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10:06 PM
Well.. he did call them
That's fairly traceable
Unless he used a burner phone
10:18 PM
Wow, what a finale to The Walking Dead.
@MBraedley spoilers
Q: When is a Reaper considered cost efficient?

ayckosterThe Reaper in early game it is usually used for scouting and harassing the opponent. I understand that a scan costs 270 minerals and a Reaper can save this investment, but you could also play "blind", so I do not want these 270 minerals considered in the answer. As I see it there are two scenar...

@Yuuki It's okay, I don't watch the show, so @MBraedley can spoil it all he wants.
@MBraedley dammit i am so behind this season
no spoilers pls
I wasn't going to spoil anything. I know the rules of spoilers.
10:33 PM
@MBraedley To make sure you ping @Yuuki when you post them?
@Wipqozn Yes, @Yuuki must always be spoiled.
Anyone around to answer some Qs on D3 & RoS? Wondering if there are cons to upgrading asap, I haven't yet farmed the old Hellfire ring in 'classic' D3 yet
@Alok Why not just ask your question on the site?
@murgatroid99 discussion oriented?
I mean, if that came along on the site I'd probably vote to close =p. That's a chat question definitely :)
"Are there any downsides to <whatever>?" seems pretty objective to me
10:44 PM
@Alok no idea, I don't play D3 anymore
@Alok unless you want the "classic" hellfire ring, or any other obsolete equipment pre-RoS, then no cons whatsoever
@Alok when i last played (months ago), all of the classic endgame loot became trash once you started getting RoS drops. better classic gear might help you level a little bit faster, but that just means your gear will be obsolete quicker
@LessPop_MoreFizz zomg, quit with the spoilers
10:49 PM
@GraceNote wat
why are kids always doing it wrong
@GraceNote don't they teach Roman Numerals in school anymore?
@MBraedley well, it does say two zero one five
so they know their numbers
digits, I should say
@Chippies It's more like two O four
But how hard is it to figure out MMXV?
@GraceNote let me see..... MMXV???
10:51 PM
@murgatroid99 yeah thats what i read too
Since there is no zero in Roman numerals
@murgatroid99 now that I thought about it, do romans have a zero?
@Chippies no, they did not
@James inb4
Haha, @MBraedley seems to agree with me :D
10:51 PM
@Chippies nope, only arabics
It's only needed in a positional number system
@GraceNote Ok, Highschool (or lower) or College???
I would hope the former but would not be surprised if the latter.
I think I was taught roman numerals in like grade 5 or so, were never mentioned after...
@Chippies they are at the end of movie credits
10:54 PM
@MattGiltaji who watches the end of movie credits?
@murgatroid99 i do
@murgatroid99 too late
@murgatroid99 only if it has outtakes/bloopers
@MattGiltaji Also, I'm pretty sure that the final episode of Justified is going to be really great.
@LessPop_MoreFizz i never watched that show
10:56 PM
@MattGiltaji I see - my only worry is that for e.g., right now I can get the 3 older keys (hate, destruction, terror) and farm parts for old Infernal Machine. I expect that after upgrade it will change to the new 4 keys instead, just not sure if that's worth farming on classic D3 for any reason
@Alok you'll still have your lv60 keys, lv70 keys are separate
there's a lv60 ring and lv70 ring
but farming for lv60 keys is gonna be difficult when you are going to be leveling up
@MattGiltaji if @OrigamiRobot knew what 'that show' was he would tell you to watch it.
the lv60 ring is obsolete at lv70 anyway, so there's that
@murgatroid99 Hmm, good point - I also thought it was more discussion type Q., but maybe others are wondering about upgrading too ... I might as well ask!
10:58 PM
@Alok by not upgrading to RoS asap you're just forcing yourself to waste time running campaign quests, rather than enjoying the so much better adventure mode
@Chippies Aren't the new parts dropped by the same ol' bosses in Fields of Misery etc.; so they should no longer drop the old stuff for a RoS account (I thought)
@Alok old parts will drop if you're below lv70
I am not 100% sure if you have to be exactly lv60 or 60-69 would work...
but once you reach 70, you're not getting the old parts for sure
@LessPop_MoreFizz fresh air is awesome, btw
@MattGiltaji Yeah, Terry Gross is good at her job
11:02 PM
also i will be super pissed if anyone spoils Downton Abbey
I wouldn't listen to that whole interview because SPOILERS or whatever, but Justified is a Very Good Show
@Chippies I see, didn't know that mechanic, thanks.
Q: Is there a downside to upgrading to RoS asap

AlokI have base Diablo 3 PC version, and am considering upgrading to Reaper of Souls. However, I haven't completed all of the older content such as Infernal Machine available in the classic version - and from reading online, I know that the parts dropped by the IM bosses change in RoS. As such, is t...

Q: every time i get on minecraft it says this

slayer[18:56:38] [Client thread/INFO]: Setting user: NamiNoKaze [18:56:38] [Client thread/INFO]: (Session ID is token:90af3f3ac14f4a98b141e05bac0c6c23:31fb059e9b864498919f8ed7772b2e89) Exception in thread "Client thread" com.google.gson.JsonSyntaxException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected BEG...

I posted a question as per @murgatroid99 's suggestion, but so far @Chippies is 2nd person to suggest upgrading asap and I don't see any reason to delay?
@Alok as I said before, other than for collection purposes, there's no reason to be getting the lv60 hellfire ring
11:04 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz wow that is good dialog
if you do for some reason really want the lv60 ring, it would be easier to farm for it without the expansion, imho
@MattGiltaji Theres six seasons of that.
because that way you know you won't level over the level needed for the old parts to drop
@LessPop_MoreFizz dammit you need to stop recommending all these shows that i will never find the time to watch
@Chippies they put in a "don't get experience" toggle i thought
@Chippies Thanks for the confirmation, will upgrade soon then. Going to just keep farming for ring parts until I do, just in case
11:06 PM
@MattGiltaji Just be lucky I haven't started recommending podcasts. Because I listen to a whole lot of podcasts.
@MattGiltaji woah, what? I have never heard of that and that would be pretty neat, although doubt many would actually use it
@MattGiltaji That would be useful, I'm really out of touch with D3 nowadays (by like a year+ ...)
I don't think that's actually true though
@Chippies they were qqing about it like a year ago and I thought i read it in patch notes
but for sure check for that before you make a decision
us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12311031031 - only found this, what achievement are they referring to for lvl 60 sets?
11:09 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz i got siriusxm filling my need for anything podcast like
@Alok I assume they're talking about the lv60 class sets, there's an achievement for getting a full set
the set drops at any level after 60 though
so it's irrelevant if you stay at 60 or not
in fact, it's best if you're 70 when you get the set items, because the drops will scale to lv70 as well
I'd be pretty pissed to have one of the endgame sets drop at 60 if I owned RoS
@Chippies Haha true - for that matter, I recently got a monk unique fist that is listed at much lower lvl in D3 wiki, but its way better at level 60
@Alok the listed levels are minimum level for it to drop
so if an item is listed as, for example, level 30, it will drop at any level after 30
I wish the set crafting would also adjust to level (e.g. Asheara or Cain from recipes etc.) or does that also happen now?
@Alok nope, that doesn't happen, although there is asheara's and cain's sets for lv70, not sure if it's the same set or a new one
I know there's a lower level asheara's set as well, but I think it's like lv40 or something, so it can't be the same set you're talking about
11:13 PM
@Chippies Nah those are different ones, I saw them on wiki - but its a bit sad to finally get the low level sets to drop, and I will never actually use them :/
I was actually talking about that one, its lvl 42 or so - because I have the blacksmith recipe for it, only all 5 chars are lvl 60 so I can't actually use any of parts
@Alok oh okay, there's a lv70 asheara's set as well, it's actually used by many, because of the set bonus
I'm waiting for season 3 to start before I play again, I had a ton of fun in Season 2
Q: What does protecting your note do?

Danny BeckettThere is an option in Bloodborne to write a note to remind yourself and others online of hidden treasure etc. Within the Notebook > Notes Made option, you can press to protect a note. What does this option do? Is there a maximum number of notes you can make?

Q: How to know when a one-on-one is in your advantage in Heroes of the Storm?

OrabîgSometimes I end up solo in a lane with some character, and there is another one facing me from the other team... Sometimes, this situation may come in any point on the map. However, I don't have the experience to know in advance if the duel will be in my advantage or not. Let's say I play Diablo...

^ Some standup by the new host of The Daily Show. He's good.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Have you seen some of his more South Africa-specific stuff?
Even though it's a regional thing, I still laughed a lot.
@Yuuki Yeah.
It's a very interesting choice, that's for sure.
It'll either be a wild success, or fail miserably.
11:26 PM
I like that CC didn't go for a Stewart clone though.
(And if the latter, it'll have nothing to do with him being good or bad, and everything to do with handing a show so centered on American Politics to a South African guy; Part of why Oliver is able to do that shit is that as much as he's an outsider, he's also a classic immigrant story - he came to the US and fell in love with it and is working on citizenship etc. etc. etc.; it's his facility at moving between "you" and "we" when talking about American politics that makes him so stellar.)
@Wipqozn Too busy playing Pillars of Eternity to hear you
If Noah can make that same move, if he can convincingly use 'We' when he needs to, he'll smash it out of the park.
It's the one move I haven't seen out of his playbook yet; Which doesn't mean he doesn't have it.
He does some good accents though.
@Yuuki Which is a useful tool in standup and sketch comedy, but not so much for fake news, in general.
11:33 PM
Q: What to do with the Red Jewelled Brooch?

Danny BeckettI've collected a Red Jewelled Brooch in Bloodborne, which I can use to gain a Droplet Blood Gem; or give to the child that gives you the Tiny Music Box — as confirmation of her mother's death. From what I've read online, the child will cry and leave the house. What other consequences are there t...

Q: Why Pasture buildin is not Working in Banished

ShudyI'm playing to Banished, and I have build the Pasture to get some food from cows, but after build it, the pasture is not working. The message I get from the bulding is: Work disabled at this location How can I fix it?

I am cautiously optimistic about him hosting the daily show. If he had been, say, cast for SNL, I'd be wildly optimistic. But then, I remember back in 1999 I was super worried about this 'Jon Stewart dude' who was taking over The Daily Show that 16 year old me had just started getting into, because all I really knew him as was "that dude from that really lame MTV game show".
The entirety of Canadian hostility has apparently been condensed into a single individual junior hockey heckler
@Sterno Oh snap!
Talk Show Jon was the best
> Simms denies that, as well as the accusation that he threatened to rip a woman's head off and clean the ice with it
11:36 PM
I think most of The Bridge was still in diapers when Talk Show Jon was a thing
@MattGiltaji That accusation is pretty specific...
@Yuuki yes it is
@TimStone I don't know what it says about me that I clicked just to know what league
@TimStone "I'm an asshole and I'm proud of it", basically.
After watching that clip, Talk Show Jon was better in my memory
11:38 PM
Yay for CS:GO WarOwl stickers:
Ah, Junior B.
""There was a player injured and was taken off the ice and he was standing near the boards, blocking the path of taking the player to the dressing room."

Tobin said it's taking a toll on some of the young people at the games. He recalled seeing one child, aged seven or eight, with tears in his eyes. "
What an ass.
@AshleyNunn ikr.
11:40 PM
Q: How to use the Tiny Music Box?

Danny BeckettI have a Tiny Music Box, which I have been trying out with a few different enemies. I noticed it doesn't seem to affect normal enemies, nor the first boss, Cleric Beast. It looks like it affected the 2nd boss, Father Gascoigne, though. He covered his ears for a brief second, but I wasn't close e...

@RPiAwesomeness That looks vaguely Transformers-ish.
@RPiAwesomeness MormonJesus Swoleservivor (sic) (I'm assuming that's what the cut off portion is).
@Yuuki Yeah...sorta
@LessPop_MoreFizz o.O I was posting it 'cause I got a WarOwl CS:GO sticker.
Shadows are fucking annoying
@Sterno Talking about my screenshot? Yeah. It wasn't taken at the most opportune time.
Deathmatch allows very few calm moments (usually)
11:44 PM
No. Shadows as in the undead that like to teleport and rip my faces off
But I guess normal shadows too
@Sterno send in melee to smack all of them before the casters open up
@Sterno Fire solves them in a big way.
@MattGiltaji That doesn't stop them from teleporting
Give Durance's staff to Eder or Kana and they will get fucked up big time.
Also, Fan of Flames.
11:47 PM
@Sterno it gives your casters time to fire uninterrupted at least once
@Yuuki that was funny, what gives?
Oh good, twitch is broken
@MattGiltaji Actually a commercial.
So, staged.
@Yuuki :(
@MattGiltaji Fine.
@Yuuki thanks
11:55 PM
Q: What to do with Shining Coins?

Danny BeckettI now have half a dozen Shining Coins, which according to info on the internet, purely lights up dark areas. Is there an area I should save these for? I'm currently in Old Yarnham, but haven't seen a use for them yet. Do they serve any other purpose?


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