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6:00 PM
Ultimately, WoW has gotten better, but its still a pretty low bar...
which sort of describes all MMO
my standards are abysmally low on MMOs
I was about to say... it's a low bar, but it's the highest one set for MMOs.
Making an MMO not feel like a job is a fine art.
Yeah, WoW is a "first place in the special olympics" kind of situation
I occasionally take breaks from WoW just because I already have a job and I've made the mistake of making WoW feel like a job by trying to raid regularly again or some such nonsense.
sure, but do you remember Arkham Asylum (my pick for best game of 2010)? or Darksiders (runner up)?
man those games were fun
arkham asylum was a blast
6:02 PM
I really only ever play it for the social aspects.
I spent every minute on the edge of my seat
AA was pretty great.
WoW's built to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and that's something it does quite well.
you should check out Darksiders its Zelda for the 360
so, better controls, more blood, GoW combat
@tzenes worth buying?
6:03 PM
I'd need to get a 360, first. I own a PS3.
I would say so
That being said, my fiancee is all nuts about the Kinect.
@Powerlord Bah, that's nonsense. It's built with insane amounts of money by a company that can afford to polish it to a mirror shine.
So it probably won't be long before we have one.
@Shaun it exists on the PS3, if you're a godless heathen.
6:04 PM
I was just looking that up to see if it was on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
@tzenes Am I the only person who doesn't really like GoW combat?
best 3D combat mechanic
That's what Arkham Asylum uses
I liked the exploration and puzzle solving parts of Zelda more than the combat, really.
Darksiders is heavy into puzzles
thats why I think of it as a Zelda game
I just wish they'd make more 2D Zelda games that aren't completely stylus driven.
6:06 PM
That said, I still think AA was a better game
or 3D Zelda games that don't require goofy motion controls.
I actually haven't played a Zelda game since twilight princess, and I didn't even get more than a third of the way through that
@Brant Twilight Princess is great... on the GameCube.
I enjoyed twilight princess
Don't even get me started on the Wii version
6:07 PM
It just felt like more ocarina of time.
@Brant and that's bad, how?
I just want another Link To The Past. :(
There are a lot of people who describe Ocarina as the best Zelda game
they're wrong
And a SNES to play it on.
but they exist in number
6:07 PM
The Wii version was not bad, to be honest.
@Brant Did you ever play Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons for the GBC?
I liked it.
I think nothing tops Link to the Past, though.
@Powerlord Actually no. Should I have?
Can someone tell me why my browser keeps scrolling all the way up and then back down everytime someone posts something?
That's probably the nostalgia talking.
6:08 PM
LttP holds up
I've played it again
its not nostalgia
I might still remember where all 20 heart pieces are.
@Brant You should try them sometimes. The 2 button limitation does hurt them a bit, but they're better than Link's Awakening (DX) for the same system. Not that I'd ever tell you you should EMULATE them or anything.
though it would be nice to have to figure things out again
I played it that many times.
@kazzamalla Mine does that sometimes, too.
6:09 PM
@Powerlord Never! I'd just use my R4DS card. :p
do GBC games run on the DS?
Oracle of Ages is one of the better Zelda games, IMO. Still not as good as the crown jewel that is Link to the Past, but still good.
Wait...yeah, do they?
@tzenes Sadly, no.
@shaun I did a run through of link to the past as well... just a seriously good game
6:10 PM
then what is that giant connector on the back for?
I was sure there would be a homebrew GBC emulator for the DS by now.
@tzenes GBA carts. Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons are GameBoy Color, not GameBoy Advance.
I guess I can replace my whole "I suck" paragraph from the application with "I've never played anything Zelda", it will probably make you appalled far more than anything else I could say!
that's for Game Boy Advance games (and that connector was taken out in the DSi, I believe -- Nintendo wants to sell you the games again)
@shaun i found ocarana of time the start of the 'childish' feeling of zelda... link to the past felt so dark at times. They never really captured that again
6:11 PM
I'm ok with paying for them twice, the problem is when they don't remake them
@Powerlord I don't like GoW's combat mechanics either.
I've heard the 3DS will have a GBC/GBA store... not sure about the GBA part, though.
> - Added Steam screenshots feature. Press F12 in any game to take a screenshot. Screenshots are automatically uploaded to the steam cloud after exiting the game, or can be manually uploaded while in-game through the in-game overlay. Screenshots can be managed through the community site and can be published to your Steam Community Profile to share with your friends. Games that use DirectX 8 and earlier are not yet supported.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Which game?
Platform feature.
About time they stole that feature from Xfire.
@Aardvark Agreed. I like OoT, but when Majora's Mask came out, I didn't even bother thinking about maybe wanting to consider the possibility of trying to see a demo of the game so I could judge whether I might buy it.
Q: Is it possible to redo placement?

Jed DanielsDoes anyone know if it is possible to reset your account to "new" status and restart placement? I know that Battle.net offers one free name change; will taking advantage of that have this effect?

Q: To achieve Maxed Out in Dead Space, do I need to fill all slots with nodes, even the non-beneficial ones?

TeryxIn the first Dead Space, to earn the Maxed Out achievement/trophy (for upgrading all weapons and equipment), do you need to fill EVERY possible slot with power nodes, or can you get by with just filling in the ones that actually grant a benefit?

@LessPop_MoreFizz I wonder how that affects Source games, which usually already have F5 as Take Screenshot.
does it work for any games launched via steam (where the overlay works) or only in games integrated with steam?
6:12 PM
@Shaun Speaking of Majora's Mask, it's one of the few Zelda games I've never completed.
@kazzamalla Not sure! I'm downloading the new Beta now though
Despite owning it in two different formats (N64 and Wii)
so, I guess I need to install something and then add it to Steam in order to test this.
@Powerlord I never completed it or any of the portable Zeldas after Link's Awakening
@Shaun Oracle of Ages is quite good. Oracle of Seasons was... OK. Minish Cap was pretty good.
Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks both use the DS touchscreen for all their controls, and I feel that hurts them considerably.
6:14 PM
I played a bit of Phantom Hourglass, and it was nice, but it just felt gimmicky.
@Brant Spirit Tracks is more of the same.
Wind Waker is a distressingly underrated game in many ways.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I liked it despite not finishing it
@LessPop_MoreFizz I liked it... but it did have certain game elements that hurt it, such as the ocean that takes way too long and is way too tedious to navigate.
@Powerlord See, I actually liked the sailing mechanics a lot.
6:17 PM
Oh, and Triumph Forks.
I can see how you might not, but I thought they struck just the right balance.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Sailing is one of the few things Phantom Hourglass did better than Wind Waker.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Really? I think the first time I beat the game, I clocked 24 hours in it. I estimated that 12+ of those were spent driving around the ocean.
Wind Waker is also the second shortest Zelda game in term of number of dungeons.
Majora's Mask being the only one with less.
searchengineland.com/… <-- Bing is copying Google search results.
Damn you Baio! he linked to 4 Minutes and 33 Seconds of Uniqueness
now I'll never be able to win at it
that game is hard.
@badp I saw that... thought it would be hilarious.
I noticed that page listed Achievement Collect, but not its sequel... Achievement Collect 2!
er... sorry, Achievement Unlocked and Achievement Unlocked 2.
Achievement Unlocked 2 looked pretty boring
6:36 PM
It's got some funny elements.
Although I'm not sure how you're supposed to figure out the spacebar poops pastries without hitting every key...
No, the funny part is that Kongregate has achievements for a game about getting achievements.
Bored now. Entertain me!
6:51 PM
Q: What role does the FF2000 have in Monday Night Combat?

yx01I just picked up this game on Steam and have not seen him yet, so I'm curious - what role does the Penny Arcade character known as the "Fruit F***er" have in Monday Night Combat?

I could answer that, but of course, I can't view the site from here.
> The "game" really sells itself short by not even having just a couple of text windows reading, say, "MAKE TORCHES. DROP EVERYTHING AND MAKE TORCHES. IF YOU HEAR A RUSTLING SOUND, YOU ARE ALREADY LOST TO OUR CAUSE."
...extra Punctuation?
I know Escapist had Zero Punctuation, but Extra Punctuation?
> Bursts of coloured confetti and sounds of fanfares and rounds of applause playing whenever you successfully kill an exploding bush monster before it gets to you.
@Powerlord It's the same guy. It's his soapbox for stuff he doesn't say in the videos
Sigh, apparently screenshots don't work everywhere
Also I like how Steam's "Add Non Steam Games" dialog manages to show all applications on your computer except games.
7:29 PM
It's supposed to show all the shortcuts in your start menu and desktop except the ones for games already listed in your Steam Library.
Don't cry for me, Gaming.StackExchange, for I am ordinary, unimportant... wait, I'm not Evita.
Hmm, the local university is trying to decide whether or not to close the campus for the first time in 32 years.
So yes, F12 works on non-Steam games too, so long as they use gfx more than what Word does.
Oh yay, that image is blocked for me
@Powerlord Because it's hosted at steampowered.com
@badp F12?
@Oak New Steam feature.
7:37 PM
@Oak yes, I hope you didn't bind it for other stuff.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Likely, yes. But I've noticed they don't block all subdomains for some sites.
1 hour ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
> - Added Steam screenshots feature. Press F12 in any game to take a screenshot. Screenshots are automatically uploaded to the steam cloud after exiting the game, or can be manually uploaded while in-game through the in-game overlay. Screenshots can be managed through the community site and can be published to your Steam Community Profile to share with your friends. Games that use DirectX 8 and earlier are not yet supported.
meh, the cloud ...
A screenshot from your published one is boasted on your profile.
7:50 PM
I'll have to take a screenshot of my two TF2 unusuals together and post it on Steambook.
er... Steam
Q: Black ops: why did my friendly bomb car short circuit?

MikeI used my killstreak bomb car, but after 10 seconds of looking for an enemy to blow up my car became unresponsive and started fizzing. I thinks it's the equipement thing (can't think of the name off hand), but if it is how was it used and why did it affect my car everywhere I tried to drive it? ...

@Feeds huh
I'd better charge my DS, cellphone, and laptop when I get home just in case we lose power tomorrow.
in line of the storm?
@CRoss Yup
Expecting up to 10" of snow overnight and up to another 8" tomorrow.
7:53 PM
Pretty much everyone in the US east of the rockies is 'in line of the storm'
it stretches from Texas to maine.
yeah, but it's supposed to be rain here
I could be in worse places... it's supposed to hit two feet in Chicago.
that would be unpleasant
I just noticed tzenes' meta question. I actually have to write more?
8:03 PM
The severity of a snowstorm is a direct relationship with the preparedness of whatever municipality it hits.
@ArdaXi As an aspiring Gaming mod you should work on your essay skills so that you can keep up with Grace's legacy.
6 inches in Dallas is much worse than 1 foot in chicago
@StrixVaria Have you seen my nomination?
Anyway, not answering those questions today, I'll do them tomorrow.
Answering more questions sounds suspiciously like work.
Except I can't work on it at work because of the login issue I posted about on Meta.SO
Q: Guide to opponent spawn location

ThaDonIs there a guide out there for determining where your opponent will spawn on any given map? By watching replays I've notice that the good players know exactly where to send their scouts in early game. Does the rule of thumb "directly opposite" your base apply in all cases?

8:07 PM
@Powerlord You can work on it, you just can't post it.
That's weird, the amount of rep I'm listed as having network wide on the SE Mod nominations page doesn't match what Chat lists me as having.
It's a difference of 1.1k, too.
8:19 PM
I still can't auto-login to Meta.Gaming... but now at least auto-login is working between OTHER StackExchange sites.
8:42 PM
@Powerlord Flair doesn't count sites with less than 200 rep
Aw, they fixed that "2000 free network rep" loophole from signing up on every single new stackexchange network site, didn't they?
so, I wonder if it's just me being slow about Ronan
did everyone else know?
@badp Right, but my flair is the one with the higher number.
@badp Ronan?
'kay, I was not alone sleeping I guess
8:50 PM
what :(
Well, it's not relevant to anything at all, all I know is you'll go "duh" once I mention it
@Mana I assume he's referring to the Moderator election stuffage.
I'd view it, but... can't from here. I can see who has nominated themselves in the election watcher, but not any comments/etc on the election page itself.
so he is!
> Something tells me we found @ChrisFs sockpuppet! Is this part of his scheme to become a mod on every Stack Exchange site? – Ivo Flipse 1 hour ago
> @Ivo - that's in very poor taste. If I wanted to be moderator on Gaming I'd put myself forward. – ChrisF 1 hour ago
> @Ivo just because he is my father. Although he did introduce me to the site(s) some of the early answers were him asking me when I wasn't a member. – Ronan Forman 1 hour ago
> Would you take part in meta if you were elected? That's kind of important. – Macha 16 mins ago
> @Macha obviously I'm looking at what's already posted now. – Ronan Forman 10 mins ago
comments on his application so far, formatting from the original (emphasis not added)
Yeah I had no idea Ronan was his kid.
Then again I uh barely know Ronan.
...to be honest I kind of just noticed his account.
8:58 PM
@Mana I'd never heard of him until I saw his nomination.
He has been somewhat active on chat and the minecraft tag
(he does have 700 rep)
yeah the Minecraft thing's clicking a bit
Yeah, I don't play Minecraft.
Never really saw the point in it.
9:01 PM
Yo @Ivo.
I was just joking @badp, because @ChrisF mentioned it in the mod room
I recognized his last name
@IvoFlipse sorry for the @-mentions, I was merely copy pasting comments for @Powerlord's benefit
No worries @Ivo. At least, I knew you were joking.
don't worry @badp, I just felt the urge to reply because the tone of their replies wasn't as jokingly as mine :P or as intented
In 28 minutes, I'm going to go... well, shopping. Decided not to yesterday because I had my laptop in the car.
9:02 PM
Which could prove to be a mistake as people panic and try to stock up on water and stuff.
"They're all dead! Time to go shopping!" -- Trader, Killing Floor
Shame my friends lost interest in Killing Floor so quickly.
We were playing like 3-4 times a week, then one person leased a KF server, and boom... dead.
I actually asked him why he leased one, as I was already running two public servers and setting up a third, private one is really easy...
Urgh, broke one part of a webpage while modifying another... good thing this is still in dev and not QA
Hmm. I have a $40 Best Buy gift card I got for xmas that I don't know what to do with. I wasn't planning on buying anything from there, but $40 isn't enough to get anything good, so I'd still have to spend some of my own money if I wanted to use it.
@Brant don't they have have an "old videogames" bin?
otherwise buy a backup earplugs/headset
or a backup mouse
(I assume Best Buy does electronics?)
9:17 PM
@badp Of course they do.
@Powerlord We don't have that chain here.
maybe yet another USB storage key?
@badp Since I dunno where you are, how would I know that? :D
I actually don't own any removable USB drives (that are larger than 256MB and therefore in any way relevant), but I've never had a need for them between Dropbox and Air Sharing.
(zomg referral link, gimme moar space)
My Dropbox is actually pretty big for a free account
9:21 PM
Hmm, that's interesting. I see some manufacturers other than Apple are moving to EFI.
Asus for one.
My Dropbox has 4.5 GB
eats Arda's Dropbox
I have 3.75, plenty for what I use it for.
Now it has no more bytes :3
taps Mana
Now I can use Mana's bytes. :D
9:23 PM
@Mana Have a nybble
I have 3.75 too
44% used
oh man, all this good music to listen to
I fluctuate from 1% to 2% used. Perhaps I should make more use of the space.
"Right now it looks like most of our staff will not be here. Send an email to let me know tomorrow to verify." <-- What my boss said to me over IM about tomorrow.
9:24 PM
@Powerlord Go straight to board and card games, do not pass Go.
@CRoss Why? :P
@CRoss groan Take your star and get out of my sight. :P
@CRoss What if I was playing the Magic game on Steam?
Granted, I would have bought it during the Steam Treasure Hunt sale if I were going to buy it.
@Powerlord We might need a stackexchange.stackexchange.com
"What site does this belong on?"
proposes StackExchange.se
The idea of meta.stackexchange.stackexchange.com makes me react like so.
9:28 PM
Why not just meta.stackexchange.com? Granted, the site that should be there lives at meta.stackoverflow.com instead...
Q: How does the scoring system work in Magicka challenge mode?

Dave AndersenHow is the score calculated, and what actions can lead to higher scores?

@Powerlord does anyone actually play that stuff? besides I've seen you answer questions over at bcg.
@CRoss Strangely, some people do.
Oh crap
I've personally heard that Duel of the Plainswalkers is extremely buggy... speaking of buggy games, I see a Magicka question!
9:31 PM
it's the stuff at the moment
flagged something I shouldn't have
it's ok, you're not a mod
@Mana Last time that happened, I got silenced!
they'll just mark you as invalid and ignore you henceforth ;-)
iirc, I've asked about the ability to undo flags on Meta and it was declined.
9:32 PM
@Oak @Grace ignore that flag I just made on this, I'll edit it to make it a valid answer
Not chat flags, though, just flags on the site.
@Mana can it be fixed? Looks like a question posted as an answer
@Powerlord meh, I don't think it's a big deal
Time for me to head shoppingest
@Oak that's what I thought, but it's actually advice on a cost-efficient way, just one that he's not sure works or not.
9:33 PM
and if no one answered the Monday Night Combat question by the time I get home, I'll answer that.
But I imagine it's already been answered.
Oh, I see now
@Mana well have a blast fixing it :) I'm removing the flag.
@Oak Thanks.
Q: stop scv from building without canceling

eykanalIn pro-level games, I often see terran players pulling scvs off half-completed buildings without canceling the buildings. How do you do that?

I used my mad Gaming.SE micro skills to edit two things at once.
@Mana How bori- be nice, be nice very interesting, @Mana! Please tell us more!
9:42 PM
well uh my build order was mass edits
and yeah it just kind of worked or something
<_<; my inability to make SC2 analogies for real life reflects my inability to play SC2
listens to the sound of his joke flying over @Mana's head
because your jokes are bad.
@Mana Starred for truth.
The non-pixelation of the new font in the system message offends me.
and so is your face oh man my comebacks are the bes--PFFFFT oh god the lack of context on that star makes me seem like a total ass
9:45 PM
Q: PS3 won't stay connected to 2wire at&t dsl modem

JM4I have a ps3 with working wifi. I have connected to several other wireless networks in the past. I now am trying to connect to my 2wire modem which it gives at 40% connectivity. Once I connect (even if it allows me) it almost always drops the connection within a minute or two. I have a laptop i...

@Mana Starred for truth!
@Mana I'm a terrible person for actually planning that.
Starred because I'm self-deprecating.
@Brant I miss the Note. I thought it was Status-bydesign!
oh wait
I can't star it :*(
9:46 PM
@Mana You're calling me a terrible mod. That's not self-deprecating, that's me-deprecating.
no but it makes me seem like a jerk so really it works in your favor
eliminating a potential candidate from the mod nom nom race I SEE THROUGH YOUR PLANS
I love how you calling me a terrible mod-to-be got 4 stars. Wait... hang on... HEY! :(
If it makes you feel any better my third vote's torn between you and Fabian right now
although it's definitely going to my favorite user @Gnomes if he runs
@Mana Hrm, Grace is obviously first, who's second then?
If it makes you feel any worse if this is what the field looks like when we're down to 3 days remaining, I'm going to have to nominate in disgust.
9:49 PM
Oak once he runs.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Told you.
Q: Bring back pixelation! (a how-to)

badpHere's a user CSS file by myself to bring more pixelation awesomeness to Gaming. Chrome users can enjoy it with Personalized Web, use the following as the match URL: ^http://(meta\.)?gaming\.stackexchange\.com/.* There is a similar extension for Firefox and a built in tool for Opera users. T...

I've got to give major props to him as a mod. He always keeps that level of professional casualism.
I'm going to store this as a bookmark to use whenever someone disagrees with me.
6 mins ago, by Mana
Yo @Fallen!
9:51 PM
@Powerlord took the actual self-deprecation to the actual nomination page though.
Hey all
Finally not sick anymore.
Got back from vacation and then was sick for like 2 weeks >_<
@FallenAngelEyes :)
Dude, that sucks so much.
9:53 PM
Yeah, I was not happy :(
Aaaand apparently elections have started :o
@FallenAngelEyes So, erm, we have some great moderator nominations, and mine.
@Brant you're welcome
And let me remind you, seeing as you probably missed it.
punches @Arda
10 mins ago, by Mana
9:54 PM
...damn it :(
@Mana You're not making the "looking like a jerk" thing that much better.
@FallenAngelEyes So, yeah. Keep that in mind when you vote.
Oh maaaaaan. First I play the worst SC2 game ever and now this.
@badp Pin it pin it pin it pin it pin it.
I even removed the part about blaming @Mana, and I'm past the edit window anyway
Well hopefully my vacation absence won't count too much against me, as I'd still like to throw my hat in the election ring.
9:57 PM
@FallenAngelEyes You actually have been suspended for daring take a vacation!
@FallenAngelEyes As long as your nomination is rendered close to mine, it's going to look like one of @GraceNote's essays. [†: Speaking of which, relevant nomination easter egg.]
I was transferring my SCVs to another base, and then clicked on my barracks and pressed A to make a marine...only I pressed A before the click...and my SCVs attacked my barracks while I micro'd a drop, destroying it. :/
Except in length, that is.
Teaches me not to use hotkeys :(
9:59 PM
@Arda Bwahaha
@FallenAngelEyes @Arda confuse

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