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12:39 AM
@badp How's this going to work?
Also evening all
1:02 AM
Damn, Humble Bundle 3 added Atom Zombie Smasher too
1:18 AM
bah, two secret treasures to go
and if the one for the final boss is what I think it is I'm very sad :(
Q: How do I get the treasure in the Sealed Door section of the Sealed Palace(5-3)?

ManaThe hint for this one is... There is, very rarely, a reward for cowards. In response to this, I've tried not attacking the enemies, refusing to enter into the big open area for a minute, running around at the edge of the area, hiding in a corner, and generally being a total wuss. Nothing se...

@GraceNote Thanks.
1:34 AM
why does stuff not stay behind the spoiler tag in feeds :|
hahahaha :(
I really hope they re-release MEtroid prime trilogy for the 25th anniversary.
sorry @FallenAngelEyes
In other news, picked up my new network card. Need to hook it up.
It's ok. Stupid feed.
1:52 AM
Oooh, Nice Answer badge, shiny.
@TimStone I love those badges.
My first one on Gaming, heh. I should probably get around to answering more.
Oh wow.
I decided to check how many nice answer badges I had, due to you
and I just noticed I have a new highest rep answer
18 votes.
my last highest was actually the first answer I gave, about Starcraft II. So I entered gaming with a bang. Nice to see I/ve finally topped myself.
Heheh, nice.
2:14 AM
Q: How do you clear the saved-games, high-scores, etc. from (some GameBoy) cartridges?

Synetech inc.I bought a used copy of some games and cannot figure out how to clear some of the saved-game data from them. With Mario & Luigi - Superstar Saga (GBA), I can clear the main game “files”, but cannot find an option to delete the high-score of the Mario Bros. sub-game. In Super Mario Bros. Del...

Well this is annoying.
I picked up a network card and all, but it doesn't say the model number. so not sure which of the many drivers on the disk it install.
a card from jcg
I could just be crazy though
I've never installed a network card before, so I it is possible I am just being stunned
nerfnow.com/comic/450 I still try to play the first way, but I admit I do get bogged down in mechanics sometimes.
2:56 AM
Hard Reset's enemy design freaks me out.
Neat. CoH's character creator has a facial design like that
It's really...uncanny? The eyes are creepy.
2 hours later…
4:35 AM
Aww, I was going to get the Relentless Offense achievement on TF2, but I got auto-balanced during the last round. :(
2 hours later…
6:34 AM
@FallenAngelEyes No idea
@Mana oooh, shiny HUD.
As for the enemy, what strikes me is the unimpressedness of the enemy.
> Oh. Really. A basic blaster. It doesn't even have laser sights. Are you kidding me. I should get killed by that. Yawn. See if I care. I hoped something more spectacular than that, like a time distortion and compression mechanism of sorts. Come on, at least lightning gun me or something.
7:06 AM
Can somebody with more field knowledge try to shape this into English?
A: How to use my MIDI drums in Guitar Hero World Tour for PC?

adamwell the ghwt drum set supports game controllers not midi controllers for this problem use glovepie

Perhaps throw in a link or two.
7:22 AM
@badp done.
Can't see how glovepie helps, though
Looks like it's intended to emulate controller input into a computer, not into a console
Oh he actually does want to connect it to a PC
2 hours later…
9:26 AM
Q: How to choose what video game console to buy?

MehranWhat parameters should I consider in buying a game console? I think Wii is somewhat less pricey but I prefer better graphics. I'm mostly into strategic games and Adventure/Action-Adventures.

10:00 AM
Okay, I fucked up mission 4 of AWE pretty badly
Q: "Steam failed to load: *SteamStartEngine(0xbfffdf54) failed with error 1: A Steam Engine Instance already exists"

Thorbjørn Ravn AndersenMy Mac Steam installation on 10.7 has started giving this "failed to load" dialog whenever I try to launch Steam. I have tried deleting the Application Support folder which allowed Steam to launch but then I had to redownload the games again, and I have a feeling that it is handling the symptom,...

Q: Do the free 30 day period and the 14/21 day trial add up in EVE Online?

HazeSpireI'm looking at EVE Online: Incarna at Steam right now. It says I get 30 days free (well, included in the game's price, really) and then I'll have to pay. It also says, that the product key won't work with existing accounts. I'd like to first get the trial (either the 14 days one from the official...

1 hour later…
11:06 AM
Here's a good example of salvaging too localized posts, courtesy of Jeff Atwood.
Q: How can I add Civilization IV to my Steam account?

newbieI installed Civilization 4 that I have bought and when I installed it, it didn't ask for serial. But in steam I can only see option that requires you to add serial number. I cheked box etc. but I didn't find any serial number, how can I add my Civilization 4 to my steam account?

@badp Also meta.stackoverflow.com/posts/95137/revisions for comparison of the two.
11:23 AM
New badge: Proofreader. Approved or rejected 100 suggested edits.
10k badge?
2k is the requirement really... but 10k makes it oh so easier to get.
It is edit you suggested that got approved?
or suggested edits that you approved?
It is about the approving
the being approved counts towards the edits made badges.
because finding suggested edits... i don't even know how to do that
11:26 AM
10k list, or seeing "edit (0)" on posts.
Hint: suggested edits permalinks look like http://gaming.stackexchange.com/suggested-edits/1024
so if you mess with that numbers you can stumble your way onto the most recent edits even if you can't see the full list.
Just like the 1k privilege, it's more a matter of convenience rather than secrecy
1k what?
click to see upvote/downvote counts
Is there any way to see suggested edits without 10k, and without having to play around with that list?
11:45 AM
Q: What is the best shooting technique for FIFA11 / FIFA10 (inside the box)?

Chris SWhen I play in FIFA11 or FIFA10 online I usually get 4-5 scoring opportunities in a game where I'm 1v1 against the keeper from a through-ball. This is either coming down from the wing or in the middle of the field. I usually miss 9/10 times from the keeper saving my shots, they rarely go over. ...

12:03 PM
Q: What happens to the item level/heat when used to craft a new item?

Lo'orisThe wiki does not address that problem. I know some items require an item "of level X or above", but beside that, the level is just lost, or a % is transferred to the new item, or something like that?

12:21 PM
Q: Tropico 3: Difference between the restaurant and the market

galacticninjaIt seems that both the restaurant and the market are used by Tropicans to satisfy their 'food' desires. Since the restaurant has the added convenience of also satisfying the 'entertainment' desire, I am thinking that it is better to build a restaurant, instead of a market, whenever possible. Am ...

@galacticninja Your tropico 3 questions make me want to play tropico 3.
Can anyone help me with a blog post?
just add a mini review (6-8 lines) about one of these games. They're from the humble bundle
when do you need it done by?
whenever, but the bundle ends in 3 days
12:40 PM
I wore my Gaming shirt today when I went to town to my local gaming store
and the guy noticed my shirt and asked me about it, so I got to advertise for us a bit :)
Though I would like to make one note here
Gaming, can we either please get a shorter URL or can I have business cards to print out so people don't have to stare at my chest as long to write down the website name :P
@FallenAngelEyes I lol'd
It's slightly uncomfortable :P
But yeah I explained how our engine worked and stuff and he said he emailed the site to himself so he could check it out at home
@Wipqozn don't forget to mention the game has a very deep story
12:44 PM
also saw the killing adorable animals question and laughed
@RonanForman yeah I'm planning to\
just thinking of a good wording so I don't give it away
part of the game is what you think it means
it makes me sad
Notch paid $4000 for the bundle? That's humble for sure.
@Mvy hm
he paid $2000 for the last one I think
He apparently accidentally bought it twice
they asked him if he wanted a refund and he said no
12:56 PM
haha, oh man.
Also, hello!
Apparently I don't need to worry about this waitlisted class because it's in a very large area, so I can just go to the classes anyways
got a lot to say @Wipqozn?
@RonanForman Yeah almost done. just having trouble with the story.
I don/t want to make any reference to the theories
like the atmoic bomb
because part o the experience is discovering i yourself
Oh, hey, are we talking about Braid?
1:05 PM
he's writing a review and making it way too long
did you get HB#2?
No, actually.
@RonanForman yeah after I write it I/ll go through and cut it down
this in only the first draft
@Wipqozn It does say at one point "he left to find the princess" when she was still there
So with the wristband I got from going to the music festival I went to last weekend, I can get into a concert for Corvus Corax for free at the Melkweg tonight
think I'm gonna go
They're this really awesome folk metal band
@Wipqozn I don't care for drafts
1:10 PM
@RonanForman when I saf draft
I mean I'm going to read through it again and cut down on it
@FallenAngelEyes That...that's a thing? Folk metal?
I can never make any changes after writing them so I just have to write the finished thing first
@Mana It is :)
1:13 PM
haha, this is pretty awesome
They wear these crazy costumes and stuff and also make their own instruments
they make recreations of old medieval instruments
does anyone know when bundle #2 was added?
@RonanForman My email is dated August 3rd
if you wanna hear another good one
Eluveitie is also a really great folk metal band
1:16 PM
If my internet can take it; it can barely handle video at all atm
I imagine this is because Rogers blows
@RonanForman I have nothing more to say, but I am trying to reduce it/s length.
How much shorter do you want it to be?
@FallenAngelEyes Actually it's because I'm on some obscure company called Xplorenet whose coverage barely reaches where I am
@Mana sounds like a porn site
1:25 PM
1:52 PM
Can anyone else help, there's still 4 more to review
2:05 PM
@Ronan Sadly, I don't know any of these games :(
2:39 PM
Those flags might be strictly speaking accurate, offensive flags would be much more helpful in such cases.
I flagged it as low quality initially and then switched to offensive
@Fabian How's moderating Skeptics.SE going?
@Mana It certainly needs far more moderation than Gaming, though we are 4 mods which helps a bit
I can imagine...:x
3:07 PM
lol... he flagged his own post
why aren't they deleted?
What do you mean?
Why haven't those "answers" been deleted?
um... what answers?
29 mins ago, by Fabian
user image
3:09 PM
I see no answers. stares in Ronan's eyes.
<strike>badp and Ronan start making out</strike>
oh wait that's not how I do that
@Mana maaaaaaaaaan what is wrong with your face
idk, I guess I have a jaw problem or something? You're right, it's pretty unnatural for my mouth to be open like that all the time.
3:24 PM
@Mana I need your expert opinion.
@Fabian What... but... how...
@Mana So is Viking Metal, and Whalecore.
if you ever have the option to fly with an airline called "Wind Jet" avoid that like the water.
(What? Water kills you on touch. DUH.)
@badp What are you, Rayman?
Opinions? Of the top two rows, which size placement looks the best? Which 'o' design? And which colour set?
@badp? @RonanForman?
What's wrong with you?
@RonanForman Just wondering if you had opinions on that image.
it's a bit repetative
3:35 PM
@RonanForman Well, it's design variations.
Hold on
I'll make it easier to identify the distinctions.
The top section focuses on font size variations, and the bottom two sections are sort of obvious.
Ideally, I'd take the best of each category, and combine them into a finished product.
The size variation sounds like a bad idea, esp. if arranged like that
@badp It would be one or the other, but you think it looks best all one size?
I was sort of thinking that too.
yeah. Perhaps try varying weight
You could also try ing.
Also that font is oddly shaped for a beat.
3:49 PM
Ooh, I can't wait until baconing is a real tag (as The Baconing is a real game)
@badp Good idea. What about the other categories?
All round and smooth... unlike a beat.
The Baconing being the third game in the DeathSpank series.
@GnomeSlice Hard to tell without knowing what the brand's for. Anything can work
@badp I'd probably lean towards audio hardware.
3:51 PM
Then circles make more sense.
the green one out of the last is best
@RonanForman The green and brown one?
Eyes in the dark. One moon circles.
beats looks better bigger
@Powerlord Heh.
@RonanForman I was thinking either that one, or uniform size.
3:54 PM
I suggest peering at the Brand New blog for ideas and inspiration.
I hate world 6 of braid, it's so depressing
@RonanForman So is the entire game.
@RonanForman Is it the ring one?
It's got a few difficult levels.
@badp yeah
@badp Page unavailable?
3:57 PM
@GnomeSlice Not really, the start is more woeful and the middle is (sort of) hopelful and the end is resolving
@GnomeSlice I might've formed that URL badly
@GnomeSlice I like it!
...nope, the site's down
So many pings.
@GnomeSlice Someone liked something you posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's like a resolution to your character arc.
3:58 PM
@Mana No, @badp posted it.
Well check that out when it comes back online, especially the students' section.
On the one hand, I love how youtube-dl always picks the highest fidelity version of videos
On the other hand, I hate how youtube-dl always picks the highest fidelity version of videos
Now I'll have to figure out how to make it dl the smallest version available instead :/
@badp Get Orbit Downloader.
It lets you select, although it doesn't appear to work with Chrome. Not sure about Firefox.
actually there's a switch that lets me select a format
@Mana I thought it reflected how many people are lost in today's society and also how willing we are to accept bulls**t
4:07 PM
Q: Can I find out my overall or per-champion win/loss ratio?

Dave AndersenThe only relevant stats I've been able to find are the total wins. Do the other stats exist somewhere I haven't looked yet?

...:( Huh? @RonanForman
click on @badp's link
@RonanForman Oh, now I get it.
	_available_formats = ['38', '37', '22', '45', '35', '34', '43', '18', '6', '5', '17', '13']
	_video_extensions = {
		'13': '3gp',
		'17': 'mp4',
		'18': 'mp4',
		'22': 'mp4',
		'37': 'mp4',
		'38': 'video', # You actually don't know if this will be MOV, AVI or whatever
		'43': 'webm',
		'45': 'webm',
okay... so... er... which of this is the... um... one I want.
Why is Puzzlevania so good?
4:11 PM
			if req_format is None:
				video_url_list = [(existing_formats[0], url_map[existing_formats[0]])] # Best quality
aha! Gotcha!
Let's change 0 to -1.
@GnomeSlice Write a blog post about it.
@Mana Maaaaan you always have the best ideas.
@Mana "You'd better don't lie to me..."
@badp (vote Mana for mod 2011)
@Mana No.
4:12 PM
@Mana Maaaaaaaaan you always know how to surprise me
@badp Maaaaaaaaaaan, what's surprising you?
@Mana "Mana for mod" does sound kind of catchy.
I see you like keeping your idea bag mixed after all, maaaan.
@Tim Reason #1 right there.
4:13 PM
Keep it interesting.
@TimStone I rather prefer 'Mods for Mana', meaning he gets to be stuck as a Plebe like the rest of us.
@GnomeSlice You know, posting that screenshot just guarantees that people are going to look straight to the upper-middle right
@GnomeSlice You say that as if you didn't like beign part of the plebs. You can fix that.
@Mana So?
Fine, now they'll look at the upper left.
It evens out.
4:14 PM
@Mana Does the avatar dress get increasingly sparse? That could explain why @GnomeSlice is that addicted.
The art in this game is actually very well done.
You should get people to judge games based on things other than the character design!
Which tf2 logo should i use, I can't find the latest one
@badp No, it does not, but there are four different campaign characters. A fat Russian guy, and three supermodel types.
4:15 PM
the cross hairs thing i mean
aww, that's not the heavy weepons guy.
@badp I am, at the moment, actually.
Those shots just came from the itunes app description.
Although you do have tiny itty bitty babby.
That's just Viktor's ending.
That red-ridinghood parody girl is looking for a werewolf, so she can arrest him as an illegal immigrant
@badp I never thought I would laugh at a TF2 joke but that was pretty good.
4:17 PM
@Mana How could this happen?
Uh oh, I feel a song coming on.
Anyway, anyone with an iThingy should check out the Puzzlevania demo, at least.
@GnomeSlice don't make me flag you again!
@GnomeSlice might do
@RonanForman White man versus tiny babyman.
Q: Multiple users and households in Sims 3

corrodedCan someone explain the sims 3 households for me? So my fiancee created a sim and played with it in bridgeport. I then started a new game and created a new sim. We both want to marry eventually but yeah i keep explaining to her that this is a new iteration of sims(she says that in sims 2 you cou...

The only real problem I have with Puzzlevania besides some poor translation lies in the controls.
"The only other gripe I have is with the controls. Swiping down on the screen to drop monsters is fine, but if you lift your finger when over an item located in your inventory at the bottom, it becomes activated. This unfortunately happens fairly often, but the audio cue of activation will warn you giving you a chance to deactivate it. My simple advice to avoid this issue is to make it a habit to do all of your tapping/swiping on the right side of the screen, where your stats are shown."
I wrote that review while I was taking a dump.
Oh crap, grammatical error.
"...and anyone who is a fan of the genre, or a new player to it are sure to get more than 0.99$ of entertainment out of it."
The are should be an is.
4:30 PM
anyone who thinks they could do a better job than me at one of these, be my guest
What, I need a Wordpress account now?
I should really probably check on the license of that font I used...
@KevinY +1 for TooManyItems Post.
Oh man, Hammerfight was part of the Humble Bundle?
@GnomeSlice Ask @ivo to set you a blog account up
The first bit of this is pretty amusing.
@Mana Not going to watch it, but it seems pretty clever.
oh man Homestuck updated
4:37 PM
@Mana +6
@Mana Wait, just one page?
No, there are six new pages
Wait, really?
@GnomeSlice It still is
4:40 PM
I just arbitrarily picked a number above +1 to show my pleasure.
@badp Man... I tried the demo for that years ago.
@GnomeSlice I still can't pass the hard branch of the first level, the one with the worms crawling up owning me pretty hard.
I think it and "And Yet it Moves' were both featured on Fun-Motion.
Oh man, I found so many great games through that website.
Toribash is so cool.
Aha, it was called Hammerfall originally, that's what I though. Unless Hammerfight is just a ripoff of it.
oh man this update CHANGES EVERYTHING
or well no it doesn't but it just explained at least a few things
And I always wanted to try this game so badly, but I don't think I could ever get it to run.
And HAH. Fun-Motion is where I found Raptor Safari! :D
"I’ll occasionally run contests to reward Twitter followers and Facebook fans, too, so make sure you join! We have some sweet Raptor Safari shirts at work that are dying for a new home…"
Sign me up.
The precursor to Trials HD was also featured on that website.
Why didn't anyone TELL me that The Guild Season 5 started? :O
4:47 PM
It really is a shame that it hasn't been updated since 2009...
Oh, see I was right.
"Konstantin Koshutin’s amazing Hammerfight game–previously known as Hammerfall, is now available to purchase on Steam for $9.99. Go get it, physics game fans!"
Wait... Blurst released a downloadable version of Raptor Safari???
Does this look familiar to anyone? Interestingly enough, he didn't seem to think it was all that special.
Oh, Zen Bondage is free now? Or maybe it has been all along...
I'm thinking about playing The Stanley Parable, an HL2 mod.
@powerlord Play it man, it's great. Or so I hear.
Now that I'm finally caught up with The Big Bang Theory and ready for season 5.
Blah, I don't have the Source Base SDK 2007 installed. :/
Someone acknowledge my posts.
Although apparently Team Fortress 2 has most of it installed already.
@GnomeSlice Who said that? Is there a ghost in here?
4:55 PM
What sick man sends diaper to fight me?
But really, you should all check out Toribash.
@Powerlord Oh, is that what he's saying there? I could never understand it. That's great.
So, is the nomination period for the elections starting on Monday?
If all goes according to the unofficial plans.
Should I self-nominate, or self-deprecate?
4:57 PM
God fucking dammit!
@GnomeSlice I did both apparently. ♪
@GnomeSlice Well, the in-game quote is "What sick man sends babies to fight me?" but they clipped "diaper" from the Heavy's "diaper-changing station" quote in there in place of babies.
I can't find the wristband from last weekend for the concert tonight
@FallenAngelEyes :o
If we can't find it, I'm going to cry
4:58 PM
@Powerlord I actually think the song is pretty well done, all things considered.
@FallenAngelEyes Wristband?
@FallenAngelEyes :(......sorry.
@FallenAngelEyes It's pointless to ask, but what was the wristband like?
4:59 PM
Oh wait, there's more than one Heavy quote about diapers.
a festival entry band colored blue
...oh, so it's not just about flair and terrific smiles.
Oh, so, you actually need it to get in?
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