have family there but they are all students :-)
Can't really land a 60 yo chap on top of them
leslie coin has arrived
causing climate change one computation at a time
@copper.hat hahaha
it's really just one venmo transaction, and then i email a picture of a lesliecoin with your name written on it. if you like i could put a random hexadecimal string below that.
there's a blockchain involved but it's very eco friendly. what we go for with lesliecoin is the seamlessness of the transaction.
and completely untraceable
even by Soviet hackers
12:36 AM
is lesliecoin friendly with the apple ecosystem?
i also accept bearer bonds and krugerrands
I mean apple the company, not apple the fruit
i have a krugerrands somewhere
it's friendly with every ecosystem.
it's really going to revolutionize commerce. your life will never be the same. most people who buy lesliecoin immediately buy more.
most people who buy lesliecoin become destitute, i hear
12:37 AM
the buddha teaches that possessions burden the spirit.
or someone teaches that, anyway.
i have been looking at this nice spot in albany bulb
also a place under the 580/880 interchange
backup for when my investments hit some probability one random walk zero crossing
1:32 AM
nice music
unless you know the person that made that music
in which case I wasn't being ironic
Never Sleep - Gunnar Olsen
2:15 AM
it grates to hear people say al-bany like the name al, instead of all-bany, although i do remember hearing it both ways in the bay area
my way is right
2:34 AM
In GA the accent moves …
2:47 AM
But, sadly, I have to agree with you re CA.
2:59 AM
@TedShifrin where is the accent in GA?
. o O ( talkin' to ghosts, again )
in america, street names and the names of neighboring towns are a great way to catch a spy. i don't think a spy would last long in new england.
Q: How (the heck) will New York City actually physically implement the ranked choice voting algorithm with thousands of unique mayoral votings possible?

uhohPolitico's New Yorkers pick a new mayor after chaotic, historic primary begins: NEW YORK — Polls have closed in New York City’s first ever ranked-choice election and, while the die has been cast, voters may not know the outcome for weeks. [...] Further extending the ballot count is the advent of...

are my math-words and numbers right?
3:33 AM
@robjohn on the second sylla’ble
@TedShifrin That is something I have never heard.
I swear. Long a.
4:10 AM
To distinguish German spies in The Netherlands.
4:26 AM
ffs, the batman equation question has been closed math.stackexchange.com/questions/54506/…
From 2011?
they should shut the door on 2010-2019. didn't do anybody any good
open older questions can stay open
ted, you'll like this. we have a 'timed exchange' of emails with the other side tonight. we have to exchange documents and nobody wants the other side to see theirs first and then make edits before they reply back, so we agree on a time. i proposed 9 and they came back with 10.
is there an escrow email service? there is always copper.hat escrow services...
it would seem that i am addicted to simple convex psqs
4:46 AM
we've done that kind of thing too. what we're doing now is called trust.
what???? what is this thing 'trust'?
5:10 AM
it went off without a hitch!
5:28 AM
5:47 AM
What does this part in the description mean? I feel like I'm missing a good joke:
> Rarely if ever expressible as a ratio of integers.
Can't believe I missed that!
What part is/isn't rational, though?
the irrational part
you are reading too much into it...
@AviFS it means most of the chat is irrational
5:57 AM
that is true and false
i'm only rational with people who aren't rational with themselves
This sentence is false.
@user178758 Now I see, haha
coke and pepsi are the same thing. wake up sheeple
5:59 AM
there is rc cola
there are black sheep
my wife is listening to the us santa cruz new student intro.
reminds mw how incredibly complicated, expensive & demeaning college application is here
are they bragging about the terms of their zoom license? 'all the custom filters at no additional charge'
i'm only listening to every 3rd word
its mainly low bandwidth rah rah and disclaimers
all ahead of you
ah, apparently they offer birth control
so you know it's a good school
6:02 AM
ffs, these are college kids and this is part of the intro? don't they learn this in hs
i think school is delayed by a few years here
at least it's a video. i remember the UC had a mandatory overnight orientation program that should have been a website
overnight? jesus
it was such a waste of time
for enrollment in courses they took us to a classroom in evans with a bunch of telephones, and we sat down with paper course catalogs and dialed into the enrollment system
apoplexia is but a sentence away
i could have done that from home
6:04 AM
i hate stupid time waste and being treated like a child
you're just mad because you haven't had your juice
uncork another bottle of it
just had a glass
chloe, a nice pinot grigio
my wine from france arrived
is there such a thing? genuinely asking
i like pg
i'm probably biased because it is often the default 'white' at events where not a lot of the budget goes into wine
6:07 AM
my wine selection is based on following day impact
hard to find a nice white in my opinion
that's interesting. i tend to have that be more of an issue with reds
and oaked whites
i can find a reaonable red easily, but there are few whites that i like that are reliable
the focus always seems to be on the reds in my experience
i like reds, but when i prefer whites for working lunches ;-)
and roses are for my friends
a lot of california reds are alcohol bombs, french are a lot better
i like some california stuff, hafners and ilk, but Bordeaux's would be my general pref
i like to find a reliable obtainable wine. one spectacular bottle is no good
i don't think i've had wine since christmas
maybe that's why i'm in such a mood all the time
6:12 AM
christmas was where i discovered i had a lynch-moussas 2016 lying around
it was worth the wait
but the friends i brought it over to hid the bottle after opening
because they had other friends coming over who would guzzle without appreciating :-)
5 more bottles to go
calif reds tend to be a bit fruity for my taste
fruity alco bombs
very much so. i am long over the need for fast alcohol infusions
i like gruener veltliner, it's white, it often tastes like mineral water without the bubbles, and it tops out around 12%
there's a lot of bad cheap stuff though
i like austrian wines
i might pop down and see it if i can pick up some tmr.
i had forgotten about gruener veltliner
i am a little bored with my current pop
i used to drink a good bit of port before, but its a bit heavy in the evening for me now
it's very "old man, staring into the flames, ruminating on the past."
or upon death.
like that scene in the magnificent ambersons.
i forget if port was involved
6:22 AM
port and good cigars
i don't smoke, but like the smell of good tobacco
and i think the sense of smell is the first thing that goes if you do smoke, strangely
well it doesn't go, but you don't get the full impact
my son is too big for 3 of my 4 cars, his thighs rub on the steering wheel
i almost have that problem in my own car
never occurred to me that it might even be an issue
i may have to dispose of my lovely wrx
he wants an alfa romeo, but that's a little outside the budget at the moment
i can fully understand his wanting one
crap, its almost 23:30
good night! hope your timed exchange works out in your favour
6:27 AM
@AviFS it was put up by one of the original room owners
it's not really a good joke; but, a play on words
It's not bad! Puns are totally a kind of humor :)
agreed :)
3 hours later…
9:24 AM
What is structural induction ? I heard that strong induction can be proven from ordinary induction and ordinary induction Is one of the axioms of the peano axioms (axiom of induction). But then , which axiom system does structural induction come from?
is that a question?
@Thorgott I mean does structural induction come from one of the axioms of ZFC?
no, it comes from logic, see the link
2 hours later…
11:41 AM
@copper.hat There was a Batman logo thread on Code Golf a few years ago. I submitted two entries in sed, three in Python, and one in Conway's Game of Life. codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/126223/46655
Speaking of "equations" with cute graphs,
Tupper's self-referential formula is a formula that visually represents itself when graphed at a specific location in the (x, y) plane. == History == The formula was defined by Jeff Tupper and appears as an example in Tupper's 2001 SIGGRAPH paper on reliable two-dimensional computer graphing algorithms. This paper discusses methods related to the GrafEq formula-graphing program developed by Tupper.Although the formula is called "self-referential", Tupper did not name it as such. == Formula == The formula is an inequality defined as: 1...
1 hour later…
12:45 PM
Letting (x_n,y_n) be the nth solution to the Pell equation and letting F_n be the nth Fibonacci number, both Pell and Fibonacci satisfy this property:

(F_k)^2 | F_m ⇒ F_k | m
(y_k)^2 | y_m ⇒ y_k | m
max_y min_x Ax -By can anything be said about finiteness of such an expression without knowing A and B. A and B are matrices. max and min are taken over the entire space of Rn
Should probably always be $-\infty$
@AkivaWeinberger which Pell equation is the Pell equation?
unless $A=0$
@LeakyNun $x^2-dy^2=1$ where $d=a^2-1$
so that the 0th solution is $(1,0)$ and the first solution is $(a,1)$
I should have specified
So $(x_n(a),y_n(a))$ really
$x_n(a)+y_n(a)\sqrt d=(a+\sqrt d)^n$
@rostader Wait, is $Ax$ a vector or a scalar?
Because if it's a vector then I don't know how you can minimize it
A is a matrix x is a vector B is a matrix y is a vector
12:52 PM
Sure, but is Ax a vector?
Ax is a vector
Right so what does min_x Ax mean
min_x Ax - By gives the x* = A^TA^inv A^TBy
You can again take a maximization over that
I should have mentioned in L2 norm
1:09 PM
@AkivaWeinberger BTW, you get Fibonacci & Lucas numbers from the solutions to the generalised Pell equation related to phi, $x^2-5y^2=\pm 4$. You might enjoy playing with the PQA algorithm. mathafou.free.fr/exe_en/exepqa.html
1:27 PM
@rostader you need to be clear about what you are asking.
@PM2Ring that is very cute (Tupper's thingy)
1:47 PM
it got closed and locked?
and the last answer is from 2016
well, all it takes is for one person to vote to close to get in the close review
actually I don't know that for sure
2:35 PM
looking forward to getting my official 'you have been suspended from mse for bad behaviour" certificate
more "wirey" behaviour?
Hello! What happens if we include infinite measures in the BCT? Is there a trivial counterexample then?
:-) I didn't quite understand that "wirey personality" remark of Alexander's :-)
@vitamind try $f_n = {1 \over n} 1_{[0,n]}$.
that's a cute picture
2:50 PM
in The h Bar, 14 mins ago, by ronak jain
I have a question ... May I post it here ?
question cute picture
Why I can't put x = y = z in the second part of question using AM GM inequality ?
@copper.hat is this for the question ? What is cute in it ?
Is there some context here, are $x,y,z$ integers?
@copper.hat In this case $\lim_{n\to\infty}f_n=0$. So the left hand side (where the limit is inside the integral) is equal to zero. The right hand side is equal to $1$ then?
@ronakjain I still do not understand.
Are $x,y,z$ integers?
2:58 PM
@copper.hat yes they are positive integers
in The h Bar, 13 mins ago, by ronak jain
In the second part of the question I posted ... Why I can't put x = y = z ? Using AM GM inequality. Though in this case I know it is a plane so its value will be normal distance of plane from origin
But why AM GM inequality not work ?
@user178758 how come you know about wirey behaviour but have a 1 rep?
@LeakyNun Any idea about the question ?
because the coefficients of x,y,z (in the constraint) and also the powers (in the value to be optimized) are different among themselves
i.e. the situation is not symmetric in x,y,z
If there was no constraints given than for any value of x, y,z optimum value would be when x = y = z . And the constraint also allows me to do so ... Than why this is not valid ?
@LeakyNun sometime we change the powers to be optimised by writing 2x = x + x and so... Then why is it necessary for situation to be symmetric in x, y and z
3:27 PM
$$\overbrace{\frac12\left(\frac x2\right)+\frac13(y)+\frac16(3z)}^1\ge\overbrace{\left(\frac x2\right)^{1/2}(y)^{1/3}(3z)^{1/6}}^{\left(\frac38x^3y^2z\right)^{1/6}}$$
adding overbrace to my little collection
now, that is a cute picture
3:51 PM
hello @user178758/
Are you familiar with counting please? I have small issue about counting
nope, sorry
Hi @Ted
@Avra Askaway
We have $2^n$ rows for $n$ variables in the truth table, so in total we have two possibilities for each row, either True or Flase, for all rows, we have 2 values (true, false): $2~values(true,false) ~~ \times (2n) ~times ~~\times 2~values(true,false)=2^{2n}$. Is that correct please?
Hi @Balarka
Want to hear something weird?
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