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12:07 AM
Q: Can Crafting be Profitable?

LessPop_MoreFizzI’ve got a lot of junk I need to clear out of my inventory. Selling to merchants is all well and good, but can I do any value-add before I unload my packs to increase my rate of return? Are any of the things I can make worth more than simply selling all of the component parts to a vendor?

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4:08 AM
Q: Why is it bad practice to test for item names?

ExpertCoder14This question is a canonical that can be referenced in future questions with this problem. I've heard that testing for item names and lores in Minecraft JE is bad practice. For example, the following commands are not good: execute if entity @e[nbt={Inventory:[{tag:{display:{Name:'[{"text":"Test ...

4:33 AM
Q: In minecraft bedrock there are no mobs anywhere. Even animals and villagers are not there

JRBrosI set the mode to normal and then changed to peaceful. I also enabled keep inventory cheat and turned off the others.I can't figure out the problem. Please help me.

5 hours later…
9:23 AM
Q: how can I stop superweapons in both generals 1 and ZH?

user270153For the original Generals, I think I have to change INI.big Is it by changing these? ;----------------------------------------------------------------------------- SpecialPower SuperweaponScudStorm Enum = SPECIAL_SCUD_STORM ReloadTime = 300000 ; in milliseconds. min is 2x door/open close time! In...

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10:47 AM
Mar 31 at 10:07, by SPArcheon
Apparently Bandai is going to merge the Global and Korean servers for their mobile gatcha game "One Piece Treasure Cruise". And for reason unknown, the KR players will get more than 1k premium currency (a basic research shows that a single 10+1 gatcha pull is 50, so that is about 20 10+1 pulls)... while the global players get 50.
incoming reddit rage, take your seat everypon everyone. Bandai is for a rough ride :P
4 hours later…
2:41 PM
Q: How to spawn a mob that takes extra knockback regardless the weapon used?

KorogueI am planning to do a manhunt with lots of things as twists (Video title would be:"Minecraft Manhunt but Buttons, Pressure plates, and Trapdoors are OP) so if you hold a blackstone button, it would spawn a piglin that takes extra knockback, targets the other player by using the Brain angry_at nbt...

3:05 PM
Q: How does the angry_at piglin nbt work?

KorogueI am planning to do a manhunt with lots of things as twists (Video title would be:"Minecraft Manhunt but Buttons, Pressure plates, and Trapdoors are OP) so if you hold a blackstone button, it would spawn a piglin that takes extra knockback, targets the other player by using the Brain angry_at nbt...

3:29 PM
Q: Which Outfits should I buy?

LessPop_MoreFizzI’ve reached a point in Horizon: Zero Dawn where I have enough shards to start investing in something other than weapon upgrades and ammunition. And so, we turn to the question of Aloy’s attire. Early in the game, I picked up the Nora stealth armor, and when the opportunity presented, I upgraded ...

Q: What does restarting mean?

CiurkitboyNOn my vita, I changed my username ID and I'm wondering if I have to format the memory card or just turn it on and off again? Here is the screenshot.

3:45 PM
so, would anyone in the uk be interested in playing monster hunter rise?
Q: How do I fix my ps4 controller

Problem ChildSo yesterday I connected my ps4 controller to my iPad via Bluetooth and it didn’t work it showed it was connected then when I switched my iPad off after like 10 mins I just turned off my Bluetooth then plugged it into my ps4 (it is off by the way) then the following morning I press the ps button ...

5:00 PM
@Yuuki I assume your code is uk locked?
@Sterno Let me introduce you, my good friend, to uMatrix. A nice tool that among other things means that no matter how hard you try, that video won't load in the first place.
It's playing in your head, and that's good enough for me
You assume that I have ever heard the full song.
yet the only thing that does is reminding me of THIS one
I mean you were still undeniably tricked either way
Now I have the excuse to post this one too
So perhaps the trick has backfired :P
(Yet murgatroid and Private probably like this version better)
5:07 PM
jokes on you I am currently only capable of having the monster hunter rise bunny dango song stuck in my head
@Unionhawk yeah
i could make a uk account
but trying to see if anyone in the uk is interested first
okay, it's amusing to me that this bundle comes with a steelbook, complete with a slot for a cartridge, but the game is redeemed through a download code
like... what am i gonna put in that slot?
5:40 PM
@Yuuki Huh, the bundle came with a case but no actual cart?
I can't imagine they're too cheap for a cart
@PrivatePansy yeah, i don't mind it because i have a big ol' thing for holding all my switch games
but that's just funny
@PrivatePansy i think it might be because the carts can't be region-locked but the download codes can be
and this bundle was supposed to be jp/eu-only
1 hour later…
7:08 PM
Yo i'll need some proofreading
I just answered an old question and idk if my tought is clear and could be more consice
A: Why does Royce narrate the opening of a recursive playthrough?

Fredy31In Computer Science, recursion is when a function calls itself in it. This does something like a reset, and so the function just doesn't loop on itself, the parameters of the function must be different. (Because if you read code in a linear way, a function given the same attributes will always re...

7:25 PM
It's so disappointing when you hear the ice cream jingle outside, but you're feeling a bit queasy from dinner for no real reason
8:07 PM
Q: Missing Target Objective

Amber WenI'd just finished the lesson on blending in with the crowd and was told to go find Da Vinci. However, his workshop never showed up on my map. Does anyone know how to fix this?

8:58 PM
Q: What is maximum capacity of SD Card which PSP Street E1004 supports?

TravelerVihaanI bought a few days ago PSP Street E1004. I realize that it is quite a poor version of Sony's portable console, but I read specifications and most of the things that were removed in it are unnecessary for me (except Wi-Fi, but I can realize how bad it will be working in current times). I bought a...

I like to think of it as the COVID truck. It helps curb my appetite.
9:23 PM
Q: How to check for minimum amount of items in Player Inventory?

AwesomeDude091For starters I am aware that a similar thread already exists, however it does not answer my question as well as being outdated. Reference: Testing for a minimum amount of items in a players inventory I require a single command that can check if a player has a minimum amount of x item in his/her i...

Oh wow
That final scene in Falcon/Winter Soldier Episode 4
10:03 PM
i really like zemo and bruhl's portrayal of him in this episode
really, in this entire series
10:39 PM
Q: How To Make Player Die When Stepping Off Certain Blocks

Bad RedstonerI keep finding things for when people step on a block, but I need for when they step off a block. I'm trying to make a command set on 1.16 where if a player were to no longer step on 1 of 2 specified blocks (example: stone and cobblestone) they will die. A friend asked me to make this for them si...

11:27 PM
Thanks for the birthday pings, I did not come in here at all yesterday
Happy late birthday @Elva!
cc @Unionhawk @Wipqozn
This is cool. I seriously can't wait to see what they come up with next
About an hour long but worth
Yeah the noclip documentary rocks
I should check out more of their stuff

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