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1:14 AM
Q: How to change my character religion?

Evgeni PetrovMy character is with pagan religion (Tengri) and I want to convert him to Orthodox Christianity? How do I do that?

Q: The emptiness of the deserts

Geekdeserpentard .DI have been running around on my Java 1.16.4 world, and I have explored every chunk around the spawn in a 2000 blocks radius, but I have not found any desert. Is it possible that a minecraft world is generated with deserts further from spawn? Should I keep exploring or is there a problem with my ...

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2:27 AM
Who here is still playing the Evolve idle game? wanting to know if anyone has done a reset and at what point did they do it
i unlocked my first one but wondering if i should restart now for 115 Pasmids or if i should develop some more
Q: Where are Minecraft: Education Edition files stored?

ExpertCoder14We all know where Minecraft: Java Edition files are stored (Windows 10): C:\Users\ExpertCoder14\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves It's a little harder to find, but Bedrock Edition players can find their world saves here: C:\Users\ExpertCoder14\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3...

Mod team discussed & clarified the Screenshot of the Week theme description: "the theme for this week is Game of the Year 2020, so go ahead and submit a screenshot from your favorite game of 2020. We'll leave the meaning of "of 2020" up to you, whether it's favorite release of the year or just the best one you played last year."
Just in case anyone missed the edit
CC @AgustínLado - if you want to undelete your screenshot entry?
2:55 AM
Q: Is it possible to set up a decentralized minecraft server

JoeI haven't looked into it deeply yet, but I am wondering if it is possible to dedicate several computational power of different computer/servers for one instance of Minecraft. There are limitation of CPU core counts and RAM size on a single machine. How do popular server such as Hypixels solve thi...

@Nzall You know of The Longest Johns, yes?
(Most of the Wellerman stuff is using their version, it sounds like)
@Nzall The Cape (aka The Cape of White Cis Het Tech Dudebro) is, in my case, an actual blanket cape, that allows me to do things like apply to jobs and such by pretending I am, well, a White Cis Het Tech Dudebro, the kind of person who thinks that they're entirely suited to any job ever by virtue of existing, to give myself the confidence to apply to things without talking myself out of it
Because statistically men apply to jobs with like something like 20% of the qualifications (AND OFTEN GET THEM) while the rest of us won't apply til we have like 80% of the things they're looking for
so it's basically a way to get past my own head.
yeah im like obsessed with that tik tok as well
what a time to be alive
Sea shanty style songs are so fun and people are doing amazing things
man microphones must have gotten better recently, that baritone guy is putting that out through like an earbud mic
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5:58 AM
earpod mics are surprisingly good
My asthma inhaler keeps getting weirder. I should take apart the next one I empty to figure out what's inside
I assume they switched from the actuated inhaler to a dry powder one because the propellant is a powerful greenhouse gas
> propellant released during the use of a single inhaler results in a greenhouse footprint equivalent to greenhouse gases released during a 180-mile car journey
So that's probably more greenhouse emission from my inhaler than everything else I do in the day
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8:01 AM
A: Was the storming of the US Capitol orchestrated by the Left?

EnergySee for yourself. There is major censoring happening from main stream media. Democrats and news reps are on video literally inciting violence/uprising/overthrowing Trump -- yet they aren't being arrested? Their Twitter accounts are still active? A known BLM activist/riot organizer that was found ...

If you're on skeptics, please report that answer
8:50 AM
Q: Why does Nintendo not sell the SNES games on Switch?

IxxI bought a Switch Lite and been playing some of the SNES games. I read that if the subscription is cancelled, the game's states are deleted after a few months. Is there anyone else that finds this upsetting? I don't play that much, so will be progressing slowly, so will have to be subscribed fore...

9:15 AM
Q: Leveling Athletics

Ry KellyMost of the traits are no brainers to level. Athletics feels like a different beast however. I looked it up and it said running around and exhausting stamina levels it but I haven't noticed it working. The only reliable thing so far is finding 'Force Open' options on shudders and doors. Is there ...

9:29 AM
Are product identification questions concerning mods on topic?
10:16 AM
@Akixkisu you mean asking which mod a certain game artifact is from?
@Nzall I know that there was a mod that I used a few years ago, I think I'm able to describe it reasonaably well, but I can't find it with the secriptors as they tend to be common terms, but an expert of the game who follows the modding scene actively should be able to easily identify it.
@Akixkisu We do not allow identification questions based on personal recollection of details. We require a screenshot, a sound fragment, a video or a small number of other select artifacts
@Nzall thanks, I'll see whether I can find something :)
11:19 AM
@Nzall the current format is probably a bit more acceptable than what it was originally. though it's weird that a higher rep user go out of their way to validate it by adding in "an actual quote" that i don't see in the comments at all
@Memor-X I'm talking about the answer, not the question
it would be like here a higher rep user "saving" a question on Herobrine by adding in a youtube video of someone showing Herobrine in the game
That was a link to a now-deleted answer which was essentially a bunch of crackpot conspiracy theories from right-wing nuts
@Nzall ahhh, that would explain why i was directed to the question and not an answer in it
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1:29 PM
Q: Can you summon a blind mob in minecraft 1.16

AbrahamI would like to attempt to fight a zombie that has 84 health and can do 31 damage, just like the warden that will be added in Minecraft 1.17. I know how you can make custom health and damage values, but I do not know how to summon a blind mob. Is it possible to summon a blind mob? Also, give me t...

1:55 PM
Q: What kind of wool do you get from sheering a sheep with the easter egg jeb_?

Galaxypenguin750I want to get all kinds of wool without getting the dyes to color the sheep. But what color wool do you get from steering a rainbow sheep.

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3:03 PM
3:36 PM
Q: Does a unamed villgaer despawn if it doesnt have a bed its linked to?

Galaxypenguin750I want to set up a villager trading system where I make a new villager using 3 beds and bread. Then sending it down a vent into a trading room. far enough away from the bed so he or she isn't linked to it. so I can breed more villagers with only 3 beds.

Q: How do I get rid of accounts on Xbox One?

LeBiscuitI have random accounts on my Xbox One that I don't use anymore. I don't want to completely delete them, I just want to take them off of my Xbox.

4:01 PM
Q: How do me and my friends join each other's worlds on iPhone?

Clara FordWe are all on the same wi-fi in the same room. And we all have the same version of minecraft. We press play and it won't show that we have any friends playing.

4:16 PM
Playing quiplash with my team is a mistake, I keep losing to objectively unfunny answers
@GnomeSlice 🤣
Q: What games were released for the PS2 in China during the Console Ban? (if any)

LemonThis Kotaku article from 2013 mentions that: The PS2 didn't make its original launch date. Instead, Sony waited till 2004 to launch the PS2 in China. Even then, there were issues with game releases, which also required government approval. In total, ten games were released for the PS2 in China—t...

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5:40 PM
@Ronan Your mistake is not saying that the game should be NSFW.
@MBraedley Not even
Q: Minecraft Server| When I try to join my minecraft server using direct connect, why do I get an error?

epixplaysEssentially, I've set up a minecraft server but I am unable to join my own because I get the error: io.netty.channed.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information Here are some of the things I've done: connected with direct connect with only my IP connecte...

6:34 PM
Q: Do 5-star artefacts with 3 or 4 substats have the same potential?

AkixkisuWhen optimising characters, the substats of artefacts play a defining role. Substats cannot be the same as the main-stat. Every 4 upgrade levels an artefact will receive a random substat if there are less than 4, or improve a substat if there are already 4. 5-star artefacts start with either 3 or...

Q: Can I still play on after activating FLAG is END in Baba is You?

EphraimRuttenbergI can see that in 'A Way Out?' I can win the level with WIN but I can also make the flag END. I want to do END but I can tell I have much more content left and I don't want to get locked out of my 30+ hour save file. It seems to be impossible to tell if this is the case without running into spoil...

6:59 PM
Q: How do you tp to the nearest Arctic Fox?

PulseBeat_02I know how to tp to the nearest fox regardless of what type it is. It would be performed via the following command: /tp @s @e[type=fox,sort=nearest,limit=1] However, I was wondering how would you specify that the mob you are typing to must be an arctic fox? I tried implementing what this post wa...

Q: How could I find a jungle biome useing creative mode?

Galaxypenguin750I want to find a jungle biome in my world. How could I do this or what command would I use to teleport to one?

7:24 PM
Q: How can I preserve bundled digital games that came with a used Wii U?

bjbI recently bought a second-hand Wii U off of eBay which came with a few games, some digital and some physical discs. The intent of buying the machine was to not only have an HDMI capable machine for my Wii collection, but also to run my GameCube discs on HDMI via Homebrew hacks. I noticed that th...

7:51 PM
Q: Minecraft zipped version file not there

Anirudh DevalI wanted to make my own texture pack and when I went to grab my version file with the textures al that was there was the jar file which launched Minecraft and a json file

Q: How do I use these ~~~ ^^^ in /teleport?

user264859I need help with using these symbols because the wiki isn't helping me. Also, when I use this ^ in a repeating command block, it doesn't update where I am looking at. Could someone help me?

8:01 PM
Oh, it's not a proper "day after code freeze is lifted" until someone breaks the build, preferably a co-op student.
@TimStone Sounds like you can't actually carry over Hitman 1+2 from Steam to Epic, based on a blog post just released.
Not unexpected, but rude
yeah I'll 100% not be buying it on Epic then
I'll either wait for Steam or buy it on PS5 since I got a Best buy gift card.
I want to carry of my maps so I can replay the old ones like a cool dude
It'll suck to miss the elusive targets, BUT OH WELL. I only did a few of them anyway.
8:16 PM
Q: How to make Nintendo Switch work with any USB-LAN Adapter with the AX88179 chipset?

vielfarbigDISCLAIMER I don't know if this is the right community, if not please move it to the right. I am not an expert, but i will give my best to provide necessary information. I am just curious whats going on and if its possible to get it work. Thanks in advice! As described in Why does the Nintendo Sw...

Q: In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, is it possible to use commands to give yourself a custom spawner that spawns empty glass bottles?

Nicholas D.I am trying to make an automatic potion brewer that constantly brews potions, and I came across the question “Where can I get an infinite supply of empty bottles?” My first though was a custom spawner, but I don’t know if you can customize a spawner with commands. If it is possible, can somebody ...

8:41 PM
Good News: A new Star Wars game is being made by not-EA
Bad News: Not-EA is actually Ubisoft
Q: How to force Minecraft to use more ram to decrease lag?

SubhamI have been experiencing a lot of lag when I play with mods even with OptiFine. So, with my 24gb ram laptop which has intel graphics, I tried to increase the default 2gb of allocated ram. But no matter how much more ram I allocate to the game, it won't use more than 2gb of it in-game. I tried to ...

9:07 PM
Q: Server not starting. "Cannot invoke "aag.f()"

Lisko That is the error message I get in the logs. I've tried to reinstall java and redownload the server file without success. Tried googling the problem, but found only found one reddit thread which didn't give an answer.

9:32 PM
Q: How many free cars are there, and where do I get them?

kalinaSo far over several playthroughs I have come across a handful of a couple of free vehicles - a Rayburn that I found in the caves after dealing with a Raffen Shiv boss, a Porsche 911 that used to belong to a rockerboy and a Delamain taxi. Are there any more free cars in Cyberpunk 2077, and if so w...

9:59 PM
Q: Was my comment removed?

KaizerwolfEither I'm losing my mind, and I didn't post a comment on this question about Athletics in Cyberpunk, or someone deleted it? IIRC it was just a light-hearted jab at game design?

10:12 PM
Hello CatWacko?
It might be DogWacko even
1 hour later…
11:14 PM
Q: Strange Behavior 2013 PS3 Game: Black, Horizontal "Bar-Code" Lines...Mixed Signals? Old Game and HDTV?

DanielDoes anyone know why this behavior occurs? On starting this PS3 game, there are screen flashes and black, horizontal "bar code"-like lines that appear right as the credits and title screen begin. The behavior may be seen here, until about 19s mark: I managed to ca...


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